Advanced Developments in Christ Science


Is Prayer Effective on the World Stage?
a research presentation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The Lord's Prayer may be the most powerful platform for healing civilization that we presently have. 


The scientific case for countering indifference to the human dimension

The history of countless healing experiences prove that prayer offers a powerful platform for restoring health in individual situations, with the Lord's Prayer standing in the forefront as a scientific foundation. But is prayer also effective on the larger world scene? Experience has shown that it has the potential to be highly effective to advance the cause of good.

The Deadly Crime of Indifference.

During the second world war my parents were busy running a bakery so that us children then were cared for by a hired nanny. When I was three or four years old our nanny took me along to see her husband going off to war. We lived in Germany .

I remember, as we visited the military training camp, a large parade square surrounded by 3-story buildings, a huge picture of Hitler caught my attention. It may have been half as tall as the building itself. I pointed to it and said to my nanny, "look there, what a big pull-off!" We played with pull-off pictures at the time that we soaked in water, placed at the appropriate space of a picture book, and then pulled the backing off to reveal the picture.

When I referred to Hitler dominating portrait, in a loud voice, as a big pull-off, I caused so a fright in my nanny that we instantly left without her seeing her husband this one last time, who never returned from the war. He was a fine man, a skilled carpenter. I watched him making wooding barrels for beer or wine, or whatever.  His death was wrong. Everybody evidently knew that the war was wrong, but which everybody allowed to proceed out of  the convenience of indifference and later a great fear that justified the indifference, which blocked the actions that would have prevented the war that should have never happened.

My nanny's husband was probably one of the two million who were murdered in the battle of Stalingrad by the madness of war. A German soldier's life-expectancy in Stalingrad was short, typically one single day.  None of that was right.

Every human being should have known this wasn't right, and probably did so instinctively. Nevertheless, a blanket of indifference smothered the scene that allowed the tragedy to happen. Over 50 million people were murdered in the second world war under this blanket of indifference to the human dimension, which society hadn't cared enough to free itself from.

The horrific crimes of war have often been cited as proof that no God exists, for if there was an omnipotent God, people say, especially a God that is Love, those unspeakable crimes would have been prevented at the outset from on high. But is this a valid argument?

Christ Jesus would have answered, no! In fact he provided the resources for everyone to come up with the same answer. The Lord's Prayer, which is attributed to him, allows no other conclusion. It doesn't create an image of God that renders God a dictator and humanity a bunch of mindless puppets dancing on a string. Instead, the Lord's Prayer lifts humanity up to being coequal with God in quality by divine reflection. A dictator to slave relationship is ruled out as not being possible on this lateral platform. The Lord's Prayer sets up a divine platform for relationships, starting at its opening stanza, "Our Father which art in heaven."

With the phrase, "Our Father," he wasn't speaking for his disciples alone, the people of Palestine, or the Jews, the priests, or Christianity that didn't really exist as an entity then. He was speaking of the universal unity of God and man that includes all humanity; that renders all mankind standing side by side in truth, in a lateral relationship with one another and with God by reflection. Thus, the phrase, "Our Father" refers to an universal One, an indivisible whole. Mary Baker Eddy gave this profound platform a scientific definition, with the statement, "Principle and its idea, is One." She uses the singular tense here. She says, Principle and its idea IS one, not ARE one. In presenting her scientific sense of the Lord's Prayer, respective of the stanza, "Hallowed be Thy name," she adds the stanza, "Adorable One." This "One" includes not only God, but also all humanity as elements of a single indivisible unit, including all life.

Would it be possible, on this platform, to wage war? 

