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Christian Science Discovery

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The science that changed the world was discovered 140 years ago by a spiritually alert New England woman, a farmer's daughter  with a scholarly background by the name of Mary Baker. She discovered what she described as the "absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing" which she later termed Christian Science. Her discovery started a wave of healing that far superceded the medical arts and became practiced throughout the USA and in distant lands. The name, Mary Baker Eddy, by which she became universally known, became  a household word in many parts of the world. Today however, barely a ripple remains of what once a wave of healing. But can a principle vane? Obviously the divine Principle of Christian Science has been lost sight of. Tragically, this loss has affected the entire world.

It all began with the woman's own healing from an injury, when she lay dying on what was said to be her death bed. In her extremity she reasoned that the healing work that Christ Jesus became so famous for could not have been accomplished without an underlying universal principle that makes such things possible, and that this principle, according to the nature of a principle should be valid in her case, just as it had been then and always would be. In this light of realization she found herself suddenly well. The transformation was so rapid and profound that when her clergyman came by at mid-day to prepare her for death she opened the door for him, being fully healed. 

She said to herself that she must know the science that had made this healing possible. Evidence suggests that she succeeded beyond measure on a scale that puts the healing power into a realm where the human and the divine meet, called Christian Science, where the healing impetus reflects the sovereignty of infinite Mind manifesting the nature of God, divine Love, the harmonizing Spirit and Principle reflected in the universe and man.

Historic evidence suggests that this light had also affected the world as a whole. The period of Mary Baker Eddy's work (1866-1910) coincides with the greatest period of peace and unfolding humanity since the Golden Renaissance. But why has its 'light' become lost? The reason may be that Mary Baker Eddy's discovery has so far not yet been implemented to its inherent potential except by its pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy, herself. Sure, she taught the rudimental aspects and documented the vast extend of the divine Science that she discovered, but divine Science is not a religion that can be wrapped up with finite dogmas and practiced as rituals. Science is a dynamic thing that unfolds in life in the form of expanding footsteps into the fast empire of infinite Mind. With this the future promises to be bright.


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Christian Science Mind Healing 

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  2. Beyond Theology - Divine Science
  3. The Spark for Healing
  4. Personal Experiences
  5. Where do we go from here?

The Christian Science Textbook
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
by Mary Baker Eddy
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The Empire of Mind

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  2. The degree CSD

  3. The light grows brighter

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