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You could also ask such question of Albert Einstein who was likewise a scientific pioneer in exploring the dynamics of the non-material universe. It is well-recognized in modern time that there exists no such thing as basic matter as building blocks that the universe is constructed of. It is recognized that the physical universe is constructed of atoms, and atoms clustered into molecules, and that the building blocks for the atoms, the so-called atomic particles that construct the atoms, named electrons, protons, and neutrons, are themselves made up of smaller particles named quarks, which do not exist as a material form either, but are themselves  the construct of energy that has become organized by governing principles. Thus, what we see as a solid universe is recognized to be an illusion.  It is basically empty space at the atomic level where atomic particles, forces, and creative principles create structures that are 100,000 times bigger than the particles themselves. And at the sub-atomic level nothing solid exists either, but all is the outcome of 'dancing' points of energy on which the entire universe is built on. And so the question arises, what is reality? We can remove matter from the list of answers as it doesn't exists as such. So, what does exist?

We know for certain that energy exists, and the creative principles that organize its manifestation in such a manner that a grand and gigantic universe is thereby created. Without these principles, or even without one of these principles, like one of the principles of the electromagnetic force, the universe simply could not exist - the cosmos would be an empty void. 

One might call the product that we see expressed as a universe, the outcome of intention. Everything in the physical universe is so highly-intelligently organized by countless interlocking principles that an accidental random coincidence of intelligent action and organization is ruled out as infinitely improbable. But if the universe is the product of intention, what is its root? 

Intelligent intention points to a concept that we loosely refer to as "mind." But mind is a spiritual aspect, a world of ideas, ideas that precede expression. Here we enter the sphere of the spiritual. The sphere of the spiritual is a higher-order sphere of perception that brings us closer to the truth.

That this higher order sphere is real and is actually primary to everything that we term material has been perceived vaguely, and perhaps progressively, throughout the development of civilization, which is actually the outcome of our own spiritual development, wrought by our discoveries of the principles that operate in the universe. Our civilization is purely spiritual. Culture is an expression of intelligent living. Technology too, is the outcome of intelligent living. Likewise are economics and politics when they are founded on spiritual principles. When politics and economics are founded on material values, a mistaken concept, the outcome is invariably disastrous. 

The concept of material value is the hallmark of the system of empire. Empire says, wealth is what you can steal; the more you steal the wealthier you get. The concept of spiritual value is the hallmark of civilization. Civilization demonstrates that wealth is in living, in what society creates for itself to enable its living to become richer, happier, and more powerfully creative and productive.

If one compares the two systems, empire and civilization, it becomes apparent that the key struggle throughout the history of human development has been centered on the struggle in mankind of stepping up from the crude modes of living by the material value system of empire and its thievery, to the creative and productive higher-level platform of civilization. We are coming to the point where the need for stepping up to a higher-level platform has become so critical that the very continued existence of civilization depends on this to happen. The current world-finical and economic system has become so empty within itself, by its focus on material value that it threatens to disintegrate itself in a shock front of hyper-inflation and deflation, which the dying system as an empty shell without value cannot withstand.

The material value system is a system without intrinsic value. It places value on an illusion, a void of value. The stealing process that empire is built on doesn't create value. Empire and its thievery profiteering is not a productive engine, nor a creative engine. Productivity and creativity are spiritual qualities of humanity with which all value is created and ever was created.

For example, the USA was founded on a spiritual value platform. This goes back to the mid 1600s. When the developing farming society needed an efficient iron works to produce better farm equipment, and so on, the leaders recognized that the iron works could be built without the king's gold. Gold doesn't produce anything. People are the creators and producers. The creative and productive capacity of the people was deemed a sufficient value for them to issue themselves a monetarist credit against the physical outcome that would be created. The credit was issued in the form of the famous Pine Tree Schilling. And so, the iron works was built and a lot of other things. On this spiritual basis, without a single ounce of gold involved, the people of the Bay Colony of Massachusetts prospered in leaps and bounds. They prospered so much that the English king became envious and afraid and shut the credit system down and re-imposed the material value system, the gold. However, the idea was out of the bag, by them. The idea of the credit system, which is fundamentally a spiritual value system, did not go away. In order to get their credit system back, the people of the American colonies organized their independence from the British Empire and its looting material value system. On this path the USA was founded. It was founded on the foundation of recognized and demonstrated spiritual value versus material value. The federal constitution was created as an instrument to protect the spiritual value system. It worked exceedingly well for the people of the USA until the masters of empire hired a bunch of traitors that wrecked the spiritual value system from within, and re-imposed the material value system, the system of the private monetarist empire. The final blow was delivered by President Andrew Jackson, who has been labeled in the history books as the people's president, which in his own words refers to the good people, the wealthy elite, the monetarist elite and landed aristocracy.  This was the time when the wholesale eviction of the native populations began to make room for the massive expansion of the plantation system.

