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The moral ground is often deemed the ultimate in civilized living. But is it? The historic researcher in the spiritual domain, Mary Baker Eddy (1826-1910) didn't think so. In fact she pioneered the perception the moral ground should be considered as but a transitional stage between the sphere of depravity and all its horrors such as war, violence, stealing and so on, and the sphere of scientific spiritual development. Thus the moral ground is not one of safety, but is a vulnerable ground that includes the potential for regression into insanity. In her presentation the moral ground becomes a starting point that one should leave behind as fast as possible on the scientific development path to safer spiritual ground.

I have incorporated this alternate concept for healing into the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose. The series involves a daring attempt to put the Principle of Universal Love into a world where universal love is shunned, a world torn by divisions, darkened by isolation, threatened by war and now nuclear war, and as of late by many millions of uranium bombs (DU bombs), which altogether put a big question mark onto mankind's very survival on this planet. Against this background the glow of universal love creates a new paradigm for the political with the challenge that we upgrade our civilization into a powerfully human world, even a world with the kind of strength that will enable us in the near future to maintain our sprawling civilization undeterred by the next return of the Ice Age that might begin in the near future, possibly even in the current century.

The suspense in the stories of the  novels is not carried by political intrigue as one might expect. Instead it unfolds from the complexities of relationships, marriage, romance, sex, and science, in an environment of an ever-expanding concept of love. Here the political games that unleash imperial wars, violence, and terror are kept in the background. The flow of the novels is powered by unfolding 'intimacies' of love that are not dimmed by long-taught emotions, or hatred, fear, or even by the golden cages that we isolate ourselves in  socially and politically, contrary to our hopes and desires.

Yes, there is a 'magic' in the love that unfolds from the heart of our humanity that we all share as human beings. Love thus becomes the light of the series of novels where it shines as it must, because we are all, and always will be as human beings, a people "clothed with the sun." 

The truth of what we are doesn't change with the winds of circumstances no matter how dim the world may become from time to time as society chooses to close its eyes to its own light and cower in fear, 'hiding' from itself. Human history has failed itself in that manner on numerous occasions, allowing systems of empire to rule.

In its long historic pattern that have repeated dragged society into ages of a deepest 'night,' but also have uplifted it to the brightest noon-day, and there has always been a new 'sunrise' emerging after every night. Indeed, war is not the natural concomitant for mankind, because when the resources for war have become exhausted, peace and humanity have always resumed. Peace is the default state and the real state of civilization, the intelligent state which promises to grow brighter with progressive scientific and spiritual development

Today's challenge is to take the pattern of history higher and closer into the light of our humanity, whereby we assure ourselves that there won't be any more 'night' there. We have the power to do this, don't we? Nor is there any real magic involved in the realization of what unfolds naturally, only love is involved. Love  is vital. It takes us above the moral ground.


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