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Beyond The Lord of the Rings

Boundary Zone to Extinction

A step beyond genocide into today's dying world of increasing insanity
 in which nuclear war seem rather 'small.'

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Aug. 11, 2006

 "Maps courtesy of used with permission"

CONPLAN 8022 and Beyond:
The Global Strike Doctrine

According to the Korea Times, Dec. 23, 2005, a total of 2.7 million depleted uranium bombs have been pre-positioned in South Korea. The Korea Times is citing " a declassified dossier from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii. - The document dated in August 2003 says that the U.S. base in Suwon of Kyonggi Province has some 1.3 million DU bombs; 930,000 in Chongju, North Chungchong Province; 470,000 in Osan, Kyonggi Province. The total figure is eight times the 300,000 that Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan, reportedly has." (see: Korea Times 12/23.2005).  

If one projects this report onto the global scene where Iran is set up as an even bigger target it becomes evident that a 50-fold increase in global uranium bombing is set up to happen in the near future, beyond the 2.5 million Kg of uranium already dispersed into the atmosphere and the environment with irreversible consequences (see: DU, 50-fold). The resulting huge increase in radioactive fallout spreading through the global environment (in the wake of 10 million uranium bombs, potentially) would almost certainly overwhelm the human biological system and might cause the total extinction of mankind over time. 

Unfortunately this potential happening is not a conspiracy theory. The weapons for extinction are in place. The war drive is on, powered for more than a year already from the highest levels in the U.S. government, to get this insanity executed. (See: LaRouche on 'The Case of a Vice-President's Mass Insanity') This thing is big.

If you are scared about nuclear war you are scared about something 'small.'

A new weapon has been created that has a global impact and never stops killing. 

In comparing this weapon with a full-fledged nuclear war, the dreaded nuclear war suddenly appears like a lesser evil (if that is imaginable). A full fledged nuclear war would likely grind to a halt after a few thousand nuclear bombs (of the 20,000 actively deployed) have eradicated the major population centers on our planet. The world population would be dramatically decimated thereby, but in time, over the space of a few centuries, mankind would have a chance to recover. It would be a tragedy beyond anyone's imagination, but it would most likely not lead to total extinction.

Survival would likely be possible after a nuclear war. Most of the high-level fallout from nuclear bomb-blasts decays relatively quickly and remains localized in small regions so that eventually even the bombed out regions will become inhabitable again. Only the radioactive pollution from the bomb's uranium and its derivative plutonium, etc., would remain in the global environment. While uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years (that's forever in practical terms), in global distribution the small quantities that would be vaporized with a few thousand nuclear bombs, in a nuclear war, wouldn't amount to much. Modern nuclear devices require no more than 5 Kg of plutonium for ignition. Thus, a modern nuclear war would likely disperse less than 50,000 Kg of the long-enduring radioactive pollution. That's a density of pollution that mankind could live with and rebuild itself in the space of the next 100,000 years of the coming Ice Age.

Now that the age of the uranium bomb has begun we face something worse than that. 

The projected density of long-term pollution from a nuclear war amounts to far less than the 2.5 million Kg of uranium that has been vaporized into the global atmosphere and environment since 1991 with the use of depleted uranium (DU) weaponry. In other words the uranium pollution from a nuclear war would add up to a mere 2% of what has been injected into the global environment since 1991. In other words, we face a 50-times greater long-term radioactive pollution imposed against our survival than a nuclear would impose, and we have plans to increase that 50-fold again, or more.

We really don't know yet what the current pollution level means in global terms (without the planned increase) since the major portion of the 2.5 million Kg of the radioactive uranium pollution has been in the atmosphere and the environment for only 3-4 years, originating with the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq in the second Iraq war. All we know for certain is that horrifically severe consequences are reported for the human biology on a scale that is sill unfolding, creating 90+ different times of often deadly illnesses (see: Depleted Uranium in India and Spreading Worldwide). We tend to close our eyes to that tragedy as if closing our eyes this would make it go away, but we don't know yet what this poisoning of our world, that we don't want to look at, will subject us to in the long term. 

Unfortunately, the current radioactive pollution that has been injected into the global atmosphere and environment is like water down the creek. The water cannot be hauled back. The radioactive uranium pollution cannot be removed by any means that mankind presently possesses. What is done is done. It's here to stay. No matter how severe the consequences already are or will be in the future, they will have to be endured. There is no way that mankind can leave this planet and relocate itself to a new home. The only option that we have open to us at this stage is to force a closure to the DU-bombing madness in an effort to protect what's left of our future while we still have one, as precarious as it may be.

If one considers the pre-positioned stockpile of potentially 10 million DU bombs, with a potential uranium content of 10 to 50 kg each, dropping those bombs would inject 100 to 500 million kilograms of radioactive uranium particles into the atmosphere (the equivalent of 20 to 100 million atom bombs - that puts us way beyond a nuclear war). The long-term chances for mankind's survival would likely be rather slim then, or be zero. That's the New World Order of insanity that we are facing; the Neocon's 'final solution' for saving the empire. That is what we accept globally, and accept with astonishing apathy. - No! don't protest, we actually accept far more -- far more probably than anyone can imagine, which the vast-ranging summary report (Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons In The Age Of Nuclear War) vaguely hints at in the nature of a summary report. It shows clearly in its vast expanse that the DU bombing project is not an isolated thing at all or is any more poorly conceived as any other, but is just another item in the general flow of war-insanity in which the very concept of a human future fades into insignificance or totally out of sight.


The ugly face of the DU weapon

The DU weapon is a new kind of atomic weapon that produces a type of pollution that never existed before. The DU weapon vaporizes its uranium contents into minuscule radioactive particles half of which are smaller than the wavelengths of light, and 30% of those are even smaller, which take on the property of a gas and remain suspended in the global air that we all breathe.  (See: table of DU particle sizes)

The acronym DU stands for "depleted uranium." The descriptor itself is a deception. What is called "depleted uranium" is natural uranium that has a portion of its fissionable isotope removed, which amounts to no more than 0.5% of the total. Thus, depleted uranium is still uranium. The uranium in DU has lost none of its radioactive 'qualities,' but remains an alpha radiation emitter that continues to be deadly in close contact with living things. 

Alpha radiation is a type of radiation that emits nucleonic clusters made up of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. The clusters are ejected from the core of the radiating atom with a velocity equal to 1/20th the speed of light. However, alpha radiation is widely regarded as 'weak' radiation, simply because it's large clusters bump into things and therefore do not penetrate far. A couple of inches of air will stop alpha radiation, or a heavy piece of paper. Ah, but the short-distance penetration is not a factor within the intimate spaces inside a human cell. The powerful short-range impact of alpha radiation has the potential to cause great damage in the intimate sphere of the biological world, and is doing so since the nanometre-sized uranium particles can penetrate to deepest levels of the smallest cells.

While mankind has lived for its entire existence with a background of low level uranium radiation and the body developed defences against it, since uranium is a part of the crust of the Earth, the new factor of nano-sized particles that has been introduced with DU weapons has changed this historic balance. The super-miniature size of the radioactive particles is something that doesn't exist naturally and has never been a part of our world. The minuscule particles are a by-product from weapons use. Uranium is extremely flammable at high temperatures, such as during a high-velocity impact with steel or concrete, and vaporizes itself into a dust so fine that it becomes invisible. This fine dust then pervades the air and the environment. And estimated 1.25 million kilograms of this fine dust has been generated and dispersed since the beginning of the uranium war, starting with the Dessert Storm war against Iraq in 1991. 

The countless fine dust particles, several times smaller in size than the shorted wavelength of light, pose a brand new danger to the biological world. They are numerous in the air and tend to evade the body's defences. Some of the minuscule particles get trapped in the lungs of an unsuspecting person and do their damage there, and some get in the blood stream. The minuscule DU particles as so small that they compare to a red blood cell as insignificantly small as a man would appear on the site of a 50,000-foot mountain. They get lost in this environment and are carried with the blood and the nourishment it transports into the cells of our body. They have even been found in laboratory studies bound directly to the DNA.

It is in there, in the intimacy of the biological world, that the uranium particles shoot off their large nucleonic clusters like miniature cannon shells, some blast into the DNA chains and knock out vital links, or the blast into the delicate molecules that make the cell function and alter the molecular structure. And so, in numerous ways, major damage results. 

Pray that the damage will be large enough to kill the effected cell outright, because if a damaged cell is subsequently replicated, the replica no longer acts as a team player. With its replicated DNA now different from what it should be the replicated cell plays its own game. We see it replicating unrestrained and without purpose. The resulting 'pollution' typically spreads throughout the body since the non-functioning cells don't belong to any specific bodily process anymore. Nor can any normal bodily function control them as they no longer respond as a normal cell would. 

The end result is the development of a large array of biologic failures including diabetes, leukemia, lung cancers, teen age breast cancers, and stomach cancers in young boys, and so on. Close to 90 different diseases, including numerous types of cancers, have so far been attributed to DU-radiation (both Alpha and Beta Radiation) according to evidence found in over half a million disabled Gulf War veterans. In other cases, of people still living in the polluted areas of Iraq, some persons are diagnosed to suffer from several different types cancers simultaneously, or entire families are found to be simultaneously infested with cancers, as in the case of a family of nine. (see: Depleted Uranium - The Perfect Monster - Kills Quietly) But it doesn't stop there. The USA is now experiencing a 6-fold increase in lung cancers reported in March 2006 (see: Depleted Uranium - US Lung Cancer Rates Soar). "Nuclear scientist Leuren Moret calculates that the estimated 2,500+ tons of depleted uranium used against Iraq in 1991 and 2003 is sufficient to cause 25 million new cancers" (see:...Weapons in The Age of Nuclear War). The whole world is experiencing this kind of trend. Since the DU wars began type 2 diabetes has increased worldwide from 30 million cases to 230 million cases (see: Diabetes on the Increase also see: The Depleted Uranium Time Bomb - Part 2). While these vast and far-flung increase of diseases (for many people deadly diseases) cannot be linked directly to global DU radioactive pollution with hard and fast smoking-gun evidence, (which will likely never be physically possible) the clear coincidence in timing is telling its own and rather convincing story.

