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How can the healing power
of Christian Science
be increased?
 by Rolf Witzsche


I have been asked recently if I know anyone who can heal as effectively as Mary Baker Eddy did, or if it is even possible that we ever will.

This is not a question that can be satisfied with a simple yes or no answer. There is actually no point in answering that question, unless one develops a platform that uplifts one towards the realization of that goal that the question relates to. So, here is my answer. Since it took me more than an entire week to formulate that answer, and the subject is of universal importance, I am presenting my answer here, for all who may be asking themselves the same question.  

Except, where does one begin to answer such a momentous question?

Let's take a look what Mary Baker Eddy's healing work was really like.

A recently published book, The Healer*1, brings together a large volume of testimonies from people who were healed by Mary Baker Eddy. Any comparison of the testimonies presented, with what is generally happening today, illustrates plainly that her kind of healing work simply isn't achieved anymore. This means to me that the Christian Science field is presently very far from realizing its actual potential as we have it exemplified by Mary Baker Eddy's healing work.

One particular case comes to mind that illustrates this self-evident fact.

The example is that of a woman who has never known anything about Christian Science or Mary Baker Eddy. She had merely followed a crowd of people who had come to Concord and were on their way to Mary Baker Eddy's homestead. That particular day was the day of one of those rare occasions where her followers were invited to her home for a visit. 

The woman who had followed the crowd was paralyzed on one side. Also, she was destitute and her home life had been unbearable. She had decided that very day to leave her home, never to return. When she saw the crowd, she reasoned that something important had brought the people there. So she became curious. When she finally arrived at the gathering place, at Pleasant View, with obvious difficulty, she found herself so far back in the crowd of people that she couldn't hear Mary Baker Eddy speak, who was addressing her visitors. But she could see her. 

When the address was concluded, the woman turned away in tears for this once again added disappointment, of not having heard what had attracted so many people. She felt that it must have been an important message. On the way back to Concord, still in tears, as she crossed the street to a vacant lot, she saw a team of horses approaching. She recognized the woman in the carriage to be the same woman who had spoken on the balcony at Pleasant View. She also recognized, as the carriage passed, that the woman leaned forward and looked at her. 

In the flow of this single moment of a voiceless communication the woman found herself instantly healed. She returned to her home and found the home condition there, also healed. She related later, about this moment, "Never before, nor since, have I seen the love and compassion in any human face that I saw in Mrs. Eddy's when she leaned forward and looked at me."*1

The healing was accomplished without a word having been spoken. 

Now let's begin to develop the answer that we seek.

What exploration can we pursue that brings us closer to our goal to be able to heal as Mary Baker Eddy had healed? Let's begin by considering the following:

Why don't we see this kind of healing work happening anymore? 

How to advance education in Christian Science to enable effective healing?

How to counter "mortal mind's" mental malpractice with the scientific practice of mental healing?

Immortality and Love, the 'river' for advancing, Christian Science healing.

An anti-Hamlet step for effective Christian Science healing


Overcoming "Mortal mind's" specific antipode to Christian Science healing, - the case of greed based economics

birth-day / death-day, or Love-Day
...moving towards Christian Science healing

*1 - David Keyston - The Healer: The Healing Work of Mary Baker Eddy, p.150, published by Healing Unlimited.