Rivers of development

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche (Feb. 1, 2008)

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The perception of four development paths

It appears that the moral, and spiritual scientific development of society is too complex to be successfully addressed only in terms of four distinct levels and their function. The current near universal failure in society to deal with the imperatives of the moral line, proves that a far more extensive scientific spiritual development is needed. Naturally, Mary Baker Eddy has provided the necessary structures for meeting this need. 

It was evidently in this context that she divided the wide scene of the foursquare structure into four logical columns in which one can deal with the four levels in a more focused fashion by organizing the context into four specific areas of concern, defining four paths for individual self-development where the specific are more easily managed.

When the foursquare structure is seen in terms of four columns, the individual development paths can be explored one by one, even though they are themselves progressive from column to column. Mary Baker Eddy's purpose evidently was to enable in society the much needed scientific and spiritual self-development in the four critical major contexts of human living, such as beauty, spiritual rights, scientific power, and the development of Science itself.  So, let's explore the for columns with this in mind.

A structure of four development paths

When the foursquare matrix is seen as four columns, other sets of four definitions can be brought to bear as definitions for the columns. One set of these definitions is provided in terms of four rivers, rivers of distinct developmental flows, or flows of unfolding.

Mary Baker Eddy provided the definitions for these rivers in her Glossary by name as the four biblical rivers from Genesis 2. She defines them in the spiritual scientific context that relates them to the four columns when applied in the original biblical sequence. The four rivers are:

  1. Pison (river). The love of the good and beautiful, and their immortality.

  2. Gihon (river). The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.

  3. Hiddekel (river). Divine Science understood and acknowledged.

  4. Euphrates (river). Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness. The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity.

Note: The term, "woman," in the second river reflects her statement that "woman is the highest term for man," (from the 1884 edition, defined under the glossary term "Man" referring to generic man). It also reflects the image in Revelation 12 of a "woman clothed with the sun..." The definition of the term, Man, was later restructured with the bulk of it shifted into the chapter Recapitulation, and with the phrase removed that woman is the highest term for man. At some later point, after 1901, the context may have reappeared under the question, What is man? Part of her answer, became: "Man is idea, the image, of Love; he is not physique."

Actually, there have been two additional sets of definitions provided provided by her that set up the context in which the four "rivers" unfold. These provide a high-level description of the city foursquare. They describe the city in terms of four sides, and also with four geographic orientations (for the four rivers flowing out in the four celestial directions.) She writes:

The four 'sides' of our 'city' are: (p. 575)

  1. The Word,

  2. Christ,

  3. Christianity

  4. and divine Science.

She then describes these further in terms of the city's celestial orientation. (p. 575)

  1. Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation; 

  2. Eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus;

  3. Southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, - the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union; 

  4. Westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony. 

Note: The sequence in which the orientation is provided by her reflects the sequence of the cycle of the sun through a day, repeated every day.

  1. Northward, begins the dawn, 

  2. Eastward, the sunrise, 

  3. Southward, the heat of the day is felt, 

  4. Westward, the golden sunset unfolds.

In the first Recapitulation question, "What is God?" Mary Baker Eddy gives us another set of four definitions that are also applicable to the four columns. And she gives us four more that relate to the mud-world typified by the Adam mythology. These Adam definitions are of course countered by the four divine definitions respective of God.

  1. God is incorporeal.
    Here the name Adam counters this truth with the false supposition "that Life is not eternal, but has beginning and end."

  2. God is divine.
    Here the name Adam counters this truth with the false supposition "that intelligence passes into non-intelligence, and that Soul dwells in material sense."

  3. God is supreme.
    Here the name Adam counters this truth with the false supposition "that immortal Mind results in matter, and matter in mortal mind." 

  4. God is infinite.
    Here the name Adam counters this truth with the false supposition "that the one God and creator entered what He created, and then disappeared in the atheism of matter."

  So, how do we work with all that?

When the purpose is to address a specific need for healing, one needs to determine where specifically the heart of the problem is located so that it can be most effectively corrected with the specific aspect of truth that counters the specific failure. In some cases more than one aspect can apply. 

Let's consider for example, diabetes. 

It is officially classified as 'medical' problem for which medical responses have been developed. However, in the majority of the cases the condition has become the collateral result of war. When the prevailing rate climbs in the postwar period from 30 million cases worldwide to 230 million cases, then war is indicated as a potential cause, resulting from the radioactive pollution of the air as the consequence of the massive use of uranium in weapons that became vaporized during the Yugoslav War, the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War. While the concentration of the resulting diabetes is more dense in or near the war zones, the air pollution spreading like a gas has become a global phenomenon, especially throughout the northern hemisphere. This means that the spiritual healer has to consider the mental background behind these causative factors in addition to the physical factors, especially now that the tragedy created by war will likely be unfolding for thousands of years to come until the radioactive pollution is slowly rained out and the air becomes clean once again. 

The intention in war, therefore, remains a factor that needs to be addressed by the healer, for the intention in war is to create conditions that kill people who are classified an enemy. Weapons are created for killing people, or damaging them, or destroying their life by disabling their normal functions. This intention therefore stands in the background that must be addressed by the healer, together with the physical condition of the health problem. The intention to kill is as much a disease in spiritual terms as is the physical disease that results from the intention. To ignore the first factor would then be hypocritical. It would imply that the intention to kill is all right because one can gain a personal exemption from the consequences through prayer. The hypocrisy becomes a blocking factor as it pulls us into opposite directions. 

The entire mental background must therefore be addressed. And it can be addressed, because war, just as any other disease, is not a native human quality, or an acquired human quality, because it is not a divine quality that alone defines the human quality. What flows from the divine quality is an appreciations of the beauty and immortality of Life as an aspect of God that is reflected in man, and is legitimately reflected in universal loving, cherishing, supporting, enabling, protecting, and honoring one-another as a divine idea. The great lack of generosity in modern society is not far distant from the intention to kill.

The healing stream for this example would begin in the first column where the river is "Pison" defined as: "The love of the good and beautiful, and their immortality."

In one instance uranium is used in weapons for its excellent effect in killing and harming, so that the healer is facing the task to mentally overcome the very condition that has been intended, and which continues to be the intention as possibly a hundred times more of these weapons are still actively deployed, ready for future use with the same intention. Thus a double healing is required: The healing of society's mud mentality that includes the killing of human beings for evermore insane reasons, and the healing of the resulting physical disease. 

The healing resource in both cases lies at the top end of the 'river' where the divine value of the human being comes to light in "the good and beautiful and their immortality." In the flow from tragedy to reality every error in thought and in deed, must (and can) be dealt with in a mental process by which the full face of the human being becomes restored. In a very real sense, the healing of society is thereby included in the healing process. 

The healing must therefore include the eradication of the intention to murder and injure, meaning the elimination of war, and the elimination of empire that demands war. Acknowledging the divine rights of man includes nothing less. The attainment of Truth in this regard is typified by John the Revelator who beheld mankind (Rev. 12) as a "woman clothed with the sun, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars" signifying the elimination of much error - the stars of rejoicing). Isn't that what Mary Baker Eddy brings into view in the river Gihon, "the rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially?" In this context the second river puts onto the map more fully the divine quality of mankind that the first river gently develops and brings to light. The duality of the first two rivers illustrates to some degree the path by which multifaceted healing can be accomplished.

In some cases the combined paths of all four rivers may be required for pulling oneself (and society) out of the mud hole where no one is really free.

Considering the case of depression and obesity

For example, the healing of depression and obesity, which appear to be related - which in some respects have become a national disease in many a country, in some areas affecting over 40% of the population - may require the paths of all four rivers to be effectively dealt with as numerous factors are feeding into this disease. Nobody really knows what the actual causes are, which are likely many.

Statistics tell us that the percentage of cases has suddenly doubled from the 1980s on and is still increasing, and that the majority of the cases is found in the manual-labor category of employment, probably being concentrated in meaningless or mundane jobs. 