The most visible evidence is found in the DU-related birth defects. Caution! You may not want to see this, but if you are daring, please take a look at the future face of mankind if the promise of a 50-fold increase, or a 100-fold increase, is unleashed. (See: Death Made In America and Nothing is depleted about 'depleted uranium' and  DU - birth defects in Iraq reported from Russia.)


The new and getting bigger, uranium war!

The planned new uranium war is completely unique in history. Unlike the atomic bomb that is now owned by many nations, the DU weapon for mass extinction rests exclusively in the hands of British/American imperial circles. No other country in the world has the financial resources to build tens of millions of DU bombs, and the logistics to deliver them, or the insanity to pursue such a course that might lead to the total extinction of mankind in a slow and painful course of dying spread over decades. 

Do I hear protests, like: This isn't possible -- it can't happen?

The opposite happens; near total silence; media-inspired near-zero concern. Nevertheless a few people are standing up, warning society to beware that in the background of this silence anything is possible to happen, has already happened, with far more to come unless closure is forced to stop the process. A recent article by the writer Tom Engelhardt summarizes the enormous degradation of mankind's humanity that happened in the darkness of the silence-protected historic escalation of the ferocity of air-power. (see: Air War, Barbarity, and the Middle East - Degrading Behaviour)

Tom Engelhardt speaks of barbarism, and suggests that what it happening in modern air-power warfare is far worse than that. Beastly might be a more proper term, except that would be insulting the animal world. When in the confines of a city of 1.2 million people, swelled with refugees, an estimated 500,000 people are burned to death in a single air-strike lasting 13 hours, as happened in the bombing of Dresden in the last days of World War II, simply to make an imperial statement for a political effect, then applying the term barbarism to this crime beyond belief would actually whitewash it. The proper term for such a crime simply has not yet been invented, because language is incapable to describe the unimaginable. Even the term genocide is too weak. It turns an unimaginable human tragedy into a statistic, just as the word extinction gives the unimaginably horrendous a merely technical 'flavour.'

How can we force closure on this escalating madness that now threatens us all, the whole of mankind collectively? Is there no hope in site?

There are ample reasons for hope. But the process needs to be changed. No miracles are needed. There is no need to reinvent the concept of humanity, but its principles need to be rediscovered and be applied. We have profound proofs in history that this is possible. And it isn't done with war, or imperial power that is the cause of war, or the protection of empires by the nations laying their sovereignty at the feet of a global world-empire in an atmosphere of sheer terror for the atom bomb had been conspired to be used. None of that will give us new civilization with security and prosperity. The only defence mankind has to protect its existence against this increasing insanity powered by imperial demands is an asymmetric approach that would uplift the world environment onto a higher level platform of universal humanist principles similar to that which created the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. 

The humanist principles that were discovered and put onto the table with the Treaty of Westphalia ended a long string of almost a 100 years of ever-escalating wars in which nearly half of Europe perished. The result of the stepping up to a higher-level universal principle to stop the wars, was revolutionary. It was revolutionary then and can be again. This stepping up to a higher-level perception of the human dimension caused society at this time to close the book on the past and start on a new page, building itself a new renaissance that literally changed the world. The founding of the USA occurred against the background of this renaissance. It became the beacon of hope for all mankind. We can replicate this process and go back to those same humanist principles that had made the Treaty of Westphalia possible and the renaissance that resulted from it. The principle that powered this process is best described as the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. With imperial interest shut down in closure, it became apparent that what is most in the interest of one nation, such as peace, is in the interest of all nations. In modern days we would have to add survival to the list as an element of peace. This simple principle had changed the world. It had caused a profound renaissance.

Did you know that many of mankind's greatest cultural and scientific geniuses emerged from this background? The list includes Gottfried Leibniz in scientific philosophy; and Johann Sebastian Bach in music followed by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms; and Friedrich Schiller in literature; and Gauss and Rieman in Science, and so on. We need the same kind of new renaissance today in thinking as human beings as a minimal requirement for our very survival.  Without a major new success along the line of the historic example in mankind uplifting itself to a higher level of self-perception, our world is doomed by its current smallness in thinking that has been largely artificially induced through cultural warfare for imperial objectives.

The case of the planned expansion of the DU war.

Let's examine the case of expanding the DU war, the 50-fold expansion into a bigger DU war than anything we have seen until now. Uranium decays exceedingly slowly. Half of the uranium particles that have been injected into the global environment, and of course also those that are planned be injected in the new war, will still exist in the global environment in some form after 4.5 billion years. In practical terms the DU pollution remains radioactive forever, certainly long after the guns fall silent. This long enduring property of the DU radiation makes the DU bomb the most perfect weapon for imperial mass-extinction ever created, if not the total extinction of mankind by the presently apparent short-sighted bungling. The DU-poison is so slow acting in its impact on the human biology that the planned expanded DU bombing is actually politically acceptable. Doesn't that reek of insanity? For example, if an atom bomb were to eradicate the city of a million people, the outcry would be so great today that a nuclear war would begin almost immediately in endless retribution. But if the same death-toll of a million people is caused slowly by DU-radiation-induced diseases, as appears to be already happening, hardly anyone raises an eyebrow. The afore mentioned 6-fold increased in U.S. lung cancer rates, from 14,000 per months to 86,000 per month, adds up to an increase of nearly a million cases per year, most of which will become terminal over time. And that's happening now. There should an an outcry across the world to force closure on this madness, to close the book and start a new page. But there is no outcry. The silence is deafening. The million deaths are blamed on "other causes." The few voices that are raised are too few and too small to be heard. The opposite happens.

Voices for insanity

Astonishingly the policy for depopulation is fully on the table, and has been for decades, while almost no one has cared to make the requisite effort to eradicate this policy or remove its advocates from power. The DU bomb, when it is used as already pre-positioned in quantities of possibly ten of million, has the potential to make the imperials' long cherished dream of mass-depopulation and the destruction of competing empires achievable. Thus the war-drive is on anew towards this larger goal, and still there is no one one standing up around the world, calling for closure, except for a small chorus whose voices aren't heard. (see: The imperial policy of intention to cause depopulation

Unless the chorus of those waking up to their humanity is getting louder, mankind will keep on moving ever closer towards the precipice of extinction. The estimated 10 million DU bombs already pre-positioned for the big phase of the DU war to begin -- the long ago planned saturation bombing of Iran and North Korea -- will likely takes us far beyond the boldest imperial goal cooked up in the workshops of insanity.

The resulting process of extinction, to whatever degree it might ultimately unfold, would likely begin small with locally centred eruptions of diseases following the bombing campaigns that might be completed in a week. Soon thereafter, perhaps within months or a few years the extinction would spread regionally (as has evidently been planned for political objectives), and from there it would likely spread globally as the unavoidable consequence of radioactive global pollution takes its toll, which nobody can reverse. 

The key factor in this game is the finality of the result. Once the radioactive pollution is in the environment it is there to stay. The key to our survival is to stop the process before the finality becomes globally fatal. This means stopping the process of war within the next few months before the line of no return is crossed, if indeed we have not crossed it already. Leuren Moret, an international expert on depleted uranium suggests that in long-term consequences the line of no return may have already been crossed (see: Global Diabetes Epidemic Caused By Depleted Uranium).  Our worldwide situation is already that critical. 

We are definitely in the boundary zone to extinction. We will certainly remain there until mankind's dedication to war ends and the DU bombs and munitions are dismantled, or the existence of mankind ends. This ending in doom may be closer than anyone dares to acknowledge. While there is still hope, that hope vanishes when the day arrives on which the bombs are dropped by the millions the process of extinction takes its course without recourse. One of these two actions will get us out of the boundary zone. The right action might yet assure our survival, though our chances are wearing thin. The wrong action may close the door for all times to come. That's the present, sad state of affairs.

The present danger takes us far beyond the worst danger that has ever been experienced or imagined prior to the DU wars.


Beyond the Lord of the Rings

Tolkien's saga, The Lord of the Rings, takes us into an environment in which the age of man is doomed to end. The strength of men is failing. But Tolkien also takes us into a fight to prevent this doom. The fight is to destroy the power of an ancient evil by which mankind is doomed. The doom is linked to a ring, a symbol made of gold, but its center is a void. In the saga, the ring must be destroyed. It must never be allowed to fall into Sauron's hand, the hand of the master of evil, whose soul is a void, who forged that ring and with it has willed the destruction of mankind. In today's world this means that the imperial rulers must never be allowed to lay their hands on the trigger that launches the next phase of war, the war against Iran and North Korea, the DU war for extinction prepared by men without a Soul. But this battle isn't won yet. The danger is great, The 'ring of power' is presently on Sauron's turf.  The American government is flexing its muscles, the bombs are ready, only one thing is missing, the pretext for war. We must make sure that this pretext remains forever out of reach. Unfortunately this is no easy task. All efforts to impeach the war mongrels have so far failed.

