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Structures of Divine Science

 Levels of Complexities

A Comparison

There are six levels of complexities involved in dealing with the structures of Divine Science.

  1. The rudimentary aspects - applied to the textbook

  2. The applied rudimental aspects - applied to the daily Bible Lessons

  3. The third level - the logical partitioning of the matrix (translation)

  4. The fourth level - intermediate aspects applied to healing (Platform)

  5. The fifth level - advanced intermediate aspects (Recapitulation)

  6. The sixth level - advanced aspects (Building the Glossary structure)

  7. The seventh level - taking the CSD degree.


It may be interesting to note that the levels of complexities are somewhat related to the development objectives within the various columns, that increase in complexity towards the end of the matrix. 

Level 1, the most rudimental level, is basically related to the objective of the first column, the column of the Word, with the river Pison: developing the love of the good and beautiful and their immortality. This level is associated with Mary Baker Eddy's directional definition of "northward" (see details). The North is also where the first faint sign of the dawn begins in mid-summer. That's where the rudimental structures come into play, including the daily Bible Lessons. This foundation sets the stage for the healing development in the second column. This next stage requires fairly high levels of individual commitment, honesty, and self development, for which the rigorous explorations furnished by the Bible Lessons is required. 

In Level 2, where we bring the daily Bible Lessons into context with the rudimental aspects of the structures of divine science, we find a close relationship with column 2, the Christ, with the river Gihon, the rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially. The 'woman' in the river Gihon evidently covers all meanings. We see this woman at the lowest level, socially, as Eve, in the painting, Christmas Eve. We also see her in the same column as the slandered scientist in a rocking chair, and at the same time as the woman of humanity, sick and subjected, placed in a wheel chair. We also see the higher image of woman as an angel, and it its highest form as the representative of Christian Science. She evidently represents the counter part of Christ Jesus which John described as the Woman of the Apocalypse, clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars (the stars in the crown of rejoicing).

Level 3 provides an in-depth look of how the entire matrix is partitioned according to direct images in metaphor and Mary Baker Eddy's description of the "translation of immortal mind" and the "translation of mortal mind" (S&H p. 115).

Level 4 corresponds to what is happening in the third column. In the visual metaphor we see various levels of healing in progress. This brings us into the intermediate complexities associated with the structures of the Platform of Christian Science and the definition for 'mortal mind' in the Glossary. This column for healing, labeled Christianity, is the column of the river Hiddekel, defined as divine science understood and acknowledged.

Level 5 brings us into the 4th column where all the advanced aspects unfold. The lowest of these is the correlation of the chapter Recapitulation to the matrix, with the definition for Adam and also the Bible Lesson subjects.

Level 6 unfolds likewise in the 4th column, which is the development of the Glossary structure.

Level 7, too, unfolds in the 4th column, for the degree CSD. The river Euphrates runs through all of these as divine science encompassing the universe and man..."

It should be recognized here that Mary Baker Eddy has designed the foursquare structure to be divided right in the middle, and split into two halves, logically. (see split) We find the metaphor for this split in the painting, Christmas Eve, placed in the lap of the woman in the cocking chair. The metaphor is in the shape of a tablet with a line drawn through the middle. The division between the two halves splits the matrix in such a manner that first half, the left half, can be seen to represent ones inner development, creating an intimate awareness of Christian Science in consciousness.

The right half of the matrix, then becomes devoted to ones outwards development; towards development in divine science; towards the public practice, teaching, and endless development encircling the universe and man. The right half is also the half where all the high level structures are found. It is interesting to note also the description that Mary Baker Eddy provided for the orientation of the two half in terms of their basic design.

The left half of the matrix therefore pertains to the definition that is labeled "westward", and the right half is labeled "eastward". These directional definitions are found the descriptions with which she described the city foursquare in the chapter the Apocalypse. (see more details)

Westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.

Eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus.


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