On the spiritual ground having been lost in American society at the time, the American slavery was built up in a big style, which quickly created such chaos and turmoil that the civil war erupted promptly a decade later, precisely as President John Quincy Adams had predicted it would under the enacted policies of the material value system.

You may ask: What has this got to do with Mary Baker Eddy? Mary Baker Eddy was born in 1821 as a farmer's daughter with a puritan background. She grew up in the years in which the nation was lost, the Andrew Jackson era and what followed. She was 40 years old when the Civil War broke out in 1861, and in poor health by then. With her brother having been an accomplished scholar, she may have been aware of the collapsing spiritual value system, but also of the efforts to get it re-established for which the nation defended itself in the Civil War. It was in this time that her own scientific spiritual development came to a radical breakthrough point. In 1866 she suffered a severe fall on an icy street in Lynn Massachusetts that caused a spinal injury, which the doctors promised would turn out to be fatal.

On what might have been her last day, in response of some profound reasoning based on previous experiences, she found herself suddenly well. When the preacher came by that day to prepare her for death she was up and about and opened the door for him a healed woman. She promised herself that would discover the science of the phenomenon that had caused her healing. Along this path she learned how to heal others on a purely scientific spiritual basis, which she later termed Christian Science. One of the medical doctors whose difficult cases she took on and cured, suggested that she should write down her discoveries. Little did he know that this work was already ongoing by then. The outcome of this effort was published in 1875 under the title, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

One of the most revolutionary aspects that Mary Baker Eddy sets forth in this book is her deep conviction that there is no such thing as matter in the universe, meaning that all things are the constructs of spiritual phenomena rather material actions and conditions. 

Her most famous statement on this front answers the question: "What is the scientific statement of being?" Thee answer is: "There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual."

This is the most attacked statement, especially by the Roman Catholic Church, the church of empire that still serves its original role.

The battle call that her famous statement serves up defines the emptiness of all material-wealth systems whatever their orientation may be, whether they are monetarist estates deemed wealth and power. They stand as empty shells in contrast to the spiritual wealth systems of human creativity and productivity that are the heart of civilization.

In the course of this battle against empire the spiritual foundation was forged that the USA was built on, which was wrecked a few decades later by traitors hidden in the dark, such as the salon of traitors that ran the Andrew Jackson presidency on the behest of the empire of empty material wealth, operating as a highly effective 'kitchen' cabinet from  1829 onward to 1837.

The main thrust of the wrecking of the nation was directed against the spiritual creative system that was focused on the physical improvement of the quality of life across the nation, and with it its cultural development. The wrecking ball was swung against the very institution that was designed for this purpose under the nation's founding principles laid forth in its Federal Constitution. The wrecking ball was swung against the National Bank that specifically promoted creative development and made it impossible for the materialism of private monetarism to loot the nation. The bank and its officials were publically attacked with a barrage of slanderous lies by the vast networks of newspapers owned and controlled by the salon of traitors, the kitchen cabinet that was itself controlled from London, from the heart of the world empire. The traitors of the Jackson kitchen salon did succeed in breaking the bank, thereby laying the path open to speculative financial profiteering and thievery by which the nation was ultimately lost.


The Jackson salon didn't actually break the bank. The bank operated to the end of its charter, but it was dragged so deeply through the mud that the charter was not renewed to the present day. The key policy for extending financial credits for the development of the nation was terminated thereby and the economic well-being of the nation was placed to the present day into private hands motivated by the gods of greed, speculation, and legal looting, as we still have it today.

President Jackson did succeed in destroying the founding character of the nation, its spiritual character focused on the general welfare of all, as a nation. Jackson should be called the president of the wealthy, of the land owners - America's slavery president. Under his 'iron' rage vast native Indian resettlement and extermination operations were carried out to clear the lands for slave-powered plantation system to 'explode' accords the South. On his demand the legislators voted up the Indian Removal Act in 1830. While the act barely passed even under immense pressure, it forced the removal of the five civilized tribal nations, the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee who had been living east of the Mississippi for thousands of years.

