Challenging Science to prepare for the New Ice Age starting in the 2050s  -  a video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Greatest Science Challenge
 in the History of Civilization



A challenge to the universe of science to actively assure the future of humanity. 

The challenge is, to respond in the most efficient manner to the largest, impending, physical event in the history of civilization, in the form of the start of the next Ice Age with the Sun going inactive sometime in the 2050s timeframe.
The challenge is so great that it will determine the future existence of all the northern nations on Earth, like Canada, Russia, most nations of Europe, some parts of Asia, and to a large measure the USA.
The challenge of living in a world with an inactive Sun for long periods, with 70% less energy being radiated by it, is so enormous and far reaching in is consequences that it seems hard to accept as our potential future in the near term, even while volumes of evidence stand in support of it.

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