Agape Research

Comparison of Recognition
by Rolf Witzsche

  1. Recognition based on the most advanced discoveries

  2. Recognition by John Doorly and Max Kappeler  

  3. Recognition by the CS church organization

The following comparison chart is presented for the purpose of showing which parts of Mary Baker Eddy's comprehensive structure for scientific and spiritual development have been recognized to date, in order to give an overview of what has been discovered and by which organization it is presently recognized and utilized. No value judgment is indented.


1.advanced 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
2. Doorly ? - - - - ? - - - - - - - - - - - - ? - -
3. church  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The above table has been created to document which of the major related structures and structural elements of Mary Baker Eddy's comprehensive structure for scientific and spiritual development, based on the foursquare matrix of the city foursquare (Revelation 21), has been recognized by two of the major Christian Science related organizations that are, or should be, working with these structures developed by Mary Baker Eddy.

The recognized structures and structural elements have been listed below.

1. The biblical city foursquare, adapted by Mary Baker Eddy as a 4 level, 16 element matrix.

2. Four rivers of upwards development

3. Recognition of the three types of vertical structures within the columns

4. Definition of the levels by the Glossary terms of Heaven, Kingdom of Heaven, Earth and Hell

5. Definition of the levels by the Glossary terms of Day, Morning, Evening, and Night

6. Relationship of the Christian Science textbook chapters to the matrix

7. Relationship of the paintings and verses in Christ and Christmas to the matrix

8. Relationship of the Lord's Prayer to the matrix

9. Relationship of the Manual of the Mother Church to the matrix

10. Relationship of the Christian Science Platform to the matrix

11. Relationship of the Chapter Recapitulation to the matrix

12. Relationship of the definition of Mortal Mind to the matrix

13. Relationship of the definition of Adam to the matrix

14. Relationship of the Christian Science Bible Lessons to the matrix

15. Relationship of the textbook's Glossary to the matrix as a 144 element structure

16. Recognition of the 9 element substructure format for the Glossary terms

17. Recognition of the 5 types of dual definitions in the Glossary

18. Recognition of the Cross and Crown symbol as representing Mary Baker Eddy's comprehensive structure for scientific and spiritual development, relating to the 5 types of dual definitions.

19. Recognition of the relationship of the seven synonyms for God and the days of creation,  to Mary Baker Eddy's structure for scientific and spiritual development

20. Recognition of the relationship between sex and marriage as universal manifests

The above items, except item 20, are all documented in Volume 3 of the research series Discovering Infinity, by Rolf Witzsche.


In regard to item 1. The Max Kappeler Institute publishes a 4 level matrix that is similar to, but NOT directly related to Mary Baker Eddy's definitions for the city foursquare  presented in the textbook, in the chapter, The Apocalypse. The Max Kappeler Institute recognizes a 4 level matrix that relates to 4 levels of science. A number of interesting philosophical perceptions have been related to these concepts, but I do not find these concepts presented in Mary Baker Eddy's work in relationship to what she has documented in reference to the city foursquare. Based on this fact I cannot state that Kappeler's four levels of science are definition for the city foursquare, though they may have been so indented.

In regard to item 6. The Doorly/Kappeler mapping of the textbook chapters utilizes in part Mary Baker Eddys' description of the cardinal points to define the rows of the matrix, but it then relates the chapters to the matrix NOT in the manner of a developmental flow, but in an inverse order. This inverse concept has been developed by John Doorly in the 1940s. Since no further development happened over the last sixty years, the erroneous perception from that early periode has not been corrected to date. The error would have become plain if more of the structures had been discovered that Mary Baker Eddy has created in a structural relationship to the city foursquare. 

In regard to item 19. The Kappeler Institute publishes a mapped interrelationship between the two seven element structures of the seven days of creation, linked with the seven synonyms for God. This is significant. A step forward! But, for the moment, it exists without a mapping of these structures to the 16 element matrix of the city foursquare.

Where do we go from here?
What will we see in the future?

I do expect the recognition matrix at the top of this page to be completely filled some day, as pertaining to the Christian Science field and the church organization. This could happen next week or may not happen until the next century, but it will happen, because the church structure is designed to facilitate this kind of spiritual and scientific development.

How can I say this? Well, in the Church Manual, Mary Baker Eddy stipulates that all formal teaching in Christian Science shall be based on the textbook chapter, Recapitulation, and in addition on the Platform of Christian Science for the Normal Class. ( see Page 86: Basis for Teaching. Sect. 3.

This requirement will some day cause a teacher of Christian Science to actually take a look at the chapter, Recapitulation, in terms of its structure and its relationship to the rest of Mary Baker Eddy's works. After all, that is what the concept of recapitulation implies. When this happens, the discovery will be made that this chapter contains twenty-four questions and answers, and a further discovery will be made, namely that such a structure is structurally related to the biblical city foursquare that Mary Baker Eddy has extensively described and defined in the textbook chapter, The Apocalypse. Any alert thinker will recognize that if one relates sixteen of the recapitulation questions to the foursquare structure, there will be exactly eight questions left over to relate to the four rows of the matrix and its four columns.

