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The God Project
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Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Frauenkirche in Munich, Germany; designed for 20,000 at the time the 
entire city had only 13,000 inhabitants (1468)  - Wikipedia


The God Project is as old and enduring as civilization itself. It spans all religions, customs, cultures, and regions of the Earth. Great famous monuments have been built for it, and tiny shrines in obscure places by the waysides, all in the name of God, or the service of God, or in prayer to God. But what is God? What is prayer? 


What is God?

No eye has seen God, though countless hymns praise the holy name or names given to the deity or deities who people recognize as a force or power greater then themselves and a resource for healing all ills, disasters, and the saving grace for life itself when life is threatened or is fading.

Since no one has ever seen God with the eye, except with the 'eye of the mind,' it is generally acknowledged that God is not material. Nuclear physics agrees, since it is now recognized that the entire universe is not material down to its minutest details. Nuclear physics speaks of a universe made up of atoms that combine in complex ways to make up all that we see, are touched by, and are made of, and that the atoms themselves are but forms created in empty space by particles that are 100,000 times smaller than they forms they construct, but which are themselves made up of smaller constructs, typically called quarks, which in turn are phenomena of points of energy in motion. Thus, in physical terms nothing exists in the universe that has substance in itself. Not a speck of matter exists. Everything that exists and forms the universe is a construct of energy organized in the spirit of a purpose by vast arrays of harmonizing constructive and creative principles, which all together reflect an amazing intelligence standing behind every aspect of it. For a definition of what God is, one will have to look into the nature of the intelligence that is reflected in the universe, its spirit, its purpose, its 'love', and so on, which the universe reflects and that we as human beings are a part of - because without it, the intelligence, spirit, and purpose, nothing would exist.

The definition of what God is, thus, cannot be summed up in a single concept, but comes to light as a composite of many concepts, like the white sunlight is a composite of many colors. America's scientific spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy, has pioneered in the late 1800s a rainbow of seven concepts, all describing a singular God. She lists them as Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love. She lists them as capitalized terms, which signifies their nature as absolute concepts of a singular source and resource of the universe, including mankind. And them being defined as singular and absolute, they are defined as universally reflected - a universal resource that is available to all humanity, without exceptions, and is reflected in all.

What is prayer?

If prayer a channel for advising God of how we wish to have the human needs fulfilled, wars prevented, hatred erased, tears stilled? What would justify us to lobby the infinite for improvements? What would sway the absolute? The only prayer that makes any sense is that, which is a desire to utilize the infinite qualities and characteristics of God that are universally reflected, as a resource for richer and brighter living. And since these resources, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love, are necessarily universal resources, the scope of prayer cannot be anything less than universal good. Thus, whatever one seeks that is bound into these resources is assured to one by virtue of their universality. If prayer is not universally based, it misses the fundamental point, and thus misses the mark and fails. In this case it becomes a denial of God.

The 'my money' song that society sings in the stock markets, the investment gambling halls, in the board rooms, and in kings' palaces, are all singular focused and thereby denials of God. Whatever citadel is built on this platform is empty by its empty intention and is thereby doomed to blow away with the wind.

In contrast, the joyful song of 'our money,' created as credit to enrich human living on the universal front, and thereby brightens the world, reflects the universal purpose of good that is built into the divine design of the universe. And so, the outcome will be universally rich and rewarding, and developing towards ever greater riches on the boundless basis of God's reflection in man and the universe, with its intention for good shining through. 

The God Project

It the God Project is intelligently and scientifically pursued in developing the divine resources on which civilization is established, and is pursued in the wide universal sphere, the outcome cannot be anything less than a grand renaissance of good. The difference between the God Project failing or succeeding is defined by the difference between the "my"-focus that denies God as absolute and universal, which assures failure at the outset, versus the "our"-focus that is an affirmation of God as absolute and universal, which assures success at the outset as Christ Jesus had hinted at in the first line of the Lord's Prayer, with the words, "Our Father which art in heaven."

The great economic collapse that is presently gripping the world and is choking the life out of many nation in countless different ways is nothing more than the natural consequence of the "my money" song, or the "my empire" song as some sing it. It is a death song for the magnitude of its denial of God or universal good, and thus it assures death to all who sing it, or are latched unto them.

One of the most famous law in American history, was the Glass-Steagall Act that forced a separation of the "my money" song that serves financial thievery, from the "our money" song that serves national economic development. This separation was repealed in 1999 by which the thievery flourished and the nation's industries and infrastructures were collapsed, while the money printing was shifted into high gear. As a result the world faces the danger of global hyperinflation explosion that is already set up to destroy what is left of the physical economy and thereby force death by starvation in the ensuing chaos towards the coveted (by empire) depopulation of the planet from the present seven billion world population to one billion or less. All this can be prevented by a single change in tune, from the "my"-focused song, to the "our"-focused song and the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act as a first step.

That's today's God Project.

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