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Christian Science

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Our 'dancing' with God
part 2


Christian Science healing unfolds as a matter of principle reflecting the nature of divine Principle.

A parallel in the physical universe comes to mind. Here a principle of universal gravitation is recognized. Its effect can be measured. It extends through the vast expanses of space and acts the same in the tiniest atom. Its effects are such that they cannot be avoided. It is an attractive animus that touches everything, yet no one in the world of theoretical physics can explain what causes its effect. The leading edge of physical science is at a quandary, because this effect shouldn't exist. The advanced recognition of the physical universe projects a universe that contains not a single speck of solid matter, which is at every level but the construct of energy, intelligently arranged in patterns of harmonizing principles that give the universe and everything in it its apparent shape and mass. And that is where the problem lies. Energy itself has no mass. Gravity is the effect of mass that has no cause. Exotic theories are concocted that would attribute mass to the points of energy that the atomic particles are made out of that make up the universe. However, not one of the exotic theories acknowledges the simple fact that gravity is the effect of a basic universal principle, just as the nuclear 'strong force' and the various electric phenomena, for which no physical cause can be deduced either, are simply the effect of Principle.

While none of this modern perception of physics existed in Mary Baker Eddy's time, she recognized that vast spiritual principles are operating in the spiritual realm of metaphysics, for which likewise no physical cause can be recognized. She ascribes them all to God, as attributes of God. She closed the book on the perception of life as the result of mater acting in material processes, and attributes all causation of life and its quality as health to divine Mind and to divine Principle, and acknowledges their effect reflecting the harmonizing quality of Spirit that expresses the nature of God. She says in essence: Dance with God and experience the effect of living consciously in the real universe instead of in the small spaces of mortal perception.

Mary Baker Eddy writes:

The starting-point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind, - that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle. (S&H 275)

On this path it becomes immanently possible that the sufferer of disease is self-healed by simply stepping into a new mental environment that begins to reflecte the reality being. Indeed, many a person has experienced this process of healing by simply moving in the mental environment of Truth that the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy has laid before them. Since this became a profound universal process, causing a  'wave' of healing, she added a hundred pages of letters sent to her of people who were healed exclusively by simply reading the book. The resulting chapter of Fruitage is so rich that it became the largest chapter in the entire book and come to light as a healing impetus itself in the form of celebration in acknowledgement. The chapter speaks of what people have seen with their own eyes in their experiences, and heard in the words of infinite Mind which moved their experience to the higher ground of Spirit in which the previous dark ages of suffering vanished like a dream. In this chapter a child referred to Mary Baker Eddy's textbook of Christian Science, as "the Truth-book."

With the launching of this website, in addition to presenting the textbook online in two different formats, I have created a free audio-book version in order to let the book tell its own story. The idea started with the intention to create the means by which it is possible to follow the unfolding vistas in the textbook in a comprehensive manner without one being tied also to the mental effort of the mechanics of reading. The healing flow in divine Science is not labored, but free flowing. And so, the audio book needs to be free, of course, including being free of a price. God attaches no price. God is unlabored good, Mind, Life, Principle, Spirit, Soul, Truth, and Love. We bring to each other our love in the divine flow in order that it may brighten the light in the world in which we all live. 

In addition the free audio-book version is designed to be as free as can be achieved, of the typical personal-sense preaching. It is 100% machine narrated. The technologies to do this machine narration have come a long way and are amazingly useful, considering the complexities involved in rendering speech. The outcome isn't perfect. Still, I found it useful for my own purpose to "listen" to the textbook in this rendition that has personal sense put out of sight as much as possible so that the vistas of Mind become closer into view, which are after all the central part in the process of healing.


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