Tolkien was hopeful however. In his horrendous tale of patriotic struggles spanning more than a thousand pages the ring was eventually destroyed and its power broken. Thus Tolkien gives us hope, even though in our world the the age of men is waning as our humanity has been diminished by cultural warfare attacks upon us. The few defences that we still have are wearing thin, while the enemy is on the move. 

Tolkien provided a victory for mankind in his tale, but we may deprive ourselves of our victory. When Tolkien wrote his story over the span of 16 years across the rise and fall of Nazi power and the early years of the Cold War, he couldn't see what modern technology and political insanity would yet put before mankind, an evil worse than nuclear war. The uranium bomb for mass extinction had not yet been invented in the days in which the ring saga was written. the was no bomb on the horizon that keeps on killing forever, or for as long there is life on this planet. (see: Depleted Uranium, and DU-Wars, the Ultimate Crime)  

Nor had the new insanity been 'invented' that darkens our world today. In the timeframe of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, the fascism beyond fascism hadn't erupted yet that tore the face of humanity to the ground in the 1960s, that defined mankind as "a cancer" on the Earth, worthy of extinction.  

Towards this larger imperial goal, the policy for extinction, mankind has come under attack on many fronts. Terror has erupted in recent weeks almost simultaneously in India, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, with war now threatening to expand into Syria and then Iran. And all of that is happening in addition to new terror campaigns erupting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But to what end?

The American economist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche, warns that the currently unfolding crisis, which is erupting all over South Asia should be seen in strategic terms "like the June 28, 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife at Sarajevo" that opened the flood gates to the horror of World War I and II. (see: The Strategic Significance of the Hit on India) Evidently a force of great evil is on the move.

The "Great Game" on the geopolitical chessboard

Some people put the blame for the current eruption of terror in the Middle East in the courts of Israel and its chief backer, the USA. They say that whatever Israel demands the USA obediently complies with, which gives Israel unrivalled power in the Middle East to devastate the region and force it into compliance and subjection to Irael's will. Much has been written and said along this line (see: 'Thou Shalt Not Criticize The State Of Israel'). But is this assessment correct? There are many such writings and some are backed by historic developments, (for example see: Antiwar article - Behind the Headlines of the Israeli war drive - focusing on the Clean Break policy for Israel) Some writers even ask: What If Israel Had Never Been Created?  

Historically, Zionism as a Jewish national identity, had been created in Britain in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration in the British Cabinet that turned the religious identity of a people into a national identity. With the stroke of a pen the Jewish people became foreigners in their own land, a society without a country. It was said that this was good for the empire. The British Empire also created the State of Israel on May 15, 1948, on the very last day before British rule over Palestine expired, which had been relinquished by the British Government. 

The Jewish people might have been the founder of the state of Israel, but the basis for it was created under British rule. In this context the creation the State of Israel as an exclusive Jewish state in the midst of the nation of Palestine was a typical reflection of the old British imperial policy of divide and conquer. Likewise the splitting off of Pakistan from India as a separate state was done again virtually in the last days of British imperial rule over the Indian subcontinent. It was done in 1947 - one year before the splitting up of Palestine. Both of these divisions that split up nations and caused the political isolation of a people was evidently intentionally, as a means for keeping the flame of conflicts alive, which it did. 

This beginning draws as now deeper into the game, the same game that now deploys Israel as a pawn in the hands of its imperial masters. In this context, as a willing pawn in a dangerous game, Israel's government authorized the army to call up 30,000 reserve soldiers (July 27, 2006) for the war against Lebanon. 

Unfortunately, the real strategy unfolds at a much deeper than what the pawns on the great chessboard of British geopolitics are allowed to be aware of. There are many such pawns: high-level operatives in the governments of Israel, the USA, Iran, India, Pakistan, also among Hamas, Hezbollah, and so forth. 

Pawns are game pieces, not game players. A historic precedent for what this means can be found the background to the French Revolution. The British Empire had lost its American colonies on July 4, 1776, when the colonies declared their independence. For seven years the empire had waged a bitter war to take the colonies back by force. The empire failed. The British empire finally gave up this approach. The imperials were defeated on the battle field in 1783. But they didn't really give up. They activated a new approach that was carried out by a bunch of 'hired' pawns.

The epoch of the pawns dawned when the idea of the renaissance freedom still swept across Europe in the wake of the American independence drive. America's ideal of freedom was a people's self-determination within a sovereign nation-state republic that is free from imperial rule.  That ideal had originated in Europe in the light of the new renaissance exemplified by the Treaty of Westphalia. The cry for freedom was swelling in Europe. A new freedom movement was subsequently gaining momentum in France. Just imagine what this meant to the British Empire, the greatest private financier empire in the world. The empire saw its very existence threatened by this spreading movement for freedom. The empire responded. It hijacked the revolutionary movement in France and used it for its purpose to eradicate the intellectual elite of France that had been at the center of the freedom movement in Europe. This was done in the shadow of the French Revolution, and it was accomplished by the movements of the pawns.

The game of the French Revolution was played like a game of chess. The empire deployed its pawns. It paid them and protected them to aid the revolution. The pawns may have believed that they played their own game, just as Israel and the USA does today. In real terms the 'hired' pawns were used play out the first-level strategy that the world was supposed to see, and did see. It saw the French Revolution as a movement for freedom. But beneath that visible level, on a more hidden level, many of the deployed pawns -- the famous revolutionaries like Robespierre, and so forth -- served a different strategy. The pawns were guided to become the masters of the reign of terror in which the intellectual elite was eliminated. Then, when the job was done, the pawns themselves were subjected to the tragic fate that they had so faithfully imposed on their victims. The pawns lost their head at the guillotine. Pawns are sacrificial elements in the larger game. They are expendable. That is how the game is designed.

The key French revolutionaries were all 'hired' pawns of the British Empire. They were on the payroll of the British East India Company that was the empire at the time. The pay records are still in British Museum. Together with their wages the revolutionaries also received the texts for their fiery oratorios, expertly created in the writers workshops of the empire's covert operations chief, Jeremy Bentham. 

However, there was still another strategy pursued on a still deeper, on a more hidden level. This strategy was to destroy Europe's renaissance potential by ravishing all the European nations with war. Napoleon served this objective most 'obediently,' and so did others that came after him. 

The deepest strategy, of course, was always, and still is today, the necessary strategy to protect the legitimacy of the empire that has no universal principle for its existence, and thus to assure the physical continuity of the empire by whatever means necessary. That is how the game still unfolds before us, a game played on many levels. The process has always been the decimation of humanity as a means for preventing its renaissance potential from becoming realized. The imperial player of the great game versus humanity is hidden in obscurity behind the smokescreen of many names that hide the real identity, Some call them the Illuminati, or the Fondi, or simply The New World Order. Indeed they have many front organization, and beneath them many 'hired' pawns that dance to the 'convincing' tune of the payola that plays a wide variety of songs, some financially centred, some ideologically centred, and some politically or religiously centred. Some songs play on the harp strings of the mind that people have been conditioned throughout history to respond to like to the voice of angels. An example is the religious doctrine that defines the Israeli of old as God's chosen people. It took several 'revisions' (perversions) of the ancient precepts to develop the full doctrine of a chosen people that by the same token renders the rest of humanity as worthless trash. One shudders to think how many times this song has been played to 'inspire' the 'chosen' to play the role of the ideal pawn, and how widely the tune is still being played with the greatest possible orchestration in an effort to trash the humanity of mankind.


The fate of the new pawns

The first level strategy of the game is always advertised in big letters written across the world. That's done for deception of course. The first level of the game is always a deception strategy, both in chess and in politics. A pawn is moved. You are 'inspired' to fix your gaze on that and close your eyes to everything else. For example, Israel cries are heard around the world that Hezbollah has kidnapped two soldiers in a cross border raid and killed a few others. Israel is justified to have its revenge. The game is played in such a manner that everything that happens subsequently, such as the destruction of Lebanon, is seen as the direct result of the kidnapping of those two soldiers. The rage of 'justified' revenge is supposed to excuse the orgy of destruction in which 800,000 people are forced to flee their homes for their life as hundreds are killed, and countless homes, bridges, roads, and other infrastructures are turned into rubble. The observer of the game is not supposed to see the second level strategy. The facts are carefully adjusted to keep the observer blind. For example, the world is not supposed to know that (as some of the out-of-the-box news sources report) the two Israeli soldiers that were "kidnapped" (which probably surrendered) are said to have been captured on Lebanese soil, and that five of the soldiers that were killed in the raid are said to have died of injuries inflicted inside their tank when their tank was destroyed by a landmine (most likely inside Lebanon).

The same game of deception was played the week earlier when an Israeli soldier was said to have been "kidnapped" in a cross-border raid from Gaza. But is this really possible? The Gaza strip is a fenced in city that is more heavily guarded than most prisons in the world. Can you imagine some prisoners breaking out of Sing Sing, kidnapping a local policeman and tacking him back in as a bargaining chip. That's what we are supposed to believe the Hamas had done. That's the story that was played up across the world to excuse the horrific destruction that was unleashed in the Gaza strip by Israel, including the kidnapping of half of the Palestinian government. It is more likely that the capture of the soldier had been prearranged as part of the larger game. The Hamas, after all, was originally an Israeli creation, with back-door ties evidently still existing. Whenever Israel needs a terrorist excuse to scuttle the peace process, the Hamas obediently obliges, perfectly timed for maximum effect. These things don't happen consistently by chance. They are evidently controlled events that serve the hidden game.


Sometimes the pawns cheat and play their own game, but mostly they serve obediently.

Hitler was a pawn that cheated. He was financed into power to create an imperial alliance all across western Europe and then use that alliance to crush Russia and afterwards the USA. The end result would have been a world-empire. The British Empire already owned India and China was weak. With Russia and the USA defeated it would have owned the world. He went west, before going east. He wanted to be the ruler of the game instead of just a pawn. And so the game changed on the surface, but not on the deeper levels. He was hired as a pawn to dehumanize the culture of Europe that would be required to carry out the mass destruction that world-conquest invariably entails. He did this well. It took him nine years of escalating brutality to turn the nation of Mozart and Beethoven into a nation of obedient killers.

In modern times the pawns are more obedient. Still they face the same challenge. It took Israel decades to overpower the light of the Yiddish cultural renaissance that had enriched many a nation, to the point that it could serve the game that requires a dehumanized people. Palestine became its 'training' ground. The destruction of 40,000 houses, uprooting of a quarter million fruit trees, the poising of wells, the systematic killing of thousands including children, the incarceration of children, and on and on, was evidently not designed to make Israel more secure, but to prepare it for its larger role in the destruction of South Asia, an ultimately suicidal role. Pawns are assigned such roles. 

The USA plays its role as pawn equally well. It started its 'training' throughout the third-world nations that had no means to resist its destructive power. The list of its victim nations is a long list. From Vietnam to Panama the dehumanizing fury was unleashed and the pain felt, with a whole world ravished in between. Now the pawn is ready to play the deeper-level strategy, the strategy of mass destruction, wide-ranging genocide, and ultimately, controlled extinction (called depopulation).


The levels of strategies in the imperial game

The overall strategy has actually been always the same. Nothing is new in terms of strategy. Only the objectives have changed and the destructiveness of the weapons.

The first-level strategy

That's the strategy that one sees on the surface. It is always a deception. Some nations take pride in their ability to conduct politics by lies and deception. The visible strategy is enacted as a cover-up process to hide the deeper levels of the game. The wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and now Lebanon fall in to this category. We are supposed to believe they are isolated incidences, but they aren't. These wars have nothing to do with Afghanistan directly, or Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, and Israel. The are are but sacrificial stepping stones that are put in place to serve the larger goal.

The second-level strategy is usually a diversion to gain a strategic advantage.

This sort of thing happens a lot in politics, towards gaining little victories to take the focus of the big strategy. For example the LaRouche organization, through it Executive Intelligence Report (EIR) network, warns that such an operation may be planned:

EIR is investigating a report from a qualified Israeli
source that the Bush White House is pressuring Israel to
cooperate in a new `October Surprise' scam, involving the
planting of `Iraqi' weapons of mass destruction in Syrian
territory. These so-called `Iraqi' WMD components, the source
reports, have been stashed in a secured warehouse in the Negev
Desert in Israel for months, and the Bush Administration is now
pressuring the Olmert government to plant the components inside
Syria, during cross-border operations, as part of the extended
Israeli invasion of Lebanon, ostensibly to root out the Hezbollah
from the south of the country.

"According to the source, while Israeli Prime Minister Ehud
Olmert is under pressure from saner elements within his
government coalition to refuse to cooperate in the White House
wingding, elements of the plans are moving forward. The recent
bombing of the United Nations monitoring post inside Lebanon, in
which four UNIFIL observers were killed, may have been related to
preparations for an Israeli military strike across the border
into Syria, to plant the fake WMDs.

"According to the source, the WMD would be `discovered' by
U.S. military units operating along the Iraq-Syria border, at a
moment close enough to the November midterm elections in the U.S.
to affect the outcome.

"Lyndon LaRouche warned today that if Israel goes ahead with
this stunt, it could trigger World War III by miscalculation."

Nevertheless, this stunt is not the real goal of the larger game that Lebanon is being sacrificed for on the imperial chessboard.

The deeper-level strategy.

The strategy that Hitler was 'hired' for is a part the deeper-level objective in the game. What he was hired for is still the strategy today. The goal is to protect the existence of empire as a world-controlling force. Hitler was hired hastily as a new renaissance was in the making in Germany on the platform of the American system of economics, the economic-development platform that Roosevelt represented in the USA and had promised for America. The potential was unfolding to would transform all of Eurasia into a new economic powerhouse that would obsolete the British Empire and every other empire on the planet. Hitler was hired to prevent this renaissance by destroying the nations that it would encompass. Only the weapons didn't exist in Hitler's days to carry out the larger imperial strategy. Hitler failed in destroying Eurasia. But the weapons to do this, which he didn't have, exist now. 

There are three types of weapons now available for the deeper-level imperial strategy.

  1. Weapons for mass destruction.

  2. Weapons for genocide. 

  3. Weapons for extinction. 

Hitler had only one of these types of weapons. The Nazi air force was a potent weapon of mass destruction, and so were Hitler's 'private' SS forces that carried out the holocaust. Hitler had several weapons of mass destruction. But he never acquired the atomic bomb, a weapon designed for genocide.

Evidently, Iraq had none of the above types of weapons. Israel is reported to have type 1 and 2, and the USA, obviously has all three of them.

Weapons for mass destruction

In addition to a heavy war machine as Hitler head built, there exist other weapons of mass destruction, weapons that inflict death by the millions. Among these are cluster bombs, land mines, biological weapons, chemical weapons, but also economic weapons like the weapon by policy that caused the banning of the DDT pesticide. DDT had once nearly eradicated malaria. The ban brought malaria back with over 300 million victims that are subjected to a slow and painful death. Another weapon of genocide by policy is the banning of the CFC refrigerant to once make refrigeration unaffordable in the poor countries. That's set to end, and end in food losses and starvation for millions. Another weapon of mass destruction is the debt weapon. Poverty is one of the world's most potent killers. The weapon is implemented with the privatization of the nations' resources, privatizations for profit looting operations that massively increase poverty around the world.  Staging civil war is also a convenient type of weapon for mass destruction.

Weapons for genocide

Nuclear war is not intended to merely serve as a weapon for mass destruction. It serves a larger purpose, the purpose of genocide. The Cold War started when the USA, as a pawn, was manoeuvred by the imperial game masters into a commitment to wipe out the Soviet Union. Fortunately, the plan failed. Before America had enough atom bombs built to carry out the plan, the Soviet's had built a bigger bomb, the H-bomb, and had thereby pre-empted the game. But the plan has not been scrapped. The vast arsenals of the weapons for nuclear genocide have been carefully maintained by the leading pawns and kept in reserve for future opportunities. They may yet be applied to fulfill their purpose.

Weapons for extinction

Those are the weapons that take us beyond genocide. When World War II ended and the guns fell silent the killing of people stopped. Even the killing effect of the nuclear bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended at one point. A nuclear war would have a similar effect. The world's 40,000 nuclear bombs would likely cause the death of billions, but just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki recovered, the surviving remnant of mankind would recover. A new civilization would likely unfold 100,000 years after the event, possibly during the next interglacial period past the next Ice Age, but the course of mankind would most likely continue in some form after a nuclear war. But there is a new weapon amassed in the arsenals that kills without end. The new weapon takes us beyond the nuclear-war doctrine of mutually assured destruction to the uranium-war potential for universally assured irreversible extinction.

The radioactive pollution caused by 40,000 nuclear bombs, in a nuclear war, would likely not be sufficient to close the door on humanity for all times to come. This has already been proven to some degree. America has already injected then times the equivalent amount in radioactive uranium particles into the atmosphere by its massive use of depleted uranium bombs and munitions since 1991. So far the general effect has been similar to that of a weapon of mass destruction. Except the killing effect doesn't stop. It keeps on killing people like a poison that won't go away. Uranium, whether it is 'depleted' (meaning it has half of its fissionable U235 isotope removed - from 0.7% of the whole to 0.3%) , or it is not 'depleted,' the fact isn't altered that uranium is radioactive and remains radioactive forever. Its half-life is 4.5 billion years, which exceeds the lifespan of the Earth itself. (see: Depleted Uranium). 

The point is that the currently planned uranium war (fought with depleted uranium weapons - DU bombs, etc) is a weapon for mass extinction. Here war itself becomes a weapon that takes us beyond genocide, because its uranium-radiation-caused genocide continues unabated with a 4.5 billion year half life, which means forever.

Universal extinction, or something close to it, is what appears to have been presently planned for mankind's 'future.'  

The current effects of the uranium equivalent of 500,000 atom bombs that has already been dispersed into the air, are so severe and so far reaching that a 50-fold increase (the equivalent pollution of 25 million atom bombs, or double of that) would result with near certainty in the total extinction of mankind in the long run. 

We are at the crossroads at the moment, towards the extinction of humanity. If the extinction happens it would be the resulting consequence of the presently promoted lack of humanity that has become the hallmark of our age, the monetarist age, or the imperial age in which the Principle of Universal Love and the Principle of the General Welfare are trashed and virtually nobody cares about another and even less about the future of mankind.

The deadly commitments to play this kind of game with the continued existence of mankind at stake has already been fully made. The strategy is ready. The pawns stand ready to execute it. The physical weapons for the wars for extinction already exist and are pre-positioned in vast quantities according to published reports (if the reports are true, which they likely are, unfortunately). Thus, the plans appear to have been laid down in concrete. The forces are moving. Iran appears to have been chosen as one of the bombing grounds for the intended war for extinction. The USA has been pushed since July 2005 to get this step of the great game under way, and it nearly succeeded several times, so it seemed. At one of the critical stages in 2005 the imperial policy of intention had been leaked. The leaked plan for the bombing of Iran been published globally in great haste to prevent the implementation, which indeed had kept the door closed at this time. The rapid worldwide intervention evidently prevented the implementation of the policy for extinction for the moment, but not the policy itself. Then the Katrina disaster erupted, which delayed the implementation of the policy even further. The next stumbling block erupted in the form of the generals' revolt in the USA in the spring of 2006. A large number of generals had threatened to resign on mass if Iran was attacked. After that temporary defeat rumours were heard that a new plan for attack was ready to go in mid-May (2006), awaiting only a provocation from Iran (a minor cross-border incidence perhaps). 