The very notion would be a crime against God and against humanity. It would be a crime of denial of God, and of self-denial. War is only possible on the platform of an active denial of God and the denial of one's own humanity. War is only possible on platforms of lies that cause society to place itself outside the lateral lattice of the One that includes All. In the imagined wilderness outside the realm of reality nothing is fundamentally real and substantial that supports civilization and human existence and life. In this wilderness where society stands indifferent to the human dimension wars do happen. They happen in the darkness of the mental 'night' that is rich in doubt and fears. Of course, the resulting consequences are tragic. When God and humanity drift out of sight chaos erupts and civilization disintegrates. Someone once said that war is a holiday from civilization. The very notion that puts war on the agenda should ring as alarm bells that something deeply fundamental is wrong that needs urgent correction, for the consequences of indifference are always tragic. Here the critical question is rooted: Why don't we listen?

Like in Hitler's days, society still stands indifferent to the notions of war, and just as then, it keeps on complaining bitterly when the consequence of this indifference is killing evermore people, relentlessly, either with bullets, or bombs, or radioactive poisons, or economic destruction, or greed, and so on.

For example, during the timeframe when the modern round of the big wars started in 2001, the same indifference to the human condition prevailed in the world that had prevailed in Hitler's days. It was known for example, at the very time that the 911 destruction of the World Trade Center in New York was happening, that this unfolding tragedy was an inside job. It was plainly stated so in a radio talk show while the tragedy was happening. It was evident to anyone who had eyes to see that this stunt that destroyed the World Trade towers unhindered, and this right in the midst of the most-defended airspace in the world, couldn't have been pulled off unless the defences were stood down from within. A survey conducted at the time in New York revealed that 85% of those surveyed believed that the terror orgy that had destroyed the towers and killed those thousands within them, was, or probably was, an inside operation.

Shortly after the tragedy the LaRouche organization set up a table on a downtown street with a sign that read, "If you think that Bin Laden did this, welcome to Disney Land ." Many who saw the sign gave it a thumbs up as they walked by. One person complained that it was in bad taste in the face of the terrible personal tragedies. No one complained that it countered the official notion that the tragedy was an act of terror organized in the caves of Afghanistan . A vast 911-Truth movement sprung up that presented mountains of evidence that the tragedy was an inside job, complete with ready-made inside cover-ups.

Against this background of wide-spread knowledge of what has caused the tragedy, it seems amazing that the resulting terror wars that destroyed Afghanistan and later Iraq were allowed to proceed, based on lies. The vast majority of society supported these terror wars in which countless millions were murdered over the years, which were ironically called wars on terror.

While antiwar demonstrations against the Iraq war were launched in many cities, right to the last day, including some big ones in some cities, with candle light vigils happening in some cases, the wave of protest didn't stop the war. Society's attempted breakout from its indifference to war was too feeble to force a stay in the unfolding tragedy. Too many people stood ready to "kick butt," as they had put it, to kill the terrorists. Thus the vast spree of murdering that should have been avoided, exploded once again in a rage of madness, like in World War II, with the difference that it had this time the corpses piling up around the world, far from the actual theatres of war.

Five million kilograms of uranium were vaporized in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Uranium was used for munitions and bombs. On impact uranium explodes in a fire up to 8 times hotter than the melting point of steel. It flows through steel armour like a hot knife cutting butter, penetrating tanks as if they were made of paper. 

In the process of burning, the uranium oxide becomes vaporized into minuscule 'dust,' half of it  into particles up to 30 times smaller than the wavelengths of light. It becomes invisible. The invisible dust then becomes carried like a gas with the air currents around the world. The uranium dust from the bombing in Iraq was detected in England within days, after having been carried by the jet streams around the world. However, uranium, no matter what form it is in, remains radioactive with a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

In the war zones the uranium dust caused over 90 different types of diseases, including massive cancers, including some horrible stuff, like breast cancers in teenage girls, and horrible birth defects with cases ranging in some areas up to 50 times above normal.

