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Sex has been trashed for centuries in countless ways and often with horrendously tragic consequences, yet it is a deeply spiritual quality, though a deeply dishonored one. The term, sex, defines a complex biological and neural system without which none of the higher forms of animated life would exist, mankind included. However, it doesn't seem to exist just for procreation. It contains within its structure a deeply built-in aspect that is essential for human civilization to exist, that is to survive, which is a structure built on expanding platforms of intimacy reflected in intimate cooperative processes. The sexual intimacy exists only at the root of this trend as a starting platform that is naturally unfolding into social intimacies, economic intimacies, even national intimacies. We obviously need all of these expanding forms of intimacy, or else they too wouldn't exist. This causes us to look back into our own history, to determine if our currently predominant social system is a valid one.  And this isn't as easily done as it may appear.

We, that is mankind, have lived on this planet for between two to four million years. However, we know almost nothing about ourselves of this vast span of time, except for a fraction of one percent of it, covering only the last 7000 years or so. And of this small fraction of our history only half of it covers the period of the written languages where events, ideas, and customs became recorded. What we do know with a fair amount of certainty of this period, is that the spectacular development of the written languages enabled a wide range of scientific and technological development by which mankind became able to create the physical infrastructures for a near miraculous expansion of our species. However we also know that the model by which we lived as a species is currently failing in a similarly spectacular manner. We live by a failing social model that has brought upon us horrendous tragedies, wars, destruction, poverty, and unspeakable pollution of our world. For this failure we need to look critically at the model that we live by. Our very existence will depend on us doing so, especially with the return of the Ice Age on the near horizon that threatens our food supply.

So what do we see? If we look at the current model one factor stands out, a glaring factor, the factor of our sexual and related social isolation. Our current social system is built on a platform that powerfully prohibits close general unity, to say nothing of intimate unity, except in the smallest possible sphere. We live separated into families of two which exist in a vast landscape of competitive isolation and the radical privatization of resources. By this model the critically important Principle of the General Welfare is left far out of sight.

If we look at the history of the system that we live by it becomes readily apparent that the development of it coincided with the development of dominating empires. The two systems have existed almost in lock step with each other. It becomes equally apparent that the very existence of empire, as a system, requires the corresponding existence of a social landscape of near universal isolation. Empire cannot exist without that. An isolated people are easily controlled; and so they have been controlled for millennia. In order to achieve the desired universal isolation in society, every dominant cultural structure and religion has been spearheaded towards promoting isolation and division. Especially the religions have been widely abused for this purpose, promoting a landscape of isolated families - even to the point of creating a deeply sexually isolated people. The whole world is still stuck with this model to a large degree.

We have come to the point in the present time, in what might be the end period of a deeply destructive development, that we live by a so-dangerously flawed system that the very civilization of mankind, and much of the human world-population, is now threatened. Of course we don't know what system had existed prior to the time of recorded history. A lot of what existed just prior to the general use of the written languages, cannot be used as a reliable yardstick for this purpose. A lot of what became written down in later years and became scriptural records were evidently the result of fireside stories handed down over countless generations. In the process of retelling historic events or concepts for generations upon generations, little is left of the truth in the end, if any of it.

So, what do we have then available to us to measure truth with?

There is one factor that we do have, which is the natural system that most human beings try to live by and would respond to if they had a chance. The human sexual system falls within this category. It is in fact a major part of it. 

When we observe how the natural system works, one observation becomes predominant: This system is designed for the development of close intimate relationships between people, and not just on the smallest possible sphere, but on a far wider scale than we can possibly imagine. Yes, it is hard to imagine what this wider scale might be, considering that we have been living in sexual and social isolation for millennia already. Universal isolation is all that we know, even while our experiences tell us that the complex human culture cannot be build on a platform of isolation.

The natural sexual system inspires intimacy and from it develops social intimacies, cultural intimacies, and national intimacies. However, the empire-oriented political and religious systems force society into opposite directions. The bottom line is that we will likely have to unlearn the culturally defective current cultural platform, the platform that creates isolation and has been thrust upon society for political reasons created in distant antiquity.