Now it appears that Israel has been 'motivated' to get the ball rolling for the USA on the grand towards as another way to open the flood gates to the war for mass extinction. The strategy behind attacking Palestine and Lebanon is evidently indented to escalate the game by drawing Syria into the war that has a defense arrangement with Iran. The pawns are thus on the move, sparing no effort in baiting Iran to offer a pretext for the intended DU-bombing campaign to begin that becomes the stage for the long-desired extinction of Russia as a functioning nation. The terror bombing in India was perfectly timed to serve the general escalation of tension that is typical for this kind of of hidden strategy in the "great game." The great game is evidently also intended to accomplish the extinction of China and India as functioning nations as has been openly stated as the long-term imperial goal. That goal is now achievable with the 'silent' effects of DU warfare.


The strategy of the "great game."

The goal of the imperial game is to 'win,' which means in imperial language to create a world in which the private feudal empire a global force can survive and ultimately thrive. Thus, the imperial goals is to 'win' at all cost, even if that involves the destruction of 90% of mankind. If the existence of the empire is threatened by a developing humanity as we have had it repeatedly occurring for centuries, the imperial goal is, as it has been historically, to take down humanity to whatever depth in the sewer may be required to halt its humanist development, its culture of freedom, and its aspirations for scientific and technological progress. 

This is the course we see pursued today with all stops removed, even if this means wiping out most of mankind. That's how the game is played. And that is what our humanity must be roused to prevent for our very survival. 

That great game is indeed played like a game of chess. Often a game of chess is won by the process of extinction, eradicating an opponent. At times a chess game goes on until there are but three game pieces left on the board. In this case the 'victory' is the result of extinction. The world appears to be heading in this direction according to the current a policy of intention by hidden imperial players that rule the great game. 

Mass extinction has long been a part of the imperial policy of intention on the road to building a world-empire, unless of course mankind's global surrender is offered beforehand on a silver platter. The nuclear bomb was envisioned to achieve this surrender, even before it was built, to be a terror weapon of such magnitude that all nations would be 'inspired' by it terror to lay down their sovereignty at the feet of the world-empire in order to survive. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for which which the war was intentionally extended out until the bombs were ready, was evidently perpetrated as a step in that direction. But the larger plan for terrorizing the whole world was foiled by Russia. The terror weapon couldn't be used. Consequently the old trick of the "great game" was put back onto the agenda, the imperial policy of divide and conquer. That not a wild dream of conspiracy theory, but reflects a policy statement that came directly from the horse's mouth so to speak.

A high-level spiritual advisor to the old imperial circles in Britain pointed out in an interview in Wiesbaden, Germany, during the time of the East Timor crisis, that the break-up of the great nation states, which he called empires, has always been in the natural interest of the British Empire, or "Perfidies Albion" as he called it. And he suggested that this long-standing policy of intention would continue unabated since there is but one game running in the world, the game of his empire, the global, private, financier empire. He likened his empire's great game to the shifting of the earth's tectonic plates, comparing the way his empire is overlaying all the other empires (the great nation states) and is grinding them under with the long-standing strategy of divide and conquer. 

Of course he didn't admit that this policy is deeply flawed as it destroys the nations economically that his empire depends on as a source for looting, without which it cannot exist. Nor did he admit that we are fast reaching the point at which the foundation for his empire is financially and physically disintegrating, and the world with it. (see: Worth-Less Money

The imperial monetarist system is bankrupt. It is so deeply bankrupt to its very core by the globalization of its looting of the nations, that the entire world-financial system (the imperial monetarist system) is facing immanent disintegration like a soap bubble disintegrates into a fine spray of mist that nobody can put back together again. Historically the empire's response in times of existential crisis has been to unleash war to drag mankind down with it in a wave of physical disintegration that is designed to destroy the very foundation of the nation state that is built on humanist principles. That is what is staged to happen again. In the resulting anarchy of chaos the empire aims to maintain is grip on society with the force of terror. Thus the policy is forged for blowing up the world in a wave of unimaginable brutality that has not been seen on earth since the dark ages, if ever, since the policy of silent mass-extinction is now on the table through uranium-radiation-caused diseases that take decades to fully develop their fury. Atomic bombing has become too risky a policy. It's too openly messy and is ultimately rather ineffective in comparison with the silent, long-term extinction that can be 'achieved' with uranium bombs and munitions. In fact, the policy of intention to cause mass-extinction (depopulation) has been on the imperial platform since the early 1950s. (see: The long-standing imperial policy of intention to cause depopulation)

Today, the paws stand ready, fully deployed on the geopolitical chess board to pave the way for the implementation of this still deeply hidden policy that they are not allowed to be even aware of, pawns like Israel and others, as well as many in high places in the American government and institutions. The pawns are used to play the first level strategy, to create tensions on demand, and set the world on fire to divide people and stir up irrational responses and narrow minded thinking filled with hatred, rage and whatever is required to isolate and divide a people in order that they can be used for still-more-dirty deeds. Those deeds are on the agenda. The weapons for extinction are already pre-positioned.

It is widely rumoured that the second level strategy, the game behind the game that is currently in progress, is to stage a war against Iran, and in the shadow of it a second war against North Korea, in order to create a global strategic crisis that overshadows the now near global-financial and economic breakdown that is in the final stages or erupting. The following high level assessment of the economic factor in the current war insanity is from the LaRouche political action committee (Aug. 10, 2006):


A desperate Israeli government, and military driven nuts by a
more desperate Cheney-Bush government, yesterday announced a huge
escalation of Israel's invasion of Lebanon. The situation is not
like the previous Israeli invasions of Lebanon; it is far worse,
because it is driven by a ``U.S. side'' made desperate by
financial and economic collapse. Synarchist and British
intelligence agents from Bernard Lewis to Newt Gingrich to Pat
Robertson are manically fanning the flames to spread the war to
Iran and Syria. Chaos is that side's goal, including that of
pathetic mental case George W. Bush riding his lethal bike and
clearing brush around Crawford. ``Don't stop!'' they are ordering
Israel. On the Israeli side, they are just as desperately waiting
for the United States to bail them out of the morass with the UN
or NATO, something Bush, Cheney, Rice, et al. are now unable to
do. In fact, Israel crazily {announced} a mass second-wave,
scorched-earth invasion of Lebanon at a Cabinet meeting, without
even beginning to carry it out, a foolish military strategy but
an escalated demand for bailout from Washington, where they think
the orders are coming from. In fact, merely continuing bitter
fighting with Hezbollah right along the border, the IDF lost 15
soldiers in one village yesterday.

The synarchist desperation is growing over an economic
collapse getting more and more undeniable. Housing orders have
plunged nearly by half in the United States; unsold inventories
and foreclosures are leaping up; the housing bubble is deflating
fast even while housing prices continue to inflate along with
commodity hyperinflation, etc. The Fed has no means to deal with
this; it is paralyzed. The economy is going down, more and more
``experts'' fearfully admit it in columns of populist
nonsense--only LaRouche organizers and those inspired by them
demand the ``FDR response''; but almost every citizen now knows

War with Iran, on which the larger imperial strategy is hinged, can still be avoided. The Iran War is desperately sought, to be used as a cover to hide the still deeper-lever strategic goal, the break-up of the big nation states that have been on the imperial target list for a long time, like Russia, China, and India, which continue to challenge the existence of empires. In the same context the USA is high on the imperial target list. But hope remains, because the games of insanity are fatally flowed by their evermore obvious void of humanity. The potential for society's wakening is probably greater that most people think, to the realization that the current path holds no future for anyone.

 A Japanese Admiral once referred to the USA on the 'eve' of Pearl Harbour, as a sleeping giant. The potential giant that he saw, that he understood was originally founded on the great renaissance principles, still exists. It is once gain found asleep, but even as it sleeps it remains a danger to the empire and its continuing plans for building a world empire. For this reason the USA is likewise targeted for extinction. And what better way to do it than inducing America to 'achieve' this end with its own weapons. But as before in history, the outcome won't be as expected. Humanity can scratch the great game. It happened before. It is more likely to happen again now. We have entered an arena in which desperate people make desperate moves that are vulnerable to mistakes that tend to blow the game apart into oblivion. 

The planned imperial wars against Iran and North Korea are evidently designed to play a major role in the imperial's larger, deeply hidden strategy of mass-extinction throughout the Eurasian continent, and by default also throughout America. The desperate men in the chairs of the Illuminati, the invisible commanders in the hidden driver seat of the New World Order, know that their house is coming down and that they have only a limited time to act. And they also know that once the stage is open for their DU card to be played, and the card is played, nothing matters afterwards, because from then on the killing chain can never be stopped by any means. They see this as their victory, and no one is allowed to step in the way, least of all Israel or the U.N..  

