A Project for 
Scientific and Spiritual Development
 in the Moral Domain
by Rolf Witzsche


Mary Baker Eddy pioneered the concept of scientific and spiritual development in divine Science in a broad context that covers every level of human existence. She created numerous, scientifically organized structures for this development that cover all of these levels at which scientific and spiritual human development is not only possible, but apparently is essential for the harmonious functioning of society.

An example of this necessity is found in our modern world in terms of the countless cries of wars, for countless reason, with tens of thousands of nuclear bombs hanging over our hears. Evidently this ever growing danger of a nuclear war conflict is not a technological problem for which technological solutions can be created; nor is it a political problems, since political treaties can be overturned at a moment's notice; which renders this problem to be a problem of failures in human relationships. In other words, one of the most severe problems of our modern world, like all the others really, is a problem of a lack in scientific and spiritual development at the moral level.

Nor is this problem in any way new. The great Golden Renaissance of the 15th Century became eradicated by the imposition of forces that society couldn't deal with. The principles that had created the Renaissance had not been projected downwards to the grassroots level of society's social existence. The Renaissance became a political and cultural abstract without a foundation. The same happed in the 17th Century when the forces that destroyed the Renaissance in a long string of wars were overturned by some of the most profound principles ever discovered, that became reflected in the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. This treaty was build on a spiritual foundation that represents a formal recognition of the principles of universal love and universal sovereignty as foundational to civilization. But again, the recognition of these principles was never projected downwards onto the grassroots level of social existence, because the scientific development simply wasn't possible to allow this to happen. Even in today's world the challenge is immensely great to bring the social scene up to a level at which the principles of universal love and universal sovereignty can be fully implemented socially. We live in a world of huge political division, economic division, social division, sexual division, and marriage isolation. The very idea of universal love sounds like a call for treason at the level of today's marriage structures.

Of course the goal can be met, to uplift the scene, through scientific and spiritual development. But that is a challenging task in the face of countless ancient axioms, traditions, myths, emotions, and modern social structures.

For the reason that the current world situation is extremely serious and dangerous, and the human suffering that is associated with is unimaginably great, I have committed myself to an explorative project in the form of a series of five interconnect novels to trace the development path to the practical implementation on the historic principles of universal love and universal sovereignty at the grass roots social level.

The task is hugely extensive, but necessarily so, in order to gently allow gradual scientific and spiritual development to occur.

While the work is based on the dynamics of Mary Baker Eddy's structures for scientific and spiritual development in divine Science, it must not be understood to be representative of it. Still, it can be understood as being representative of what types of development processes Mary Baker Eddy's work may inspire in society once her development structures are becoming understood and acknowledged.

The series of five novels has the over-all title: The Lodging for the Rose. 

The story line is fictional interwoven with real events. It is basically a love story of interlocked relationships that gradually are developed upwards to ever higher spiritual levels through scientific reasoning. The story also unfolds against a challenging political background that reflects the dimensions of the modern world. The titles of the individual novels are as follows.

1 - Dimensions of Freedom
2 - Winning without Victory
3 - Seascapes and Sand
4 - Endless Horizons
5 - Lu Mountain

The development across the five novels is such it the series begins with a strong and challenging focus on universal love that gradually becomes replaced with a strong focus on universal sovereignty. Mary Baker Eddy provided no direct definitions for these historic principles, which makes it possible to develop them through the context of her work, without 'preaching' Mary Baker Eddy. In fact, no connection is provided with her work except in a few instances where a structural reference is necessary.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche