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Are we coming of age?

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
updated Sept 6, 2006

Can we say to one-another 
I have seen thy face as though I have seen the face of God?


There have been times in history when war has been prevented. These have been times of profound scientific and spiritual development. Perhaps we can find in them a glimmer of hope, and a sign that in spite of all the horrors we see today, mankind might yet be coming of age.

Allow me to present in this article an amazing snippet of history that only a few people are aware of and many would deny out of hand. Nevertheless this part of history happened, and it began in America during the time of the scientific era.

A half a century of peace

It began quietly in the mid 1800s in the New England states of the USA. Evidently no one was aware of the happening at the time. History unfolds often that way, especially when one looks at the larger timeframe. Something happened in the timeframe between 1865 and 1913 that hadn't happened for half a millennium, if ever. There erupted peace in the world for nearly half a century, except for a few minor skirmishes in Asia. All of the terrible things that had gone on for decades and centuries suddenly stopped. There had been war in the world almost continuously since the 1500s, imperial religious wars, followed by the Thirty Years War and the subsequent bitter war by the British Empire that failed to reclaim the lost colonies in America, which became the USA. Right thereafter we saw Europe torn apart -- first France by the Jacobin terror operations, and then all of Europe by Napoleon's imperial wars, followed in turn by Civil War in America. Then all of a sudden the train of horrors stopped. The Civil War ended, peace came to Europe, the British Opium Wars against China had also ended just a few years earlier. Even the Spanish Inquisition was officially abolished in that timeframe, which had murdered tens of thousands and burnt them alive at the stake going back all the way to the 1400s. All of that ended by 1865, followed by nearly half a century of unprecedented peace.

Something happened in that half a century that appears to be linked to it, and might have contributed to it. In 1866 a lone woman in the small town of Lynn Massachusetts discovered a scientific method for achieving Christian healing reminiscent to Biblical times, primarily to that of the Christ era. She practiced her healing, at first aiding physicians curing their 'difficult' cases, followed by holding public lectures on the subject. She also began teaching her healing method and the science behind it to others, for which she later created a college and even wrote a textbook on the subject. She eventually founded a church to promote the new method of Christian mind healing, which she named Christian Science. Soon Christian Science healing spread throughout the USA and into Europe on a fairly large scale. It spread like wildfire in many cases. While numerous volumes of testimonies of such healings were recorded over the years from a vast sea of individual experiences, the greatest achievement by the woman who started all of this, by the name of Mary Baker Eddy, was a profound sense of dignity and worth that she attributed to the individual human being, even as the living reflection of God.

This kind of thing was new. It never happened before. Not since the Golden Renaissance in the 15th Century was the human being raised to such a profound status and worth, and going beyond what the Renaissance had presented. And it wasn't just idle talk. It was backed up with healing. Nor was she merely concerned with the healing of physical disease, but also with the healing of humanity in universal terms that she devoted a substantial portion of her time to. As the last achievement, at the age of 86 when most people retire on their accomplishment, she gave up her country home and moved to Boston to start an international newspaper to brighten the world - to bless all mankind and injure none. By the time she died in December 1910, starting with year of her discovery in 1866, the world had remained at peace for 44 years. Two years after her death, on December 23, 1913, the train of horrors started to roll again and has not stopped since.

While it can be argued that Mary Baker Eddy had nothing to do with those 44 years of peace, it is also reasonable to assume that the profoundly raised stature of mankind that became the basis for wide-spread healing could have been a contributing factor to keep the dogs of war at bay.

In the 1940s timeframe, of World War II

Unknown to her followers, students, and directors, Mary Baker Eddy had accomplished another major achievement, a purely scientific one. Unlike any other religion in the world she didn't provide a dogma. Instead, she created a widely outlined structure for scientific and spiritual development. She documented and extensive outline for it and a large array of constituent elements, both in her textbook and in her major writings, but she never said or wrote a word about the structure itself. The structure was left right in the open to be discovered. And it is a huge structure made up of 144 sub-elements, with ten complete 16-element associated structures being related to it, including her entire textbook as a whole. But once the pedagogical work was created, she left it to be discovered by future scientific thinkers. 

Her science came into being by a discovery. Like any science, it was not perceived as a dogma or an end in itself, but as an open door to further development, the development that is rooted in the process of discovery and in scientific and spiritual development. For this process to function, her pedagogical structure had to be left unpontificated, to be discovered. Any other approach would have rendered her pedagogical work a dogma. A dogma imposes answers. A pedagogical process, in contrast, opens the door to a lot of questions (like the question: What is a human being?) that beg for answers through scientific and spiritual discovery.

Mary Baker Eddy formally 'mandated' that her pedagogical work be discovered. She made it a requirement for all formal teaching in her church that the teaching be exclusively based on two of the major associated structures. She must have expected that a teacher of her science who is so mandated would make the requisite inquiries that would invariably lead to the discovery of her structure. As it stands, this expectation has to the present day not been fulfilled, and this after more than hundred years of her mandate being in force. The major discovery of Mary Baker Eddy's work was eventually made outside of the institutional framework around the early-1980s.

The first discovery of anything related to Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development was apparently made in the 1940s by a respected teacher in England by the name of John Doorly. Mr. Doorly discovered a minuscule fragment of it (and not the part that was mandated for discovery). He shared and taught enthusiastically what he had discovered and wrote extensively about it. He also wrote a book about it, and became rather famous for it. Unfortunately he had discovered far too little of the vast scope of what Mary Baker Eddy had set up to be discovered, for it to be sufficient to intervene in world events on the scale that Mary Baker Eddy's personal work apparently had done according to the afore mentioned historic coincident. 

Doorly work, for its woeful incompleteness, was necessarily shallow. There wasn't enough there to prevent World War II or to stop it, and even that little that John Doorly had discovered was soon squashed when Mr. Doorly was excommunicated from the church, probably for 'unauthorized' teaching.

Mr. Doorly's ill-fated effort, for reasons probably not his own, came to same kind of sad and tragic end as did the ill-fated historic attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler in Germany in an effort to end World War II. In the political attempt to change the world certain patriotic forces in Germany had been planning for two years to assassinate the mad dictator, Adolf Hitler. But those attempts too, were shallow in concept and lacked the depth in terms of universal principles to amount to little more than amateur work. The first six attempts to assassinate Hitler were aborted and the final one on the 20th of July, 1944 (a year before the end of the war) failed miserable. Nearly 5000 people were executed by Hitler in reprisal for the attempt.

It will never be known of course whether there existed any connection between the historic effort to end the war and John Doorly fledgling movement of followers that laboured to raise the platform for scientific thinking in Christian Science akin to Mary Baker Eddy's outline. It is interesting nevertheless, to note the coincidence in timing and in the shallow quality of perception that is evident in both failures. It is also interesting to ask what might have happened if John Doorly's discovery work had not been interfered with and the discovery would have unfolded completely. What might have happened if a high-level platform for scientific and spiritual perception had been developed and spread like wildfire across the land, raising up a new image of man and mankind? A flank might have opened to defeat fascism itself so that an orderly way would have been found to remove the dictator.  Who knows if a more advanced mental environment, with far greater depth than was beginning to unfold in Britain through Doorly, which was crushed, might have raised the quality of thinking everywhere in the world at the leading edge in the struggle to protect and advance civilization. In that case the sad attempt to uplift civilization by assassination might never have been dreamed up.

Assassination is a tragedy, whether it succeeds or whether it fails. It is a process that is destructive to civilization and drags society deeper into the mud. It is of course the imperial method of choice, selected for this very effect. The reason is that it is the enduring goal of empires to prevent the development of civilization in order to protect the continuity of the feudal imperial system that cannot be maintained in a normally developing humanist society. The tragedy of the 1940s was that an attempt was made to eradicate the insanity of Nazism with another form of insanity, rather than from the higher platform of universal humanist principles. 

Doorly's discovery, if it had been developed far beyond the first few footsteps, as it was designed to be developed, might have opened the door to the higher platform of universal humanist principles on which civilization is secure. As it was, the process of discovery was ground to halt, most likely by the ensuing storm of controversy. Consequently the needed scientific and spiritual development did not take place. John Doorly was eventually excommunicated (assassinated) from the church in an evident effort to silence his voice with accomplished nothing positive in the end.

The great German poet of freedom, Friedrich Schiller, lamented that all too often the great moments of opportunity in history meet a society of 'little' people by which the opportunity is squandered. It is hard to imagine the depth of destruction that small-minded thinking has caused throughout history, and the scope of tragedy that could have been avoided.

