Solar Science breakthrough: the cold-nuclear-fusion Sun  -  a video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

'Seeing' outside the box

Our Sun: a Cold-Fusion Plasma Star

If you want to explore how the Solar System and the Sun operate outside the 'box' of empiricist-constrained science, 
allow me to invite you to a video tour of exploration.

Will Canada, Russia, Europe, and China, cease to exist?
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The universe is developing, anti-entropic, dynamically self-powered, a construct of principles - far from the Big Bang dream. 

Part 1: The Sun is NOT a gas sphere

The Sun is plasma, with electrically powered nuclear fusion occurring on its surface, activated by concentrated plasma.

Part 2: The universe of plasma refuting the Big Bang

The fusion of plasma into electrically neutral atoms creates a sink-effect in the electric landscape that enable plasma streams to flow and power the universe. The red-shift doesn't prove the Big Bang. 

Part 3: Historic evidence of large cosmic plasma structures

The accelerating solar wind and super-heated corona are evidence of the plasma universe. Amazing evidence of this type are found in the Giza pyramids, Stone Henge, and now also in the Milky Way galaxy.

Part 4: The solar wind speaking of the coming Ice Age

NASA's Ulysses satellite gave us a window into the future, with a warning that the Sun may go inactive almost overnight, in the 2050s, starting the Next Ice Age.

Part 5: The plasma solar system evident in CO2

The spectral lines in starlight tell us that the Sun synthesized all atoms in the solar system, including the planets' atmosphere. What role did solar lightning play as a transport media, including for CO2? 

Part 6: The diminishing solar wind towards solar collapse

The density of the electric plasma that powers the Sun is diminishing. Will the Sun go inactive in the 2050s and start the next Ice Age? We are the children of the Ice Age, and maybe also of Cygnus-x3. 

Part 7: Shaping the future is a spiritual issue

The question is: will we respond to the Ice Age imperative? We have the energy and the materials, but will we use them to give us a future?



New Ice Age Near
58-part evidence

Summary of the evidence of the near new Ice Age and its root in the electric universe.

The Greatest Science Challenge in the History of Civilization

A challenge to science to assure the future of humanity in the face of a new Ice Age in the electric universe.

Solar Diminishment in Perspective

An astrophysical event as evidence of the weakening solar corona.

Electric Earth, Electric Mars

We tend to vastly underestimate the power of high-density electric currents in plasma is space.  It carved the Grand Canyon, and the great canyon on Mars, illustrating the power of cosmic electric currents.


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  ** Cold Nuclear Fusion Powers the Sun
 ** It is impossible for the Sun to be a gas sphere
 ** The Sun is a plasma star with electric nuclear fusion 
 ** The Sun we see, is not as we expect it to be
 ** The universe is motivated by the plasma-sink process
 ** Cold fusion drives the universe
 ** Solar fusion IS cold fusion, we should replicate it
 ** Alfven Wave oscillations
 ** The coronal heating paradox
 ** The accelerating solar winds paradox
** Historic astrophysical evidence
** Presently visible, large plasma structures
** Solar wind, Ice Ages, and our future
** When sunspots speak to us.
** How do we get out of the paradoxical trap?
** Solving the impossible paradox before us 
** Deception of normality

* The Lodging for the Rose (novels)
* Ice Age, Electric Power, Freshwater, Energy Future (videos)
* The 7 ending chapters (leadership dialogs)

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