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by Rolf A. F. Witzsche (July 2010)


Benjamin Franklin was once asked by some people about the kind of country he was creating for America during the early years of the development of the American union in a form that never existed before on the planet. His answer is quoted to have been, "I give you a Republic if you can keep it." Mary Baker Eddy might have answered to a similar question, "I give you the greatest healing science ever created on the face our planet, if you can develop it in your spiritual understanding."

I grew up with Christian Science back in the late 1940s, primarily because of my mother's deep sore on her leg that the medical practitioners couldn't heal, but which Christian Science did heal quite readily. Since then I found many a healing, personally, and almost exclusively by my own work. Some came almost instantly. Others took a long time to be realized. For example, I had been suffering from a severe morning back ache for years, which my best efforts couldn't cure. Then one morning during an Annual Meeting session in Boston one speaker proclaimed boldly that Christian Science has never failed. I almost laughed. I was the prefect example that it can fail, sitting there with my usual morning back ache. But then the thought came instantly that it isn't Christian Science itself that heals, but the recognition of the divine reality, the divine Principle of healing that Jesus had understood, which of course as a principle cannot fail. If it worked one, it will always do so, in all ages, including at this very moment when a healing was needed. I was almost amazed when the back pain simply flowed away this very moment. The healing that had evaded me for years had been accomplished in this instant before the speaker had moved onto to another subject. This was the end of the back aches for me from this moment on. It all happened more than 30 years ago.

Most of the healing though, as I recall, came through the Christian Science Bible lessons. One had come about while working with the glossary structure. This one came about so gradually that I hadn't even noticed when it happened. On another occasion the healing was suddenly complete after reading a single Bible Lesson. I also found that simply reading the textbook had brought on a healing, as countless others apparently long before me. I love reading the textbook with the marginal headings brought forward. I found it so useful that I created a book in this manner, primarily for my own use, which I made available to all, both as an e-book, for free and in printed form for a modest price. (The printers don't work for free.)

I am listing below the resources for healing that I have found useful, and found ways to make available on the internet, for free of course. So, here it is:

 My healing resources:

Is there really a God?

That's a key question, isn't it? Evidently there exists a God, an all-embracing intelligence that is reflected in the design of the universe, which is extremely intelligently arranged, to the minutest aspects, without which we would have no universe. If even a single basic principle would not exist, of the vast array of principles that construct the universe, we would have no universe. And this intelligence together with universe as a whole, is continuing to develop and expand in its expression, as one of its principles. The concept of God is therefore an extremely abstract one. However, the development of its science is directly related to the healing of diseases and failures in society. Thus the exploration of this subject is important and of great utility.

One of the resources that Mary Baker Eddy has provided for developing one perception of God in a gentle but effective manner are the Christian Science Bible lessons that bring the spiritual dimension of the universe and man into the domain of human living, to uplift it and to cause healing were healing is needed.

The Christian Science Bible Lessons:

The primary resource that I have found useful, as I said above, are the Christian Science Bible lessons. Since the 1980s I have been working with the historic first sets that were created from 1898 on, during Mary Baker Eddy's time. I have also been alerted by a Christian Science researcher at this time of the existence of the foursquare structure that Mary Baker Eddy has evidently been working with.
 (The foursquare structure is presented on the page: Sublime Science that has recently been expanded and more clearly presented)

During the early years of exploring Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare structure, I spent a few years writing the necessary computer software to incorporate the primary features of the new discovery into the first dozen sets of Bible Lessons that Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered in conjunction with this structure. I have worked for many years with these enhanced Bible lessons. Unfortunately the modern computer operating systems no longer offer the DOS services that the software requires. Consequently I had to rewrite it all to make it available on the internet, in an internet acceptable format. However, I have to date only the first set converted to this format. I fond that this first set so rich, that I haven't felt the need to convert more.