In the 1940's the development of a higher-level platform for the protection of civilization was prevented. The dogs of war continued their ravishing. Millions of people were killed needlessly. Nor did the end of World War II change anything. The war didn't really end. The guns fell silent, but apart from that nothing really changed, because a higher-level platform in thinking had not been established, of the kind that once raised the platform of civilization way back in 1648 when the Treaty of Westphalia ended a hundred years of wars. The principle that enabled the Treaty of Westphalia raised the platform of perception of the human dimension all across Europe and created an active peace. The treaty became the first world-constitution. It still stands as the foundation for modern civilization in spite of it being presently attacked and denied.

This qualitative uplift in society's self-perception didn't happen when World War II ended. The war didn't end with the discovery of a powerful universal principle as in the time leading up to 1648. World War II ended when the grinding of war had exhausted Germany and destroyed the Nazi empire. No real victory was won by grinding a nation to near oblivion. And so, the process of war actually continued and was soon expanded again for the advance and protection of the imperial system. Fascism was imported to America and began to reshape its institutions and create new and totally fascist institutions.

One of the root designs for the West's financing Hitler into power was his promise to wipe Russia off the map and extend the western empire across Eurasia. Since Hitler failed to accomplish that, the Cold War was set in motion to reach that goal. America had the atomic bomb. An imperial plan was hatched to build many more atomic bombs, enough of them to wipe the Soviet Union of the map in one single strike. This didn't happen. But the strike wasn't prevented because any higher-level platform for civilization had been developed, which would have raised society's thinking and its humanity to a higher level. The strike-plan to wipe out the USSR was pre-empted by the Cold War grinding on. Russia had hastily developed a vastly more powerful atom bomb, the H-bomb. In the ensuing morass of threats and counter-threats the doctrine of defense by Mutually Assured Destruction was invented. But nothing was fundamentally elevated by which the conflicts could have been resolved. That's why the Cold War never really ended. We still have 40,000 nuclear bombs aimed at each other to prove that no higher-level platform built on universal humanist principles has been raised up. Instead of building that platform, the pursuit of the Cold War was founded on the same low-level platform of insanity on which the imperial war drive was grounded in the first place, and had been so for centuries.

In the background to 'life in the sewer', the takeover of America by the 'sewer' mentality of fascism began and gathered speed. Soon it spawned a long string of many covert wars against most of the Third World nations in which millions of people were killed brutally, and all in the service to protect the new empire. The fascist New World Order was announced as a commitment to the policy of perpetual war. The destruction of Vietnam was merely one of the many aspects of this escalating sewer-level mentality of artificial insanity. President Kennedy had tried to stem this rising tide in the sewer with his attempt in raising the humanity of mankind to a higher level with the focus put on advanced scientific and technological achievement. He created the Space Program for this purpose, starting with the Apollo Moon Project. His evident hope was to stage a new era of cultural optimism. He also ordered the nation to get out of Vietnam. But all of that was overturned and was crushed with his assassination, and society was dragged back into 'sewer' of smallness in thinking, insanity, and inhumanity the Vietnam War became famous for. The war was escalated and the moon project cancelled. Kennedy's great hope for mankind, the Apollo Project, was shut down two-thirds the way through the program, long before it was completed. The funding for society's self-development as human beings was diverted to feed the war in Vietnam.

America was never fully allowed to raise itself up to a higher level of humanist self-perception and realize its potential as a society of human beings. President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt had briefly demonstrated the renaissance power that is inherent in this potential. But all of what had accomplished under his care and leadership was quickly overturned at the moment of his death. At this moment the 'sewer' of fascism was reopened. It was brought in flood tides to America. America is now downing in this 'sewer.' Dwelling at this low level, and one can't get any lower than fascism, the world has drifted deeply into a dangerous rut. By the mid 1980s the nations of the world were facing each other with 65,000 nuclear weapons in their hand, all actively deployed to be unleashed at a moment's notice. The doomsday epoch had begun.

The nuclear doomsday epoch -- the 1980s

Two major developments occurred in the 1980s that had the potential to raise the thinking of society to a higher level. One had a political focus, the other a spiritual and scientific focus. Both involved the recognition that it is virtually impossible to solve the crisis in the sewer by enacting processes that operate at the same level of thinking than the level on which the crisis was created in the first place. To get out of the sewer one needs to step up to a higher level. The two developments that occurred in the 1980s were focused on these kinds of processes. Both were focused on establishing a higher-level platform. One was a political process. The other was a scientific and spiritual process.

The political process initiated by Lyndon LaRouche

The key to the political project for this process was authored by Lyndon LaRouche in the USA and was officially initiated by President Regan. The project was to create a technological defense system to protect all nation against nuclear missiles including the USSR, to be developed cooperative by all nations, also including (primarily) the USSR. The system was to be designed to utilize new physical principles in order to create a defense that would be ten times more efficient than the offensive system. But the real goal behind the plan was to utilize the project as a science driver for global economic development and to furnish a basis for a cooperative unity among mankind, cultural respect, social advancement, thus to defeat the very foundation for nuclear war. LaRouche succeeded to a point. He had the President's support who officially named the project America's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Under this initiative he had authorization to conduct back-channel negotiations with the Soviets. 

The Soviets initially liked the idea, but then, the plan was suddenly rejected. Evidently some powerful factions, especially in the West, profited from the Cold War tensions and didn't want to have them erased. Thus, the Soviets not only rejected the proposal at someone's bidding, they also requested that LaRouche be put out of the way, which was also what the financial profiteers wanted. So they came to assassinate LaRouche, but President Regan was able to stop that. Nevertheless they managed to drag him into jail on a 15-year sentence for the 'crime' of having solicited loans for political purposes without security vendor's licence. The law for this charge was especially created for this purpose and applied retroactively. The former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark called the case the worst misconduct and abuse of judicial power by the U.S. government to his knowledge. In a sense LaRouche was assassinated. The slander an abuse that followed had the same effect. But it had a worse effect on the already decaying reputation of the USA worldwide, which is reflected in many international petitions for his exoneration. LaRouche was released in 1994 after 5 years of incarceration, a few years after his prediction of the Soviet collapse came true. He had warned the Soviets that their refusal of the offer and their subsequent determination to build the defensive system by themselves would overburden their economy and collapse it in five years. It promptly collapsed in six years, and with it the Cold War temporarily ended, mankind was saved.

It took LaRouche ten years to rebuild his organization. Still, he was not silent in the intervening years. He worked, even from his jail cell, for global economic development (such as his European Economic Triangle proposal) and campaigned from his jail cell for the U.S. Presidency.

The scientific and spiritual project initiated by Howard Meredith

A new major discovery of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development was made in the early 1980s in North Vancouver, Canada, by the professional educator and long-term Christian Scientist, Howard Meredith. Whereas John Doorly in the 1940s had discovered a tiny fragment of Mary Baker Eddy's outlined structure for scientific and spiritual development, Howard Meredith probed deeper and discovered the entire vast extend of it and put it on the table, including the most extensive part of it, made up of 144 sub-elements that raised quite a few still contentious issues. Howard Meredith's work had ended a hundred years period that probably should have never happened, during which Mary Baker Eddy's greatest work had remained largely undiscovered but existing fully in the open for all to see, extensively outlined and even hinted at. With Mr. Meredith's discovery a page of history had been tuned that literally opened up a new era. (It may have changed the world up to a point, similar to LaRouche's case).

With the new discovery unfolded the great challenge to utilize what had been discovered, and in to come to terms with what it all meant. What came to light was fundamentally the opposite to a dogma. It was a structure to channel the processes for scientific and spiritual development. It didn't provide answers. It set up a platform that posed evermore questions that demanded scientific alertness and honesty. Within the pedagogical structure four development streams came to light pertaining to four major aspects of human development. The four development streams are themselves divided into four horizontal levels that are also defined as four cardinal points, representing four types of perception, or four types of freedom.

It took a few years to sift through the vast array of definitions, references, and potential interrelationships provided by Mary Baker Eddy. I have been privileged to have been part of the small circle of individuals that became involved with the project. Prior to this time I had written a number of articles to explore the necessary process for spiritually countering the Cold War doomsday standoff. The articles were submitted to the Christian Science periodicals through which I had successfully published many times before. But when it came to countering the Cold War doomsday standoff I hit a wall of granite as it were. Eventually the entire submission ledger was forwarded to me that had all the relevant articles marked, "rejected" as if the subject was unofficially off limits and was not allowed to be countered. I had also written a novel at this time on the subject, (now known by the title: Brighter than the Sun - free online). It was in the midst of all that, that Howard Meredith contacted me and suggested that he had something to share that would open a whole new dimension for the work that I had dedicated myself to, including the search for the real dimension of power. Scientific development is power.

