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The history of Christian Science
and its discovery by Mary Baker Eddy

by Rolf Witzsche

The history of Christian Science and its discovery by Mary Baker Eddy is deeply intertwined with the history of humanity. Our universal history, in terms of the development of civilization can be traced back 5000 years or more. This development begun almost in parallel in three isolated regions that were dominated by great rivers and were rich in agricultural lands. These developments occurred in the areas of present day China and Egypt, and in the twin river valley of Mesopotamia, today's Middle East. Economies developed in these areas, supported by written languages, which formed the basis of dynasties and wars between dynasties, or wars to fight off invasions.

Universal history also contains periods of extraordinary scientific and cultural achievements, bright periods that stand out for the kinds of scientific and cultural development that occurred. The earliest of these periods was the Old Classical Period centered around the rule of Hammurabi who introduced some revolutionary ideas, including the concept of a written law. Many centuries later another such period begun which lasted longer and became possibly the greatest period of scientific and spiritual development in history. That's where the roots of Christian Science can be found.

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