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The Power of 56
Surrounding the MORNING STAR

(The Morning Star)


And he that overcometh, 
and keepeth my works unto the end,
 to him will I give power over the nations:
And I will give him the MORNING STAR. 
- Christ Jesus



Mary Baker Eddy's Seal - 1901


The Morning Star is evidently a critical element in Christian Science. It dominates all the top elements in Christ and Christmas, such as in the painting Christ Healing, Seeking and Finding, Christian Science Healing, the departure from "old faith," and Christian Unity. The Morning Star was evidently also of critical importance to Mary Baker Eddy since we find it as a key element in Mary Baker Eddy's seal.

On the cover of Christ and Christmas the Morning Star is surrounded by 56 rays of light as shown above. This number is significant in several ways.

 One of the significance is, that the number matches the number of elements found in each half of the lower three rows of the foursquare matrix, divided horizontally down the center (along the 'moral line') with the central elements of the center row being shared as pivotal points. This perception gives us 56 elements above the 'moral line' and 56 elements below the 'moral line.'

Also the star is a 7-sided star. This number can be seen to represent the seven days of creation and correspond with the seven synonyms for God that Mary Baker Eddy has defined as a pioneer of the science of (the ultimate) reality, which is spiritual and divine, and supremely natural. With this in mind, it is not surprising that the number 56 also has a profound reflection in universal physics. It has been discovered that when a electron beam, operating at extremely high power-levels, is magnetically pinched to an ultra-high power-density, the electron beam rearranges itself after the pinch, by a natural principle, into a circular pattern of 56 self-aligned separate beams. The photograph below shows the result of this 56-part filamentization of an electron power beam after 15 cm of travel. The patters was burned into a titanium plate in a laboratory experiment, exploring the underlying principle in plasma physics.


Over longer distances the individual filaments pair up into circular pattern of 28, then 14, then 7, and eventually four. A prominent example of this phenomenon is found in the recent (1987) astrophysical phenomenon of a supernova (sn87) that produced a 28-element circular ring. See the NASA produced image below.

These natural astrophysical phenomena, rare as they appear to be, were evidently sufficiently common to have been observed by ancient cultures who incorporated the phenomenon into religious symposiums representing phenomena of great power and significance. We find the 56-element circular pattern, for example, reflected in the 56 Aubory holes surrounding the Stone Henge monument.

Stone Henge

A detailed exploration of the plasma physical and astrophysical phenomena related to the 56, 28, 14, and 7 symmetry is found in an article by Wal Thornhill, titled Supernova 1987A Decoded, where the above photographs are featured. 

During Mary Baker Eddy's time the science of plasma physics did not exist, including the discovery of its fundamental operating principles. Nevertheless the phenomena resulting from these principles were known. For example, the Aubory holes, a circle of 56 pits within the outer circumference of the monument, had been discovered in the 17th Century, so that their existence was well known within scholarly circles of her time, and therefore may have been known to her. She might have seen it not as something mythical, but as a phenomenon that is related to a people's early self-discovery and their relationship to something greater than themselves that rooted in the heavens, such as phenomena of great power. Our 7-day week may have had its origin in some ancient people's observation of great celestial phenomena of this type with a symmetry of seven, in cases when such phenomena occurred closer to Earth, which likewise reflect a dawning awareness of natural universal principles that are related to displays of great power. Thus, the concept of the Morning Star that is referred to in Revelation is related to aspects of something that is profound, that represents truth, and represents power.

16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to
testify unto you these things in the
churches. I am the root and the offspring
of David, and the bright and morning
star. (Rev. 22:16)

The radiating effect of discovered truth across human society has of course been recognized already long ago. We see the symbolism in many places. We also see it in the first painting in Christ and Christmas. The radiance around the Morning Star in the painting "Star of Bethlehem" is strongly apparent in some of the earlier printed photographs of the painting, as shown below in the enlarged cutout. In the modern photos these fine lines are no longer apparent.

The concept of radiating truth is of course not unique to Mary Baker Eddy's work. Is is for example an encompassing feature in the famous etching of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya, "This is the truth."

This etching was created app. 1814, after the blood-curdling war by Napoleon who occupied Spain but was ultimately defeated by it as Napoleon eventually acknowledged himself in exile. The etching, "this is the truth" is believed to reflect the inevitable dawn of freedom that exemplified by the independence movement in America that created the the USA, which Spain had actively supported. The etching itself is a part of a 3-part series that begins with "Truth is dead" followed by, "Will she rise again?" and ending with the full-orbed recognition that the truth never really dies "This is the truth."  (Click on the links for a larger image than the above.)

The truth is evidently always ready to speak to those who have the spiritual sense to recognize its presence and its full-orbed promise of good, rich with life and love and a bountiful nourishing abundance. Thus, she speaks to the farmer who deals with these fundamental concepts on a daily basis.  The woman in the etching is not a phantom though. She is represented by Mary Magdalene in the highest sense, a woman who knows herself as a beautiful spiritual idea with profound spiritual features which reflect profound spiritual aspects. She is cherished widely by all who cherish the qualities of life that divine Intelligence created for the development of intimacy in society with one another and with God, who is therefore known for her boundless sharing of her affection. 

Truth is singular, profound, and of great power. It is the impetus that heals disease and heals the ills of the world. Its Apocalypse is the end of all evil and the descending, from God, of the city foursquare that gave rise to Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development - the development of the power of the reflected divine Truth in the human world. Truth is always divine. God and Truth and its Principle IS One.



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