As the years went Howard Meredith's promise was more than fulfilled. Nevertheless the already experienced 'stonewalling' by the church continued on the whole front. Howard Meredith, like John Doorly before him, was excommunicated from the Christian Science church on charges relating to the pursuit of his discovery and the sharing of it. In a sense, Mr. Meredith was assassinated. He was slandered and otherwise vilified. Ironically he was 'kicked into the teeth' for bringing to light one of Mary Baker Eddy greatest contribution to the scientific and spiritual development of Christian Science and civilization as a whole, a work produced by the very founder of Christian Science and its church, whom the church terms its leader. While the pathetic little travesty continued for some time, the development work of what had been brought to light through Howard Meredith's discovery continued and became akin to "a stream of fresh water in a parched land."

Those were amazing times, times to remember. Also, the dynamism behind the unfolding development effort didn't fade until the work was essentially done. This closure occurred a few years after the Cold War had officially ended.

Historically, LaRouche's SDI idea and its political development, rejection, and its ultimate 'success' in bringing the Cold War to an end, coincides by its timing with the discovery and development of Mary Baker Eddy's platform for scientific and spiritual development, set into motion by Mr. Howard Meredith. In both cases the focus had been put on raising the thinking of society to a higher level, above the level on which society's problems are founded, on which they can be resolved.

Whether there exists an as yet undiscovered link between these two diverse historic developments with a similar objective, other than their historic coincidence in timing, cannot be determined. Both might be reflective of each other, or supportive of each other. Nevertheless the discovery of Mary Baker Eddy's work that had been kept hidden until a period in which progressive development would bring it light through the process of discovery itself, came to light with a similar qualitative effect for holding back war, as has been noted at the binning of this article for Mary Baker Eddy's own period of personal involvement in shaping the world to some degree for a span of 44 years.

The year 2005, the year of more-critical developments

Some say that 2001 war the most the most critical year of the first decade of the new millennium, because it was the year of America's 9/11 attack on itself that opened the flood gates for its war on terror -- a war of terror that threatened much of the world and killed hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq. But that was promised to be just the beginning. The next targets were Iran and North Korea. The war drum were sounded evermore loudly. In 2005 that stage was set for the war to begin in both regions under the CONPLAN 8022 and the Global Strike Doctrine. Warnings were leaked in July from courageous, competent circles in the U.S. military that Iran would be hit during the summer month when the Congress and Senate are in recess. As it turned out, LaRouche's immediate worldwide circulation of the warning prevented the policy from being carried out, which civilization might not have survived.

Again, we have two major efforts unfolding simultaneously that appear to have been of critical importance. LaRouche's effort was made in the political sphere. The consequences would likely have been unimaginable, had his effort failed. (See: Boundary Zone to Extinction)

A parallel effort this was made on the spiritual site. Almost from the start of the year, through to early summer, in the effort to raise the image of humanity to a higher level of self-perception in the context of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical development work, a major project was undertaken, primarily by me, to reassess, redevelop, and to republish all the numerous aspects that came to light through the exploration of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development. (see: Discovering Infinity - series) 

Simultaneous with this work my novel, "Winning Without Victory," was brought to completion as the 4th novel in the series The Lodging for the Rose. The novel develops in one of its last chapters the concept of the "boundary zone" is explored in which extraordinary things happen, similar to the physics of the shockwave in supersonic flight. The shockwave develops when a aircraft exceeds the propagation speed of the air-pressure wave, when the air can no longer get out of the way of an oncoming aircraft as it can't move fast enough. The resulting physical 'conflict' puts us into the boundary zone where different physical principles begin to apply. (see: The Shockwave Effect) The same situation can also be observed in the mental and political realm. It wasn't long after the completion of that novel that the realization dawned on me that we actually find ourselves globally in exactly such a boundary zone.

The downturn to hell began in 2006
but could it be also a time for closure?

The year 2005 ended on a hopeful note. Way back in 1944 the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had warned that the gravest threat America could possibly face was the proliferation of fascism into America. What he feared most had come true and had become dangerously increased in 2005 with the President's nomination of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court, a man whose background is rooted in the Federalist Society that has been widely exposed by Lyndon LaRouche to be historically linked to Carl Schmitt, the architect of the original Nazi laws that laid the foundation for Hitler to become a dictator. Alito was rooted in this background, and if affirmed, would be the 5th member on the Supreme Court who represented Carl Schmitt's Nazi doctrines, especially the doctrine that became reflected in America as the dictatorial "Unitary Executive" doctrine together with the practice of the presidential signing statements that became a method for the U.S. President to override the laws passed by the legislature.  A great momentum had been built up near the end of 2005 in the U.S. Democratic Party to prevent the confirmation of Alito's nomination by the President to the Supreme Court. 

This built-up momentum all of a sudden collapsed in January 2006. The entire opposition to Nazism collapsed that could have prevented this new major step in the continuing fascist takeover of America. 

Alito's nomination had been confirmed. As if the fighting spirit had been drained out of people, the resulting tragic capitulation to fascism in the American legislature became the rule in nearly all other aspects from that point, on including the takedown of America's industrial capacity that was rapidly accelerated with the shutdown of the U.S. automobile industry in the background to a once again accelerating drive for war. 

The war against Iran was back on the agenda in full force. 

Here, as if it were a flanking operation, a new opposition against was emerged that was stronger than the capitulating legislature. Something that never happened in U.S. military history, to my knowledge, happened that spring in 2006. A large number if generals boldly stood up and threatened to resign if the command was given to attack Iran. They declared that they would walk away from their post instead of carrying out the command.

Of course the generals' revolt didn't end the war policy, but it put a lid on it. Then another, 'softer revolt' happened against the CONPLAN 8022 that included use of nuclear weapons that the President threatened for the bombing of Iran. In response to an institutional outcry, the nukes were taken off the table. Then rumours had it that the conventional bombing campaign was ready to go in mid May that year. Except the pretext to start the madness hadn't been found, especially in the light of the survey results that slapped the U.S. President in the face with an 80% demand by the people that the President should be impeached.

Around this time an indications emerged that a major terror attack would be staged during the World Cup soccer tournament in June, with major crumbs carefully laid down to the doorsteps to Iran. LaRouche issued a worldwide alert that effect, which closed the door on this possibility. 

As it turned out the warning was effective. The only terror event that happened during World Cup days, happened in India, and since it had fallen within the framework of what had been pre-warned, the event could not be used as pretext for war. It appears that we are now entering an arena in which the war drive that would have been a cakewalk to implement a few years earlier, simply doesn't work anymore. Maybe a new era had begun that was unfolding behind the official scene?

Now, with the door closed again, against war, more of the pawns on the imperial chessboard of geopolitics are activated. After a meeting in June between the U.S. Vice President and the President of Israel, the nation of Israel was drawn into the act with the evident command that Israel, in course of destroying Lebanon, will create for America the elusive pretext for the bombing of Iran. The evident goal in attacking Labanon is to unleash a level of destruction and mayhem that would force Syria to intervene, by which Iran would be automatically drawn into the conflict in response to its mutual defense agreement with Syria. The game plane seemed air-tide.  The only thing that could spoil the plan at this stage, so it seemed, would be a sudden ceasefire imposed by the U.N., which the world community might demand, and demands evermore forcefully.

The chief pawns in this theatre, Israel and the USA, were evidently instructed by their masters not to allow any form of ceasefire to occur, under any circumstances, no matter what lies what lies would be needed to keep the war going. Ah, but the lies are wearing thin. A ceasefire was imposed, but it really didn't heal the cause of inhumanity, the distain with which human beings are pushed to the brink of extinction and in many cases are killed. The idea is not new of unleashing a kind of war that keeps on killing after the war ends. We saw in the Israeli attack on Lebanon in which after the ceasefire was accepted, virtually within the last 72 hours before it became effective, hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs were poured into Southern Lebanon, 100,000 of which now lie unexploded on the ground in the form of tiny bomblets that children invariably touch and get their hands blown off with, or feet, or are killed altogether, and it's all deemed legal and moral, even normal, in a world in which humanity itself is no longer deemed to be of any value (see: Blanket Immunity from War Crimes -When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic")

How does one heal that hind of insanity, but by raising the universal image of the human being to such height of dignity that such crimes against humanity inspire the kind of convulsion that impels mankind to persecute the crimes rather than to accept them as a form of national military freedom? We see a movement slowly unfolding in this direction (see: A War Crimes Tribunal May be the Only Deterrent to a Global War).

