Verification by Metaphor

Since Mary Baker Eddy has presented her structure for scientific and spiritual development only in an outlined form, how can one verify that one's perception of what she has outlined is correct? Mary Baker Eddy must have asked herself the same question since she has provided an answer for it in the form of verifications in metaphor. These verifications cover nearly all of the major aspects that are involved in exploring and understanding her structure for scientific and spiritual development.

The first aspect that was recognized was, of course, the most obvious. John Doorly discovered in the 1940s that the 16 chapters of the textbook relate directly to the foursquare matrix of the Apostle John's city foursquare. (see figure 1

Howard Meredith discovered independently, many years later, that a number of Mary Baker Eddy's works, such as the Church Manual, the platform of Christian Science, and the chapter Recapitulation, but especially the Glossary, are uniquely related to the city foursquare. While John Doorly touched the tip of the iceberg, Howard Meredith discovered forty years later the deepest structure of it, embedded in the Glossary of the Christian Science textbook. The discovery of this interrelationship is a breakthrough in Christian Science of historic proportions.

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