Even outside the war zones, the murdering of war produces large numbers of victims in the range of millions, in the age of the uranium wars. In the far off USA CNN reported in 2006 that lung cancers had increased 6 fold in the USA. When the minuscule uranium particles are inhaled with the air, some become carried with the blood streams that nourish the cells. Inside the cells, the alpha radiation from uranium acts like minuscule cannon balls that are highly damaging to the sensitive biology of the cells. When they alter the DNA sequences, so that when the cells replicate, their 'offspring' no longer function as team players, but do their own thing, their presence disrupts bodily functions increasingly until the victimized person becomes disabled, or dies.
(more details are presented in my video: Arresting the Infinite Crime)

Two women who I personally was acquainted with, who both died of cancer, died in the general time frame of the post-uranium war era. Both died rather quickly. The best medical care failed to save them. Both may have been victims of war. Alpha radiation emitter are one of the most deadly poisons in existence, and have been used as such for assassinations. According to the CNN figure presented in 2006, of a 6-fold increase in lung cancers, 85% of all lung cancer victims at the time were evidently, statistically, victims of war. The same may have been the case for other types of cancers. Thus, the probability is high that the two women were murdered as victims of the madness of the wars that society had been unable to prevent by the blocking effect of its indifference to the human dimension.

The same indifference is still in effect, and so are the consequences.

For example, since the uranium use in weapons began, worldwide diabetes II has increased from 30 million cases to 230 million cases. Most of this probably occurred in India that is geographically wedged between Iraq and Afghanistan where the bombing occurred.

The facts related to the war-victimization by the uranium poisoning of the air, have become increasingly hidden, though the little that is still known stands as a gruesome indictment of humanity that allows the murdering of its own kind to go on in evermore grotesque forms, and in forms that may be touching all life, even the insect life that parts of society's food supply depends on.

For example, in timeframe following the uranium wars the honey bees began to die in alarming numbers. The attrition rate reached such high levels at the time that the term Colony Collapse Disorder was coined for the phenomenon. The timing suggests, since the sharp increase in colony losses began in 2006, that the phenomenon may be the result of the radioactive uranium poisoning of the world's atmosphere during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The fact that the dying of the bees continues to the present day may be an indication that the uranium poisoning has not yet abated and continues to take its toll to some degree. 

The evidence isn't hard to find. An amateur photographer filmed the dying of the bees in Halifax, Nova Scotia, just a few months ago (see: Bees dying on plants - Nova Scotia 10.18.12) Halifax is located on the East coast of Canada, far from the  big agricultural centers were pesticides are prevalent that are sometimes blamed for the dying of the bees. In order to do their job, the bees must stick their head into the flowers to access the pollen. There, something causes them to become disoriented, unable to fly, getting weaker, and 7 minutes later, they are dead.

The radioactive poisoning of the world has never been officially admitted. In fact it is protected by the International Court of Justice. The USA that carried out the massive poisoning of the world from 2001 onwards, rejects the calls for an international ban of the uranium use in bombs and munitions. The excuse for the refusal is that it would "blunt the American military might."

For far too long the world's indifference to its own humanity has caused it to stand silent and allowed the deadly onslaught against its existence by weapons of madness to continue. On the uranium-war front it appears that 100 times more of the types of weapons that have poisoned the world stand stockpiled for future wars. South Korea , all by itself, is reported in the mid-2000s to hold bombs and munitions on its American bases that contain 67 million kilograms of uranium, or 13 times as much as was expended in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Further information is no longer available, as the entire subject has apparently been classified. And so, by the effects of secrecy, the indifference continues.

But how can one reverse the indifference? How can one heal the tragedies by healing this most deadly disease that has infested civilization, which indifference to the human dimension is?

Since the disease of indifference, especially towards war and economic destruction, is not a physical and technological phenomenon, no physical, technological, or purely political solution exists or is possible. Nothing exists on these fronts that assures that wars never occur and their killing madness will never be repeated. One simply can't invent a technological solution for a problem that isn't a technological problem, but which is a moral and spiritual problem, or more correctly, a problem for which scientifically spiritual solutions must be developed, such as by the deep exploration of the Lord's Prayer for example. Political solutions require a strong moral platform to stand on, which itself must be rooted in the spiritual dimension of humanity that the moral platform thereby reflects to some degree.

Logic suggests that this should be possible to do, and experience seems to indicate that such a connection does indeed exist.