Experience has shown that when the intimacy of the sexual factor is grossly inhibited over long periods, as with the male circumcision and the female infibulation, the resulting civilizations have typically become brutal, crude, fascist in nature, war-loving, and bent on stealing and primitive accumulations, rather than producing for the general welfare of the whole society. This may have been the reason why the circumcision was applied to slave cultures, as in ancient Egypt, to inhibit the development of the Principle of the General Welfare, which isn't conducive to slavery. 

Religious doctrines that inhibit or trash sex, or diminish it with the circumcision, were likely created for the same reason, to assure easy control of society, and with the same debilitating general effect, including the effect of the general sexual isolation of society and all its vast consequences. Over long periods of time the ancient political objectives became molded into traditions that are still being observed with near religious fidelity, by which the debilitating affects are maintained in processes that are essentially suicidal for civilization. This front is most strongly maintained by religions, which nearly all define sex as sin, even while sex is essentially a spiritual quality designed by the harmonizing Spirit of the Intelligence that we see reflected anywhere in the Universe. In real terms sex is one of the highest manifests of divine Principle in the human system - a higher spiritual manifest of God than the sensory system of sight and the recognition of sound. The sexual system is vastly more complex and unfolds with a highly intelligently arranged organization of interacting principles that harmonize towards the development of that profound spiritual sense of intimacy on which our high-level of cooperative civilization depends, and cannot exist without.

Religious traditions have become the modern 'moral' traditions. Both have slandered sex so badly and defined it as vulgar that it has been relegated to the smallest possible sphere, to protect society, while in real terms it exists for the protection of the system of empire. In reality there is nothing vulgar about sex. Even biologically the largest, most important and most active sexual organ of the human body isnít a man's penis or a woman's vagina, but is the brain and its vast complex structures.

"The brain is responsible for our emotions, our perceptions (including of pain and of pleasure), our memories; for regulating and controlling our central nervous system, our cardiovascular system, our endocrine system and our senses. The hypothalamus of the brain is responsible for the secretion of hormones that influence sexual feelings and response, like oxytocin, vasopressin, serotonin and dopamine. The brain receives and processes messages from your sensory organs, giving you and other parts of your body information about how something (or someone, including yourself) looks, sounds, tastes, smells and feels to you. It's also the brain that sends and receives signals regarding blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and how we breathe: all huge parts of sexual function, experience and response...

"Itís the pleasure center of your brain that sends signals back to you that what's happening feels good (or doesnít), and it's your brain and nervous system that transmits the feelings and sensations we have with orgasm. Not only is sex about communication between people, it's about the systems of your brain and the rest of your body communicating, too. The beauty of bodies and brains is that they donít all communicate the same way.... 

"Without your brain, you wouldnít feel pain or pleasure, even if you were touched in a way or in a place which many people find pleasurable. The brain is primarily responsible for orgasm: during sexual pleasure, all the nerve endings of your body (including your genitals, all linked to your nervous system) are in concert and communication with your brain, and vice-versa. Without everything going on in our brains, we wouldnít have any interest in sex at all...

"Sexuality is physical and sensory, but also chemical, emotional (yes, even for anyone who says sex isnít at all emotional for them), psychological, intellectual, social, cultural and multi-sensory. That's all brain stuff. Itís not just what we feel if we touch ourselves or someone else touches us a certain way and how the brain influences those sensations, but all we think and feel about it, including messages others have given us, all our previous sexual experiences and experiences which may have influenced our sexuality, our hopes and fears, our sexual fantasies or expectations, how we feel about who weíre with if and when we have sexual partners, how we feel about our sexual selves as a whole and everything going on with us hormonally and physically when we are sexually stimulated Ė whether weíre aroused without any kind of touch, or if touch is also involved -- in any way. No matter what other parts of our bodies are part of whatís going on with us sexually our brain is our biggest, most important and most active sexual organ.

