Mary Baker Eddy
her accomplishments in healing
by Rolf Witzsche


Mary Baker Eddy discovery of Christian Science occurred in response to her own healing of spinal injuries incurred during a fall on an icy street. The following was reported in the press about this incident:

In 1866, while living in Lynn, Mass., Mrs. Eddy met with a severe accident, and her case was pronounced hopeless by the physicians. There came a Sunday morning when her pastor came to bid her good by before proceeding to his morning service, as there was no probability that she would be alive at its close. During this time she suddenly became aware of a divine illumination and ministration. She requested those with her to withdraw, and reluctantly they did so, believing her delirious. Soon, to their bewilderment and fright, she walked into the adjoining room, "and they thought I had died, and that it was my apparition," she said. (Pulpit and Press 34)

This event changed the world. It is impossible to estimate the effect on humanity of her discovery that this event set in motion. The textbook of her discovery, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which began to be published in 1875 was constantly updated by her. It appeared in well over 300 editions with over 10 million copies now in circulation, with translation into 16 languages. The volume healing that the availability of this book has enabled can never be justly estimated in terms of human lives restored and elevated. A small sample of a hundred pages of testimonials is appended to the book, of healing that occurred by simply reading the book, or in some cases by studying it.

As remarkable as those healing may be, more profound is the quality of her own healing work.

Mary Baker Eddy writes about her healing work:

   After my discovery of Christian Science, I healed consumption in its last stages, a case which the M.D.'s, by verdict of the stethoscope and the schools, declared incurable because the lungs were mostly consumed. I healed malignant diphtheria and carious bones that could be dented by the finger, saving the limbs when the surgeon's instruments were lying on the table ready for their amputation. I have healed at one visit a cancer that had eaten the flesh of the neck and exposed the jugular vein so that it stood out like a cord. I have physically restored sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the dumb, and have made the lame walk. 
   About the year 1869, I was wired to attend the patient of a distinguished M.D., the late Dr. Davis of Manchester, N. H. The patient was pronounced dying of pneumonia, and was breathing at intervals in agony. Her physician, who stood by her bedside, declared that she could not live. On seeing her immediately restored by me without material aid, he asked earnestly if I had a work describing my system of healing. When answered in the negative, he urged me immediately to write a book which should explain to the world my curative system of metaphysics.  (Miscellany 105:7-28)

The great value of her own healing work is that it sets a standard of what a human being is capable of. The record of her healing work should not be seen as an exceptional achievement that has become lost in time, but should be seen as an example for humanity to emulate. And why shouldn't this be possible. The science which she had discovered and founded has been well documented, and the structures for scientific and spiritual development that she has evidently utilized herself have been discovered and extensively documented. From this point on, whatever failures occur, are but failures in implementation and a lack of development of the resources at hand.

In order to publish the standard in healing that she has established, it is my desire to add more testimonials of healing by Mary Baker Eddy, as sources can be found.

Rolf Witzsche

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