For example, in the middle of January 2013, I had a sickening feeling about something that seemed big, but that I couldn't identify. I began a deep reaching exploration of the Lord's Prayer in the search for solutions. I sensed great problems on the horizon that I thought might be a critical, and nearby. I felt they might be human problems that are unrelated to war and politics. 

In the course of the ongoing research effort for a solution, I focused on the science behind the Lord's Prayer. I even started to produce a video for the presentation of my findings. 
The Science of The Lord's Prayer.)

At one point during the production process, quite suddenly, and this happened some days before the video was actually completed, I felt a peace emerging in the background. I found out two days later that at the time I had felt this emerging peace, an unprecedented breakthrough had been wrought in the world-political arena that opened up some significant fissures, even cracks, in the dam of indifference.

I was surprised when I heard about it, but I also wasn't surprised. Spiritual healing can have far-reaching effects, and more so with the Lord's Prayer standing at the center of it. The Lord's Prayer is imbedded in all Christian religions, regardless of their denomination. And if one looks closer, the basic platform of it - the universal worth of the human being, existing in unity with God - is found in all religions. It is wrapped up in different words perhaps, and in different garments, but the underlying spirit of the divinity of humanity and its unity with God, is shining through. While the customs and ceremonies and rituals and laws vary, based on differing historic backgrounds, if one peels away these overlaid aspects, the core beneath becomes widely universal, and becomes thereby a resource for building up a world without, or with a lessening, indifference to the basics of the human dimension in unity with the divine. 

And even if one takes religion completely out of the equation, the concept of the universal worth and equality of all mankind is not foreign to any human being with a human heart. In short, there is nothing rooted in the human spirit that supports the acquired notion of indifference to the human dimension. In many cases the acquired indifference can be traced back to the public conditioning by the masters of empire in the service of various political objectives for the purpose of stealing wealth and controlling society.

If the Lord's Prayer aides in to cut through the artificial fog, then one shouldn't be surprised when the indifference created by the fog falls away. This is what happened near the end of January, in 2013.

At this time an American federal court, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, delivered a deep cutting, 47-page indictment of the American President Obama for his blatant abuse of the power of his office. While the President's abuses of power of this type were many, the court focused technically on only a small issue, which nevertheless stands as an example for all the perpetrated abuses. While the court's posture was routine, its review was not. It focused on the abuse of the principle of the Constitution and upheld the Constitution as a higher law than the claimed presidential privileges evermore broadly based on the Nazi platform of the Unitary Executive, the platform created in Germany to give Hitler dictatorial powers.

The American political activist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche, 88 years of age, who has been on the political scene for a long time and stood for presidential election numerous times over the decades of his involvement, said about the amazing current development in his Jan. 25, 2013 webcast (, "I have never seen in my life, such a parade of implicit indictment of a President of the United States... This means that this man has been slapped down, back and forward, repeatedly through the whole reading of these charges.  It does mean that a qualitative political shift inside the United States, with the reading of these charges - conclusions I presume - has been delivered."

The list of felonies that the President is guilty of is long, that stands in the background of these charges in court, each of which by itself is sufficient cause for impeachment (based on:

1. The covering up of the assassination of diplomats in Benghazi on 9/11/12 with a campaign of lies to conceal the fact that the White House had prior warning of a potential terrorist attack in Benghazi while the executive did nothing to protect the diplomats and thereby essentially enabled the attacks to happen, who then knowingly misled the American citizenry, claiming that the attack was the result of a spontaneous protest instead of a heavily-armed terrorist assault.

2. Murdering hundreds of Pakistani civilians with drone attacks that terrorize entire nations, coming out of the blue killing hundreds of bystanders, including women and children, leaving in the wake psychiatric disorders, and rage that is breeding more and more terrorists for revenge, ruining the lives of thousands of people along the way.

3. Escalating the threat of global nuclear war with Russia & China with the encirclement of Russia and China by strategic military upgrades and deployments throughout Eastern Europe and the Pacific, coupled with an escalating commitment to destabilization in the Middle East in direct opposition to the efforts of Russia and China to stabilize their borders in the interest of their national security.

