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5 Christian Science Paradoxes

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Paradox 1

The mental healing of disease, often in cases of extreme physical ills, has been an accepted part of the experiences of Christian Scientists around the world. According to physical theory many of these cases of healing should not have been possible, but they happened and will continue to happen for as long as the divine Principle of scientific mental healing is practiced in Christian Science. That's a paradox.

How to resolve this paradox that Christian Science itself, represents?



Paradox 2

For centuries countless people all over the world have studied the Christian Science textbook and other books by its author, without ever realizing what is in them, which goes far beyond what meets the eye. Still, that too, happened, and continues to happen. That's a paradox, also.

How to resolve this unique Christian Science paradox?




Paradox 3

It appears that Mary Baker Eddy herself, has hidden the nature of her own, carefully created pedagogical structures that comprise all of her major works. She provided hints to their existence. She even defined many of them directly in numerous ways. Still, she never wrote a word about them. That's also a paradox, isn't it?

How to resolve this unique Christian Science paradox?




Paradox 4

Of all the pedagogical structures that Mary Baker Eddy had created, the most profound and the most puzzling structure, is that of the Glossary in the Christian Science textbook. It's dimension is huge, but it doesn't seem to match any of the relevant metaphors that Mary Baker Eddy has created to describe it. The dimension of the Glossary is different by just a little bit. In this sense, her most profound structure, the Glossary, comes to light as a paradox in itself. 

How to resolve this unique Christian Science paradox?



Paradox 5

Another paradox comes to light with the question: Who certifies the newly discovered perceptions at the leading edge of an infinite Science? Schools give certificates that certify an individual's academic standing. But who certifies the achievements of a scientist at the leading edge? Indeed, who can certify what is absolute Truth?

That too, presents a paradox, right? Who certifies the teacher of the teacher at the edge of infinity? Who would certify the recognition of a truth that no one else has yet discovered?

How to resolve this unique Christian Science paradox?




Christian Science is full of paradoxes of this nature, which need to be resolved. Here, as always where ontological paradoxes are found, our efforts in resolving them open doors that we have seldom ever realized before, to have existed. Thus, Christian Science becomes an open door itself, rather than a doctrinal religion.

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