Homer, Plato, Christ Jesus, and John
by Rolf Witzsche

The Greek Poet Homer (app 600 B.C.) may well be regarded as the founder of modern civilization. He started a linguistic and humanist development that literally changed the world. This development was explosive,-  so much so that within a few hundred years the collection of primitive mountain tribes that inhabited the Greek islands and costal regions developed themselves into the most scientifically and culturally advanced nation on earth. This was the age of Solon, Socrates, Plato, and the founding of the University of Athens, an age of great discoveries. It was discovered at this time that the earth is a sphere. Even its circumference had been accurately calculated at this time. On the strength of this knowledge the first transoceanic voyage was launched from Egypt with the intend to circumnavigate the globe, with evidence still existing in Peru.

This general period may well have been the greatest period for scientific development in human history. It culminated at its high point in the unfolding of the Christian era, beginning with the era of Christ Jesus, the richest era in spiritual achievements of all times. It is only natural, against this background, that the Apostle John would reference the inevitable role of scientific and spiritual development in his metaphoric vision of the end of all evil, called the Apocalypse.

The Apostle John presented the image of a city, foursquare, "descending from God out of heaven." This famous image from Revelation 21 relates to a foursquare matrix structure of sixteen interrelated elements.  Such a structural arrangement is ideally suited for exploring the major elements that shape human existence. Grouped together by specific cardinal points and specific flows of development, this type of structure can set the stage for the discovery of fundamental principles on an almost limitless basis. With this in mind he could rationally foresee the end of all evil. If one considers the science oriented background of the age in which this vision was presented, one must assume that John's reasoning and his symbolism were understood, even if this is no longer the case in our present age.

This symbolism was understood however by Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science as the final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing. This occurred during the high point of the most recent renaissance in which the United States was established. Mary Baker Eddy grew up in what might be called the age of an unfolding scientific revolution. 

Rolf Witzsche

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