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The Empire of Mind

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The degree CSD

The question may be asked: What did Mary Baker Eddy perceive as the structure of the empire of Mind? Well, we really don't know that. We do know however that she presented an outline of a vast structure for perceiving the 'world' of spiritual ideas and concepts of divine reality. We also know that this all-embracing structure was so important to her that she made all of her major works contributory to it, including her textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This wasn't done without a profound purpose standing behind it, but she never presented her reasons for it or even that it was so. The reasons might have been that the spiritual dimension cannot be taught but must unfold in the realm of discovery. The rudimental elements, of course, can be taught. And this she did extensively. But the heart of the matter must remain open to the movements of Mind itself in the flow of spiritual and scientific discovery. She provided a vast structure for this path and outlined it extensively, but she never taught it, not once throughout her entire teaching career.

Mary Baker Eddy taught the fundamentals, as much as was required for the purpose of Christian Science healing. One year after her discovery of Christian Science she started a school of Christian Science Mind-healing. Fourteen years later she chartered the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, after a law was passed that enabled such an institution be chartered for medical purposes. For the next seven years over four thousand students were taught be her in this College. Then, at the height of its success she closed the College and devoted the next two years to a major revision of her textbook. The College remained closed however for a total of ten years until she reopened it in 1899, as its President, in the form of an auxiliary to her church. She retained the position of its President in perpetuity, but made no provisions for any teachers teaching in the college.

Was it an act of insanity or a wise design that we have unfolding here? We ended up with a college that has no teachers, awards no certificates, and is headed by a deceased president. Does this make sense? It makes perfect sense for a dimension of 'teaching' that unfolds as discoveries for which infinite Mind is the central 'sun.' In this College personal teaching, the mode of teaching that world hails, makes no sense at all, and the certificates are not awarded, but are written in life by the achievements of the discoverers.

Am I dreaming? I don't think so. Mary Baker Eddy instituted two types of degrees, labeled CSB and CSD, a bachelor-type degree and a doctoral-type degree, respectively. The CSB degree is awarded, with certificates being issued, in an institution that Mary Baker Eddy named the Board of Education that authorizes and appoints teachers for this purpose. But the College still exists, and its degree is CSD. She doesn't say anywhere that the CSD degree is obsolete, or that the College no longer has a function to fulfill. Instead she does raise the bar. 

The process of a person being taught in the Board of Education is essentially a passive process for the student. But discovery is an active process. Knowledge can be passed along in a passive manner, but the development of scientific and spiritual understanding can ultimately only happen in an active process of discovery. That's what the College still represents. One doesn't need teachers for this process, because teachers afford no aid there. Nor does one need certificates. What would they certify that is not certified in life? It appears that Mary Baker Eddy expected this process to be in the forefront. The evidence is found in the marginal note she attached to the application forms for membership in her church. In this note she speaks of two types of students, one who has "taken" a degree at the College, or one who has passed an examination by the the Board of Education. And the onus for the determination is put to the applicant. Doesn't this put the onus on us all to recognize and acknowledge the inevitable self-unfolding of infinite Mind as the central 'sun,' with amazing results flowing from it? I certainly found the results amazing in my own experience. (More is found in part 3)

The original article was written in 2010.

My personal perception is that Mary Baker Eddy saw Christian Science not as a closed religion but a science for infinite development in Spirit and understanding. She found her discovery in Mind, not in opinion. I believe the CSD symbol is that open door to infinity. Hymn 218 begins, "O Life that maketh all things new; The blooming earth, the thoughts of men..."

She calls progress, "the law of God." Thus, progress requires thought to be ‘always new.’ I ‘hear’ Mary Baker Eddy saying, "I give you a grand starting point with my discoveries, and the CSB education process that teaches the starting point, but I do not propose that there exists an end point. I don’t think there is an end-point possible in Mind." I believe the CSD is a type of threshold where everything is ‘new’ and exciting, and profound, rather than getting stale. As a teacher Mary Baker Eddy was able to bring students to this threshold, and she still does with her writings. In her days she could certify students that passed the threshold. Now, no man can presume to do the same for another, but Mind can give one this recognition individually. I believe it is important for an individual to acknowledge this stage of progress to himself or herself. I see it as a point of self-acknowledgement in gratitude for what has come to light in the "Empire of Mind" that is always new and progressive. The CSD is not a shingle then that one hangs onto the door, like a CSB. The CSD is defined by the achievements that come with it. That’s how others know who is a CSD. I believe that there are many CSDs in the world who are qualified by their work.

I hope that the CSD concept will one day uplift physical science, politics and economics too, that have all become stale and dangerously regressive. The challenge that the now ongoing Ice Age transition is imposing on society requires the CSD-type breakout from ‘stale’ opinions by which society becomes increasingly tied into knots and impotence. The Christian Science movement has the same challenge before it. Mary Baker Eddy saw her Church as the "Church Universal and Triumphant." We are far from this realization. I believe the CSD concept can stage the needed breakout towards the realization of the potential that Christian Science has in the world.


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