Christian Science versus War

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


A custom had been developed, probably in ancient times, for people to bow to one another out of respect. It has been largely lost in modern times, but this loss came at a high cost. We bow instead to war, which is theft, violence, murder, exploitation, inhumanity, hate, and so on. War is neither human nor divine. It is a sin. It is society's self-condemnation. The ancient custom appears wise therefore, to bow to one another in honour of the other as a human being. There is nothing greater on this planet than the human being; the reflected image of God. We bow before the divinity of humanity as we bow to one another. It is sad to note that both aspects have become lost in modern times. War results when we dishonour or disregard our humanity, or more correctly as we close our eyes to our divinity. 

But how do we overcome our current shortfall?

I found myself frequently bowing before other people. The process began naturally and inevitably. It appears that if one is honest with oneself one cannot do otherwise lest one dishonour God in the process. And why would we? No other form of life brings to the table that capacies that  we have as human beings, the capacity to create works of great beauty, such as in art, literature, music, theatre, science; and to build beautiful dwelling places and cities with industries; the capacity to develop agriculture, to provide food in the dessert, healing for the sick, and turn sorrow into joy. We can travel with ease, fly faster than any bird, dive deeper than any fish, and ever reach for the stars. Or as John had put it in Revelations, we find ourselves clothed with the sun. And that's only just the beginning. We also have the capacity to reach across the gulf that seems to divide us, and in doing so embrace one another in universal love because God is Love, which truly defines us. As we begin to discover love, we discover ourselves and God in the same process. War falls by the wayside in this process, as do sickness, disease and also death. War, like sin and disease is not a reality to be defeated. It is like darkness that vanishes in the light. One doesn't have to battle darkness into submission to overcome it. One merely has to bring in the light, the light of man as the image of God, the image of Love, of infinite Mind, of universal Truth, of the singularity of divine Soul, the allness of divine Spirit, and Life as the Eternal.

Even in the historic dimension, war always yields to peace. War is never inevitable, but peace is. War can be avoided, but peace cannot be avoided. Society can step beyond war by becoming human scientifically and discover in the science of the Christ its inevitable humanity. The outcome is not only peace, but peace in an atmosphere of renaissance, and atmosphere of healing, and atmosphere of love. Should there not be peace when there is love?

Some say that we cannot have peace. They say, "the other" won't allow it. Is there really such a thing as "the other" that is exempted from the design of our humanity? The Christ or divine Science tells us that the real platform of the universe is a lateral one where we stand side by side with one another on that same platform and that platform is God. There is no such thing as "the other" that stands apart from this platform, the lateral platform that binds us all as one in a boundless universal lateral lattice, linked to one-another by the threads of our love.  Peace is the state of our being, war is not even comprehensible in this sphere of reality where love is the cement of civilization. Likewise is disease and death incomprehensible in the reality of the lateral lattice where the divine reality of the universe is expressed. Love is our health. Love is our peace. Shall we not labour to uplift our world into the divine universe and claim its primacy over everything? War will cease as the substance of peace, the divine reality, comes to light.

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