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The dimension of Science

Processes which are diminishing in energy, like the winding down of clock spring or the draining of a battery are said to be entopic in nature. Spiritual development, on the other hand, goes into the opposite direction.  It is an enriching process. The process which Mary Baker Eddy has defined in all of her numerous works sets up a non-entopic stage, which is quite a unique one. She has set up a stage that brings together a number of apparently isolated aspects of her work, which appear closed in themselves and finite in their isolation, but are designed to open the scene to infinite discovery when they are brought together. 

The discovery, here, is demanded. No answers are provided. This may seem irrational. In reality, it is rather revolutionary, and is in fact the only path possible for stepping away from entropy.

What she has done is simply this: She has set up a structure that involves a lot of questions that demand a lot of deep searching for answers. The foundation for this structure is the biblical city foursquare described in Revelation 21, the second last chapter of the Bible. She takes this metaphor with which the Bible closes and reshapes it into a foundation for reaching out to infinity.

John the Revelator described the city as foursquare. Any structure that is four-square has sixteen elements. Mary Baker Eddy's textbook, likewise, has sixteen chapters. Thus, the two structures coincide. But she doesn't stop here. Virtually everything she has created is arranged in sixteen parts, or multiples thereof. The Lord's prayer, interspersed with her spiritual interpretation, is presented in sixteen stanzas. Her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, is made up of sixteen verses. Her Church Manual of the Church of Christ Scientists, is made up of sixteen major sections. The platform of Christian Science has thirty-two elements (to times sixteen). The chapter Recapitulation in her textbook on Christian Science contains twenty-four questions and answers (one and a half times sixteen). The most profound correlation, however, is imbedded in the Glossary of her textbook on Christian Science which contains 144 definitions (nine time sixteen).

What she does not provide, however, are the answers to such questions as to what this vast interrelationship means, and how it all fits together. This is the explorer's task. She provides a few basic definitions, however. In her interpretation of the biblical city foursquare, she presents major points in multiples of four that describe the nature of the four-square matrix. 

Any matrix can be seen as made up of horizontally arranged elements, or rows of elements, that share a common characteristic or main theme. In like manner, when the elements are seen in vertical alignment, or columns, they can be regarded as representing an upward flow of progressive development. For these columns and rows definitions can be found in Mary Baker Eddy's interpretation of the biblical city foursquare. More definitions can also be found in the Glossary of the textbook where a number of glossary items are presented in groups of four, such as the four rivers from Genesis 2.

Mary Baker Eddy approached the Bible as a pioneer. She opened it with the tool of science against the background of reason for the discovery of fundamental principles that are verifiable by practical scientific spiritual healing. If we look at the Bible as merely a religious book, or as a historical account of the early Hebrew people, we loose most of its significance, by which it becomes a closed book. One shouldn't allow this to happen.

For instance, open the Bible at the Decalogue, where it says that shalt not kill, steal, lie, or covet. Did you ever explore what active universal principles stand behind those passive restrictive directives? Which such explorations, for which answers are not easily found, the Bible becomes an open book. 

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