"It should be quite obvious by now that Israelís latest invasion of Gaza and Lebanon had very little to do with rescuing her fallen soldiers," writes a Dr. Habib Siddiqui, assessing the war as more and more people now do. And in all the idea is faintly dawning that in real terms the whole of mankind is under attack, morally and physically, by the movements afoot. The global attack against mankind is indicated by the vast stockpiles of the uranium bombs (the ultimate weapon for mass-extinction) that have already been pre-positioned. 

The pawns are evidently instructed that America's uranium weapon for mass-extinction must be deployed before the world-financial system collapses (which may happen soon) that would take the private financier empire to its grave with it unless the power of the nation states could be destroyed before this happens so that all power can be placed into private hands. The resulting game plan involves the destroying of Russia, China, India, and the USA together as a functioning nations, which can be accomplished by disabling the targeted nations' people with uranium induced diseases on a massive scale, leading into the long-term depopulation of the targeted regions.

This insane scenario is evidently the planed. The plan has been long in the making as a policy of intention. Now we are in the boundary zone. It appears that more and more people (although still far too few) are waking up to the fact that they are the target. In the boundary zone the conventional dynamics no longer apply, new principles come into play, and those might change the world completely. Some of these are purely spiritual principles that involve the still largely dormant power of the Christ-effect of spiritual understanding. The great humanist breakthroughs that have been possible in history are still possible, because their principle has not changed. A principle, like the principle of physical gravity, remains forever to be applied at any time. There exists no power that can negate or even reverse universal principles. Power is on the side of principle.

In today's world mankind appears locked into a trap called the New World Order in which mass extinction is planned to achieve imperial objectives. But in real terms the power of principle upholds the eternal Divine Order versus the would-be Neocon's fascist New World Order of the imperial dreamers, misnamed, the Illuminati. Real power is not on the side of empire. It is on the side of humanity. Every empire in history has failed as it has raised its arrogance against humanity, because it thereby defeated itself. Some nearly destroyed civilization in the process, like the Roman Empire, but they all collapsed. Our modern world is no exception. The Nazi Empire collapsed and vanished; the Soviet Empire likewise; the Israeli Empire is on the fast track to the same doom; the private Anglo-American dream empire is about to pop too, like a soap bubble that is over-stretched with insanity and is evaporating. 

As always, the road to doom is war. War destroys the strongest pillar, and any society that plays this game. And when the dust settles the principle of peace remains still in force. It is undefeatable. The Divine Order continues. Only the depth of the self-destruction of society varies in proportion to which it graves war or its apathy as it tolerates war. For example, the widespread use of depleted uranium weaponry is one of those factors that deepen the self-destruction of society, as its killing continues even after the wars end.

Fortunately the imperial love affair with uranium weaponry is fast running against a brick wall that will hopefully stop the weapon that is designed for mass extinction before it is too late and the extinction becomes universal, or near universal. The Korea Times publication (Dec. 2005) of a U.S. dossier of the pre-positioning of 3 million uranium bombs in Korea and Japan, is hinting to some degree at the vastly larger stockpiles that has evidently been laid up for the bombing of Iran at America's over 20 Air Force bases encircling Iran. The daring expose has put the world on notice that the ultimate weapon for the potential extinction of mankind is fully on the table. It is crying out to mankind that this danger needs to be disarmed. But mankind is answering with apathy. Nothing is happening. This time, when peace will resume, it might be a peace without a human voice in it, or just a faint one. And still the apathy remains. One sees little interest in society in rescuing itself. Society is locked into a pursuit of money that it refuses to utilize to save its very existence. This madness is infinitely distant from the divine order. Mankind has removed itself from the order in which its existence is rooted. What it finds at this distant and empty place is not pretty. For example, the year 2006 began with a surprise revelation that the lung cancer rate has suddenly increased 6-fold in the USA, which corresponds in its timing with the massive DU bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of society responds with closing its eyes more tightly against what it doesn't wish to see, even when the evidence is unmistakable.

There is some people however who are waking up. There aren't many yet, but a few are speaking out. There is now talk being heard even among a few Republicans in Congress and in the Senate,  though still spoken privately, that a "closure is needed." This might possibly lead to the closure of the entire PNAC policy madness and the dismissal or prosecution of the people that spearhead it. It is beginning to become recognized that this closure is necessary or else there will be no Republican party for a long time to come. The realization hasn't taken hold yet that there might not even be a nation remaining, or a humanity to speak of, if the present course isn't reversed from the fascist New World Order to the Divine Order of harmonious existence and cooperative building and living in peace. Unfortunately it isn't being recognized yet that unless this closure against empire happens there won't be a future for anyone, much less a party. This realization is yet to come. It may not be far off. One of the great principles of the Divine Order is honest, beginning with honesty with oneself.

A new Treaty of Westphalia might be on the horizon.

Very slowly, now that we are in the boundary zone, the idea is dawning that the ultimate responsibility for the destruction and killing that has so atrociously been raining down onto the people of Lebanon and Palestine, and also Israel, lies in the court of all of us, in the court of mankind as a whole. We, collectively, bear the blame far more than Israel does which is being sacrificed at the altar of war together with the nations of Lebanon and Palestine. It appears that Germany, France, and Turkey have signed up to join the imperial war party with their eyes set on Syria and Iran as sacrificial stepping stones for the destruction of Russia, China, and India, as well as Africa and oil-regions of the world. 

This terrible game in which entire nations are sacrificed once again for imperial objectives should have never been possible, and it wouldn't have been possible if the Divine Order was sought and its principles be implemented. But instead the war-tragedy is happening and is staged to explode. Our humanity should have stopped this train to hell long ago, or not even allowed it to get onto the tracks. A new environment should have been built, like the one that had brightened the world during 44 years of Mary Baker Eddy's work, a work to uplift mankind onto a higher plane of self-perception. But in today's world this isn't happening. In the 'vacuum' that was left behind with Mary Baker Eddy's death the whole of mankind lay unprotected and vulnerable to what historians may one day call the most monumental explosion of evil of all times, beginning in 1913, followed by two world wars and a rise of fascism that threatens to shut down mankind altogether. It seems society missed the boat to continue in the footsteps of the pioneer. We failed ourselves way back at this crucial stage. Nevertheless we can grow up and make up for lost opportunities. We've done it before. We changed the world once back then in 1648 when the principles of the Peace of Westphalia brought closure to nearly 100 years of various types of war.

The high-level self-perception that had historically opened the gates to peace and a new renaissance with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, has never been attained again, except by Mary Baker Eddy who took it several steps further. That is what her pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development is focused on. She asked the fundamental questions again, the same kind of questions that Plato had asked in his time after 70 years of the Peloponnesian War had reduced the great Greek culture to ashes, questions like: What is a human being? What defines civilization? What makes civilization work? These are the question that the American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche has put onto the table again. Except Mary Baker Eddy had raised her question one level higher than that. She asked: What is a human being as the reflected image of God? What defines civilization at this high level? What makes civilization work that can unfold its potential only at this level in a mode of continuous development? Nor did she merely set up this higher stage, she also provided in her unique pedagogical framework the pathway to get us there. (see: Discovering Infinity - Volume 3 - Universal Divine Science)

Today's political, financial, and economic crisis, this threatening to fast becoming an existential crisis is rooted in the platform of empire, the platform of private imperial power, private wealth, private property, and the subjugating, looting, and decimating of society. Mary Baker Eddy doesn't address those dimension of insanity, since there is little to be gained by exploring the outcome of insanity. But she does set up the stage for exploring the mental processes behind the sewer of insanity and the processes of getting onto higher ground. She never provides any direct answers, but sets up a structure for scientific development by which the answers can be found, especially those to questions that lay still far in the future, questions of genocide and extinction that will determine the future of mankind in our age. (see: Boundary Zone to Extinction)

Mary Baker Eddy said about her work that future ages would declare what the pioneer had accomplished. Let's hope that this will come to path. Right now, the chances seem slim. Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical framework still remains largely unknown and hidden in obscurity, perhaps so by the intention of the forces that shape policy for the protection of the imperial system. Actually I would be surprised if this wasn't the case, because every one of the lesser structures that had caused bright eras in history is being trampled into dust in the imperial world. The renaissance principles that started mankind's modern quest for freedom from the imperial system, way back in the late 1300s, are said to no longer apply. Whatever today still challenges the imperial system like the original American System of Economics built on the Principle of the General Welfare, is relegated to the ash heap as a relic of the past. The legacy of all the great pioneers of America, like that of Abraham Lincoln, Frankin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and so forth has all been trashed. Even the Treaty of Westphalia is ridiculed, which created the renaissance environment in which the USA was founded. The treaty became a kind of world-constitution on which modern civilization was built. It is now said to no longer apply.

In a sense it is true that the Treaty of Westphalia no longer applies as it once did, because the need it to go beyond it and step up to a still higher level. The Treaty of Westphalia was built on a unique principle that is best described as the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. It ended a string of wars extending more than a hundred years that destroyed Europe and decimated the population. It was recognized that everyone needed peace. And so a commitment was made to shift the focus away from the pursuit of whatever is most detrimental to another nation, to promoting what is to the advantage of the other. In this light the ravishing warfare was stopped, past atrocities were forgiven, revenge put aside, even financial debts were forgiven, and most of all the universal sovereignty of all the nations was acknowledged and guaranteed by mutual agreement. 

We need to get back to that minimal level, but go further, all the way to the Principle of Universal Love. The USA was founded on the Principle of the General Welfare, which is a step in that direction, but doesn't go far enough. It appears that nothing short of the Principle of Universal Love will guarantee the survival of civilization at the current stage. It is no longer enough to aim merely at stopping war. That's a 'passive' goal. Stopping war is a passive process. The action must proceed from the power of a principle, a universal principle, like the principle of our humanity that inspires our love for all that is human, the Principle of Universal Love for our humanity. War must stop because it is the human thing to do. If this fight isn't unfolding we are trashing our own humanity. It is not enough to seek merely a ceasefire in the Israeli-Lebanon conflict. We need to strife to uplift the whole region unto a level of humanity that has been been seen there for a century, and that can only be achieved by a love for our humanity, unfolding globally. War should not just be banned because it causes dangerous political and strategic problems. It should be abolished as an affront to our humanity. In this love we become truly human. That is what it means coming of age.

Are there at least a few signs on the horizon that there is movement in this direction, that we are coming of age? Is anyone looking at Lebanon and Palestine and Israel with the dawning realization that the chaos there is a failure of our common humanity? On a very small scale some of that kind of movement is happening. The dawning awareness by some people of the Republican Party that a closure is needed to America's commitment to fascism is a small indication. LaRouche's fight for rebuilding America on its historic principles is another such indication. We also see movements along this front coming from China. (See: Going Deeper - China Has Decided To Cross The Line)

Nobody can tell at the present stage of those small steps will be sufficient to get us safely out of the boundary zone with weapons for extinction on the table and pre-positioned, with the war drive to use them shifted into high gear, for which Iran and North Korea are set up.

Whichever the outcome will be, whether we get out of the boundary zone alive and with a vibrant civilization being built up will depend on whether mankind sees itself as the victim when it permits war to trash its humanity. Unfortunately it is not an easy step to get out of the sewer that has been deepened by years of growing fascism and cultural warfare against our humanity, and to step up to the level of the Principle of Universal Love. This challenge to embrace the Principle of Universal Love has so far not even been accepted in the social domain of our day to day living where the very concept of universal love is regarded akin to treason. I started writing a novel to explore this challenge. I was totally ignorant at this time of the vast scope of this challenge, so that the project became a series of nine novels some of which are still under construction for probably still a few years.  (see: The series The Lodging for the Rose - free access online)

If one looks at the horrendous crimes that are committed against Lebanon, crimes of war, crimes against humanity in the name of peace (what insanity) it is not hard to see how far we, humanity, have drifted away from the Principle of Universal Love (see: Laying Out
The Qana Calculation
.) And still, most of humanity still pretends
, "this doesn't apply to me." And so, the very thought of a cease-fire remains blocked. Lebanon may be far away, but it's tragedy does apply. The death of Lebanon is the result of mankind's saying for fifty years, "this doesn't apply to me." And yes, it will apply, because Lebanon's death is merely the first faint sample of what has already been prepared to come in full measure in the form of possibly 10 million uranium bombs, if not more, that mankind as a whole may not survive. Yes, we should cry for Lebanon and let our tears stop the war, but more than that we should cry for ourselves and the black future we all face, if we will have one at all, by keeping our love small and confined, still saying, "this doesn't apply to me."

Ironically it is China, the nation that has been pummelled by the USA for years for 'human rights violations,' which stands alone among all the great nations of the world by sending humanitarian supplies into the scene in which humanity is dying. China says by its actions, the human dimension does apply to us, while the noble USA only sends bombs with expedited delivery. American 'aid' to Israel was used by the Israeli to blow up four highway bridges of the last remaining land link on which humanitarian aid had been able to reach Beirut from Syria. The attack stalled an eight-truck convoy carrying 150 tonnes of relief and severed, what the United Nations called its "umbilical cord" for aid supplies. The Israeli destruction of this vital land link makes the Chinese landing of supplies by air from Jordan all the more important, even though it is but a drop in a bucket for a city swelled by 800,000 refugees. (see: Bridge Bombing Paralyses Lebanon Aid Pipeline )

It appears that the far away nation of China is currently the champion among humanity as the one that stands closest to the Principle of Universal Love. While it its true that even the best air-bridge supply-line would be woefully inadequate to supply the enormous need of a country that is being systematically destroyed, the greatest potential of China's aid is to serve as an example for the world. It appears that China, even while it struggles with eradicating poverty in its own land, has managed to stand as an Exemplar for mankind with an open hand bearing gifts of love, rather than raising a closed fist or standing idly by in an ice-cold apathy that borders on disdain.

At the moment the world's ice-cold apathy and disdain overshadow the Middle East tragedy with an even greater tragedy. All UN aid convoys had to be stopped as their access to the needy became impossible with the roads bombed, the bridges destroyed, and Israel imposing a curfew south of the Litani river, warning that any moving vehicles in that zone - up to 30km deep in southern Lebanon - would be destroyed. This applies even to the city of Tyre, the largest city in that zone, which is now under siege. No aid gets in, including food, and no civilians get out, and the world does nothing except to capitulate Lebanon to Israel. 


The doctrine of "God's chosen people."

The doctrine of "God's chosen people" is rooted in the political perversion of religion instead of in divine Principle as the root of the Principle of Universal Love. 

The Principle of Universal Love that is key to healing any unfolding crisis situation, has been actively impeded in the Middle East, apparently as the result of a religious perversion that stems from a great tragedy which had been set up in ancient times in the form of the doctrine of "the chosen people." 

The Zionist ideology renders the Jewish people as God's "chosen people," which by implication renders the rest of mankind as worthless trash. Indeed, this is how Israel treats the people of Lebanon. The doctrine of the "chosen people" (with special privileges) is found rooted in the Bible in the fifth book of Moses, called Deuteronomy (versus 7:6 and 14:2). The book appears to lay out God's special regard for Israel. However, the book of Deuteronomy was a book created by the priests and for the priests own purposes to control society. It appears to be a document of a subtle religious imperial fraud. The perversion that comes to light is almost unnoticeable. The early concept that defined God as "the Holy One of Israel" that we find prominently reflected in Isaiah where the phrase comes from, has been turned upside down by declaring the Israelis to be God's chosen people (rather than the other way around.) Scholars place the book Deuteronomy into the 600 BC timeframe, roughly a hundred years after the time of Isaiah.

The term Deuteronomy literally means something akin to a 'repetition of the law' or a 'rewriting of the law,' or in modern terms, the 'revision of the law.' The dogma of the "chosen people" first appeared in this book, the book Deuteronomy, the historically latest revision of the law. It appears that the emergence of Deuteronomy in the Bible coincides with the beginning of the separate development of Jewish law by its incorporation of the Babylonian Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud was essentially complete at around 500 BC before it became the 'holy book of Judaism,' which itself was under repeated revision for an entire millennium till about 700 AD.


Of course the revision of the law of Moses was nothing new in the world of religion at this time, when the people of Israel struggled to survive on so many occasions, often in difficult circumstances. The book of Leviticus, the third book of Moses, gives us an earlier example of the political revision of the law of Moses. It contains for instance a completely politicized version of the Ten Commandments (Leviticus 20). This version is radically different from the original version (Exodus 20). The gentle admonitions of the original code became totally perverted and interwoven with edicts for penalization, even the imposition of the death penalty in many cases. This early process of perversion already takes us already far away from the divine code of the universal image of mankind as made in the image of God, which we find documented as the core concept of man in the very opening chapter of the Scriptures ( Genesis 1). 

The "eye for an eye" code of law versus the Mosaic code.

