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A major site focused on the wide world of alternate healing with science and spirituality. Its focus is Christian, primarily Christian Science as presented by Mary Baker Eddy. The site presents poetry, research books, and novels on universal Truth, Love, and Soul, free online and  free e-books. The spiritual healing also focuses on politics, economics, LaRouche, and peace. 


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Principles for Alternate Healing


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Christian Science
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This resource for this page is what may be the most advanced presentation of the various aspects of the "Principle of scientific mental healing" as Mary Baker Eddy had described her discovery in 1866 that she termed Christian Science. What she has put forward remains to date the most effective and most advanced science for alternate healing on the planet. During its unfolding years in the late 1800s it has brought a wave of healing of apparently every known type of disease. But with her death its effectiveness faded to the point that Christian Science has virtually disappeared from the healing landscape.

The amazing thing is, that while this alternate form of healing had been practiced in many lands, ninety-five percent of what it is evidently its essence has remained unknown since its introduction more than a century ago, and remains largely so, or is deemed not to exist. What nevertheless does exist is documented in the resource segment "Christian Science." What is presented resulted from more than 20 years of research and development work and may be at the present time the most extensive and advanced research presentation on the subject.

The segment "Christian Science" has been provided, because Mary Baker Eddy remains the  leading-edge author of the spiritual science for the processes of scientific mental healing. The segment is vital in any context of scientific mental healing, because its scientific principles are universal in their significance in ever respect where healing is required. The term "Christian" denotes the spiritual nature of her healing Science and its vast structure for scientific development. As such the term must be seen in the universal context beyond the scope of Christianity. Still the terminology is required as it echoes the healing work that flourished during first century of the Christian Era, which was also the culmination of a profound scientific era. In this historic sense Plato has been referred to as the intellectual and scientific precursor for the dawn of the Christ era.

The resource presented here is fundamental in many ways to all the other resources on this site. It is trusted for the simple reason that it is one of the most amazing non-medical healing science to date, and also because of Mary Baker Eddy's development work from 1866-1910 coincides with the only major period of peace and economic development that has occurred in the world since as far back as the periods of the Golden Renaissance and the Peace of Westphalia.

The resource presented here includes over thirty online books and free e-books. Some of the books are presented as the research series "Discovering Infinity," by this author, which is found in the resource segment "Healing Novels and Science Books."

It is my hope that this website with its numerous presentations will contribute to some degree to making our world a brighter place for all mankind and enrich our civilization and the living of all people on this planet.

Dedicated to all, in Truth and Love - Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Jan 1, 2009


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