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A major site focused on the wide world of alternate healing with science and spirituality. Its focus is Christian, primarily Christian Science as presented by Mary Baker Eddy. The site presents poetry, research books, and novels on universal Truth, Love, and Soul, free online and  free e-books. The spiritual healing also focuses on politics, economics, LaRouche, and peace. 


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The focus on alternate healing on this site also encompasses poetry and beauty as a healing agency. Again, Mary Baker Eddy pioneered the concept and proved her correctness with her outstanding healing work. In her scientific work she defined four development streams that she named according to the four biblical rivers mentioned in Genesis 2. She attached her own spiritual dimension to these streams for scientific and spiritual development. She defined the first river of the four, named (Pison) and defined as, "The love of the good and beautiful, and their immortality." When our loving is unrelated to what is good and beautiful, it is evidently fake our intentionally thereby false.

But where do we find our love rooted? Do we find it rooted in the object or in the soul of our being, in what we acknowledge as being beautiful and enduring? For example, a rose means nothing to a rat, and to a deer it means only 'food.' But in the heart of our humanity what we love is determined by higher level principles that we tend to appreciate the more we come in touch with them. In other words, in the land of beauty and goodness we discover ourselves as human being. The series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, incorporates this concept that unfolds our self-discovery as human beings.

In the context of opening the door a bit to experiencing our humanity in the land of goodness and beauty I have added two resource segments to this website with poetry and photography as shown in the resource column on this page. There are several aspects of poetry and photography presented in these resource segments, for the land of goodness and beauty.



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