The Christian Science Hymns

During an especially trying time I have also found the Christian Science hymns a great help. I singled out a few and worked with these every morning until the problem was resolved two months later. Since then, I have placed those selected hymns on the internet in the slightly further-developed form that emerged during the healing process. I have placed them there together with the Lord's Prayer that I had also worked with then (and still do), and have more recently added links to my online Bible Lessons that I likewise still use personally. I have further added some music more recently, which I also find useful in connection with the hymns and the Bible Lessons. The music on this page, however, is not related to the hymns. It is of a classical nature that incorporates scientific principles in the development of its tonal themes.

Here is the link to the page of my morning hymns that also carries links the online historic first set of the Bible Lessons: Morning Prayer Hymns

The Christian Science textbook:

I also found the Christian Science textbook a powerful help, especially with the marginal headings brought forwards. In order to facilitate this feature more fully I created a book that has the marginal headings brought forward in front of the paragraphs to which they apply. Sine I found the book useful, I made it available for anyone who may wish it (either printed or free in e-book form).

The result comes to light as a type of conversation in which Mary Baker Eddy, the most accomplished healer in the modern age, puts forwards aspects about her work in the form of topics that can be understood as questions that one might ask her about her work, which she then answers in a paragraph or two. She provided for this conversation mode throughout her textbook.

In order to facilitate this conversational mode further, I have recently created an online presentation of the textbook that presents these topics and answers one by one. The presentation, which became a rather extensive project, has only recently been completed (July 2010). It is presented in large-type format to match the importance of the subject. My perception is that the presentation by topic focuses more strongly on the topic that she aims to explain, than I have found in any other form of presentation. The links are found on the page: Divine Science: The Master Index.

I have also created an audio-book version of the textbook (computer narrated), which I found helpful, and have therefore made available for free on the internet. The advantage of having a computer narrated version is that the software voice announces what is printed, without the modulation of personal interpretation by a reader of the texts. Links to the audio version are presented on the Master Index.

Christ and Christmas and the Lord's prayer

Mary Baker Eddy's book of her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, has been highly valuable to me, both in conjunction with the Bible Lessons and the Lord's Prayer that Mary Baker Eddy expanded into a 16-part structure by adding her spiritual interpretation to the various parts of it. Both are presented on the Master Index. Both are resources for healing, and appear to be deeply intertwined with the discovery and the development of Christian Science. I have recently a study of the deep spiritual intimacy with the divine that the metaphors on Christ and Christmas hint at. The study turned out to be rather challenging. The study is presented under the title: Intimacy, and Christ and Christmas.

Other related healing structures

Mary Baker Eddy provided a number of complete structures for ordering the major concepts that the foursquare structure represents. Three of these are the 16 textbook chapters, the 16 stanzas of the Lord's Prayer, and the 16 verses and scenes of Christ and Christmas. The other associated structures are that of the 24 questions and answers found in the chapter Recapitulation of the textbook. This chapter comprises Mary Baker Eddy's class book from the early years of her personal teaching of her healing science. The chapter comes to light as 24-part platform that counters the 24 prevalent general myths that are ruling society, which are represented by the Adam mythology from Genesis 2 on. The other major related structure is the 32-part Christian Science Platform, which stands in conjunction with her 16-part Church Manual that has been designed essentially to illustrate the scientific spiritual principles of civilization, which are essential in the healing process. The Platform also stands to counter the prevailing concept of "mortal mind" that she presented in a 16-part definition.

The Glossary Structure

One might call this Mary Baker Eddy's power tool. It is huge, as it brings 144 concepts into the foursquare structure in the context of five major principles, with the challenge to explore their interrelationships, and this ordered exclusively by the science they represent. Its utility is both developmental, but it also stands as a resource for difficult problems, as its scope is essentially infinite in nature. The possible combinations of 144 individual terms are so numerous, that to count them results in a number that is 250 digits long, which furnishes and infinite canvas for the exploration of science.

Links to details about the individual structures are associated with each structure on the Master Index page. 

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