4. Violating the U.S. War Powers Resolution by committing U.S. forces to war in Libya without Congressional approval, and without the Constitutionally-mandated requirement of an imminent threat to national security for such actions.

5. The extrajudicial murdering of American Citizens with drones in foreign lands, in flagrant violation of the fifth amendment, by the executive signing the orders of their assassination in the case of at least three American citizens with full knowledge of their American citizenship and their Constitutional right as citizens to due process.

6. Escalating the Indefinite Detentions & Extraordinary Renditions process that grants essentially dictatorial powers to the Federal Government agencies to arrest any American Citizen without warrant and to indefinitely detain them without charge, which violates the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments, and most of the Bill of Rights.

In the wake of the indictment in court of the governmental criminality, other people and institutions are beginning now to loose their indifference to what is moral and right.

It was reported Feb. 5, 2013 (by LPAC) that a bipartisan group of 11 Senators wrote President Barack Obama a letter, demanding he give lawmakers his administration's legal justification for using armed drones or other counterterrorism operations to kill American citizens.

It is a matter of public record that your Administration believes the intelligence community has the authority to knowingly use lethal force against Americans in counterterrorism operations, and senior intelligence officials have indicated that the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel has written non-public legal opinions that explains the basis for this authority. A number of us have previously asked to see these opinions, but to date they have not been provided to Congress.... Specifically, we ask that you direct the Justice Department to provide Congress, specifically the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, with any and all legal opinions that lay out the executive branch's official understanding of the President's authority to deliberately kill American citizens. We are not asking for any pre-decisional legal advice and do not believe that providing this information would violate any Constitutional privilege. However, if there is any concern that providing this information to Congress might implicate some sort of privilege, we would encourage you to simply waive whatever privilege might apply, if you would like to make it clear that you are not setting a precedent that applies to other categories of documents.

These are strong words.

On the same day, writing under the headline "Obama's Secret Assassins," in Britain 's Guardian, Naomi Wolf calls this "the biggest story—in our nation's contemporary history." "This arrangement," says Wolf, "where death squads roam under the sole control of the executive—is one definition of dictatorship. It now has the potential to threaten critics of the U.S. anywhere in the world."

Constitutional lawyer and former top Reagan Justice Department official Bruce Fein, in a letter to the editor of the Financial Times (Feb 4, 2013), attacking U.S. and Israeli violations of international law. The full text reads:

"The United States and Israel are now dancing on the rubble of international law shattered by their respective limitless conceptions of preemptive warfare. Last week, Israel conducted an unprovoked air strike on a convoy of trucks in Syria suspected of carrying SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles towards Lebanon without evoking a whisper of United States opposition. The United States claims authority to perpetrate predator drone killings in any country where international terrorists or their associates are suspected of dwelling, including Somalia , Yemen , Pakistan , and Afghanistan . Both nations preposterously maintain that national self-defense (uniquely to them) includes the right to exterminate any person suspected of a connection to any activity that might at some unknown future time support an enemy attack, e.g., an Iranian nuclear scientist. No imagination is needed to divine how the United States would respond to a Russian predator drone strike against a suspected Chechen terrorist inhabitant of New York City; or how Israel would respond to an Hamas killing of an Israeli scientist assisting its Iron Dome anti-missile program. After its apogee at Nuremberg , international law has plunged like Lucifer from heaven to a doctrine of might makes right indistinguishable from a Hobbesian state of nature. The United States and Israel have been major culprits."

These, too, are strong words. While words of opposition were heard before, the evidence suggests that the wall of indifference that enables toleration of injustice, war, and inhumanity, no longer stands as firmly as it once did. Even the provocation to war, of Israel 's attack on Syria failed. The Russian forces that essentially provide the air-defence capability for Syria didn't swallow the bate.