A French visitor wrote,  "In the whole scene there was an air of ruin and destruction, something which betrayed a final and irrevocable adieu; one couldn't watch without feeling one's heart wrung." (Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America). A Choctaw chief called it a "trail of tears and death". The Jackson Administration 'bought' 130 million acres that way for the slave-holder plantation aristocracy. For some of the land compensation was paid at a rate of 60 cents per acre, some 30 years after the removal. Jackson himself had owned 150 to 300 slaves.

What the Jackson supporters didn't realize, though they should have, was that their vote for the emptiness of material wealth versus the spiritual wealth that the nation had been founded on by its hard-won freedom from empire, would exact a high price for the surrender of their humanity. The warning of the former President John Quincy Adams that the surrender to wanton madness would lead to civil war, came true in 1861. More than 600,000 people paid the price with their life, and another 400,000 who were wounded in the course of saving the nation from the consequences of its own folly.

President Lincoln, who had roused the nation to defend itself against becoming totally lost, was murdered by the long hands of empire. The assassin's bullet wasn't fired for revenge, but to prevent Lincoln from culminating his victory on the battle field with a grand economic victory that would inevitably require a third national bank for the redevelopment of the nation on its spiritual foundation of human creativity and productivity. The system of empire would not have survived the developing spiritual environment. Empire and humanity are opposites. Material values and their emptiness are opposites of spiritual value and its wealth in civilization.

The assassination of President Lincoln was a plot against the American nation. The tragedy  that resulted would be suffered many times thereafter by presidents and leaders who dared to speak of spiritual freedom and spiritual wealth by creating cultural optimism and a new national financial foundation for advancing  the scientific and technological development of the nation for a richer life for all..

1881, President James A. Garfield was assassinated

1901 President William McKinley was assassinated

The war of empire against the nation was always, fundamentally a war in which the emptiness of the so-called wealth of materialism aims to defeat the spiritual wealth creating engine of human development and productivity. Every war in history falls into this category of being rooted as a war of empire against humanity. But as Bertrand Russell had complained, wars are ultimately disappointing for empire, even the big war, in that they do not kill enough people. In this context the depopulation ideology was invented that now aims to eliminated 6 billion people - from 7 billion to less than 1 billion. The death-oriented ideology compliments the intentionally prevented spiritual process of economic development and scientific and technological  progress. A spiritually developed society doesn't allow itself to be looted. The depopulation dogma aims at the very heart of humanity. And in order to prove the imperial myth that the world is too full of people, to warrant depopulation, vast amounts of food are forcibly being burnt in the biofuels holocaust that silently claims 100 to 200 million deaths by starvation every year. The war of empire against humanity is presently pushed forward on every possible front in the arena of the emptiness of material value being upheld by force of every kind against the natural spiritual value that produces the substance of civilization. Humanity is presently on the fast track of loosing its soul, is spiritual value against the fascism of the material value system that will inevitably lead to nuclear war and human extinction if the course isn't altered.

The great danger in this madness of material emptiness that drives for world domination versus the spiritual foundation of civilization, is that the madness has already collapsed the economic power of the nations that is required to support large-scale warfare. This emptiness drives the nuclear weapons evermore to the fore front. Soon the nukes will remain as the only weapon left standing for empire to wield. Then, one fateful morning, the fragile containment of the madness is fractured and the fate of the world sealed from which no one escapes. Our planet is too small for nuclear. The only security that humanity has left, which is the only one it ever had, is to begin as fast as possible its spiritual redevelopment. Without it, it has no hope. Without society's spiritual self-development the system of empire, the system of material emptiness, the system of fascism will rule, and it will take the house down. The deep inner emptiness of society is evident in its impotence in removing a traitor from office who is addicted to killing and evermore killing and sings of the virtues of the infinite crime, that of thermonuclear war.

The Jackson madness was not prevented by society defending is spiritual value foundation. For this failure the entire nation suffered immense consequence thirty years later and nearly was lost altogether. In our age the consequences are unthinkable. The simple fact that the world is now brimming with thermonuclear doomsday weapons is proof by itself that society has forsaken its spiritual values foundation almost entirely. Society's current folly in its commitment to empire, which reflects its inner emptiness, is no different than the tragic folly in the Jackson timeframe. The modern society is presently on the same death trek that collapsed every empire in history before the present one, sealed by the same folly. The spiritual value system has been pushed so far out of sight that it is no longer even being recognized. Cooperation for the common aims of mankind has given way to cutthroat completion and automated nuclear options in legalized thievery. We sing "my precious" "my gold" while dancing at the precipice.

