The Christian Science textbook, large type edition, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Science and Health with Key the Scriptures,
 by Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Science crown by Mary Baker Eddy
sublime science

Chapter 4 - - Christian Science versus Spiritualism 

 Recollected friends

Memory may reproduce voices long ago silent. We have but to close the eyes, and forms rise before us, which are thousands of miles away or altogether gone from physical sight and sense, and this not in dreamy sleep. In our day-dreams we can recall that for which the poet Tennyson expressed the heart's desire, -

the touch of a vanished hand,

And the sound of a voice that is still. The mind may even be cognizant of a present flavor and odor, when no viand touches the palate and no scent salutes the nostrils.

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