Even the ever-growing exposing of the criminality in the western banking system, and the government's protection of the crimes in the shadow of evermore bailouts to prop-up the thieves, is suddenly getting more boisterous, together with the calls getting louder for the restoration of the Glass Steagall legislation of the Frank Roosevelt years that once protected commercial banking and its depositors from the predatory 'investment' banks and their looting practices.

An interesting report by LPAC (, "White House Pounded on Right-to-Kill-Americans Policy" issued February 6, 2013, stated:

"The Obama juggernaut is being broken. Consider the following chain of events. On Monday, 11 Senators, eight of them Democrats, issued a letter demanding that the White House release secret memos justifying its policy of killing Americans in the name of fighting terrorism. Shortly thereafter, on Monday night, NBC published the White House memo, unclassified but hitherto secret, justifying its kill policy as, essentially, "because we say so." That memo hit like a bombshell.

So, Tuesday morning, the White House announced that President Obama would be giving a press conference in three hours, on new plans for ending the threat of sequestration. The President spoke, had nothing new to propose on the subject, and then ran out, saying he knew there would be "a whole bunch of other questions," but that's why he'd hired Jay Carney as his Press Secretary. Not only did he not take questions, but he was visibly "off-his-game," so destabilized that when a camera started buzzing during his short statement, NerObama lost his concentration and couldn't continue until it stopped, whining, "Come on guys," and complaining "They're breaking my flow all the time."

Carney was not happy to be left holding the bag. He followed Obama out for five minutes, saying upon his return, "I was hoping to skip the briefing today, but apparently I'm here to take your questions." And the questions came. The first set the theme which was to dominate the entire press briefing which followed: the Administration abrogating to itself the right to kill Americans, as it chooses. There were some other questions which allowed the twisting, nervous Carney to catch his breathe, but the subject relentlessly returned until the bitter end. EIR's correspondent Bill Jones, concerned that Carney was going to get off the hook, twice called out to Carney from a "back bench" seat: Are you going to release secret memos demanded by the 11 Senators? Carney ignored him, but later called on another one of the regulars, who asked that very question. At that point, some of journalists turned around to Jones knowingly, with one reporter giving him a thumbs up. Another journalist raised the specter of "a court review" of the assertion of no due process. The upcoming Brennan confirmation hearing on Thursday hung in the air.

Carney may have squirmed, but he made very clear that the administration has no intention of yielding. What secret memos? He would admit of none, dismissively stating he would not speak of "the alleged existence of any particular memo or action." What lack of transparency? He had to chutzpah to assert that the administration had been very transparent: just read the unclassified memo which had finally been leaked by the press! He repeated, over and over, like a trained dog, the mantra that the guidelines for making the decisions to kill have been explained by four top officials (John Brennan, Eric Holder, Harold Koh, and Jah Johnson) — and in the just-leaked memo. He did admit that the leaked memo had not been intended to be released publicly, and said it had been prepared for members of the Senate who have a jurisdiction on these issues last year.

A senior U.S. intelligence source curtly told EIR, "The White House thought it was leak proof — and suddenly there was a leak. The document is authentic and it will spark a real debate."

Clearly, the Senators were not satisfied with the administration's false claims of "transparency," and neither were members of the press (and those they work for). The series of questions raised today, listed below (in the orginal), all of which went unanswered in substance, make clear that this stunning question of an American President who claims the right to kill his citizens on his own say-so, is now before the American public, and will not go away. And it is Obama, personally, who is the target. Asked by Chris Matthews on "Hardball" on Tuesday night, who makes the call to make a hit: the Attorney General? the head of the CIA? the Army?, NBC's Isikoff, to whom the memo was leaked answered firmly: "It is Barack Obama himself.... He is the high-level informed official who is saying, 'go get this guy.'"

Whether any of these developments have any connection with an intensified focus on the Lord's Prayer, can of course not be determined, though the spirit of it is becoming evident by these surprising developments.