In modern time the loss of the nation's soul began with the sinking of the Titanic. This event changed the course of history. The course of history suggests that the Titanic was sunk for the purpose of assassinating three critical individuals who had the means and the apparent intention to block the U.S. Federal Reserve Act in Congress that succeeded on the 23rd of December in 1913. The legislation surrendered the economic lifeblood of the nation and placed into the private hands of the masters of empire operating for profit to loot the nation. The act enthroned material wealth and power and closed the door to the spiritual foundation of society, which is normally expressed in create and productive development of the real wealth of society that flows from the power of its humanity. For the system of empire to survive the power of the spiritual foundation of America had to be destroyed. Whoever stood in the way, regardless of their status in society, had to be put out of the way. The sinking of a brand new ship was a minuscule price to pay to pay to achieve the momentously larger objective. In the war of empire against humanity, the Titanic was a sacrificial asset of insignificant value. The operation was carried out with such precision that the Titanic sank on the anniversary day of the assassination of President Lincoln, synchronized almost to the hour, to the deliver the message to all future would-be patriots that resistance to empire is futile.

Apparently the message was understood. Whatever empire wanted in its war against humanity, it was able to get. It launched the biggest wars of all times, World War I and II, followed by the terror campaign of the Cold War that has not ended to the present day. The only thing that the system of empire cannot achieve is the creating of real wealth. The masters of empire cannot escape the invariable reality that any system built on material wealth is an empty shell without substance, whereby it is doomed to blow away with the wind. The destruction of real wealth and its foundation for it, which was set into motion in 1913, is now, a hundred years later, is collapsing the entire strength and wealth of civilization with ongoing collapse of all the. nations who have laid their soul and sovereignty at the feet of the empty shell of empire that is fast blowing away with the wind, together with those latched onto it.

The current world crisis is not a monetary crisis becoming a military crisis, or a political crisis with an ideological crisis attached to it, nor is it an ethnic or cultural crisis. It remains today waht it has always been, a crisis of society's self-denial, its denial of its spiritual foundation and power. Here is where the healing of humanity needs to begin. And the development towards this healing needs to be pursued on a scientific spiritual basis, the very platform that Mary Baker Eddy has begun to establish from 1866 onward till her death in 1910. The train of the horrors of empire was restarted thereafter and put onto the fast track when it remains to the present day, speeding towards thermonuclear war. Nothing short of rebuilding the spiritual the spiritual foundation in society, which alone is substantial and endowed with creative power, can prevent the train of horrors from reaching its inevitable destination. 

We will be able to tell when the healing process is unfolding by hearing the name Mary Baker Eddy being spoken again widely and universally. She stated bluntly on the opening page of her textbook of Christian Science that future ages MUST declare what the pioneer has accomplished. The work that has been done needs to be acknowledged and be carried forward. With the ice age fast approaching and nuclear war standing in the wings, we don't have the half a century anymore to rebuilt from scratch what already exists to move forward. This critical point renders Mary Baker Eddy the most important pioneer in the modern world, second to none, though she has been dead for a hundred years both physically and in the minds of much of humanity. Of course, the healing of civilization on the spiritual platform in the larger domain is intertwined with the process of healing disease on the same spiritual platform that is all-embracive, all-causative and includes all true value and well being.

One if the corner stones of Christian Science is that "Principle and its idea is one, and this one is God, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Being, and His reflection is man and the universe." Thus, in answering the question, "Is there more than one God or Principle?" she adds, "Omni is adopted from the Latin adjective signifying all. Hence God combines all-power or potency, all-science or true knowledge, all-presence. The varied manifestations of Christian Science indicate Mind, never matter, and have one Principle." (Science and Heath, p 465)


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Mary Baker Eddy Timeline:
1821 - Mary Baker Eddy was born
1841 - Lost her brother
1843 - Married George Glover, but he died six months later
1849 - Lost her mother
1853 - Marriage to Daniel Patterson ended up in a divorce
1875 - Published 1st edition of 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures'
1879 - Founded a church and served as its pastor for about ten years in Boston, Massachusetts
1881 - Established The Massachusetts Metaphysical College
1883 - Started a monthly magazine, The Christian Science Journal
1892 - Reorganized the church
1898 - Established a publishing company and added a weekly magazine to its publications
1908 - Founded The Christian Science Monitor
1910 - Left for the heavenly abode

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