So, what happened from the 1980s on? Has the quality of food changed? It is being suggested that the produced food has become nutritionally hollow, so that more is demanded by an individual's body to offset the shortfall. It is possible further that genetically modified food is a factor, which has rapidly proliferated from the 1980s on, for increased cartel profits. It is also possible that the uranium pollution of the air is a factor, which began in the late 1980s. And to top it all off, the general mental background became one of increasing hopelessness, as under the policies of empire, by which the sweeping deindustrialization of the world began, which was initiated for the stated purposes of rendering society more impotent. With the elimination of high-earning, high-skilled jobs, depression tends to set in. This trend is still increasing. 

Another depression factor is the environmental insanity that labels mankind a cancer on the earth in order to justify the poverty and depopulation policies that began to be implemented in the 1970s, and are still increasing. Another contributing factor evidently is also the loss of cultural optimism that resulted from the intentional devolution of culture and education under the political watchword of "cultural freedom" (meaning freedom from culture), which even includes the freedom of fascism. 

One associated, contributing, hidden factor for depression may also be the increased looting of society by the financial thievery that has become an industry under the name of "investment," deploying money to make money without producing anything of value that would justify the profits of the billionaires. The vast dislocation of wealth through outright thievery by countless clever means is a hugely depressing factor that simmers under the surface. 

All of the above are symptoms of the disease of empire that festers in the mud hole that society is evermore dragged into.

The facets of the disease that festers in the mud hole are almost too numerous to be addressed individually. But they must be addressed for the healing of depression and obesity, which themselves are but symptoms of an iceberg that lays underneath. Fortunately they can be addressed, because none of them are factors of the divine reality that is the foundation of our being and which we have the capacity to manifest in our living as the reflections of God. In the divine Universe, and there really is no other universe, every form of disease and whatever lays beneath it is unreal. By upholding what is divinely real, and by taking the wind out of the sails of what is ultimately unreal, our living will invariably (and must of necessity) reflect the scientific realization of what is understood and acknowledged as the Truth, regardless of what appears to be real to the contrary.

Treating the errors before the disease.

In the mental healing of any disease, the mental undercurrents need to be considered and overcome, and this in one's own mental house first and foremost, considering that the physical symptoms are the end result of often a long chain of underlying errors. Often the lie itself becomes the official policy by intention, and is, on this platform, widely used. The official criterion here is called "plausible deniability." In other words, it's OK to lie whenever it is profitable to do so, for as long as the lie can be covered up with the mantle of deniability. The policy "In Lies We Trust" has thereby become a wide-ranging national disease that even the sciences have become subjected to as the global warming hoopla illustrates. 

The scientific fact is that the return of the Ice Age is on the near horizon, which sparked a concern in the scientific community in the early 1970s. If the concern had been responded to honestly with the necessary renaissance development of the world that would enable the protection of the global food supply in the coming cold climate, the resulting renaissance would have ended the reign of empire forever. Thus, in order to save their illegitimate colossus, the masters empire thought up a lie to hide the truth. That's how the global warming hoopla was invented in 1974, for which the sciences have been pressed into service to keep the lie going, contrary to the prevailing evidence.

The policy of forcing the devolution of science with the imposition of lies has a long history that goes all way back to the early 1600s when Paolo Sarpi pioneered the process as a policy to protect the Venetian Empire from the renaissance spirit that still lingered in his time and was seen even then as a mortal threat to empire. The policy of utilizing lies (and secrecy as a form of lies) has taken a huge toll in the mental domain of society, diminishing the accepted status of man, so that society now faces the task to recover from an imposed tragedy for which the consequences are becoming increasingly more critical, and are challenging the very survival of civilization.

The global-warming hoax

The danger of the global warming hoax (that currently protects empire) is that it deprives mankind of the opportunity it still has to prepare itself for the return of the Ice Age that is no longer distant on the horizon, towards which the transition may have already begun. The upcoming task of mankind to produce its food recourses from indoor agriculture before the deepfreeze sets in is technologically feasible, but requires massive infrastructure development that may take a century to complete, which might be all the time that we have remaining to us in the current interglacial period of nicely warn and agriculture-friendly climate. But this is in danger. Society's going along with the global-warming hoax is paramount to bringing on the greatest genocide of all times.
(See: Global Warming? - The deadliest fiction ever written )

 Of course, one's active participation in a process for intentional near-global genocide is not a good platform for reaching out from, to God, for the healing of disease that itself stands puny in the shadow of genocide. And that's just one of several related tragedies.

