Discovering Infinity

Universal Love
Increasing the Efficacy
 of Christian Science Healing

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Is there are need for it?

Comment: I need a practitioner who can heal. A member of my family has used various practitioners to no avail. I know Christian Science works. I have been healed as a child, and seen healings of others. I have to believe that healing is not lost... (Harold)

Comment: I could only shake my head while reading Harold's note (above) ... It saddened me to see that it was not just my experience to fail to find a practitioner that can REALLY heal. I have had several practitioners but no healing. You may have also seen the woman who wrote that the only thing the practitioners she called did was to take her money.

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What might block the healing efficacy?

It has been said that Christian Science is so simple that a child can apply it and heal. Indeed, there may have been such cases. I don't think however that it is quite as simple as it seems.

 Christ Jesus said in essence that if one comes before the altar of God and a brother has ought against one, then one should reconcile that first and return later once it is done. His counsel leaves no room for hypocrisy and makes strong demands on our love. As John pointed out, God is Love (universal Love), and that without love we cannot see God. Thus, Christ Jesus is perfectly correct in saying in essence: What's the point in coming before the altar of God if one can't see God. Is he not saying that without a rich sense of universal love filling our heart and mind, and this love being light in our being  in which we tangibly see God manifest, what would be the point in reaching out for divine metaphysics for healing? With the face of God being Love, should we do everything humanly possible to uplift our humanity till the face of God is shining through everywhere. Then, healing won't be far away.

The way I see it, there is only one divine Love. The love of the Father embracing humanity universally, is the same love that is also ours to reflect, with which we are embracing humanity universally. If the divine Principle of universal divine Love is not alive in our hearts, manifest in corresponding action in our humanity, our lives don't pattern the divine. As John might have put it, if our love doesn't impel corresponding action of loving humanity in universal terms we cannot see God and behold the divine omni-action, or benefit from it. Or as Christ Jesus has put it, saying to us, that if you don't love so that you can actually see the face of God, why would you come before the altar of God? Mary Baker Eddy once said: I make great demands on love and require active proof and noble sacrifices... (Miss. Writ. 249) It appears that we have a long way to go to reach up to that standard, both as Christian Scientists and as humanity as a whole.
It is easy to say that God is Love, a universal divine Principle. But that's just paying lip-service if divine Love isn't unfolding in active and substantial ways in the way relate to one-another, and enrich one-another with our love. Divine Love remains a mere theory, a distant myth, until the substance of love comes alive in our living so that the face of God becomes abandoned everywhere. When Mary Baker Eddy healed s paralyzed woman in the space of the moment of her carriage passing by the woman, the love that powered this profound healing wasn't theoretical of psychological or emotional. It stood on the pinnacle of a lifetime of uplifting humanity. I would suggest that in this love Mary Baker Eddy saw the utter impossibility of evil to have a place in the world. That love was more than gratitude. It was something beyond gratitude. I think that in this love she stood before the altar of God and saw in that woman's face the face of God and she was satisfied that it was shining through.

The need for exploring the Principle of Universal Love

I know I am still far away from meeting this requirement of the Principle of Universal Love. One seems to be confronted with countless reasons why the Principle of Universal Love doesn't apply to this and to that situation. For example, I set out twenty years ago to write a novel to explore the dimension of the Principle of Universal Love. A novel provides a better platform for such an exploration as its form enables dialog. As it turned out, the work that I started now stands as a series of nine novels (The Lodging for the Rose). It is surprising how far reaching is the subject of universal love is, since the Principle of Universal Love is largely unfamiliar in the general sphere of society, or is actively rejected, and blocked by emotions and traditions and customs and creed. The nine novels that resulted for this exploration have now been written, though I still have a few more years of work yet to do to finish the cleanup that is still required. See BOOKS
I found it interesting to pay attention to the mental background of love (and gratitude for love if it is true). Love produces the most beautiful 'pattern.' Christian Science healing is a beautiful process, but it has also been my experience that it has never been a shallow process. While the healing often came easily when it did, usually many years of patient footsteps were leading up to it.  That is why I suspect that we have yet a long way yet to go to match the beauty of divine Love in our loving. Perhaps I should say that we haven't even begun. Obviously we haven't made much progress.
Since Mary Baker Eddy's time, instead of an expanded love in the world, we have seen the most massive butchery of human beings that ever occurred in history, and a lot of that that is still happening. Society also still 'nurtures' close to 40,000 atomic bombs in the world, enough to totally eradicate the human race, even while we hear ever louder threats of intentions to use them. We also run today the most massive looting operations in human history, to the point that entire regions are collapsing into abject poverty, with the biggest slavery operations of all times being carried our that are collapsing the economies of many nations.  For as long as we as human beings maintain policies that kill people with totally preventable causes at the rate of close to 50,000 a day as some relief organizations estimate (most of the victim being children),  we do not fulfill Jesus' requirements for standing before that altar of God with universal love in our heart. I see only sparse evidence for a few small steps of universal love being taken today to overcome the tragic deficiencies in our world. Where are the pioneers of the love of society standing in the hustings fighting for the welfare of mankind with enough love in their hearts to inspire meaningful efforts. I see no such efforts, even in the field of Christian Science. The Principle of Universal Love is no longer alive anywhere so it seems, with a few small exceptions. Thus, in Christ Jesus' measure, our path to the altar of God, to the  efficacy of the divine Principle of scientific mental healing is largely blocked by this deficiency in our love. For as long as countless people go hungry (over 38 million in America alone) and hardly anyone raises a finger, Christ Jesus' requirement for facing the altar of God remains unfulfilled. Should we be surprised then that this failure is reflected in the lack of efficiency in Christian Science healing? Who in today's world can look into the face of another human being and see in this face the face of God shining through, and then honors oneself and the other accordingly?

Once this kind of foundation is built, then I think Christian Scientists, as society as a whole, will become naturally efficient in the practice of divine metaphysics, and definitely so in the practice of love, if indeed there is a difference between the two. It also appears that this stepping up process is already having some positive results, few as they may be.

While we support slavery, looting, poverty, and other genocidal processes, even by our inaction, it is difficult to say that we love. Perhaps we don't know what love is. Divine Love is not the absence of hate. It is a profound and active quality. And so should be our love. It is my hope that this love can be developed to the point that it can heal a cancer in one visit and uplift the whole world along the way since the two go hand in hand.


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