Of course, once this is done, and that is not easy to do, the natural question will be: How many more structures has Mary Baker Eddy created that structurally relate to the foursquare matrix? It will take some time, but eventually it will be discovered that a whole lot of separate structures have been created in such a manner that they all relate to the foursquare matrix (see example). At this point, the first twelve items of the recognition matrix will have been ticked off.

Naturally, once it becomes apparent that the textbook chapters themselves have been designed to relate to this matrix, a Christian Science teacher will likely become curios as to which position in the matrix the chapter, Recapitulation, appears. Also, this teacher will most likely take a look at the corresponding painting from Christ and Christmas that is filled with related metaphors. Something interesting will happen at this point. One will recognize that another architectural metaphor is presented in the painting for the chapter Recapitulation. This painting, called Truth versus Error, presents two concentric squares with a woman standing in the middle. With all of the four sides added up, and the woman added, a structure of nine elements is defined. And that structure makes sense, because it represents the basic architecture of the foursquare matrix, four horizontal elements to represent the rows, and four vertical elements to represent the columns, with one left over standing in the middle as a central identifier (see example).

Naturally, an alert teacher would be looking ahead, in this case, to what all of this leads to, and behold, in the metaphor of the next higher painting the nine element structure is confirmed. One finds nine birds associated with the cross that stands in a beam of light in the painting, The Way. And behold, again, the light passes through a crown that shows nine jewels in its frontal view, but which contains sixteen jewels in total, when seen in the top down, global view (example).                          

Once this is seen, it becomes evident that only the Glossary contains as many definitions as would be required to create sixteen, nine element substructures. One would require 144 such definitions (a dimension that is also noted in Revelation 21:17). Indeed the Glossary does contain precisely 144 separately presentable definitions if one recognizes the unique characteristics of the five types of dual definition that Mary Baker Eddy has presented in the Glossary. Also, not only are the required number of definitions provided, they are also exactly proportioned according to the required type that is needed for the four unique levels of the matrix.

What is the point in all this? Evidently, the point is to get people to discover the science involved, to ask themselves question, to search for answers, to search for the truth and their relationship to it. 

Mary Baker Eddy defined the last column of the matrix as "divine Science." This is the column of development in which the Glossary is drawn into view. The term divine Science, in this context, appears to be a type of science that develops the spiritual recognition of the divinity of man in the divinity of God.

Finally, when all of this comes to light, it becomes possible to relate the structure of the seven days of creation together with the seven synonyms, to the foursquare matrix. For this unique association a metaphor is found in the star on the cover of Christ and Christmas. The star is surrounded by 56 rays of light. If one divides the 16 element matrix foursquare with all of its 144 sub element definitions, by the fact of three, but sharing the central identifiers of the pivotable elements, one ends of with a structure of 56 sub element definitions, or 8 times 7 by which the days of creation and synonyms for god can be mapped.

I am certain that the day will come when a conscientious teacher of Christian Science will recognize all of the above aspects and work with them as they provide the background for a proper recognition of what the chapter, Recapitulation, relates to, and what its role is in the overall structure. This teacher will also recognize that the chapter, Recapitulation, actually contains two dual questions which enables a structural link to be created between the foursquare matrix and the 26 Bible lesson topics Mary Baker Eddy has defined for all times to come, and also to the 26 parts of the first definition for the term Adam in the Glossary, which stand as specific denials related to the recapitulation questions.

A conscientious teacher of Christian Science must necessarily be fully aware of all this, because all of these aspects relate to the subject required to be taught. I am certain that this happen one day, and that, when this happens, Mary Baker Eddy's structure for scientific and spiritual development will be known, understood, and be acknowledged. At such a point the recognition chart on the top of this page would become filled completely.

When this happens, another thing will also likely happen. We will likely see great diversity of other institutions disappear that have sprung up around various philosophic perceptions of Christian Science. They will become obsolete when Christian Science is being fully taught and understood. It could also be that the most advanced of these other institutions will lead the way, since the Christian Science church organization seems quite unlikely to move with any advanced idea at the moment. In any case, there will be no place in the world for Christian Science being taught by scientific thinkers who have seen but a few isolated snippets of Mary Baker Eddy's vast and comprehensive structure for scientific and spiritual development, since any form of incomplete perception is not conducive to spiritual development. It will invariably create a religion around whatever incomplete view may exist.

Thus, in one way or another, the scientific and spiritual development in the field of Christian Science, and in the larger field of humanity, will take place. It will unfold profoundly. The only question that becomes important for us in this respect, is whether we want to experience it in our time. Right now society seems content to maintain its dark ages. It appears to be startled by any sign of light and shies away from it.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche