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The Way, the Truth, the Life - His word - 
Are here, and now 
Christ's silent healing, heaven heard, 
Crowns the pale brow.


Treating the Sick


Christ's silent healing, heaven heard, 
Crowns the pale brow.




Here we face Adam directly. Adam is not healed. Adam cannot be healed. Adam is a dream of the material sense of man - a concept of man that is devoid of the spiritual substance in which man comes to light as the reflection of God.  The Christ-consciousness and the Adam-dream are two opposite poles on the same scale. The Christ reflects reality, while Adam is pure mythology without a trace of reality. To heal mankind of the Adam dream (a deadly disease) the Christ-consciousness unfolding in divine Science must awaken the dreamer. There is no other form of healing possible, no matter how logical lesser methods appear to be.

The Way, the Truth, the Life - His word - 
Are here, and now 
Christ's silent healing, heaven heard, 
Crowns the pale brow.

The true nature of mankind, the divinely royal man, reflects the image of God. In Christian Science healing the patient is not transformed physically, but is being transformed consciously by the power of the Christ dawning in human thought to which the body responds metaphysically. Christ healing is the most powerful  process of transformation, and is accomplished by divine power. 

Of course, Adam is not shown to be rising, while the patient is. The healer does not treat a man, but focuses on the Adam dream that has no legitimacy. Thus the healer is the primary patient, and the 'sick' (not shown in the above scene) the secondary patient. That's how the healing of 'Christianity' unfolds. The world becomes uplifted thereby. The Adam dream is not specific to any religion, but is a universal dream of living without Truth, without the substance of God, without Life, Love, Soul, Principle, and the harmonizing Spirit that is reflected throughout the Universe, and in effect, IS the Universe. The Christ, thus, gets us in touch with the reality of our being, which is essentially a scientific process, for Mind is 'scientific,' its essence is Intelligence. This Christ process is essential, because without it, the mental processes miss the mark and trail out into ever-regressive forms of mental malpractice, engendering numerous types of slavery, including the 'legal' enslavement of entire people, cultures, and nations, and the enslavement of mankind to diseases.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

I saw before me the sick, wearing out years of servitude to an unreal master in the belief that the body governed them, rather than Mind. The lame, the deaf, the dumb, the blind, the sick, the sensual, the sinner, I wished to save from the slavery of their own beliefs and from the educational systems of the Pharaohs, who to-day, as of yore, hold the children of Israel in bondage. I saw before me the awful conflict, the Red Sea and the wilderness; but I pressed on through faith in God, trusting Truth, the strong deliverer, to guide me into the land of Christian Science, where fetters fall and the rights of man are fully known and acknowledged. (S&H p. 226 - House of bondage)

Here one of the women honored by Judy Chicago comes to mind, who, protesting as a slave in America, had made her name shine in the abolitionist movement. Her slave name was "Isabell Hardenburgh." But she is not honored by this name in The Dinner Party, where she is honored instead by the spiritual name "Sojourner Truth" that she chose for herself after the emancipation to signify her freedom as a human being. She chose the name "Sojourner" as an apt description of one's tenure in this life, and "Truth" as the message that she intended to carry to the world. Judy Chicago writes: "Traveling around the country on foot, she told her life-story as a part of exposing the evils of slavery. She spoke of her brothers and sisters being sold off and herself sold several times, of being mistreated an raped by her master and being deceived with promises of freedom." 

The plate for Sojourner Truth combines three symbols, three face emanating from a single body form with a portrayal inspired by African art. Judy Chicago describe the three faces, one being "a sad face painted realistically," the opposite "a stylized" face that reflects "rage" that was experienced but could not be expressed, except under fear of harsh punishment, and sometimes death. And for the center face between the two she produced "a highly decorated mask" that symbolizes concealment of the real self that was required not only of the slaves but of her white sisters as well.

In a symbolic sense the plate for Sojourner Truth reflects all the numerous names for Adam that society has suffered and still is, in its own 'slavery.' However, in telling her story to the world she puts herself above all that, which became history and puts forth a new face altogether as Sojourner Truth, a face as someone who has worth and value, and is walking with the higher Truth denouncing the old trap. That is how the Adam dream can be defeated, by becoming a sojourner with the Truth. In this sense, Sojourner Truth embodies Mary Magdalene in principle, who is said to have "sojourned with Christ Jesus."

Mary Magdalene,  Sojourner Truth, are both in the picture here. They are both in the rocking chair, moving, 'sojourning' with the Christ. But why is the textbook closed?

The answer is simple. It is closed, because its role is that of a foundation to prepare consciousness for the scientific acceptance of the Christ, manifest in man's spiritual intimacy with God that brings to light the reality of man's being, regardless of what the mythologies say. However once this foundation has been established, the Christ becomes its own advancing impetus beyond the rudiments laid down.

Additional ways do exist to strengthen the foundation. The textbook sets up a foundation for building on. Christian Science class teaching can help students to operate efficiently on this foundation. Mary Baker Baker Eddy has taught over 4000 people in classes that she was personally teaching in the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. 

In modern time, the Board of Education, operating with the College, now fulfills this function. But even at this level, beyond a certain point, the Christ becomes its own scene with its ever-advancing transparence in the mind towards divine power, creating closer and closer intimacy with divine Truth and Love. At this higher, constantly advancing level, a human teacher would only stand in the way of the unfolding intimacy between God and man. 

This appears to be the basis on which Mary Magdalene sojourned with Jesus, coming closer to the Christ, and also to the Truth. How else would she be able to stand with him during his supreme, final struggle, with the Adam dream on Golgotha, and support Jesus with the Truth?

This supreme feat has not yet been accomplished, though the process has begun. Adam still looms in the background. In order to transform the world - and the bed in which we find Adam is as wide as the world - requires the healer to get out of the rocking chair and stand tall on the shoulders of the tallest exemplar that ever trod the globe, which is Christ Jesus, exemplifying the closest intimacy of the human with the divine. Nothing less than emulating the Christ Consciousness has ever been sufficient to create a renaissance, or even meet the human need. In the case of his defending the adulterous woman (John 8:1-11) Jesus stood on the shoulders of divine Truth. From this 'elevation' he won his case with ease. Of course healing Adam on the world scene, as a global concept, defeating the Adam dream, requires much more than just a single step in healing, and the aid of just a single person. 

It is a case of mental malpractice, really, to assume that the spiritual development of mankind depends on one alone, or on a specific group alone, or a specific culture, or nation. Such a notion implies that most people are not really human, and that mankind is not made in the image of God, universally. That's dangerous quackery. That's what puts the Adam face on mankind and places society into its death bed, or sick bed, or prison cell, or whatever.

Adam represents not only patriarchy as some assume, but also a corrupted sense of corporeality, creating a world of self-delusions. The female repression for many ages comes from a shallow and mistaken self-perception of society of mankind's corporeality, of which Adam is the grand exemplar, put on the stage of the Adam mythology as a character so terribly small in his own eyes that he is ashamed of himself and hides himself for his nakedness. Of course, a person  who has this despicable attitude about himself hanging around his neck, has even less respect for women on the other side of the sexual divide. But the healing only begins here. The corporeality of mankind is a manifest construct of a vast array of spiritual ideas that are harmonizing according to the principles they reflect to furnish the compound idea, man. That's the man seen by spiritual sense - a man that is Spirit individualized in perfect form, arrayed with spiritual qualities, that is Intelligence objectified, a thought object of God - and image of God.

It is reported (in an assembly of papers called Collectania - published by The Bookmark) that Mary Baker Eddy once pointed  to the hand of her secretary, asking "what is this?" He replied that it is his hand. She pointed out to him that ultimately, it is Spirit. - All is Spirit and spiritual. We heal by 'seeing' what God 'sees.' And why should we be satisfied with less than the Truth?

Whoever wrote the Adam mythology understood the problem well, for the less we 'see' of our real self, the more ashamed we become - as indeed we should be for acknowledging so little of our real self, our divine self. Nothing has really substantially changed from the days this mythology was written, to the present day, in respect to the general attitude of mankind, male of female. Only divine Science, reflected in Christian Science, can furnish the needed richer sense in which we find ourselves arrayed with the Sun. The ecclesiastical church generally takes the side of Adam. For example the 'Christian' church had decreed in app. 600 AD that Mary Magdalene was a sex fiend, a whore, iconic of the carnality embodied in women, but that she was saved, became repentant, and by forgiving-power of Jesus was made 'normal' and healed. Society in general follows this course of perception on a grand scale, which cleverly justifies in deep subtle tones the political advantages claimed by patriarchy that thereby creates itself a sea of self-subjective slaves.

That's somewhat indicative of the depth of the problem that requires healing. While little is known about Mary Magdalene, what is known seems to suggest that she dared to stand up against the flow of an avalanche of mental malpractice, and with the Science of the Christ managed to regain her native love of herself, her sex, of mankind, which she got massively into trouble for, but stood her ground. No evidence exists that she has set a movement afoot for the healing of society. She might have done this by example, to some degree, and inspired other women, but the patriarchy had continued for the rest of that age and times thereafter, that is falsely called the age of Christianity. Nor will there ever be a formal movement possible to change that. The movement has to unfold with the school that has no teachers, and in a classroom that is as wide as the world, as rich as life itself, and is presided over by the spirit of the tallest pioneers that mankind has produced over the ages as exemplars of the divine nature. Mary Baker Eddy stands among them together with Christ Jesus and others who stood tall. In this school, the 'sojourner' moves with Spirit, and Truth.

The barrier that prevents society from standing tall is of course not a sexual one, but is a case of failing spiritual development. In spiritual development the divisions yield to the unfolding truth in human perception that mankind is one, and is one with God, as the Intelligence of the Universe and its harmonizing and creative Principle, is One, without which nothing would exist.

Spiritual development, thereby puts us onto the lateral plain, with God and with one-another. In the lateral Universe hierarchical concepts have no place. All is of value. Hierarchical concepts fall away when they are being understood and acknowledged as impossible in Truth. At the level of the absolute, where all is God and God's reflection, and all that IS, is good and valuable, one cannot go higher or lower. There, divisions fall away.

This reality is slowly becoming accepted in the arts. Equality of women with men in art once meant that woman are artists too and make good art, and therefore need to be accepted and acknowledged. This is not sufficient. The equality needs to be understood as the basic reality of humanity and be acknowledged demonstratively at the leading edge. Whatever is true of men is true of women, and vise versa, in a qualitative sense, though individual in expression. And this is happening. Judy Chicago's art installation, the Dinner Party, is a testament of this meeting of mankind at the leading edge. Every aspect involves a minor revolution in itself, from its finest detail to its most basic symbolism, which is the triangle.

The triangular form of the most basic design of the art installation takes the symbol of the triangle to a higher level of significance than has previously been put before mankind, melting conceptually with the most revolutionary concepts, which together illustrate the inherent unity of the male and female of mankind, and thereby all mankind. The triangular shape appears primary, with all other aspects subsumed to it. The reasons behind the symbolism are likely many, and are likely centered on the unity of mankind. For one thing the triangle represents the shape of human crotch, both male and female. On a higher level, as we allow the butterfly to lift us off this floor, the geometry of the triangle has also a profound spiritual significance that is critical to society's perception of its universal humanity.

For example, at a square table we have two sets of opposites facing each other. This concept of opposites is vastly diminished, and to a significant degree falls away, in a triangular setting (see an actual view of this). Instead of emphasizing opposites, it brings together constituents that become features of a single whole, such as the concepts of Truth, Love, and Soul, as aspects of humanity, none of which can be deemed as greater than the other, which we all incorporate, and without which civilization cannot stand.

Mary Baker Eddy appears to have had a special purpose in mind for the concepts of Truth, Love, and Soul, because one finds these not included in the glossary of her textbook that provides for her foursquare structure 144 definitions (nine definitions for each of 16 elements). Of the seven definitions for the term God, which she developed, which include the terms Truth, Love, and Soul, as constituent elements of the concept of God, she reserved those terms by not including them with all the rest, as if to say that these three are central and require the whole to define them, whereby the three become one.

In a triangular structure of Truth, Love, and Soul, each is facing the other with an equality that defines the whole. As names for mankind, they apply in unison to all mankind, men and women alike, superceding all names by which mankind is presently divided into warring factions, social ideologies, political parties, religious believes and objectives, ethnic diversity, economic interests, as well as by corporeality and creative, scientific, and intellectual pursuits. If society raises its self-perception to the level of Truth, Love, and Soul, society unites naturally as human beings under a single foundation in a complex of interactions that is meeting the human needs universally, in countless interlocked interactions.

On this platform the old Adam mythology can be healed.

In this context it is interesting to note that the original edifice for The Mother Church was constructed on an essentially triangular plot, selected and purchased by Mary Baker Eddy personally and conveyed in trust to the church for the building of the edifice. The Extension Edifice was later build behind it.

Mother Church in Boston

The round structure in front of the tower contains Mother's Room. Mary Baker Eddy never explained her reasons in her published writings for choosing a triangular plot. It is only known that she was routinely extremely careful never to take any steps of this magnitude that were not spiritually significant and scientifically correct in terms of divine metaphysics, and thereby most likely essential for the healing of the nation. The symbolic significance thus remains to be individually discovered in the quiet college of the mind searching for the dimensions of Truth. The disastrous 'Adam' perception of a fundamentally divided and isolated humanity that is ashamed of its self-assumed nakedness and its assumed isolation, is not possible in a triangular structure where the concept of opposites doesn't exist.

The triangular edifice was constructed in 1894, the year after Christ and Christmas was first published. In the year of its dedication, the Manual of the Mother was published, which contains the scientific model for the the universal constitutional governments of mankind, individually and universally. Two years later the second publication of Christ and Christmas occurred, and shortly after that the universal Bible Lessons were instituted. And one more year after that, her impersonal college without a teacher, and herself as President in 'perpetuity,' was established. (All official Christian Science teaching from this point on no longer occurred in her college - the Massachusetts Metaphysical College - but occurs instead in the institution of the Board of Education that became subsumed to it, which elects teachers and carries out the function of teaching, and issues bachelor-type certificates. Thus, the Board of Education provides the teachers that teach in the field, as governed by the Manual Segment, teaching Christian Science. 

The construction of the triangular edifice stands chronologically right in the middle of all these events that uniquely define the Mother Church, whereby its basic symbolism, the triangle, a geometry without opposites, and therefore without hierarchy and domination, stands above the entire construct of the Mother Church.

It is interesting to note that Judy Chicago chose the symbol of the triangle as a foundation for presenting the historic flow of the rights of women becoming acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially, in a process that is still ongoing and in which women played a pioneering role in 'mothering' mankind back to health out of the darkness of the dark ages.

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