 If the published reports are true, that a vast supply of 3 million uranium bombs has been pre-positioned in South Korea and Japan, with probably an even greater amount pre-positioned against Iran, for a possible U.S. worldwide total in the range of 10 million uranium bombs, then the world should mobilize itself to take this last card out of the player's hand. If one considers an average uranium content of 5 Kg in a typical atomic bomb, we are looking at an uranium equivalent of 10 million atom bombs if the pre-positioned DU bombs contain an average of 5 Kg each. It is more likely, however, that the DU bombs that are designed to fly through heavy concrete and steel targets will contain uranium penetrators that are much more massive than 5 Kg each, possibly 50 Kg on average. The resulting simple calculation based on 50 kg per bomb, or 500 million kilogram in total, would add up to the uranium equivalent of 100 million atom bombs. Much of that will be vaporized and dispersed with the air currents that it becomes a part of, like a gas. An U.S. weapons expert says: "D.U. burns with a whitish orange flame, almost looks like a firework shell burning." 

The intensely hot burning of uranium oxidizes and vaporizes the uranium content of the DU bomb, while the radioactive 'quality' of uranium remains unaltered by the process of burning and vaporizing. The burning and vaporization of uranium into minuscule particles smaller than the wavelengths of light enables these powerfully radioactive particles to penetrate deep into the human biology with the air people breathe. The question that must be asked therefore, is the most serious we ever had to consider: Can mankind survive in the long run in the presence of the uranium radiation equivalent of 100 million atom bombs, pulverized so finely that it bypasses most of the body's natural defences? Can we live with even a tenth of that, spread through the air globally? The answer is likely, NO! Unfortunately that is what has been prepared for us as part of the great imperial game for eradicating competing empires, the great nation states of the world, such as Russia, China, India (and the USA). But taking this card out of the imperial's hand cannot be done by any type of force, which would be met with a counter force, but can only be done with the power of humanist principles for which their is no counterforce possible. That is why a profound principle succeed in 1648 to reset the world stage and close the book on the past with the Treaty of Westphalia.

If one draws a circle around North Korea and another one around Iran, each corresponding with the likely spreading of the vast quantities of radioactive uranium particles that would be dispersed by the DU bombs that are propositioned for the next wave of war, then the major population centers of Russia, China, and India are well within the range of the unfolding devastation of the populations by disease (if not their ultimate extinction), together with the populations of the oil-and-natural-resource centers in the Middle East and Africa.

Can this be for real?

One would be inclined to think that this great game of insanity can't possibly be real. Unfortunately, the required bombs have already been pre-positioned. The wheels are in motion. Israel has already been deployed to open up the gateway of war leading to Iran, for the bombing of Iran. Simultaneously the train bombing in India (Bombay) has ignited the fire between India and Pakistan -- two countries that both have nuclear weapons and can be enticed like so many other pawns into using them. The fallout from the India/Pakistan bombs might then be blamed for all the early devastating effect from the uranium poisoning of the world that erupts in the wake of America dropping its possibly 10 million DU bombs onto Iran and North Korea. India is geographically well situated for this cover-up role. Politically, the fire is already burning between India and Pakistan to enable the nuclear bombing cover-up scheme to commence when needed. The political fire between India and Pakistan is presently burning so hotly that both countries will likely withdraw their diplomats soon and close their embassies in each other's country (see: Diplomatic Crisis hits Pakistan and India - Aug. 7, 2006). 

 "Maps courtesy of used with permission"

America is threatened in an indirect manner by the global distribution of the radioactive particles from South Asia that are carried in the global trade winds and the jet-stream airflows.   The vaporized particles of uranium, especially those that are several times smaller than the wavelengths of light, have a global reach via the global air circulation, especially via the Northern Hemisphere Jet Streams that deliver the 'smoke of war' from South Asia directly to the USA (also see: Depleted Uranium Wars, The Ultimate Crime) Unfortunately this already ongoing global poisoning of the world is what we (humanity) all tolerate. We look at the global pollution that has already begun. We see it with open eyes (countless websites testify to the DU poisoning), but don't raise an eyebrow over it. We don't even as much as murmur when the lung-cancer rate goes up 6-fold in the USA. It's all part of the lengthening killing chain, and that is now deemed quite normal. Maybe it is true what they say with tongue in cheek that dummies become what stupid is. Today, Israel attacks, Lebanon burns, Iran is on the table to be next, and humanity while humanity has set itself at ease to die. America doesn't stand apart from this. It is as much a target in this global game as is the population of Europe.

The great challenge in our age is to prevent the uranium activated depopulation of the world from happening, that appears to be planned by insane beastmen. If the reports are true mankind is facing today upwards to ten million uranium bombs, already pre-positioned with a potential content in (radioactive) uranium equivalent to 100 million atom bombs. The chances that mankind will survive this onslaught, especially in the long run, are slim. Possibly no one will survive the consequences, as those will remain deadly forever. The strategic blunder, like so many blunders before, will be in this case of far greater severity than for example the strategic blunder the imperials had made in 'hiring' Hitler who had nearly wiped out the British Empire that hired him. There is apparently little that might be called "inherent intelligence" in the dark realms of the imperial Illuminati that play these world-engulfing games.

The time therefore has passed when society can afford to wait for the next election in the hope that it will be more intelligent in electing its leaders and be less vulnerable to the still unresolved massive election frauds that have (now) traditionally enabled the un-elected to grab power. In any case, the elections are too far away. We are in the boundary zone now. The enemy of mankind is moving now. It was said in Hitler's time when Hitler revealed himself to be a rat, "oh we can fix that with the next election." That opportunity never came. It was too late for that by then. 

By the same token it is no longer possible to deter what is happening today with the threat of future war-crimes indictments. This option is irrelevant in the boundary zone when weapons for extinction are on the table on a massive scale. The game has already been started. The DU-weapons are being used again, though on a small scale to pre-empt Lebanon from having a viable future (see:  Israelis Rain Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians).

Acting before the point of no return

While the game rolls on, nobody really knows where the point of no return lies, or whether it might have already been crossed for some cities in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan as has been suggested many times. Our future depends on stopping the hand now, that kills. But for that a different force is needed than military force, a force that is magnitudes more powerful and is founded on a higher level than war, on the level of the principles of our humanity and civilization. It deserves repeating that historically these principles once terminated a hundred years of war ending in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia that established an active peace. A 'constitution' for peace was established that was upheld universally, because it was recognized by all to be of everybody's interest. One might call the key principle behind this movement the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. This is the key for empowering peace today, because an active peace unfolding into a new renaissance is evidently to everybody's advantage, just as it would be if the weapons for extinction be scraped and war be abolished. Isn't the survival of mankind in everybody's interest?

Many people appear to insist that mankind is not that deeply in danger as it appears to be. I sincerely hope that they are right. It would mean that the published U.S. dossier that reports the 3 million uranium bombs already pre-positioned in South Korea and Japan is wrong, or that the numbers have been inflated or that they have been wisely reduced since the time the numbers were published in 2003. Unfortunately, the opposite is more likely that case. Nor is it likely that the real current figures will be made public, since the truth would endanger 'national security.' Truth has become the enemy of the nation.

I also sincerely wish that all the uranium bombs and munitions that have been used would magically turn out to be harmless as the military claims they are -- meaning that the millions of kilograms of vaporized uranium particles with a third in volume being smaller than the wavelength of light, don't exist, or are not the globally dispersed, and are not the radioactive killers that evidence suggests they are. Unfortunately the evidence indicates that here too, the opposite to this wishful dreaming is more likely the case, as is evident in the horrendous increases in birth defects that are reported (10 to 20-fold in some areas, depending on who makes the statistics), as well as increases in cancers (20 to 50-fold), and increases in diabetes (type 2 from 30 million cases to 230 million cases, worldwide), With over 300,000 U.S. soldiers from America's first uranium war in Iraq in 1991 now suffering permanent disabilities (reported in 2001 -- the current figure is well over half a million) the case for wishing that uranium weapons will yet turn out to be universally harmless is wearing 'ultra-thin.' 

The head of the US Army's investigative team into the assessment and teaching of the dangers of depleted uranium., Dr. Doug Rokke, with a military career that spanned four decades has the following to say: 

"What we know from first hand experience and what happened to those of us in Gulf War I and when we did our research for the US Army - the first thing that hits you is respiratory problems, then you have the rashes, then you start having permanent lung damage within a few months because of radiation and chemical toxicity, then you have neurological problems, then you have gastrointestinal problems.

"You have decalcification of the bones and the teeth - then you have all the eye problems due to the alpha and beta damage to the eyes - and then the cancers, the leukemia and everything else...

"It's catastrophic, the US Army briefing the Pentagon leaders prior to Gulf War II in 2002 flat out acknowledged all of the problems yet they disregard them and say that they don't exist in public." (reported in: Israelis Rain Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians - Dr. Rokke calls for an immediate halt to the practice)


Apparently no one is listening. Nevertheless, since uranium particles from the bombing in Afghanistan were detected in far away England within days, it is not unreasonable to assume that the USA is even more affected since the trade winds and the jet streams tend to merge in the Southern USA. The already reported 6-fold increase in lung cancers in the USA from 14,000/month to 85,000/month (close to a million per year) takes away all hope that the DU wars might 'benign' and not be wars for extinction (the end of the killing chain) and that mankind will survive the impact of the next DU war when the bombing intensity is intended to be increased 50 or 100-fold. In addition to the typical symptoms for radiation diseases, strange biological phenomena are also happening. They are unfolding as diseases with as yet unforeseeable consequences that we neither understand nor are able to cure. (See: The Depleted Uranium Time Bomb)

While there is an awakening in society to the dangers involved, and this awakening should be celebrated, the response doesn't go far enough to be called a global awakening. Most antiwar responses are carried out in the form of complaints on the same level of thinking on which the problems are created, rather than establishing a higher level platform on the Principle of Universal Love and all its derivatives. It is essential, of course, to be aware of the danger, but the fight for peace has to be founded on a higher level, above the levels on which the problems are created and maintained. No lesser approach can halt the imperial game in which pawns are moved on the global chess board and humanity becomes destroyed.