"Once you understand how the brain Ė what is is, what it does, all the systems it controls and responds to Ė is our largest and most important sexual organ, it's a lot easier to see why we, as a people, can be so sexually diverse and experience any kind of sex so differently. After all, if sex was only or mostly about our genitals, even with genital diversity, it would be sound to expect that those of us with the same basic parts would have the same experiences with a given kind of touch. But we donít, not by a serious long shot, and that's primarily because of our brains. Once you understand how the brain is our largest and most important sex organ you can also begin to see how thinking differently isnít necessarily a negative when it comes to sexual pleasure. "
(research by Heather Corinna - With Pleasure: A View of Whole Sexual Anatomy for Every Body)

Built into the sex system are also numerous responses that are necessitated by the system itself. In order for the reproductive system to work the sperm needs to be transported in a transport media to reach the egg cell. The transport media is produced in the male prostrate gland, which for this purpose accumulates and concentrates the required heavy elements, like zinc. The same vital process, however, accumulates also heavy carcinogenic elements and so on. For perhaps these, or whatever other reasons, the natural system has incorporated in its design a process for flushing out the built-up accumulations on a regular basis, to enable the constant renewal of it, which simply utilizes the ejaculation process. Appropriate sexual urges are developed within the sex system that assure that the cleaning cycles are carried out, typically in three-day intervals or less, by whatever means, which also feeds into the scene of the sexual intimacies. For this reason men are often deemed sex-crazy. The irony is that when the cleaning cycles are blocked prostrate cancers maybe more likely, for which, however, no real statistics yet exist. The development of homosexuality (same sex interaction) may be rooted in this process.

What we call civilization is but a tiny step in the long-term development of mankind along a span of over two million years, most of which occurred during the ice ages when food resources were scarce. During those periods fishing may have provided the major sustenance. The evidence for this is presently 200 feet under water where remains of settlements were found that would have been costal villages during the ice ages when the ocean levels were lower due to the massive accumulation of water and land in the form of ice. The fishing duty might have fallen onto the men, which in the pursuit of fish may have been separated from their village for lengthy periods, in which their sexual needs were fulfilled in different ways, likewise for the women. When the men returned with their bounty of food the isolated sex would then likely have given way to a united sexual celebration. What we see today may be an echo of those early days, perpetuated and developed further through the genetic system across hundreds of thousands of years, reflecting a totally natural aspect of our sexuality, and was likely so regarded in more ancient times.

Zephyrus and Hyacinthus - 
Attic red-figure cup from Tarquinia, 480 BC (Boston Museum of Fine Arts)

For many, the reasons for same sex interactions are more likely simpler. Same sex partners tend to be naturally more sensitive to the other's needs whereby the bonds are physically and emotionally more satisfying. The symmetries of power and aesthetic factors between same sex partners has the potential to make the relationship more tender and loving, and is often unfolding from deep friendships that simply culminate into satisfying physical forms of intimacy. Same sex is also seen by some as a communion with oneself. Nor is there the difference in physical performance prevalent, in terms of sustaining interest, that exists between men and women, nor the focus on orgasm, which is instead more on caring and providing pleasure. And for some it's a political statement.

Apart from these basic concerns the sexual-'pleasure' process also produces a wide range of emotional and physical health benefits that are likewise not fully understood, even by researchers, but are sufficiently known to have led to the utilization of sex as a form of therapy. Increased sexual pleasures are known to have improved sleep, decreased depression, reduced stress, and even furnished a heightened sense of spirituality. "Many ancient traditions view sexuality as something sacred and spiritual, as opposed to 'sinful.' Sexual energy, they say, is unlike any other, and when we merge with this power during orgasm, some believe that we are connecting to the deepest parts of ourselves, our non-physical aspects. Not only do we gain a deeper sense of ourselves, but we can experience an energy that feeds other areas of our lives. Many who think of sex as a spiritual practice tell us they have a stronger sense of self and of their relationships." (The health benefits of sex -Amy Amoroso - Women to Women)

With all of the above considered, it becomes increasingly evident that the scene of sexual intimacy involves a vast range of spiritual processes that unfold with such power that without them mankind would likely not exist. Sex certainly isn't in the flesh. The Scriptures are correct on that. The whole process begins and ends mentally. It typically begins with sexual facial recognition and the mental focus on corporal aspects that are sexually significant, and so on, which then trigger the sensory system and create and environment of responses that is as different from the non-sexual environment as the molecular physical responses are in the living world from the non-living world. In the biotic sphere the molecular processes unfold in a radically different and more complex manner, than we encounter in the abiotic sphere. A similar thing happens in the neurotic world when the sexual dimension is triggered, by which sensations and responses are activated that fulfill an essential requirement on the larger scene of human existence and civilization.

