The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 89: -

Presidency of College. Sect. 4. Should the
President resign over her own signature or vacate
her office of President of the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College, a meeting of the Christian
Science Board of Directors shall immediately be
called, and the vice-president of the Board of
Education being found worthy, on receiving her
approval shall be elected to fill the vacancy.

Article XXIX


Normal Teachers. Section 1. Loyal students
who have been taught in a Primary class
by Mrs. Eddy and have practised Christian Science
healing acceptably three years, and who present
such credentials as are required to verify
this fact, are eligible to receive the degree of

Qualifications. Sect. 2. Loyal Christian
Scientists' pupils who so desire may apply to the
Board of Education for instruction; and if they
have practised Christian Science healing successfully
three years and will furnish evidence of
their eligibility therefor, they are eligible to ente

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