Mary Baker Eddy's

 Daily Bible Lessons 

The powerhouse for Christian Science healing


 The most profound processes for Christian Science healing will likely unfold through the daily Bible lessons. Nothing compares with the uplifting effect that these lessons are designed to have, both for healing and for the spiritual and scientific development of an individual. Unfortunately, in today's general usage only a tiny part of this potential is being utilized.

Why am I saying this? The reason is, that none of the fundamental structures that underlie the Christian Science Bible Lessons as presently recognized to even exist. To correct this situation, these structures need not only to be recognized, but they also need to be understood and utilized. This is what this article is designed to accomplish.

In order to correct this current shortcoming, a type of healing is required that involves an unfolding of what the Christian Science Bible Lessons really are a part of, and what their objectives ultimate are. This process involves several areas of investigation and consideration, and some tools.

1. In what larger context are the Bible Lessons located?

2. The steps of utilization.

3. Link to 26 Christian Science Bible Lessons from 1898

4. Link to the detailed mapping page (for reference purposes)

The bottom line is that the Christian Science Bible Lessons are a powerful instrument for healing. Many people have found healing in the elevated environment that these lessons inspire, including myself. I can recall one case from a long time ago when I felt terribly ill one morning, so much so that I had to sit aside from work at times. I tried to correct the situation by focusing an the truths that I understood about the nature of man, and man's relationship to God, but to no avail. Nothing helped. Eating food didn't help. Drinking water didn't help. That evening I sat down with my books to go through the Bible lessons. Long before I even got part of the way through, the ill feeling suddenly vanished. I can recall other such experiences as well.

The bottom line is, if these kinds of effects have been experienced before the correlated structures had been discovered that enrich the spiritual background for the lessons, one wonders what latent capabilities we have, for healing, that have not yet been realized. 

My experience has been that healings can occur before the need for them has even been recognized. Such cases, of course, are rarely verifiable, except when a beautiful opportunity for employment unfolds before there is even a need for it apparent. And that ,I am sure, is just the beginning of what lies in store for us in blessings unfolding from scientific discoveries through the many structures that Mary Baker Eddy has created for our spiritual and scientific development.

What she has discovered and created within the environment of this discovery is so profound that it can only be understood as an emanation of infinite Mind manifesting itself humanly in a manner and in a form that even Albert Einstein is said to have stood in awe before it. 

The key to experiencing our spiritual being lies not in faith, but in scientific spiritual development. That is what Mary Baker Eddy has provided for in such a rich measure that its potential can never be exhausted. Let us rejoice, for the unfolding of this potential has finally begun.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche