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The Empire of Mind

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Part 1: How does one know?


Indeed, how does no know that one is touched by the central 'sun,' divine Mind, and is moved by its volition and its power? 

Sometimes the evidence is found in the unfolding of an idea of truth that causes instant healing where personal reasoning had failed for years. I had such an experience with a chronic morning back ache that I has struggled with for year, and suddenly in the dawn of one profound idea it vanished as if it had never existed and has never returned. This happened more than thirty years ago. 

Another type of evidence that Mind rules the day is found when one is forced into circumstances beyond one's control that open the door to wider spheres of action that are essential but one had never considered. This happened to me a few years ago. I had begun writing a series of novels at the time to explore the power of the Principle of Universal Love - reflecting divine Love which is universal - as a necessary foundation for the advance of civilization. The second volume had just been completed at the time. It was written, compiled, ready to be sent to the printers. On the very morning when I intended to transmit the completed file to the printing service the computer slowly crashed. Within minutes the hard drive was totally gone and with it were the most recent backups going back several months. I felt as if a school teacher had looked at my work and said, "that's nice dear, but you can do better," and the proceeded to rip the work up. Evidently, something had been spiritually lacking. During the days of searching what this missing factor might be the idea kept recurring to pay attention to the return of the Ice Age. When the idea came I almost laughed. The world was awash with stories of global warming. But I did pay attention, and the evidence that came to light was amazing. Moreover, what came to light was deeply relevant to the Principle of Universal Love. Consequently the second episode had to be rewritten, expanded, and be split in two. The work was enriched thereby. However, the expansion caused something else that was essential, that I was totally unaware of and remained ignorant of for many years until just recently.

As the work on the series of novels progressed for many years, it became a series of 12 novels, each exploring in a different context - though in a continuing story - the Principle of Universal Love. It was just recently that I found myself prompted to explore the nature of the series for its possible relationship with Mary Baker Eddy's vast pedagogical structure for spiritual development, which Mary Baker Eddy has outlined in the late 1800 in her works on Christian Science. Since Mary Baker Eddy had made all of her works tributary to this one all-embracing structure, I became intrigued to find out how my series of novels would fare when brought into this same rigorous context that Mary Baker Eddy had used as a standard for her work. Well, what a surprise I got. The entire series of novels fit the developmental pattern that she had established, almost point for point, though there had been no intention on my part for this to happen. If this intention had existed, what resulted would not have been possible. It would have been shallow, dogmatic, and pontificate, rather than being explorative and daringly provocative. In addition, nothing would have fit in sequential correlation if the Ice Age dimension had not been included.

Can one say therefore that these movements of events that come together beyond one's intention and unfold towards a greater good that one is aware of or even imagines to be possible, are all points of evidence that the empire of Mind makes its claims on us and governs us? It appears that one can say this, because its purpose is good, its essence is light, and its power is beyond human will.

  1. How does one know?

  2. The degree CSD

  3. The light grows brighter


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