The Christian Science textbook, large type edition, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Science and Health with Key the Scriptures,
 by Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Science crown by Mary Baker Eddy
sublime science

Chapter 13 - - Teaching Christian Science 

 Dangerous knowledge

Any attempt to heal mortals with erring mortal mind, instead of resting on the omnipotence of the divine Mind, must prove abortive. Committing the bare process of mental healing to frail mortals, untaught and unrestrained by Christian Science, is like putting a sharp knife into the hands of a blind man or a raging maniac, and turning him loose in the crowded streets of a city. Whether animated by malice or ignorance, a false practitioner will work mischief, and ignorance is more harmful than wilful wickedness, when the latter is distrusted and thwarted in its incipiency.

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