Naturally, religion becomes intertwined with such a powerful process, both thy mystify it and to acknowledge it. The sexual myths are all too well-known to require restatement, while some of the most deeply rooted religious doctrines may have had their origin in the sexual dimension, which is not so well known, and will likely inspire protest for the mentioning. The seven-day calendar that is used around the world may have resulted from these. One of the earliest creation myths, the one that opens the Hebrew Bible, describes the creation of the world everything in it as a 7-stage process that unfolded as a kind of spiritual 'ejaculation' of divine will, by which everything that exists came to be. The early writers of this particular creation myth may have been inspired by the male seminal ejaculation cycle that typically occurs in seven spurts, once it starts, which may have been recognized by then as a vital element in the human procreation process, and by extension illustrates the divine creation process of everything.

For probably quite a few people, even in modern time, expressing themselves sexually is an essential experience of their inner self and is also medically acknowledged to be linked with emotional well-being. Thus, rather than belonging to the guilty-pleasures category, many find in it a path for being happier and more balanced in our increasingly complex world.

The definition of sex as "sin" is one of the many maldefinitions that the masters of imperial structures have intentionally heaped on society to control it and thereby maintain their power. The slandering of sex as sin stands in the forefront of this attack on humanity for its potential in developing the sense of intimacy that invariably unfolds its political, economic, and national equivalent on the platform of the Principle of the General Welfare on which any system of empire has no possible foundation to stand. Thus it becomes slandered for the protection of empire and its structures that have no natural foundation. It would highly surprising, therefore, if the church as the most powerful political structure in history, would not slander sex as vehemently as it has and still does to a large degree. However, this very slandering of sex as sin, by the most powerful imperial political institution, points to the great value of what is slandered, and its power for civilization, that evokes such fear in imperial institutions that the force of vicious slander becomes resorted to. 

The hypocrisy of the slander becomes further apparent when one considers that in church liturgy the term "sin" becomes exclusively applied to sex and all its dimensions, while the real sin, the factors that are destructive to civilization, are pushed into the background and swept under the rug, such as greed, covetousness, murdering, theft, lies, rape, fascism, inhumanity, terror, war, domination, and slandering itself. With sex in the foreground bearing the front of slander, all the destructive elements become essentially excused, which of course are elements required for the maintenance of empire and their defense against a developing humanity. For these reasons the church itself has historically stood as the chief exemplar of these real sins that are highly destructive to society, and supporter of other imperial structures. In the modern world greed has been elevated into a virtue and the cornerstone of economics, and vice a power for gaining wealth by whatever means raw thievery can be applied, protected under mantle of hypocrisy that defines these scourges as moral. Whenever society fails to free itself from this hypocrisy, its civilization is doomed. The modern world is fast approaching this point.

The reversal of this hypocrisy invariably involves the uplifting of sex from the mythological to the spiritual and divine realm, where ultimately reality is located. This won't be an easy step after countless centuries of the most powerful doctrinal despotism that ever ruled on this planet. A deep-reaching renewal of mankind's self-perception is required, of its profoundly spiritual nature and quality in all aspects that are divinely real and expressed in an unfolding renaissance civilization. In its renewal from within unfolds mankind's real power, not build on political power, but on the power of gentleness, the honesty of intimacy, the universal care of its mothering, and the beauty of its divine nature that unfolds evermore in mankind's advancing perceptions of itself.


It may well be that modern research into the sexual dimension has finally put a cap on the old myths that have laid thick layers of guilt on society over the sexual scene, beneath which the worst persecutions of people in all history have been perpetrated, which to some degree still continue, and which worst of all, throttle the budding spiritual self-perception in society with debilitating consequences that are just beginning to be recognized to some degree. The above photo is from the mid 1990s when the scene was not considered sexually offensive as it is increasingly regarded now under numerous trends of sexual prohibitions under the name of 'honoring' women as sexless persons. Sexual attraction is one of the grand features of the design of the human system. It should be celebrated and uplifted, rather than be hidden slandered. The human sexual attraction is not an animal propensity, but unfolds via a vast array of cognitive processes, from facial recognition all they way up to sexual recognition and psychological processes fostering intimate social relations and their reflection in closely cooperative economic relations. The current trend is to hide this spiritual asset of sexual attraction under the cloak of the burqua in countless different ways.

Women wearing a burqa - photo by Steve Evans from India and USA

Of course, it is always the woman who bears the brunt of this trend. One never sees a man under the burqa. The excuse is that the universal design of the human being has rendered women so immensely attractive to men that men cannot contain their response and must therefore demand their woman to be hidden as a means to protect their ownership rights. It is said in the defense of the burqa that woman find inner peace in their solitude behind the veil, rather than prostituting themselves to the raging eyes of men, proclaiming thereby that the beauty that mankind is designed to recognize in one another is a curse.

Society has gone to great length to deter the attraction that the wisdom of the Universe has built into the design of its highest species, which has long been recognized as highly dangerous to imperial structures. It is not surprising in this context that in the modern age of engineered diseases a particularly deadly disease has been created that spreads primarily through the avenues of intimate sexual contact, which of course is HIV/AIDS. Officially the green monkey in Africa is blamed. The odd thing is that mankind has lived with the monkey in Africa for millions of years without being devastated by its virus. And even more remarkable than this, is that the outbreak of AIDS occurred timed in lock-step (within five years) of the official American policy declaration (NSSM200) that defined the third-world population-growth (naming 13 areas) a critical security threat to America and the western empire. Furthermore, when the first outbreak occurred, it didn't occur in Africa where the green monkey lives. It occurred first among the much hated homosexual groups in America, in two widely separated areas simultaneously (New York and California). Then almost a year later a slightly different strain erupted in Africa, which is more efficient in heterosexual transmission, which then spread like wildfire all across Africa killing people by the millions, with simultaneous eruptions occurring all around the world to a lesser degree. But most of all it had a chilling effect on the entire scene of sexual intimacies, where it fostered a greater and deeper isolation than the circumcision and the burqa, and all the cries about sin had ever achieved. Nor has the effect ended, as the AIDS killing-spree continues. 

At the end of 2008 the world wide infection count stood at 33.4 million (with 22.4 million of these living in Sub-Sahran Africa), and with an annual infection rate of two to three million, and an accumulated death-toll of 25 million since 1981. The worldwide scene of close sexual intimacies was hit hard with this deadly chill that it won't recover from any time soon, which may well have been intended. And here may lay its greatest tragedy, with consequences that we can't even fathom yet. In the shadow of AIDS, society has become less cohesive so that ever greater crimes are now committed against mankind by the ruling masters of empire, without any real serious opposition. In this sense the masters of empire have won a great victory, although that victory maybe short-lived as other factors now come into play.

Also, the resolution to the AIDS crisis may not be as impossible as it appears today, because it forces to the surface higher-level factors for intimacy by which the crisis may yet become resolved, and this with also a higher sense of sex unfolding from it. I have explored this potential near the end of my novel, Flight Without Limits (free online), in a context that unfolds throughout the novel and is not easily replicated here in short form.

The natural sexual attraction that exists in society brings to light a sense of beauty and admiration for one another that is deeply anchored in one's very soul, a spiritual mirror, so to speak, without which the sexual union would likely never have happened in primordial times, nor the intimacies that laid the foundation for civilization to date. In sexual interaction we are responding to intelligently arranged conditioning, which in many ways makes us as but spectators in an astounding and exciting process that is far greater than any us and is likely far more profound than we yet imagine, and is much less understood. The beauty of it all is, that the whole scene put together points to an underlying foundation that stands on higher ground, a more profoundly spiritual ground with its own, higher sense of beauty unfolding. And this comes to light as a platform that is out of reach to all the masters of empire, and all their countless stooges tall or small.

Will all this considered, the continuing deep spiritual development in society will go on, even as it absolutely requires an uplifted sense of sex, which may be not easily attained, but when found, will be uplifting sex out of the cellar of mythologies into the sunlight of spiritual reality where mankind was once described as being "clothed with the sun." (Revelation 12:1) 

With this considered, let's start a celebration.

Here is a celebration song:


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