There appears to have been a still earlier perversion of the Mosaic code inserted into the Scriptures that predates even Leviticus. We find it inserted right behind the original version of Moses' Ten Commandments, where it stands in total contrast the commandments. The Ten Commandments present a collection of passive requirements that are essential for the functioning of a civilizing, instructing society that one should not do this or that, like, "thou shalt not kill." But behind each passive demand stands an active principle that assures that the demand is met, like the principle of divine life, the principle to respect life as a divine expression. On this platform of the active principle the passive demand "thou shalt not kill" will never be violated. This beautiful and gentle code of law is reflected throughout the original Decalogue presented in Exodus 20. But then in the next chapter and old barbaric penal code has been inserted, the "eye for an eye" code that has nothing gentle about it and is actually anti-civilizational. 

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Historically the concept of "and eye for an eye" appears to be rooted in an ancient code of Babylonian law, the Code of Hammurabi dating back to the 1720s B.C. (a thousand years before Isaiah). The  Code of Hammurabi appears to have brought a certain measure of civilization to barbarism as it imposed a few limits on penalties for crime and retribution. It appears to have been intended to curb the arbitrary mistreatment of slaves, the oppression of the poor by imperial officials and the priests, and so on, and even fraud by contract and excesses in litigation. The Code of Hammurabi was a brave attempt to level the playing field and bring a certain sense of humanity to society as a radical departure of the brutal excesses in corporal punishment that had become rather shocking in Assyrian law. While the Code of Hammurabi didn't match the leniency of the Hittites, it stands nevertheless as a significant milestone in the advance of civilization. 

It would be well for society today if it would heed the ancient code that was desigened to curb barbarism. Under the Code of Hammurabi it would be inconceivable what we see happening today, for example in Lebanon where we have the case of two Israeli soldiers taken prisoner on Lebanese soil by a Lebanese militia that let to a rampage of revenge by Israel that destroyed the entire country as a functional entity. The prisoners had been offered back to Israel on a level playing field in exchange for prisoners the Israeli had taken. The Israeli response was to unleash the power of its high-tech might, backed by a super power, to blanket the region with war that brought a rain of terror and destruction on both countries. This horrendous excess would not have been possible under the Code of Hammurabi that had put limits on barbarism, which was later incorporated into Hebrew law in which the Jewish heritage is rooted. But then, who cases about such things as humanity and civilization in the pursuit of state terrorism for world imperial objectives? When Hitler opened the floodgate to false-flag state terrorism to pave the way to World War II he opened up a sewer that Hammurabi had tried to pave over nearly four millennia ago.

Maybe there was still strong enough barbarism afoot at the time when Moses' Ten Commandments were presented, a few centuries after Hammurabi. While Moses' Ten Commandments were designed to inspire a civilization built on universal humanist principles, the implementation might have seemed too idealistic so that an advanced form the Code of Hammurabi (providing a totally equal playing field -- an eye for and eye) was inserted after the commandments as a kind of contingency measure until the higher law based exclusively on active principles would obsolete the lower-level code that still allowed barbarism, but extremely curbed. 

More than a millennium later Christ Jesus was trying to alert the people of his time to beware that any concession to barbarism unacceptable under the spiritual code of God's law, the rule of universal humanist principles. He pointed out that those concessions to barbarism should have been scrapped ages ago, thus he presented a higher concept of law that is revolutionary in its implementation of the Ten Commandments (Matth. 5). 

38 #Ye have heard that it hath been
said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth
for a tooth:

39 But I say unto you, That ye resist
not evil: but whosoever shall smite
thee on thy right cheek, turn to him
the other also....

43 #Ye have heard that it hath been
said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour,
and hate thine enemy.

44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies,
bless them that curse you, do good
to them that hate you, and pray for
them which despitefully use you, and
persecute you;

45 That ye may be the children of
your Father which is in heaven: for
he maketh his sun to rise on the evil
and on the good, and sendeth rain on
the just and on the unjust.

46 For if ye love them which love
you, what reward have ye? do not even
the publicans the same?

We find this advanced step away from barbarism profoundly implemented in spirit by Mahatma Gandhi the pioneer of non-violent resistance that proved to be more powerful than guns, in which an advanced sense of humanity became the superior power. 

What is truly "chosen by God?" What reflects most profoundly the principles of our humanity?

The dogma of "the chosen people" that provides a superior political and national identity and creates master races and human trash goes miles into the opposite direction from the spiritual concept of a singular God and a singular universal humanity in the likeness of God.  History tells us that this religious 'fraud' that reopens the sewer of inhumanity that the code of Hammurabi tried to pave over, took a long time to be 'developed' in Hebrew history.  It appears as the latest historic perversion of the law, a much later perversion than the one that Christ Jesus referred to, the eye for an eye doctrine that involves only a minimal concession to barbarism. The minimal concession, the eye for an eye limit in barbarism falls away under the rule of the Principle of Universal Love once society becomes able to get a sense of the freedom of civilization that unfolds by stepping away from barbarism altogether. But the dogma of the "chosen people" is not so easily reversed. It involves a vastly deeper perversion that legitimizes the farthest departure from the divine idea of man and the Principle of Universal Love. It probably took society deeper into the sewer than we presently recognize or are able to imagine. It seems hardly possible to step deeper into political perversion than to divide mankind into a bunch of self-proclaimed master races of special people and a sea of worthless trash. The Dark Age in Europe that came out of that imperial totalitarianism barely deserves to be called a civilization, while its darkness is becoming dense again in modern times, and for the same reason. The age of the world-empire quests should have ended long ago. We should have grown out of it. 

During Christ Jesus' days a new concept of being "chosen" by God took hold that might yet provide a foundation for the still war-torn society of mankind to grow up on in its humanity. The new concept of the "chosen" comes with a vastly different meaning than the political identity of a superior group. The new concept becomes related to the highest conceptual identity of man, the Christ identity, exemplified by Christ Jesus (the Christ, the chosen of God - Luke 23:35). This higher concept, the Christ idea, the universal divinity of man, was associated in public thought with the man Jesus. But Jesus called himself the son of man as well as the son of God, drawing both aspects together as the Exemplar of the Christ idea, the highest sense of humanity. In this sense the concept of "chosen" doesn't isolate anyone and divide mankind, but uplifts the universal identity of mankind as nothing ever had in the entire history of humanity.

Unfortunately this tall spiritual concept of mankind as universally acknowledged in divine Principle with the highest worth has all been lost, if indeed it has ever been fully put on the table after Christ Jesus' time, prior to Mary Baker Eddy reintroducing it in 1866. As a consequence of this profound loss, extending for nearly two millennia, the sad perversion and degradation of mankind that resulted from the concept of a "chosen people" as a national identity, or imperial or regal identity, became the norm throughout the Dark Age when kings and emperor assumed absolute power to rule as the 'chosen of God' by "divine right' subjecting the 'little' people like some the worthless trash or beasts of labour, mere serves to be used at will. While I am exaggerating, the perversion of the identity of mankind into rulers and trash (enslaved by free-trade globalist looting) is still very much like a dark blanket smothering civilization.

In the ancient days it took multiple religious and imperial 'revisions' of the Mosaic code to get society into this sewer of inhumanity, the development of which had been quietly carried out over long periods of time. It is obvious, by the mess we have today, that these multiple 'revisions' of the law were perpetrated primarily for establishing a number of far-reaching psychological and political advantages of the early Hebrew people who gave themselves the title of God's people "chosen above all the nations that are upon the earth" (Deuteronomy 14:2). With this the earlier respected truth of a universal humanity, the family of man, or the brotherhood of man, was lost, which even Christ Jesus with his advanced teaching and healing demonstrations had been unable to resurrect and give back to society.

Sadly, we are still stuck in this trap in which truth has no meaning, which Christ Jesus laboured to get us out of.  In today's age, it seems that the truth lost its importance completely when it comes to politics. Should we be surprised therefore that the world is drowning in lies? The renowned truth-activist Alex Jones recently put together a two hour video, called "Terror Storm" that documents the routine use of false-flag terror operations (terror carried out overtly by governments with finger pointing to other nations) as a means to condition society to accept the pains of horrific wars that are intended to follow and always do. 

Alex Jones' video begins with Hitler's multiple use of false-flag terror. Hitler burnt the German parliament building to the ground and raised a terror cry over it that enabled him to grab dictatorial power. He also used terror to start World War II. Hitler staged a military terror incidence against his own people with false breadcrumbs leading to East, and so the war was on. 

The video "Terror Storm" takes the viewer from there all the way to the numerous modern false-flag terror operations that are designed to shape public opinions for 'managing' elections, enabling political objectives, and of course, as in the past to stage wars (you can order the video at 

The truth, evidently, has nothing to do with anything anymore in the land of imperial politics where the 'masters' rule over a society they deem to be 'human trash.' It appears the world has sunk so low that doing terrorism has now become a part of normal politics at the highest levels in government of some of the once greatest cultural people. 

