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Universal Love

by Rolf Witzsche

Love is Life  

The universe would not exist without love -
It is the construct of love.

The universe is not a universe of dead matter, or matter of any form. The leading pioneers in physics tell us that there exists not a single speck of matter in the entire universe, that everything we see, smell, touch, hear, and have our life in, is but the construct of 'dancing' points of energy organized by a vast array of harmonizing principles that reflect an immensely intelligent underlying design. We are told that not even the smallest so-called particles that construct the smallest atoms fall outside this pattern of moving points of energy organized by harmonizing principles of an immensely intelligent underlying design. If a single one of these harmonizing principles would not exist, not a single atom would be possible so that nothing would exist: no world, no planet, no sun, no galaxy, no universe. Of all the terms that our language holds seven terms stand out that together describe the nature of the self-harmonizing universe that we are a part of. These terms are: Principle; Spirit; Mind; Soul; Love; Life; and Truth. It appears that the greatest of these are Life and Love. It appears that the pinnacle of this self-harmonizing universe is Life and that nature of the intelligence that is reflected in the universe is Love. The would be no Life without Love. Love is Life. That is also the essence of our humanity. Intelligence and love are one, and we are the tallest expression of it.

The principle of economics would not exist without love -
It is the expression of love.

Economics is not the expression of greed. It is destroyed by greed. Economics is the expression of love. Economics is the organizing principle that makes the result of human activity evermore powerfully effective for a richer world for human living and a richer civilization.

The principle of economics may be best recognized by exploring the difference between a service economy and an industrial economy. People working in a coffee shop, for example, are employed in a service economy. They provide a product that satisfies a need. But in an hour or two the effect of their labor ends. In an industrial economy, however, products with an enduring benefit are created. A worker who produces an automobile, for example, or a house, produces a product that benefits society for a long time, extending across years and decades. An industrial economy provides the maximum benefit possible. In most cases an industrial economy produces machines that produce products that simply cannot be produced by manual labor.

An industrial economy is also an energy intensive economy. Take housing for example. Our present way of constructing housing is archaic. It is labor intensive. We cut trees down, shape them into planks and veneers that we glue into boards, and then nail the products together into houses that take months to be constructed. The end product becomes so expensive that only a few can afford adequate housing, and even those spend a large part of their living paying for it. But it doesn't need to be that way. In an energy intensive nuclear powered economy housing can be produced by automated industrial processes using liquid basalt cast into moulds that yield ready-made modules that are simply snapped together. The resulting housing would be several hundred times less expensive to produce, and be of a higher quality and more enduring. The quality of civilization would be enormously uplifted by this process. 

Unfortunately society has not reached this point yet, because it is not understood that real economics is an expression of love, instead of an expression of greed. Greed happens when one closes the door on love, then the dark age of stealing from one-another begins, as if stealing 'wealth' is easier than building and creating, which it is not. The end-result is devastating, creating a world of toil, slavery, and poverty. There is nothing easy about that. Without love we simply don't have an economy. A functioning economy is an expression of love.

The concept of truth would not exist without love -
It is the outcome of love.

How can I say such a thing? Perhaps it is wise to take a look at how the perversion came about. The original concept of Christianity was build on a platform of lateral unity. God and man were understood as one in nature and as existing on the same platform. This platform was understood and demonstrated in healing as the truth of our humanity and our 'divinity.' Christ Jesus defined himself as both the son of man and the son of God, and even said: "I and the Father are One." This lateral concept that unites God and man on the same level must have stung like a thorn in the eyes of the empire, the Roman Empire that existed on a platform of hieratical, vertical power. The Empire tried to eradicate this notion that is so dangerous to any empire. They killed the messenger to silence the truth, but the truth continued to unfold. They stepped up the fight and threw the Christians to the lions to be torn asunder alive in arenas for entertainment in order to ridicule the truth. And that apparently failed also. And so the empire resorted to its dirtiest trick. It embraced Christianity, but in a perverted form. 

The lateral platform was replaced with a hierarchical vertical platform. In the vertical platform nothing is deemed equal. The new theology put God or Truth high onto the top and out of reach, and mankind far below into the dust of the ground with no hope for it to ever see the truth. And in between it sets up a mediator, the Christ, to tell mankind what the truth is. Of course, since the Christ was dead, killed by the Romans, the Emperor or his appointed pawn took on the role of the mediator to 'dictate' to mankind what the truth is. Thus any arbitrary lie could be conveyed as the truth and probably was as it still is  today. The song of today is, 'In Lies we Trust!' That's the fascist system that defines mankind as scum, evil, and as a danger to the planet, even a disease unto itself that must be cured by the medicine of depopulation, And that is only the beginning of the train of lies that becomes a train of violence and war. 

The concept of truth has no meaning on the vertical platform. Anything can be labled, the truth. the truth becomes significant only on the lateral platform where the truth isn't dictated, but is discovered with the recognition of efficient, harmonizing, universal principles. On this platform the truth can be known by its healing effect and its effect in uplifting civilization. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The proof of our humanity is in its uplifting effect. Here we find truth, and we find love at the same time, because the truth of our humanity is love. If there is no love on the horizon, than what is deemed to be the truth is but a lie, a lie about our humanity.

The sovereignty of self-government would not exist without love -
It is the voice of love.

Modern government has in many cases become the biggest thief among the mob of thieves that rob society. Big government is claiming evermore of society's living while providing little in return that uplifts civilization and enriches human living. Some day society will provide itself a government that is self-supporting and benefits society rather than being a burden on its shoulder. The Principle of Universal Love should be its platform. Society will get to this point one day when greed gives way to love. 

If the universe would be placed on the platform that society is presently building its existence on, the universe would have disintegrated long ago, and so will society if it remains on that platform. The simple fact is that society is not sustainable on a platform of government without love. History proves this point to some degree. In the USA, the practice of income taxation (which claims a large chunk of society's living) was forced on society within the space of a few months after its government had been induced (probably under pressure and corruption) to give society's currency away into the private hands of the greed-masters of imperial monetarism - the thieves that are now looting society globally. There are many similar aspects of greed-based profiteering sanctioned, supported, and protected by governments around the world. As one would expect, on this trend society is economically and socially collapsing and is becoming increasingly ungovernable and financially bankrupt.

Government without love (which surrenders itself to imperial dictatorship) is simply unsustainable, and as a consequence society is regressing into chaos, fascism, and violence. 

The true sovereign self- government of society invariably reflects the principle of the general welfare, which is a subset of the Principle of Universal Love. Every great period of renaissance reflects these two principles, and the outcome were periods of profound cultural, scientific, spiritual, and economic advances - or simply put, periods of love.

Civilization would not exist without love -
It comes from the heart of love.

Society's love for its humanity is far more than just a kiss on the cheek. It is a love for what sets us apart from the platform of the animal world, onto a higher platform, the platform of science, discoveries of principles, profound intelligence and its application in creative processes in the development of technologies, art, music, culture, economies, industrial production, farming, and so on. All of these define a human civilization. They are rooted in our humanity and are drawn from it by our love for what we are. Whenever this love is displaced by greed, the process stops and civilization decays until society collapses into a new dark age. Inversely, when greed and the empires that promote greed, are displaced with a renewal of our love, then a New Renaissance unfolds on the horizon, demonstrating that civilization truly comes from the heart of love. Without the efficient and powerful platform that our civilization has become,  nine tenths of mankind would not exist.  

Thus, love indeed is life.

Discovering Universal Love in Civilization

In times of a great existential crisis, such as one the world once faced at the height of the Cold War when the doomsday clock stood near the midnight hour, questions about the power of love invariably assert themselves, since all lesser options have proved to be useless. Such question had been asked for instance in the early 1600s when the Thirty Years War was eradicating entire segments of society. Out of it came the Treaty of Westphalia, which raised the standard of civilization to a new high level that is still acknowledged as the foundation for modern civilization.

We are facing this type of crisis once again as ever louder threats of nuclear war are heard. This modern threat may be unfolding in a different environments perhaps, but it is one that brings to the scene an even greater severity which should impel us once again to explore the nature and the power of of the principle of universal love which comes to light more and more as our final option, our option of last resort, as all the other options that were pursued during the last fifty years to eliminate the nuclear threat were proven worthless. We are fast approaching the point when we are forced out of sheer necessity to recognize that all other options have failed, and pursue the one option that has proven its worth historically, but which has been denied in our modern world.

With this consideration emerges a second question. Do we care enough to pursue the required discoveries of the nature of universal love in our own life, in order to unlock what may turn out to be the greatest treasure we have, or indeed can ever have, on which the survival of civilization will ultimately have to rest? 

That question poses a great challenge. I began two decades ago, ever since the height of the Cold War, to explore the dimension of this challenge, which led to the writing of what became a series of eight novels The Lodging for the Rose. The exploration of universal love at the grassroots social domain brings to light horrendous challenges, but with it also come to light expanding freedoms in a Principle oriented environment that is essential for uplifting the world. The challenges that the principle of universal imposes appear almost insurmountable since the higher dimension of love has been pushed so far into the background, and been narrowed, that it has drifted out of sight and out of mind. Still, all of this can be changed easily with a greater sense of honesty with ourselves. The beauty of our situation is that we don't have to change our humanity. It just needs to be brought more fully to light.

I have pulled 30 stories from my series of eight novels, The Lodging for the Rose. and have presented them here in the form of a pedagogical overview, touching upon a few of the wide range of issues that are involved in the discovery of universal love which unfolds as a celebration of our humanity. The 30 stories may be accessed below.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche



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