In the larger imperial game the currently active pawns in the Middle East and in the USA and elsewhere -- those who are presently deployed in the first level strategy that is far from the real goal -- will fall by the wayside as pawns always do when the deeper level-strategies of the game unfold. The paws will then be discarded just as they were throughout history, as when for example, the usefulness of the empire's 'hired' revolutionaries expired when they had successfully staged the French Revolution and the Jacobin terror operation, and had wiped out the French intellectual elite. The pawns are of no use when the strategy has succeeded for which they are deployed. That's how all the pawns fall by the wayside.


Today's deep-level imperial strategy is flawed. 

Today's deep-level imperial strategy is a tragedy in which the whole of mankind may not survive once the consequences of the larger game unfold. The radioactive pollution that is planned to be unleashed has a half-life of 4.5 billion years and will keep on killing people without end. Once this begins in earnest, no one can stop the killing. At the point the imperial strategy has reached its geopolitical goal the game still goes on. The killing won't halt. To extend the universal extinction of expendable elements in society, such as the pawns, and to apply the process to the whole of mankind, is utter insanity. But that kind of insanity, unfortunately, is built into the imperial system that is itself a monument to insanity, involving a monumental lack of humanity. This lack of humanity can only be addressed by redeveloping the profound value and potential of our humanity. 

In addition we face a critical timing. The terminal insanity that is built into the imperial system is about to crush the strength of mankind at the most critical epoch in its history with the next Ice Age looming on the horizon. The next Ice Age will come as it has in repeated cycles during the last 2 million years and overlay once again much of the northern hemisphere and a few southern regions with glaciation and cold climates, climates that make the regions unsuitable for agriculture. The resulting shift in the usefulness of land would narrow the productive range for mankind's food supply to a few tropical regions that are relatively small, which ironically are presently among the most heavily radiation-polluted regions. It is unlikely therefore that mankind can survive both the ice age devastation and the ravishing diseases that are intended to be caused by currently planned, massive radioactive pollution of the world.

Should we manage to prevent the imperials wars and their final destruction of civilization, the Ice Age challenge can still be met with a massive global economic development on such a vast scale that universal indoor agriculture can be created within a hundred years, for possibly 90% of the effected regions of the World. But if the imperial wars are allowed to begin that we are presently moving towards, the needed resources for an Ice Age Renaissance, or any form of humanist renaissance, will be destroyed. That door will then be closed. The resources that are needed for an Ice Age Renaissance are largely human resources. The human resources are the key element in any large scale industrial development, especially one that is powered with nuclear energy (without which there is no development possible and civilization is doomed to collapse). For this reason the planned imperial wars are focused on the destruction of humanity as a whole, with effects as deep reaching as possible. If the imperial game succeeds, we've stand at the portal to the end of mankind. 

The long-cherished depopulation of the world (large scale extinction), which has been hailed in the halls of empire as a necessity for the continued existence of the imperial system, appears to be nigh at hand. The weapons for depopulation (extinction) have been built. Small-scale tests have been carried out in Iraq and Afghanistan. The expected global reach of the uranium poisoning has been verified. The 6-fold increase in lung cancers in the USA and 7-fold increase in diabetes worldwide demonstrates the potency of the DU-weapon for the silent extinction of vast segments of the population of the planet. The large-scale operation that has been long coveted is ready. The weapons have been pre-positioned near the two detonation areas. The political conditioning of the world to enable the large-scale project to become possible is fully under way. The pawns have made their first moves, staging hell in Palestine, Israel, and Lebanon. The evident purpose is to provoke Syria and with it Iran. Iran has evidently been chosen as the intended DU-bombing ground in Southwest Asia, and North Korea in Southeast Asia.  A great avalanche of threats has been made against these nations that has been flooding the world for years artificial tensions. Indeed, the bases are loaded. It might take a miracle to defeat the imperials' game at the already advanced stage. Pray for a miracle!

One is inclined to dream that the evidently planned mass-extinction can't possibly have been indented to happen, and therefore won't happen. People like to believe that mankind cannot be that stupid as to cause its own large-scale extinction, even its potential total extinction. That's delusional thinking for the simple reason that the imperial masters, who play these insane games, are not intelligent people. They never have been intelligent in their action. That is why the world is in a collapse crisis, disintegrating economically, financially, strategically, culturally, and physically, with civilization becoming thin. The empires have looted the world, which they depend on, into a collapse crisis. That's the kind of insanity that has blackened much of mankind's history, demonstrating that imperial rulers are far from being intelligent. All of the big wars in imperial history went way beyond the scale of what had been intended. World War II, for example, became a disaster for the empire that nearly destroyed the empire. In fact it would have destroyed the British Empire and replaced it with a Nazi Empire had America not intervened and come to the rescue. 

In the same manner can the presently planned obliteration of the nations and mankind, still be halted with an intelligent intervention, and the Earth itself be saved as a place of life. But the chances for that to happen are getting smaller. Sanity is not allowed by the empire to assert itself, even if that assertion would assure the ruling people's own future survival. 

Unfortunately, as no movements towards sanity are visible and time is running out, it is more likely than not that the extinction of mankind will proceed as planned.


Fortunately, we are still in the boundary zone

Fortunately, in spite of this glaring lack of movement in the world towards sanity, we are still in the boundary zone where corrective actions are possible. The global imperial war has not fully begun, where the vast bulk of the weapons for extinction remain still unused on the horizon.  Even the economies throughout the world still function to some degree. The world financial disintegration, like an approaching storm has not yet hit. It can still be avoided if society moves quickly and decisively to replace the present looting system with a productive system focused on universal economic development. Likewise the vast array of the uranium weapons that have not yet vaporized their deadly contents into the global atmosphere, can still be scrapped and be dismantled.

And yes, the great challenge of eradicating the ever preset danger of nuclear war can also be accomplished, most likely along the wayside as we grow up as human beings, and will likely not be accomplished by any other means.


The urgent need for mankind to grow up

Growing up means that we commit ourselves to the Principle of Universal Love and its historic subsets, the Principle of the Advantage of the Other that became the root of modern civilization through the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, and Principle of the General Welfare in with the USA was founded that reflects that civilization. We need to grow up again to Principle of Universal Love and go beyond beyond even its greatest historic subsets. We are at the point where anything less will not be enough. The Principle of Universal Love is the principle of our humanity and is inherent in waht we call civilization. If we step away from this principle we loose everything that we are and have achieved. And since we have done this our world is collapsing. If we step away any further we will loose even the last threads of civilization, and ourselves, and become extinct in the process. That's where we stand today. The destruction of Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the planned destruction of Syria, Iran, and North Korea towards the destruction of the populations of China and Russia are not isolated phenomena. They are symptoms that used to be just ripples on the waters, which now have become waves and become huge and dangerous as we entered the boundary zone where the scene is open to extinction, the advanced stage of inhumanity. 

 Fortunately, for as long as we remain in the boundary zone, hope remain. It's a precarious hope though, at this moment, a hope that stands in the shadow of mankind's lack of determination to save its existence. But for as long as we remain in the boundary zone the world can still be changed. The question is, will the coming change be for the good or for the bad?


How did we get into the boundary zone?

The answer to that question has been put forth ages ago and has been echoed many times in history. Two millennia ago Christ Jesus illustrated in a parable the principle of civilization and the tragedy of stepping away from this principle. In the story society is judged by the king of the Earth for its merit. The condemned protest in self-righteous indignation, declaring that they have never done anything to offend the king. But the king explained that whatever they had done to even the smallest or the least person, they had done unto him. With the king representing humanity, the violations in the parable are those hidden crimes against humanity that society then as now tends to sweep under the rug.

In today's world society becomes enraged over the death of a single child killed in a rain of terror, even while the people were fleeing a war that they had neither caused nor could prevent. And that death was a tragedy as the little child was torn by the force of the explosion and thrown like a rag doll from the bombed out vehicle into a field. But whose tragedy is this? Is this tragedy not a loss to all mankind, and a tragedy that has been tolerated and made more acceptable year after year? We open the door to such tragedies so easily, and as we do we take another step away from our humanity. It is our humanity that dies first, the rest follows as a consequence. We cry over the hundred children that are killed in Lebanon by men of empty hearts, as the Israeli are often described for their utter brutality, while the hearts of society itself are even 'more empty.' We've become stone-heart killers decades ago, mass murderers by policy on an unimaginable scale. In Africa alone, every thirty seconds a child dies of malaria in a horribly agonizing slow death that we, mankind, have inflicted with the stroke of a pen as a matter of policy. There was a time when malaria was nearly eradicated by controlling the carrier mosquitoes with the most ideal pesticide that was ever developed, the DDT pesticide. But the DDT was banned, as one supporter of the ban said, because it enables too many people to live. During the attack on DDT none of the charges against DDT were deemed valid by the evaluating officials of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but the ban was forced through anyway for political purposes. The ban was forced during the timeframe when Third World population growth was deemed a danger to U.S. national security as the developing nations would use up the raw materials the U.S. might need in future years. For this a child dies every thirty seconds in Africa, in addition to men and women. Malaria is presently a worldwide scourge that is deadly for most people as treatment is not available for poor people. The scale of the infection is huge. It is generally estimated to be in the 300 million range that pales anything that we see happening in the Middle East, and vastly out-paces the worst holocausts of all the wars in history combined. But society in its stone-cold grim disdain raises not a finger to stop this greatest holocaust of all times that is easily preventable.

