Endless Scientific and Spiritual Development
by Rolf Witzsche


What separates science from religion is the open door to endless development that science provides. In the religious sphere one is told, "son you have arrived at the ultimate. There is nothing more. You can't go further. This is it.  Believe..." In the sphere of science one finds no such limits. The postulate of science is that one reaches out for the higher hypothesis that defines more fully what was understood in part before. On this basis, one's perception of truth can never be considered as absolute. Still, truth can be known by the effects of discovered principles as these are applied to uplift civilization and enrich the lives of humanity. Christ Jesus' remarkable healings were demonstrations of truths unfolding from an advanced perception of underlying principles. Mary Baker Eddy understood this when she was dying from an injury. She was instantly healed when she realized that Christ Jesus' healings were not miracles, but the lawful outcome of acknowledged principles.

This is also what the Apostle John understood when he foresaw the end of all evil as the inevitable result of humanity's continuing scientific and spiritual development as symbolized by the city foursquare in Revelation 21. Mary Baker Eddy utilized this foundation and patterned everything that she created in accord with it. A foursquare structure creates a matrix of 16 elements. Mary Baker Eddy created her textbook as a structure of 16 chapters, her Church Manual as a structure of 16 parts, and so forth. Virtually everything that she created follows this pattern or pertains to it. There exist 12 such structures altogether, which are all interrelated. Still, she never talks about them directly. She never pontificates: This is it! She designed a vast structure that opens up questions that would probably never be asked outside of this framework.  In the process of searching for answers advanced discoveries are made of fundamental principles that deeply underlie human existence, that furnish healing, that enrich society, that will inevitably end humanity's wars and lead to the economic development of the whole world to a level that today's utopians cannot even imagine, but which is totally possible.

How long it will take humanity to reach this point cannot be determined. The kind of development structure that is required for such a transition to be feasible was already fully established at the beginning of the 20th century. When Mary Baker Eddy stepped of the special train that brought her to Boston on January 26, 1908, for the purpose of establishing the Christian Science Monitor, the world was moving stubbornly towards war. World War I broke out six years later.  This war could have been prevented.  The tools for the requisite scientific self-development of humanity did exist. As its was, they remained out of reach to the shallow perceptions that governed humanity.

In the early 1940s a tiny fraction was discovered of what Mary Baker Eddy had pioneered, based on the Apostle John's recognition. This minute discovery had caused such a movement during those years that it threatened the rigid status of the church, for which the unfolding movement for discovery was squashed. In the shadow of this defeat the winds of war became a hurricane. The cold war erupted that has not ceased to threaten humanity with a near total annihilation while the world is collapsing into ignorance, violence, poverty and fascist globalization.

Still, it remains the potential of humanity to advance its scientific and spiritual development.  This potential gave rise to the Greek Classical Period and the unfolding of Christianity as a foundation for civilization.  The same potential also gave rise to the Golden Renaissance which ended the near endless succession of dark ages that the Roman Empire created. This remarkable potential also gave rise to the scientific renaissance of the 19th century which furnished the stage for the discovery of Christian Science.

The Apostle John was right when he perceived that the scientific development which he had witnessed, would continue, as it is founded within the boundless nature of humanity which Christ Jesus defined as the sons of God. Herein lies our destiny, while the portal towards it remains always open.  The structure for scientific and spiritual development that Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered had been in the public domain for a hundred years already, fully outlined to the minutest detail.  It remains there to be recognized and utilized, an open door that no man can shut.

Rolf Witzsche

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