The ethanol hoax

A more developed form of causing intentional genocide by starvation is the now worldwide bio-fuel hoax that distills food products into motor fuel in a world in which more than a billion people have been forced into chronic starvation (primarily by the prevention of economic development). Under the heading of the global-warming hoax vast areas of farm land are taken out of food production to produce the farm products for distilling ethanol and bio-diesel. Ethanol is an alcohol fuel that is typically produced by fomenting corn and distilling the alcohol from it. It is expensive to produce, is corrosive to the metals of the fuel system of cars, produces less energy than the gasoline it dilutes, and produces a greater amount of pollution, including toxic alcohol related pollutants, and a greater amount of carbon dioxide that it is supposed to prevent under the global warming dogma. The myth that bio-fuels are an energy resource can only be sustained by accounting fraud, such as omitting the energy costs for the inputs. The only thing that ethanol does effectively is kill people.

The land area that diverted to ethanol production in the USA alone would normally have the capacity to feed a 100 million people. The figures are similar in other areas of the world. This massive burning of food is a crime against humanity in a world in which more than a billion people are subjected to chronic starvation. This starvation could be stopped by stopping the ethanol hoax, and by allowing economic development to occur in the poor countries, as the world's food supply could thereby be doubled with ease.

Christ Jesus once commented in a parable (Matth. 5:23) about this type of problem that now rests on the shoulders of all of us. He spoke of a man who came before the altar of God to offer a gift, but he counseled that if the man had anything outstanding on his account against his brother, he should first settle his debt to his brother and then offer the gift to God. The gift here may be called, embracing divine Truth for the purpose of healing. Becoming engaged in science fraud that involves the intention to murder, evidently weighs heavily against what a healer, or patient, is aiming for. One needs to consider this when pulling up to the gas pump for a fill-up, for one's debt to mankind towards stopping this insanity by healing the world of it, is great.

Science fraud

Science fraud in general falls into this category that Christ Jesus referred to. There is a lot of science fraud going on. Some of the fraud is so subtle that it is hard to detect. It often wears a benign face.

One example is the promise for limitless electric energy supplies by nuclear fusion power. But this is an empty promise as "nuclear fusion power" is a contradiction in language. Nuclear fusion consumes power, rather than producing it. In the process of fusing two atoms together, one of them fissions, by which power is released that is derived from a 'heavy' isotope of hydrogen that had this power invested into it. The only fusion fuel that that can be forced to fuse with enough power input, is a mixture of deuterium and tritium. Neither of these heavy isotopes of hydrogen are readily available. The deuterium exists in sea water in such low quantities that half a million tons of sea water needs to be processed to obtain one ton of 'heavy' water, from which one tenth of a ton of deuterium can be obtained. All of this involves large-scale energy-intensive processes. Tritium in turn does not exist naturally at all, but needs to transmuted from lithium by charging it up with an intense neutron bombardment in a nuclear fission reactor. In other words, every step along the way requires large-scale energy inputs. In addition, the fusion/fission reaction when it can be forced to occur, produces such high-energy neutron radiation that it destroys the reactor vessel in which it is produced. To date, no metal exists that can withstand a needed long-term bombardment of this intensity. Nevertheless the dream of cheap and vast energy is kept alive with the full knowledge that it is but an empty promise. Vast resources are devoted to the project, both in manpower, finance, and materials, while readily available processes are blocked, including processes that have been proved to deliver what fusion only promises, and for which large quantities of fuel are readily available.