In a very real way, the politics of utilizing mind-control with lies and deceptions still continues, which goes back to ancient times and had deceived even the 'most noble' people in mankind's spiritual history. Since the process has not been overturned through the ages, it had become more intense. Why should we be surprised then that the process has become rather spectacular in recent years, as for example with the 9/11 event, to serve the now proportionately larger objectives of the imperial games?

Thus the process of banning the truth for political expediency has become a major danger to human existence as deliberately staged false-flag terror operations make it exceedingly easy now to launch wars at will, even wars with nuclear weapons, or wars with uranium bombs that kill with diseases than mankind cannot defend itself against, which keep on killing forever (see: Depleted Uranium Wars, the Ultimate Crime Against Humanity). 

Hidden behind monumental walls of lies and wrapped in secrecy the military capably has now been put in place to cause the extinction of mankind, or at least the near extinction, with great movements afoot to cause those means to be implemented, driven by sheer insanity, which the imperial world is now famous for (see: Boundary Zone to Extinction). The truth means so little in today's world that one might consider it completely banned.

The loss of truth in history

Going back to ancient times we find ample evidence in biblical history that even in those early times the truth rarely stood in high regard, especially in Israeli history. We are told that Jacob, the person who later was renamed Israel, had cheated his brother Esau out of his birthright by deceiving his father in a conspiracy cooked up by his mother.  The situation became so hot that Jacob had to flee for his life as his brother threatened to kill him for the perpetrated treachery. Consequently Jacob fled to his mother's brother, Laban, where he served for Laban's two daughters that became his wives. But there it was Jacob who was deceived and cheated. He didn't get the girl for a wife that he had bargained for, but found that he had married her sister instead. So he had to work for Laban for another bunch of years for the girl of his dreams. But even then, when it was all done, and many years later when he sought to return home, Jacob cheated Laban in return, his benefactor of many years. For dividing the flock he devised a fraudulent scheme for selecting the best flocks for himself, using trickery. Thus the roots of treachery evidently go deep in this family. Also the train of treachery that Jacob had been riding continued on with his children. 

Jacob, who was later called Israel, had twelve children with his two wives. But Israel loved his son Joseph more than all of his other sons. Consequently the brothers hated Joseph and in time conspired to kill him. Ah, but one of the brothers conspired against the conspiracy of the other brethren, aiming to prevent the killing. In the unfolding process of multiple deception Joseph's life was actually saved, but he was sold as a slave instead, whereby he came to Egypt. Now, in order for the brothers to hide their crime they took Joseph's coat that they had stripped from him, dipped it in blood and rent it, and told their father that Joseph had been devoured by an evil beast. The truth wasn't worth much in those days, so it seems, just as we find it today.

Against this kind of family background the multiple perversions of the Mosaic code for political objectives was evidently but a small step, perhaps even the normal thing to do for the sake of expediency. 

Out of this background of multiple perversions the fraudulent dogma of the "chosen people" as a national identity was born. In the new Israel the "Holy One" was no longer God. That concept expired after Isaiah. The Israeli people themselves were deemed the Holy One, holy to God, chosen above all nations in the world. They literally  declared themselves to be "holy to God." The resulting complete reversal of relationships between God and man, from God being holy to the people, into a select people being deemed holy to God, spawned the doctrine of a "chosen people" that was noted far and wide and evidently 'inspired' every ruling class ever since to claim themselves legitimacy for their assumed status. It's all fraudulent of course.

This tragic doctrine, which divided mankind into a master race and a remnant of trash remains in force to the present time, especially in the State of Israel where all Arabs are deemed trash. "...They're Not Human Beings, They are Not People, They are Arabs!" And the Arabs, especially the people of Palestine, are treated like trash. "No one in Gaza should sleep," says the Israeli government as "low-flying IDF jets break the sound barrier over Gaza virtually every night." 

We saw this same doctrine of a chosen people and the rest of humanity as being trash, reflected in Aristotle's doctrine of 'natural slavery' (that every slave-based empire loved). We also saw it reflected later in the myth of the 'divine right of kings' on which the Dark-Age empires were built. And we saw it further reflected in feudalism all the way to the modern feudalism of worldwide financial looting by the strong ravishing the weak in a process called globalization. We further see the doctrine of the "chosen people" prominently reflected in the white-supremacy movements, and in fascist movements, just as we saw it in Hitler's fascist movements of Arian supremacy. We saw this evil abundantly popping into view in every age, and we still see it in countless forms today, and will continue to see it until closure is brought upon it with the truth that we are all human beings together. 

Unfortunately, the only thing that we don't see standing supreme anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions, is that truth; that very truth that we are all human beings; the truth that would inspire an honest universal love among humanity from heart to heart if it were allowed to unfold. Christ Jesus fought for that. But that was two millennia ago.

The countless derivative doctrines of the "chosen people" that have been conjured up in mean time, which all divide mankind, have historically excused the worst imaginable atrocities. The pages of history are literally soaked red with the blood spilled by countless masters and by countless master races. In all that mayhem one is hard pressed to find another cause in history that takes mankind further from the Principle of Universal Love than this root-doctrine designed for radical division that creates a "divinely chosen people" with infinite rights and renders the rest of mankind as some kind of trash or natural slaves, or worthless underlings, or a cancer on the Earth as we hared mankind described since the late 1960s.  

In Jewish ideology the trash is referred to as the infidels or gentiles, the ones to be erradicated. On April 9, 1948,  at the very moment when the British were about to leave Palestine, Menachem Begin's Irgun and Stern gang "warriors", Jewish racial terrorists, fell upon the peaceful sleeping Arab village of Deir Yassin, killing 254. The details are too horrible to describe here, which would make Hitler's SS look like saints. But the historic consequences are equally as horrible. The massacre of Palestinians at Deir Yassin is said to have been one of the most significant events in 20th-century Arab and Israeli history, not because of its brutality, but as a start of a trend of an Israeli Holocaust (that should not be denied) that became a wave of calculated depopulation of over 400 Arab villages and cities and the expulsion of over 700,000 Palestinian inhabitants to make room for the Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and other Jews from the rest of the world. (according to: Deir Yassin Remembered)

Rev. Ted Pike , director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian-conservative, watchdog organization illustrates that this massacre was not a mistake, but was deliberate policy on the basis of Israel being the "chosen people of God", chosen to cleanse the world. He writes about the massacre:

Decades later, Menachem Begin, prime minister of Israel and prime mover behind the Deir Yassin massacre, comfortably chatted with Dr. Jerry Falwell in his elegant residence in Jerusalem. He was unrepentant of anything he authorized at Deir Yassin, considering the massacre a vital step towards creation of the state of Israel. He assured Falwell that he possessed the deepest faith in the God of the Old Testament, seeking his guidance to lead God's "chosen people" today....

The Zohar teaches that all existence is divided into two extremes: God above, Gentiles and demons beneath. Israel is God's Shekina glory in the middle, the practical, rational manifestation of God's will in this world. The sooner Israel dominates the Gentiles, the sooner the divine order will be restored." (see: Ancient Racism Fuels Israel's Air Strikes

Note: The Zohar is widely considered the most important work of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah). It provides a mystical commentary on the five books of Moses the (Torah), of which Deuteronomy is the last. It presents a mystical discussion of the nature of God,  good and evil, redemption, and so on.

The historic doctrine of a divinely chosen people that became so deeply intertwined with Jewish religious beliefs was mimicked by countless others throughout the ages. We see it manifest to some degree in the divine right of kings and heads of empires (self-proclaimed by the rulers). The practice had become so deeply destructive that it nearly destroyed civilization several times over. It also became reflected in the doctrine of "the Sovereign," the absolute ruler, the dictator; and in the doctrine of the financier, the monetarist ruler; and in the doctrine of the exalted elite, the intellectual ruler; the doctrine of feudalism, the ruler by property; the doctrine of communism, the rule of the impotent; and doctrine of monetarism, the rule of the potency of wealth; and the practice of false-flag terrorism, the rule by mind control; and of the "unitary executive" and whatever the chosen name might yet be in future times, the rule of insanity. The list goes on, endlessly, identifying those who have denied their humanity, the humanity of the human being that we all share.  The denial has become a force of hate that is now tearing the Middle East apart, but it's all derived from this background of a society that has split asunder at its very roots. It caused an ideologically rooted tragedy that has not been sufficiently dealt with, but which must be dealt with to cause the closure that has become so necessary for the survival of civilization similar to the process that caused closure to war with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648.

