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A major site focused on the wide world of alternate healing with science and spirituality. Its focus is Christian, primarily Christian Science as presented by Mary Baker Eddy. The site presents poetry, research books, and novels on universal Truth, Love, and Soul, free online and  free e-books. The spiritual healing also focuses on politics, economics, LaRouche, and peace. 


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self-respect and self-love


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All too often we are our own worst enemy, not intentionally of course, but it tends to happen by tradition. In order counter this trend the resource segment "Love Landscapes" has been added to this page. This segment is designed as a love gallery. It brings the online novels into this context as rooms of a gallery, but more than that, it presents the mental, scientific, spiritual, and political backgrounds that are reflected in the novels. In a sense, it broadens the landscapes of the novels and the intention behind them.

The focus in this resource is on raising our self-respect of who we are as human beings by gaining a wider perception of our creative and productive potential, and our potential to stage a new renaissance in our time. The resource, "Love Landscapes" has been designed to augment the scope of the novels by presenting detailed explorations that would be far too tedious to be carried out within the context of the novels. In this sense it presents an alternate healing context for the novels. It also presents some resources that were used in the process of creating the novels. It is my hope that this resource will broaden our self-love for humanity and bring a new atmosphere of healing into spheres where so much hate, greed, frustration, and inhumanity abound today.

The resource, Love Landscapes, also includes a number of  leading edge healing concepts in patriotism, politics, and economics that have gained worldwide respect, except in the halls of empire. These can be found in the "Upper Loft" of the recourse. The resource "Peace" is an earlier exploratory work in researching the challenges that we face in creating and securing peace.



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