Christian Science
The Science of Peace, Joy, Power, and Healing
(NEW Feb. 2007)


Introduction to Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure

The Science of Peace (advanced spiritual concepts)

 Part 1: The structure of peace
 Part 2: The Glossary structure
 Part 3: The seven stars and the biblical names in the Glossary

The Science of Joy (advanced social concepts)
 The individual names of Jacob and his children and the 10 birds in Christ and Christmas

The Science of Power (advanced sexual concepts)
 The sexual dimension in the Glossary structure

The Science of Healing

 The Textbook Group (chapters, Christ and Christmas, the Lord's Prayer, and Manual elements)
 The Recapitulation Group (Recapitulation questions, Adam, and Bible Lesson topics)
 The Platform Group (the Christian Science Platform, mortal mind, and Manual elements)


The dimension of the world of mankind
 The Song of Life in Divine Science
 The Moral Platform and the Coming Ice Age
 The Flow Towards the Center: Divine Love, Truth, and Soul
 Facing the Four Winds: Universal Love versus Sexual and Political Isolation


This group of articles and illustrations are a part of the book
Universal Divine Science: Spiritual Pedagogical



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