There, I learned that Jesus' name in Hebrew had been changed so that it is now an acronym meaning "Be His Name and Memories Forgotten." Hitler's name had not been touched, hence - I thought - Jesus must have committed a very serious crime. Indeed he had. By putting the emphasis on faith and love he seriously threatened the Pharisees - later to be called Rabbis - and their monopoly on the interpretation of the Old Testament. The Pharisees used their interpretation, called the Talmud, to create a convenient life for their group. For this, Jesus called them hypocrites. (see: Zionist Christians...)



Footsteps in the coming of age

"Our coming of age" as humanity should therefore (evidently) be reflected to a large degree in our stepping away from this ancient doctrine that divides and subjugates humanity. This stepping away from lies, perversion, deception, and victimization, should be the key factor in our 'coming of age' today as a spiritual and scientific humanity, even as a people that have made the truth the foundation for their aspirations.

While there are some footsteps taken in this direction, those footsteps are faint and few. Nevertheless some steps are being taken and an awakening has begun.

There are a few voices heard of people that make this demand, faint as they may be. They are calling for changes in society's self-perception that builds on the principle of truth, that causes a stepping away from the near universal self-victimization of society with numerous types of modern unitarianisms that are all linked to the old doctrine of a "chosen people." Today's faint voices are calling for an embrace of a universal humanity, suggesting that this embrace must come from within each person individually, rather than from a political machine. Here is an example of those few voices, in the form of a comment on the Israeli/Lebanese/Palestine war, concluding with these words:

This war will not end with a cease-fire next week. This war will not end with a security zone controlled by the UN. This war will not end if Hezbollah and Hamas disappeared tomorrow. This war will not end as long as leaders and diplomats continue to fear the trump card charge of anti-Semitism by Israel.

So, when hundreds of children are torn apart by uranium tipped missiles provided courtesy of the US government, look in the mirror. Have you dared to offend Israel? Have you risked? Ask yourself what role you may have played in contributing to this global disaster. Nothing will change until you do.
   (see: Israel - 'We Are Untouchable')

Ultimately the stopping of this war, and all wars for all times to come, rests with the development of the Principle of Universal Love. To the degree to which this development is happening mankind is coming of age. But this battle is far from being won. It may yet be lost. The weapons for the extinction of mankind are in place and so far no one demands their dismantling. The age of man may therefore be drawing to a close. However, the fight for survival might also be won. It can be won, and it will be won if we pull out all the stops with a full dedication to win our humanity back that has been lost in so many ways. The reason that this effort is not made today reflects nothing more than mankind's cultured insanity that caused it to step away from the Principle of Universal Love.

Herein lies the tragedy. If mankind finds so little love for itself that it allows the now pre-positioned weapons for extinction to proceed, then it must be said of ourselves that we are already dead as human beings, so that when the extinction takes its physical course nothing would really change. But we can't go this route, can we?

So, what about it? Isn't it time that we make an effort to grow up as human beings and step out of this trap into the light of the Principle of Universal Love, on which civilization rests, and which stands as our foundation for the brightest future imaginable?

The Principle of Universal Love had its first historic expression in the name, Israel.

The key to the survival and advance of civilization lies in the development of a principle that is rooted squarely in the history of Israel. The principle was brought to light through a profound paradigm shift that opened a new horizon in thinking that became associated from this day forward with the renaming of the historic Jacob to be called Israel.

If it is our aim as society to embrace the Principle of Universal Love we might consider the shift in thinking that has historically caused the profound transformation of the rotten character that Jacob had been for a long period in his life, until this paradigm shift occurred in which he was renamed to Israel. Shortly after Jacob's last treachery, on his way returning home, he found himself in a position where he was forced into an agonizing struggle to consider the fundamental question of what a human being is. He was told that his brother Esau, who had earlier threatened to kill him for stealing his birthright, was now on his way with 200 men to intercept him. Except now Jacob had no place to run away to. He couldn't go back to Laban whom he had cheated. This bridge had been burnt. Neither could he go forward. The way home was blocked by Esau. Having run out of options he remained put and struggled with his impasse all night through. This occasion might have been possibly the first time in his life where he found himself forced to search for a profound answer, for the principle of Truth. He might have been asking again and again: What is a human being? We are told that when the morning dawned and his answer was finally won, an angel blessed him and gave him a new name, the name Israel. It signified that a whole new era was dawning. Later that day, when the 'new' Israel finally met his brother face to face, they met with kisses and an embrace in which Israel was now able to tell his brother that he saw his face as though he had seen the face of God.

It seems we all have a way yet to go to match Jacob's experience of growing up to become a human being, out of which came the name Israel, and to expand the process universally with the Principle of Universal Love by which we behold the face of all mankind as the reflected face of God. Shouldn't wars cease then in this light, as the brotherhood of all mankind becomes established?

Repeat of the Israel Principle 

Yes, and wars did cease. The principle that turned Jacob into Israel far back in history in a place called Peniel would be reflected again and again throughout history. We find it expressed in the principle for the Treaty of Westphalia that ended an almost 100-years string of wars. We find it also expressed to some degree in the Golden Renaissance. We most certainly find it expressed in Christ Jesus' Christianity, and before that in the work of Socrates, Plato, and much farther back in time to some degree in the work of Solon of Athens. While there might not be a direct link existing to draw together the various expressions of seeing in one another the reflected face of God, the link might be the Principle of Universal Love itself that was rediscovered in times of great challenges, resulting in great epochs or renaissance.

Unfortunately the link between the Principle of Universal Love and the name Israel has been lost in the pages of history, and perhaps intentionally so for the goal of creating an imperial nation. The big shift away from the Principle of Universal Love that the name Israel stood for, towards the doctrine of Israel as the "chosen people" happened in the same general timeframe in which Solon of Athens had put a faint reflection of the Israel Principle on the table, which evidently was no longer acceptable as it countered the imperial doctrine of the "chosen people." This was also the general timeframe in which the Babylonian Talmud became the holy book of the Jewish people, followed by many 'revisions.' Today, the imperial, "chosen people" concept is the dominant feature of the face of Israel, while Jacob's Israel Principle has become lost and has been pushed out of sight by perversion. But this does not mean that the profound paradigm shift that the historic name, Israel, represents, cannot be repeated. To the contrary. A principle once discovered and proven can be put on the table at any time and be utilized to uplift civilizaton. Jacob won his freedom in a single night, and so can we, can't we? Why shouldn't Jacob's feat be repeated when the principle for it has already been established? Why should the doom that has already been prepared for mankind not be lifted from the world in this way?

The new humanity, reflecting the Israel Principle

Jacob's discovery of the Israel Principle resulted from his 'coming of age' as a human being. It was the natural response of a man growing up in the humanist sense. In historic terms Jacob's children are termed the Children of Israel. This usage of the term is scientifically incorrect. They were conceived and grew up in the old environment of division, tension, rivalry and conspiracy. They should continue to be termed the Children of Jacob. The only religious leader that I know of who uses this scientifically correct terminology is America's pioneer of the late 1800s in the science of Christianity, Mary Baker Eddy. She refers to them in the glossary of her textbook on Christian Science as the sons of Jacob. She even includes Benjamin into this context who was born after Jacob became Israel, but still within the context of the old rivalry between the two wives for a superior relationship with Jacob. The term, Children of Israel, is thereby reserved for us all as a universal identity of all those who have 'grown up' as human beings in the sphere of the Principle of Universal Love in which there is only one relationship possible, that which Jacob had established for himself by which he became Israel, which he described to his brother (his former adversary), saying, "I have beheld thy face as though I have beheld the face of God." With this saying Jacob pioneered a new definition for humanity, the highest ever established up this point, reflecting the Israel Principle that has not been superseded, but has been vastly expanded in its profundity by pioneers throughout the ages, especially by Christ Jesus who defined himself, and thereby humanity, as both the "son of God" and the "son of man," simultaneously and synonymously.

Yes, it is possible for us to come of age and to do it swiftly as if born on the wings of angels, thus to head off the greatest potential crisis in the history of mankind by a potential, militarily-caused extinction. Thus, there is no miracle required in order for society to have its new renaissance, because no inertia exists in the realm of thought that would hinder its freedom to move, or retard the spontaneity of its movements towards the truth, the very truth that we are all human beings together.

 This article was written as a follow up to the article:

Boundary Zone to Extinction

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About LaRouche - the American economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., who has become a legend in our time in the fight to advance civilization, to protect mankind, and to create a new renaissance, warned that we are at a critical point in world history.

"At the present time, the international monetary financial system
of the world is in the process of disintegration. That does not mean
the end of the world. It means that we either make certain changes, 
or this planet will go in fact into a prolonged new dark age, comparable
to what happened to Europe during the middle to late part of the
14th Century." (LaRouche, June 15, 2006)

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