And that is just one of the games of mass-genocide that we play. The CFC ban that takes down affordable refrigeration around the world, especially in the poor countries, is another such game, and it too is based on hyped up charges for which no scientific proof exists. 

Some say that AIDS -- which emerged in the general timeframe of the demanded genocide against the Third World nations -- was artificially created, instead of being just the natural result of the vast blanket of poverty that was spread across Africa. It should be noted that poverty is the most potent biological killer ever invented. But AIDS, which evidently emerged out of this quagmire, is minuscule in scope in comparison with the big operations of genocide by policy. While the big operations can be stopped easily should mankind regain its humanity, the scourge of AIDS cannot be turned off at a moment's notice, similar to the radioactive pollution of the world by DU weapons for extinction. Once this line is crossed there is no going back, at least not for a very long time, if ever.

We have put ourselves into the boundary zone to extinction not on the day the DU-weapons were invented and then mass-produced. We have put ourselves into this boundary zone ages ago when fascism was invented and mankind closed its eyes to it. We have started this march into the grave a long time ago in small steps -- steps in which we lost our humanity -- and then in bigger steps of genocide so that the dying of hundreds of millions by the force of our policy no longer touch us. That is how we got into the boundary zone and why the potential extinction of mankind hardly stirs up any concern. In our stone-cold attitude towards human life the step from the current genocide to the ultimate genocide is but a small step. Ironically, when the ultimate genocide unfolds, we might not even notice the change, because in terms of our natural humanity as human beings, we are already dead. We are so 'deeply dead' as human beings that we lie to one another on a grand scale. We lie about DDT and CFC to enable genocide. 

We even lie about ourselves as human beings. We say the world has cancer and that cancer is man, and the global society hails those who are saying that. We also say with our lying tongue that global warming is manmade, that our industry is destroying the planet, in order to have another incentive to cause more genocide by taking down the energy infrastructures and disabling the very thought that the planet is facing another Ice Age in the fear future that we should create infrastructures against to protect our food supply for our very survival. Mankind came out of the last Ice Age with a mere 1-10 million world population after 2.5 millions years of man's development. This minuscule population was all that the natural world could support in the Ice Age environment. We now have 6 billion, going on to 10 billion, which can only be maintained by vast technological infrastructures during the return of the Ice Age. Our present determination not to care and thereby to write off the future, amounts to a commitment to eradicate 99% of mankind by default that may take us back to the typical Ice Age population level, or to zero (to extinction) by the sheer momentum of the wave of death that such a 'genocide' would involve.

We have grown so callous in the loss of our humanity that the future loss of the human species doesn't even raise any eyebrows anymore. The world has become an empty world, focused on empires and profit without an real human dimension left in it. And so, the extinction that we are rushing towards with our empty stone-cold hearts will likely happen unless we make a dramatic commitment to grow up.


Empty people!

The world is now brimming with empty people, people like the great warriors of Israel who say that they are committed to destroying an entire nation to get two soldiers back without negotiations. To do such a thing takes persons without a drop of humanity left in them, or else they couldn't commit the kind of crimes that Israel has become famous for, that make common criminals look like saints in comparison. We have seen those empty people before. We've seen them in Hitler's empire where people became 'hollowed out' by state propaganda, and we've seen them when they were cultured intensively by the imperial machine to stage the Jacobin terror-slaughter in France. Empty people are created by empiricism and romanticism and the sophistry behind them that created fascism. 

In chapter in one of my novels a stage is set for exploring the process of creating empty people works and how the process might be reversed. (see: Lu Mountain, Chapter 11, Flood Tides of Love - free access online) The chapter describes the processes of sophistry, the same kind of process that Pericles of ancient Greece had used to turn Athens, the brightest pearl of the Greek classical period, into a war whore that destroyed itself for the pleasure of the Persian Empire. After 73 years of the Peloponnesian War, ending in 404 BC, the cultural achievement that had made Athens the pearl of the ancient world had been reduced to ashes and remained as but a distant memory. 

Socrates and Plato took up the challenge of bringing the cultural pearl back to life. But that was no small undertaking. The people's emptiness in humanist terms was do deep that Plato had to go to the very core of the destruction and explore the questions: What is a human being? What defines civilization? What makes civilization work? 

That's the kind of stuff that alone can fill the emptiness of a people that has lost its humanity, that have become trapped into a zero-humanist existence, an empty fascist existence, an existence as a war whore as Athens had become.

In today's world the American economist Lyndon LaRouche tells us that we need to go through the same recovery process again that Plato and Socrates set in motion and recovered what was lost, and in many regards went beyond it. LaRouche, like Plato before him, recognizes that nothing else will get us out of the trap we in. Unfortunately, LaRouche stands still quite alone in making this call. He asks us, society, to consider those questions again: What is a human being? What defines civilization? What makes civilization work? 

LaRouche asked those questions during his international webcast on July 20, 2006. The webcast was held, perhaps not by intention, on the 37th anniversary day of mankind's first landing on the moon on the 20th of July, 1969. In his webcast, LaRouche didn't talk about this historic event, which had been an unparalleled scientific, technological, and economic achievement that might be counted among the greatest of all times. Perhaps LaRouche didn't reference this achievement, because this achievement, too, is but a distant memory today. As things stand today in the age of impotence, the historic achievement of landing on the moon may not be repeated for decades, if ever. The industrial infrastructures that had made the achievement possible, and the commitment to scientific and technological progress, have all been destroyed. Nor did LaRouche talk about the killing fields in Lebanon where the fires of war were raging out of control now, just as the fires had been raging in Vietnam for which the last third of the Apollo moon missions had been cancelled in 1970 during the height of that war. (See: Star Wars, a Contradiction)

Instead of touching on the subject of the ravishing of war LaRouche asked again -- in spite of the intensity of the current crisis -- the fundamental questions, the same kind of questions that Plato had asked in his time after the Peloponnesian War had reduced the great Greek culture to ashes, questions like: What is a human being? What defines civilization? What makes civilization work? 

Evidently LaRouche was fully aware that nothing but this deep reaching focus could fill the void in a people that have become empty of their humanity after years of cultural warfare attacks with sophistry. That is what he focused on in his webcast to address the critical nature of the current crisis. It seems that nothing else can work anymore to get us out of the current mess, except going back to these basic questions. The emptiness that cultural warfare has created throughout the world has become too great. There is obviously nothing to be gained from talking about war, as if one could make sense of it, since war unfolds from insanity and there is nothing rational in the outcome of insanity. Insanity, and the resulting wars, are the movements of an emptied mind in which fascism erupted once the light of humanity was lost. That's the boundary zone we are in with little room left to absolute zero and the collapse of civilization and mankind with it on all fronts, including the financial and economic front, in the mounting waves of fascist insanity.


How can we get out of this boundary zone to extinction?

A change for the good, for the rebuilding of our humanity is possible. We, as humanity, as a global force, still have the capability to rouse ourselves to assert our humanity against war and empire. We can do this even while our defences are wearing thin. The empire is on the move, but we have also the capacity to move and rouse ourselves to stop them The pawns are stepping forward, they cannot retreat, but we can stop the game. In a chess game the pawns can only move forward or sideways, but never retreat to correct errors made in the past. But the game can be cancelled. A new policy of intention can be created and change the world. The empires can be shut down. We are still in the boundary zone where every part of this is possible. While time is running short and the age of men is waning, we can still reassert our brightest cultural heritage, the great renaissance principle, the Principle of Universal Love expressed in the Principle of the General Welfare (as in the founding of the USA) or the Principle of the Advantage of the Other (as in the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 that stopped a century of war).

We have that power still that is embodied in these principles. Mankind does no need to surrender to its destroyers. The destroyers are few, while mankind armed with its principles has the potential to be an invincible power. But mankind has to take the lead and grow up, discover itself, and fight for its existence -- not with war, but with love for one another. The policy for extinction can be revered. If sanity prevails the empires become extinct and mankind is thereby saved. Since we are in the boundary zone to extinction, let's make sure that the right target is chosen and the concept of empire ends up on the ash heap instead of mankind. Mankind is too precious to be lost.

Let me close this article with a poem that I have written a long time ago that has been brought my attention recently. (see: ../poetry/portals.html)


Coming of Age


Born into light
an infant leaves the womb,
discovers beauty,
the harsh pain of living
won't mar the soul
that seeks,
but the cries fade,
the euphoria of building,
gives shape to the void;
love, art, wisdom, truth,
the gems we wear,
are life.

Rolf A. F.Witzsche

Are we coming of age?

article by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

There have times in history when war has been prevented. These have been times of profound scientific and spiritual development. Perhaps we can find in them a glimmer of hope and a sign that in spite of all the horrors we see today, mankind might yet be coming of age.

Allow me to present in the article Are we coming of age? an amazing snippet of history that only a few people are aware of and many would deny out of hand and have done so. Nevertheless this part of history happened.


About LaRouche - the American economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., who has become a legend in our time in the fight to advance civilization, to protect mankind, and to create a new renaissance, warned that we are at a critical point in world history.

"At the present time, the international monetary financial system
of the world is in the process of disintegration. That does not mean
the end of the world. It means that we either make certain changes, 
or this planet will go in fact into a prolonged new dark age, comparable
to what happened to Europe during the middle to late part of the
14th Century." (LaRouche, June 15, 2006)

About the series:  Truth versus Guns,
 presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

About Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history, with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression with a type of 'Universal Kiss' for all mankind. 

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