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Chapter 8 - - Footsteps of Truth 

 Matter sensationless

The sensations of the body must either be the sensations of a so-called mortal mind or of matter. Nerves are not mind. Is it not provable that Mind is not mortal and that matter has no sensation? Is it not equally true that matter does not appear in the spiritual understanding of being?

The sensation of sickness and the impulse to sin seem to obtain in mortal mind. When a tear starts, does not this so-called mind produce the effect seen in the lachrymal gland? Without mortal mind, the tear could not appear; and this action shows the nature of all so-called material cause and effect.

It should no longer be said in Israel that "the fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge." Sympathy with error should disappear. The transfer of the thoughts of one erring mind to another, Science renders impossible.

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