The bottom line is that anything that has the potential to promote universal prosperity and development is disallowed by the masters of the mud hole, while the scientific pursuits that are promoted by them are of a type that channel mankind's resources into dead-end pursuits, thereby effectively stealing its future. This path is even more intensely pursued at CERN, the European Nuclear Research Facility, the largest and most complex facility ever created, which is designed to produce nothing at all. It aims to pursue the science fiction dream of an alternate reality, and also to prove that mass is the result of a particle instead of a principle. The project 'consumes' a large assembly of scientific talent from around the world, the largest ever, which thereby become unavailable for tackling the practical challenges that must be solved to meet mankind's physical needs for its existence.
(see: Experiencing Truth )

Obviously all the science fraud serves a sinister purpose. Often the purpose is deeply hidden. The purpose for CERN appears to be to prevent the real development of science, especially that of the electric cosmology that promises infinite energy resources for mankind's use, which the Earth is surrounded with according to all available evidence. In order to prevent this science from being developed, a massive fraud is needed that keeps the Big-Bang cosmology alive that is a fraud itself, which sees a universe in which only gravity rules and electric power does not exist, ignoring the fact the 99.999% of the mass of the Universe exists in the plasma state in which which electric currents flow by the power of natural principles. The Big-Bang theory is needed to maintain the myth in which the sun is seen as a nuclear fusion furnace that is consuming itself and is winding down, just as the masters of empire aim to convince mankind that its fast diminishing prosperity is a natural process of entropy. The goal of this massive science fraud is evidently to keep mankind impotent in its own sight, undeveloped, and easily controlled for the purposes of exploitation as has been the practice of empire since its dawn predating Rome.

In Mary Baker Eddy's days

None of the inhibiting factors stood in her way in her time as they do now. Nevertheless she made honest scientific development the focal point of her fourth river, Euphrates. Of course, most of the fraudulent factors hadn't been in existence in her time, including the sly and subtle one that is choking science today. This choking factor is called "peer review." Before any scientific concept is given the stamp of legitimacy it is subjected to peer review. The process not only renders science controllable by the masters, but also chokes it with the mud of mediocrity. Leading-edge concepts are thereby typically prohibited. Mary Baker Eddy scientific achievements, for example, would never have seen the light of day under the regime of peer review, or consensus-based science as it is also called.

The healing of science of the strangling effect of this mud bath that it got dragged into, is evidently another one of those debts that Christ Jesus referred to that need to be settled before one stands at the altar of God - of Truth - understanding and acknowledging reality.

While the challenges before mankind are far more numerous and immense in scope than in Mary Baker Eddy's time, she presents us a tool that is nevertheless efficient for mastering the challenges. It is found as a profound declaration that is imbedded in her definition for the river Euphrates

Euphrates (river). Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness. The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity.

As is plainly apparent, the definitions comes in two parts, which, however, in the spiritual sense, are indivisible and are really one single definition. And this is where the key lays. The first part defines divine Science as being developed to its highest divine manifest, while the second part keeps this highest regime nevertheless accessible to universal humanity, even in an atmosphere of human perception where the belief in limitation and finity has not yet been ruled out but remains as the only (or final) fault. 

Without divine Science placing us at the edge to the infinite domain, the scene of mankind's world would be a hopeless scene indeed. It would imply that the qualities of God are not accessible and demonstrable in practical terms in the form of "metaphysics taking the place of physics," and in "the reign of righteousness." It would also imply that Christ Jesus could not have been able to heal, nor Mary Baker Eddy likewise, or anyone else for that matter. But this has not been the case. Instead, great events of healing have happened, and are still happening, and are bound to be happening for evermore. 

Mankind is not a helpless worm

It is not legitimate for mankind to grovel in the dust and submit to its destroyer, whether it be disease, fascism, poverty, or whatever. To do so amounts to an active denial of God in human living. The great challenge that divine Science places before mankind, is to master its sense of finity and limitation, and thus become divinely human in all respects. This is not a small challenge, of course, but one, as has been well demonstrated, we all have the capacity to meet. In fact, healing in divine Science is not merely a process for the restoration of health, but is a process that uplifts the entire front of human living to ever-fuller expressions of the divine nature. If this isn't the healing goal in all respects, we are cheating ourselves and may not realize anything, for the focus then is not high enough and not close enough to the Truth. 

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