Summary of the electric universe regarding the New Ice Age starting in the 2050s  -  a video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

58 items of evidence
that a New Ice Age is near



A comprehensive summary of the dynamics by which ice ages occur

Progress rests not with the mediocrity of consensus. This path is a recipe for death, as it closes the door to discoveries and advancements. Progress begins with the open mind that reaches beyond mediocrity and consensus to the recognition of physical evidence that defies the entropy of science choked by the 'marriage' of humanity to a multitude of tiny little issues that pushes the really big issues out of sight and hearing. 

The biggest issue of all is the impending deactivation of the Sun with a 70% reduction in radiated energy. I present here 58 items of evidence that together indicate, from a wide perspective, that our future will be determined by the dynamics that will result in a sudden transition to a new Ice Age period beginning at some point around the 2050s timeframe.

In our electric universe 

The presentation tabled here refutes the theory of the entropic Big Bang creation myth, and the internal fusion sun that supposedly 'burns' by its own fuel in a universe of supernova explosions, black holes, neutron stars, and the solar constant. The discoveries of the primarily anti-entropic nature of the universe, sometimes referred to as the "electric universe," enables humanity to prepare its world for the coming Ice Age transition that begins when the interstellar plasma streams become too weak to concentrate sufficient plasma around the Sun to maintain its dynamic processes. When this happens, the Sun will go inactive as it evidently has many times in the past. With this another Ice Age begins.  

The question now arises, will we, humanity, have our world prepared by then, for living under an inactive Sun? Will we have a new renaissance created on Earth that opens up a new horizon of life for humanity?

On the 1st and 4th of July

The presentation has been prepared for the occasion of Canada's birthday celebration on the 1st of July (1867), and that of the USA on the 4th of July (1776). These celebrations become meaningless when the nations' commitment to their future is lost. Inversely, a bright new era of freedom and prosperity lies before us if we care to have a future, the type of future that not even an Ice Age can quench. This pertains to all nations. No one will not be affected by the Sun going inactive. In this context, the commitment by China and Russia to help advance the economic development of many nations, especially those committed to this month, (July 2014), may be seen as bugle calls for progress towards a new renaissance in the world that is critically needed.

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Ice Age
Electric Universe
plasma sun
Primer Fields
Big Bang Theory
solar system
Ice Age theory
solar winds diminishing
magnetic pole drift
Earth magnetic field
planetary ecliptic
white dwarf stars
planetary rings
plasma universe
challenge of survival

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