Agape Research

Global Interrelationships

bringing divine Science together into a unified
structure with a global perspective


So far we have dealt with a few structures in their interrelationship to one another, as they apply to the foursquare matrix, such as the platform of Christian Science, or the textbook chapters, or the Recapitulation questions, even the Glossary. But we have not yet looked at all of them together.

It appears somewhat paradoxical at first that Mary Baker Eddy requires the primary teaching in Christian Science to be based on the chapter, Recapitulation, and that any teaching related to the platform of Christian Science comes into play only at the higher level of teaching, the secondary level, even though the platform appears much earlier in the textbook. The reason for this, evidently, is that the platform doesn't really become highly significant until one brings it into the global perspective that combines all structures. In this global perspective every structure comes to light with a unique function. Nor can the global structure be built without one drawing everything together into a single whole, especially the platform.

The reason why I can say this, is based on the fact that if one brings all of the elements together that are related to the matrix foursquare, and considers the directional definitions she has given in global terms, surprisingly, a nine element structure comes to light, that is similar in nature to nine element substructures that are created with the 144 Glossary definitions.




Naturally, the above nine element structure of related definitions applies to each one of the sixteen elements of the matrix foursquare (utilizing the respective sequence numbers defined earlier). This global structure remains uniform throughout, except on the lowest row, where the Recapitulation related definitions no longer apply (as shown below), since there are no manifestations of error as evil when the end of all evil has been demonstrated in divine science as the Apostle John had foreseen. Indeed, John said about that city, that there shall be no night there.


The significant aspects about this structure is that is that it defines the Lord's Prayer stanzas, the verses of Christ and Christmas, and the daily Christian Science Bible Lessons, as northward oriented elements; elements of the 'dawn'; of Revelation.

Also, the global structure fully reflects the division that Mary Baker Eddy has put forward in metaphor, that divides the foursquare matrix into two halves, an inward oriented left half (westward to the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony), and an outward oriented right half (eastward to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient who followed it to the manger of Jesus.)

We also have the southward orientation represented; the 'heat' of the tropics, and the Cross of Calvary that unites humanity under the symbol of what Christ Jesus has overcome.

It is interesting to note that Mary Baker Eddy has set things up in such a manner that the only logical correlation that is possible for binging the elements of the Manual of the Mother Church into this global relationship, is in its relationship to the definition for mortal mind. This interrelationship is interesting in that the Manual comes to light as a structure of great spiritual value, providing a platform for dealing with the 'mortal mind' dimension that we must all deal with. It relates this dimensions to all the various aspects of human relationships that are essential to civilization and the harmonious self-government of individuals and nations.

Naturally, this global structure is totally linked to the substructures defined by the definitions for the Glossary terms. This relates a rather profound and complex interrelationship, which is well worth studying. One would certainly expect this global interrelationship to be taught in-depth at the highest levels of formalized teaching in Christian Science. No doubt, this will happen some day. One can predict this on the basis of John's prediction, who saw the city foursquare descending from God out of heaven, for humanity to dwell in. And there will be no night therein.