The Ice Age is near. It starts fast, within days... -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age of the dimmer Sun in 30 Years?

New evidence unfolds new perceptions - videos

The theory that renders the Sun a gas sphere with a nuclear fusion furnace inside is a dead horse. While efforts have been made to douse the dead horse with fresh theories to make the obsolete seem plausible again, the physical evidence is too far advanced so that the dead horse will not rise again.



Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years 

Below a minimal plasma-density threshold, the primer fields collapse, the Sun becomes inactive.  70% less solar energy is being radiated. The Ice Age begins. The transition may be as short as a day.


New Ice Age Near
58-part evidence

Summary of the evidence of the near new Ice Age and its root in the electric universe.

The Greatest Science Challenge in the History of Civilization

A challenge to science to assure the future of humanity in the face of a new Ice Age in the electric universe.

Solar Diminishment in Perspective

An astrophysical event as evidence of the weakening solar corona.

Celebration that the Coming Ice Age is near

The Next Ice Age is near, in the 2050s, with benefits that only an Ice Age can provide.

Outside the Box: 
cold nuclear-fusion powers Sun

The physical evidence is exclusively on the side of cold nuclear fusion externally powered by interstellar electric plasma stream. 

Our Electric Fusion Sun

The physical evidence tells us that the sun is not a sphere of atomic gas, but is a sphere of plasma, which is externally powered by electric plasma interaction. 

The Sun is an electrically powered nuclear fusion engine that synthesizes all the basic atoms in the periodic table, by which all the elements that make up the earth and planets have been created.

A series of videos is presented here that explores the vast dimension of the electric cosmic processes and their consequences for the Sun, the Earth, and for our civilization.

Will Canada, Russia, Europe, and China, 
cease to exist in an Ice Age World?
(lead-in article)

Classic videos on the Ice Age   

New Ice Age Ahead (overview)

The Earth has seen four major ice age periods in the last half a billion years of its history. The current Ice Age period is one of these, in which the Earth's normal climate is typically 30 times colder than the Little Ice Age in the 1600s had been. This is what we are getting into in possibly 30 years. 

Ice Age Precursors

No, the Ice Age isn't coming. It is already here. The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years already, with deep glaciation that piles up ice sheets up to 13,000 feet deep. We now face the near return to the normal Ice Age climate for the Earth. This poses some big questions.

Ice Age Breakout 1  

How do we protect our treasure when the snow no longer melts? How do we protect the living sphere on our planet that we depend on for our very existence. The key to our future is development. Development defines our humanity. Without it we cannot meet the Ice Age Challenge.

Ice Age Breakout 2  

When Christianity was hijacked by the masters of the Empire of Rome after empire had failed to crush it with the most brutal terror possible, Christianity was simply taken over and turned upside down. The breakout from this trap, to a new and rich world beyond imagination, has not yet begun. It still stands before us. Is anyone reaching for it?

Explorations articles   

Ice Age - Exploration Articles

The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years, named the Pleistocene Epoch, that is interrupted with nicely warm interglacial pulses of idyllic warmth, like a splash from a dump bucket in water parks. Now that the bucket is empty, the Earth's is poised to return to its glaciation climate for the next 90.000 years.

NAWAPA - Northern Development Articles 

Our future lies in the tropics, not in the Arctic.

Overwhelming Electric-Universe Evidence Everywhere

Nothing exists in isolation. The universe is a singular whole. The electromagnetic force is its binding force. The evidence, that the Earth and the Sun exist in an electric universe, comes to light on many layers

Astrophysics - Science Driver

Truth is the center and the circumference in the greatest human quest: To achieve scientific honesty. Science is our stage for advancing discoveries, and gives us the power for moving with our discoveries.

Science explorations by Rolf A. F. Witzsche



In this context great challenges lay before us, but they also open a door to near infinite recourses in energy, materials, food, and supplies, without which, our civilization would not long survive, but which, when the challenges are met, promise great prosperity and the richest world of all times with an endless future.

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