The long-time American political activist Lyndon LaRouche, fighting for a brighter humanity, commented in a webcast (, "We are coming to a major event in our history as we are approaching a point when things have to change, because the way we have been going up to now is no longer adequate for human survival. Therefore we have to take steps to uplift the conscience in society, towards an understanding of what the solution is, instead of merely talking about the problems."  

Here are excerpts from the speech by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 2. 

...It is impossible not to notice the symbolism of the date of this meeting. Seventy years ago, one of the most frightful, bloody, and fateful battles of the Second World War ended: the Battle of Stalingrad. Hundreds of thousands of my compatriots gave their lives for the victory on the banks of the Volga, not only in defense of their homeland; they also fought for the sake of world peace, as did all of our Allies.

To prevent a recurrence of the tragedy of world war, efforts were also focused on diplomacy, which resulted in the creation of the United Nations. However soon afterward, the "Cold War" draw a dividing line across Europe, postponing for a long time the possibility of building a system of collective security, as embodied in the UN Charter....

We must recognize that not in words, but in deeds, we are still very far from a truly collective Euro-Atlantic architecture, which would rest on a solid foundation of international law. There is still a desire for relations in Europe to be built around political-military issues—not on the principles of the OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] and the NRC [NATO-Russian Council], but by promoting a NATO-centric security concept, as though there were no alternatives.

We believe that such a narrow bloc approach does not help, and it is difficult for us to understand it based on objective and rational considerations; it is unlikely to provide an orientation for policies in today's global world, where we face common threats. It is time to look comprehensively and thoroughly at the full range of relations in the Euro-Atlantic area and try to identify the convergence of ideas and remaining differences between us, including with respect to conflicts in other parts of the world that affect the security of us all.

If we look at the regions that are the most unstable today—the Middle East, North Africa, the Sahel—it is hard to avoid the sense of some kind of curvature of space. Many questions arise about the approaches of some of our partners with regard to the "Arab Spring." Does support for acts of regime change justify terrorist methods? Does it make sense to fight those in one conflict that you are supporting in another? If you illegally supply weapons to a conflict zone, how do you insure yourself against those weapons being turned against you? Which rulers are legitimate, and which are not? When is it permissible to work with authoritarian regimes (whether secular or not very), and when is it permitted to support their violent overthrow? Under what conditions is it necessary to recognize forces that have come to power in a democratic election, and in what conditions should contact with them be rejected? What criteria and standards determine all of this?

We hope that by 2015, when we mark the anniversary [of the Helsinki+40 process], we will have succeeded in developing a common agenda that does not reflect mutual recriminations, but the determination of all of us to concentrate on reaching our common strategic objectives, based on the principle of indivisibility of security.

The issue of BMD has become an important test of the match between real deeds and solemn declarations of commitment to this key principle. We are all at risk of losing yet another real opportunity to build a unified Euro-Atlantic space. Russia proposes a simple and constructive approach: to work out strict guarantees that the U.S. global BMD system is not directed against any member country of the OSCE, and clear military and technical criteria for evaluating compliance with the stated objectives of the BMD system: the neutralization of missile threats coming from outside the Euro-Atlantic region....

It is also important to clarify the definition of NATO's mission in the new circumstances, not to interfere in this process, but so that we can understand it. Progress towards a genuine partnership between Russia and NATO is still hampered by attempts to exploit the idea of the Soviet threat, which has now been converted to the idea of a Russian threat. Phobias are very tenacious, and we see how the process of military planning incorporates this thesis. Even with the deficit in financial resources, there is increasing military activity in northern and central Europe, as if these regions face growing security threats....

NATO is now discussing the concept of "smart defense." I set aside the question of whom exactly they are going to defend themselves from. It would be much more important to recognize the objective demand for a new, modern "smart" foreign policy, aimed at taking the maximum advantage of emerging opportunities for collective work, instead of squandering them inexcusably....

These are strong words that put new wind into the sails towards peace. All of this happened in the wake of a strong focus on the Lord's Prayer. While all of these developments might have happened without this focus, it is also possible, if nor more likely, that they might not have happened without the spiritual work standing in the background.


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