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O'er the grim night of chaos shone 
One lone, brave star.

The exploratory series focuses on the  illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, by  Mary Baker Eddy, published in 1893, and republished numerous times thereafter. The illustrative painting, created by JAMES F. GILMAN are in the public domain as the copyright expired. No copyright is claimed for photographic images of the paintings presented on this website.

In conjunction with the poem, a focused review is presented of a book by Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party - a symbol of our heritage, published 1979, (c) copyright by Judy Chicago - ISBM 0-385-14567-5. Two low-resolution images of the cover and a small stylized, derrivative conceptual image are presented, and a number of quotes by Judy Chicago describing some of the background of her art project, The Dinner Party, that the book is about. The  images and quotes are presented under "Fair Use" license and are intended for educational purposes.

All other images, unless specifically stated otherwise, or explained through links, are in the public domain.

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