Christian Science 
Its connection to 
War and Peace
by Rolf Witzsche


The potential for peace that Mary Baker Eddy has provided for mankind lies not so much in what may be termed the 'doctrine' of Christian Science, as it lies in its potential for moral, spiritual, and scientific development, which is the platform that Mary Baker Eddy brought all her works into structural conformity with, right from the start. This platform may well have been the foundation by which the discovery of Christian Science was made possible in the first place. The principles on which this foundation stands are evidently universal manifests of divine Principle since their origin, as noted in the research papers presented on this site about this foundation, can be traced back to Christ Jesus' era and the scientific background in which it is rooted. This background may have begun to unfold as far back as 500 B.C. with the work of Pythagoras who was deeply devoted to the search for gaining an understanding of universal principles.

Mary Baker Eddy's pioneering structures, based on the principle behind the Apostle John's "city foursquare" metaphor are rooted in this background of the scientific development of humanity. Mary Baker Eddy can be called a pioneer, because she moved this development forward in leaps and bounds to such an extend that no one at her time could even recognize it to exist. It would take decades before the first traces were discovered, and decades more before the full scope of it was being recognized. Nevertheless, these structures contain the structural foundation for the peace and development of humanity. As I said, this foundation was complete long before World War One started. Nor was Mary Baker Eddy complacent about promoting the discovery of this vital element of her work, which could only come to fruition through the channels of discovery, as all true scientific development flows through this channel.

Mary Baker Eddy made three major attempts to promote the discovery of her foundational structures for spiritual and scientific development. Since these are structures on which the development of an individual's understanding of Christian Science depends, she made two of the major elements of these structures, the platform of Christian Science, and the chapter Recapitulation, the sole curriculum for the formal education in Christian Science. The discovery of the foundational structures, that these elements are a part of, should have been made through this channels, but until now, for a hundred years, none of that happened. Only once did a Christian Science teacher in England, John Doorly, discover a small aspect of the foundational structures that Mary Baker Eddy has put in place. He began to teach and share his discovery, which resulted in his excommunication.

Friedrich Schiller, Germany's great poet for freedom had lamented a century earlier that the great opportunities in history all too often find society a 'small' people and their potential become lost. Doorly's discovery had been made in the early 1940s or earlier. If it had been rapidly advanced into a full discovery and promoted universally, it might have had the potential to stop World War II, or even prevent it altogether.

The structures that Mary Baker Eddy created for the development of Christian Science and a fuller understanding of it, reflect universal principles that have direct relevance to the universal self-government of humanity. Volume 5 of the nine volume research book series, presented on this website, focuses on this on this relevance and attempts to establish it.

Mary Baker Eddy's final attempt to urge the discovery of her foundational infrastructure for scientific and spiritual development may have been the founding of the Christian Science Monitor. Nothing less than this tall goal would have prompted someone with such great achievements to her credit as she had, to make the far reaching personal sacrifices that she made, and quite late in her life to establish a newspaper in the world with the mission to bless all mankind. This mission can only be fulfilled on the foundational infrastructure that she created already much earlier for the universal development of humanity. Since this infrastructure is still largely unrecognized to exist, the starting point has not been reached to fulfill the Monitor's mission.

Today, we stand once again at the crossroads of history. A new century of total war has been promised on the formal policy platform of the "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) that has been built on the same ideological foundation as Adolf Hitler's eternal "Reich" that lasted a few tragic years during which enormous destruction was unleashed. The difference is that the Project for the New American Century is not only built on the old fascist platform of the force of might, lies, and intimidation, but is also built on a platform of nuclear weapons with a potential outcome that humanity may not survive. (see nuclear posture report)

We also stand at the crossroads of history in another respect. Unlike at previous great moments in history, in this age the existence of Mary Baker Eddy's foundational structures has been discovered, and the structures have been explored exhaustively for two decades. This step of progress has been made. Nevertheless, it appears that Friedrich Schiller's comment still applies to this age, that the great moments in history all too often meet a 'small' people. The promotion of an awareness of Mary Baker Eddy's foundational infrastructures has been carried out almost exclusively through this website, and related sites, with a budget so miniscule that it is virtually zero.

Some may suggest that it is the task of the Christian Science church to promote Mary Baker Eddy's discovered infrastructures the scientific and spiritual development of humanity, and so initiate the needed development towards global peace. I can find no principle to support such a notion, to the contrary, I see Christ Jesus' parable of the Samaritan (Luke 10:30) as a statement of divine Principle that puts the onus of this task into the court of humanity as a whole. Mary Baker Eddy designed her church to be a model for the necessary processes. For instance, she named her publishing institution "The Christian Science Publishing Society," nor did she found the Christian Science Monitor as an institution of the Christian Science church, but placed it on its own platform as a model for society to bless all mankind.

Society is presently as far from recognizing the models that Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy have established as it has been during their time and during all the time in-between, and is even farther away from implementing them. Thomas Jefferson is said to have commented on society's inaction in eradicating slavery that he trembles in the realization that God is just. Divine Principle is inherently just as it is the only foundation for good. Thomas Jefferson's comment was well justified in recognition the humanity still suffers in countless way from countless types of human slavery. Whose task is it to elevate society above this scourge to a higher level of humanity, but society's own?

The Bible presents an interesting allegory on this subject (Genesis 18) in which Abraham is in dialog with God concerning the impending destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The allegory is interesting when seen in the light of the Christian Science postulate that God is divine Principle, divine Love. The fall of the cities therefore becomes not an act of God, but the impending consequence of society's ongoing self-destruction. Abraham asks in the allegory if this consequence can be avoided if fifty 'righteous' people should be found in the city. God's answer was that this would be possible. But Abraham was doubtful that fifty could be found, so he lowered the threshold and asked again, would forty-five be sufficient, of forty, or thirty, or twenty, or even just ten? In each case God's answer remained the same that this would be possible. We are told that ultimately the destruction of the cities could not be avoided, not even by God. A principle acts to create harmony and order when it is applied. Outside of this sphere no platform exists to create harmony and order so that the collapse of society follows.

I have created some time ago a political analogy to this process under the heading:

(A strategic analysis)
The First Commandment's
Gateway to Nuclear War
and how to defeat it

The point in all of this, is to illustrate the essential nature of May Baker Eddy's foundational infrastructures for spiritual and scientific development that are designed to get us to think in terms of fundamental universal principles. This development process is essential to understand Christian Science, and it is essential for society to maintain and advance its civilization in the divine universe that is structured on the foundation of universal principles. Mary Baker Eddy's foundational infrastructures are therefore not the property of a church but an element of humanity that is essential for its self-development. The development of these infrastructures is therefore not primarily in the interest of the Christian Science church organization, but in the interest of humanity itself. It is the most precious it has available to protect and advance its civilization and possibly its very existence, especially at the present point in time when so much is at stake to become lost. Nor is it a huge task to promote and utilize the infrastructures that Mary Baker Eddy has so freely provided. In fact, it is highly rewarding.

The potential certainly exists for Friedrich Schiller's comment to loose its validity, that all too often the great historic moments meet but a little people. The potential exists that society will rally in defence of its most vital interests for once, and for evermore, by utilizing what is already at hand.

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