Intimacy, and Christ and Christmas by Mary Baker Eddy - presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

For Christian Science brings to view 
The great I Am, - 
Omniscient power, - gleaming through 
Mind, mother, man.

As in blest Palestina's hour, 
So in our age, 
'T is the same hand unfolds His power, 
And writes the page. 


Christian Unity


'T is the same hand unfolds His power, 
And writes the page. 



Part 1

As noted on the index page, the third column is focused on the healing of Christianity. Consequently the textbook chapter for this highest element in the column bears the title: Christian Science Practice. 

This is not an idle coincidence. It refers to a dynamic process of universal healing as a practical process that covers all human situations and meets all human needs, even the difficult ones. The fourth line of the applicable verse of the poem indicates the nature of the practical dynamics.

For Christian Science brings to view 
The great I Am, - 
Omniscient power, - gleaming through 
Mind, mother, man.

The first subject that Mary Baker Eddy addresses in the opening of the textbook chapter that pertains here, is the story of Mary Magdalene intruding into the house of high-society were Christ Jesus had invited to as guest. Mary, who is normally barred from such society because of her low standing, entered the house uninvited and proceeded with tears to wash Jesus’ feet and anoint them with a costly ointment. 

The story is well enough known so that it doesn’t require to be repeated here, except to note that Jesus’ host didn’t approve of what was happening, to which Christ Jesus replied with a parable of two debtors, one of which owed a little while the other owed much. Christ Jesus asked his host that if the creditor would forgive them both, who of the two would love him most. The exalted host supposed that it would be he to whom he forgave most. Jesus approved the answer and said to the woman, "Thy sins are forgiven."

But what were her sins? The general perception had been that she was a sinner, probably meaning that she has had engaged freely in unauthorized sexual intimacies with other men or women, according as the human need may have required that she responded to. Those needs may have been many in this closed off society, for all we know, for which she was rendered an outcast, especially in noble society. We are told about her that Christ Jesus has cast out of her ‘seven devils.’ Thus she responded to him as a healed and uplifted person to whom much was indeed forgiven, "because she loved much," as Christ Jesus had pointed out. But what was it that she was healed of?

Did she stop meeting the human need, turning the cold shoulder instead? Did she stop responding with love to those who were in need of a human touch that society was too bottled up to allow? Did she turn the needy away, calling them names, to have go away? Not likely. Love is not a crime. So, she probably wasn't healed of loving.

Most likely she was healed of her self-incrimination. When the high-nosed society despised her for her loving gestures, whether it was unauthorized love or not, she had likely responded by accepting the sentence that society had imposed on her, and had despised herself for what had been an unjust sentence, for which she likely felt shame. With this stigma attached to her, and accepted by her fully, she would have never dreamed of coming near the houses of nobility, much less to enter. Thus, when she stepped across the threshold that day, she had probably crossed many miles in regaining her divinely honored self-perception. She had come so far on this road of self-recovery that she was able to boldly enter into a high-cast house and set an example of love that put the nobility to shame. When Christ Jesus saw her enter that day, he probably said, wow! No doubt he was keenly aware of the miles upon miles that she had crossed to where she stood. His comment to her was that he saw no fault left, acknowledging that the healing was complete. But the healing of his host was evidently a more difficult case.

Her healing was complete as it naturally would be where the Christ is involved in the process. Mary Magdalene is known to have sojourned with him, and to have been with him on Golgotha. She is also known to have the first person to see him after his resurrection. Also of all his followers, she was the only one known to wash his feet, which Jesus later did for his disciples on the last day and recommended that they all should do so for one another - a symbolic request no doubt, signifying the cleansing of the soul of condemnation and self-condemnation, and whatever else ails Christianity, which is probably monumental as the crucifixion signifies. Mary Magdalene pops into view in all of these places. She might well earn the title: Sojourner with the Truth.

Mary Baker Eddy also had a place for her. She had closed her college, the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, in 1889, and as its President reopened it ten years later as an auxiliary to her church, where she opened it in two parts. One parts in operated by a Board of Education that hires teachers, examines students, and issues certificates. And then there is another part that she is primarily the President of. This part has no teachers, no classroom, and issues no certificates, but she suggests that a degree can be "taken" in this College. This is the Mary Magdalene degree, the Sojourner with the Truth degree, the highest Christian Science degree obtainable. 

She herself had this degree - the Sojourner with the Truth degree - in her pocket so to speak. She said of herself, "To-day, though rejoicing in some progress, she still finds herself a willing disciple at the heavenly gate, waiting for the Mind of Christ." (S&H p.ix) The Sojourner with the Truth degree, thus, signifies not an end in itself, but signifies that the critical door is now open. Indeed, she bids all to come this College and take on this degree, this high degree of responsibility for the world and for the future of mankind and civilization.

The apparent existence of the two-part College is indicated by Mary Baker Eddy in a marginal note attached to the sample membership application forms in the Manual of the Mother Church. She says there in essence that if an applicant has been taught "by one who has passed an examination by the Board of Education," or by one "who has taken a degree at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College," the applicant should indicate the name of the person.

Note, in the painting above, we see both of the figure's feet put forward.

In the painting above Christ Jesus acknowledged to Mary Magdalene, representing the leading edge of Christianity, that she had traveled those miles and had won herself a certificate that no one can issue but herself, to prove it. No one had given Mary Magdalene her freedom to her. Such 'degree' cannot be awarded. They can only be ‘taken.’ 

In the painting, Christ Jesus fully acknowledges the fact that she had 'taken' the degree. No one had given the power to her to intrude into the house of Jesus' high-cast host and anoint Jesus' feet with oil. This achievement was her certificate.

Jesus also acknowledges that she had not stopped her loving of mankind, her reflecting divine Love that meets every human need, her sojourning with Truth, but has expanded them. This makes the scene in the painting above also a sexual scene. A shadow is seen on her robe where her genitals are located, and Christ Jesus’ right hand is aligned in the direction towards it, as if it was a form of acknowledgement. The alignment is only possible with Christ Jesus being in the sitting position. The entire scene appears to be composed in a manner to meet this requirement. 

His being shown in sitting-down position, was evidently also an acknowledgment that his work was done. In this third column unfolds the river "Hiddekel," defined as "divine Science understood and acknowledged.

In this sense it would be natural for Christ Jesus to be in the sitting-down position. His work on Earth was well done , a task completed fully, and completed in a natural manner - natural for him that is, for one with a clear understanding. 

"Why did it take you three days?" the scientist may ask. 

"Why, isn't the three-day cycle a natural cycle for any male human beings?" he might have answered. "Didn't I point this out loud and clear? Didn't I say, drain this temple and in three days the natural cycle of renewal will restore its vitality? Maybe something got lost in the back-alleys of language. But Life is never lost. If need be, it comes to light in cycles of renewal like the returning spring. The same principle of renewal governs all facets, at all levels of existence." He might add, saying now to us all in the modern world, "there is no doom. You may have been asleep for a hundred years and let your world go to hell, but once you open your eyes, you are on the road to renewal. The renewal happens by the eternal principles of the Universe. There is no magic involved. There was no magic involved in my case when when the Jews did their utmost to drain me on Golgotha. But, as I said, after the three-day cycle of renewal, which is natural for the renewal of a man, I was back. Mary Magdalene saw me. The disciples saw me later. Your cycles of renewal, of course, are longer in duration, but you can't hold them back, can you. That's the way it was for me and will be for you again. Nothing can hold back the renewal of your world after it exhausts its resources in war, financial looting, economic destruction, political insanities, and so on. There will be a renewal, a new Christianity, a new Renaissance. This dawn is of renewal is inevitable. Peace and prosperity are inevitable, as inevitable as living and loving. After great armies rage at each other and exhaust themselves, peace always resumes. Peace is primary and fundamental. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the outcome. Likewise prosperity will resume when the looting stops and the bailouts of the traitors are halted. The natural cycle here maybe 50 years, according to the dynamics of the case."

Evidently, the mental movement that the healing of Mary Magdalene signifies cannot be taught by a teacher in a classroom setting. For this type of education one is alone with God, in a zero-distance intimacy. In the segment of the Church Manual of the Mother Church that applies here, Mary Baker Eddy presents her college (The Massachusetts Metaphysical College) as an institution that facilitates that, without a classroom, without a teacher, and without certificates being awarded, and it being headed up by an impersonal president.

One wonders to what greater achievements the women-rights movement might have risen if the Mary Magdalene principle had governed. One of the great women of achievement that Judy Chicago is honoring in her The Dinner Party art project, is the woman Aspasia of Athens (470 - 410 BC). She is the intellectual powerhouse of her time, and also the consort of Pericles, the boss of the state. Being the consort of the boss no doubt opened a few door, but apparently is was her own intellectual power that had taken the women of her time out of the cellar of total subjugation and social isolation, which Athens had become, and raise them up to take part in the intellectual live of Athens, at least to some degree. She had made huge strides in this regard, ‘invading’ the houses of the nobles. She made huge waves, and nearly got killed for it, but in the end her efforts proved to be not sufficient to save Athens from its self-made doom. The Peloponnesian War happened, roused by Pericles, in which Athens, the once precious pearl, became crushed. 

Did Aspasia dare to speak against empire? She had dared to speak against the subjugation of women. She failed to speak against the subjugation of men in the shadow of their empire dreams. Perhaps she didn't recognize that the two cannot be separated. On this field empires fall. History remembers their corpses, Athens, Persia, Rome, and so on. Still, Aspasia did set a higher stage and invited the men too, to step onto it, as Mary Baker Eddy had done with the story of Mary Magdalene.

Judy Chicago honors 22 women by name, together with Aspasia, from the general period before and after the Peloponnesian War, in which Athens was utterly defeated by Sparta. The defeat occurred after her death. Her plate is that of a woman, explicit, with the vulva symbol being multi-layered and richly spreading out, reaching towards the edge of the plate and becoming transformed into the four wings of the butterfly that are symbolized on every plate. Her plate is done in muted tones of the earth colors which the Greeks loved to paint onto their sculptures and their buildings, a part of Greek culture that she had influenced far beyond her time. 

According to Plutarch, her house became an intellectual center in Athens, attracting the most prominent writers and thinkers to her salon, including the philosopher Socrates. Some scholars believe that Aspasia had opened an academy for young women of good families or had even invented the Socratic method." (See: Aspasia) It is unlikely though, that she did all of these things. It is more likely that her role in history is, that she sojourned with the Truth to her highest ability and attracted all those to her salon who themselves, to various degrees, sojourned with the Truth, people like Socrates (469 - 399 BC) and Plato (428 - 348 BC). She title, Sojourner Truth, would certainly fit her. 

Judy Chicago writes, "Athenian society, as it became progressively more democratic for men, became increasingly repressive for women of all classes, eventually subjugating them to total segregation. Women sat with men only at the marriage feast; afterwards they lived in separate quarters and rarely were permitted outside. Girls were kept in ignorance, while boys were required to learn to read and write. Because of the enormous emphasis on intellect in this culture, the fact that most women were virtually illiterate created a deep gap between the sexes.

"Aspasia came to Athens from areas of Greece where women were still allowed some independence. She joined the ranks of the 'hetaerae' (a word that was originally used by Sappho to refer to her companions, but later took on a perjorative meaning), who were the only Athenian women to participate in Greek culture.

"Aspasia, a scholar and philosopher, became the companion of the orator and statesman Pericles. They began to live together in 445 B.C., and soon the most learned men of the day frequented their house. Aspasia had created the first known salon, which allowed her - as it would allow women after her - to be part of the intellectual dialog of the day. She was particularely known for discussing the role of women in society, asserting the right of woman to live as man's equal, not his slave. She urged her male guests to bring their wives to her salon, and for the first time these women were exposed to Greek culture. For such heretical behavior, Aspesia was eventually charged and tried for 'impiety.' Only Pericles' intervention on her behalf saved her life.

"Originally all Greek women took part in the public councils with men and had a voice in decision making. According to legend, however, when the women's vote defeated the men's over the question of a patron deity of Athens, Posidon - who had hoped to be elected - grew angry and submerged the city. In order to appease the god, the men deprived the women of the right to vote, transmit their names to their children, and be citizens...

"The erosion of the position of Athenian women is clearly manifested by Aspasia's time, the presence of female goddesses not withstanding. Male attitudes toward women were best summed up by Thucydides' famous remark: 'That woman is best who is least spoken of among men, whether for good or evil.' It is ironic that a society glorified for its democracy was probably harsher to its women than most other cultures of the time.

"Aspasia exerted great influence in her day, and her accomplishments are even more remarkable when viewed in the context of women's exclusion from Athenian life. Her courage in speaking out encouraged others; there is evidence that because of her, Athenian women agitated for increased rights."

It was Pericles, her consort, who drew Athens into the trap to becoming an Empire-state. The resulting war cost him his life, and Athens eventually its freedom. History seems to record that a society is self-doomed, which is so deeply spiritually empty that it takes huge heroic efforts for the most self-conscious women to be allowed to have a voice in the privacy or their isolated salons, far from shaping political policy. 

In modern days, increasingly around the world, the isolation of society from its spiritual self, especially in political and economic policy, projects the specter of doom once again that requires a greater deep-reaching revival in society than Aspasia had been able to pioneer, who nevertheless stands out as a bright star for her efforts. The spark that she pioneered remains yet to become a fire. The bearers of the title "Sojourner Truth" are so rare that to date only one person used it as her name, a former slave who chose that name for herself as she journeyed by foot to tell the truth of the ugliness of slavery with her life story, and thereby speaking of the worth and dignity of the human being. It is in the context with light that the nature of the dark is revealed. Aspasia stood in the light. Her standing in the light and moving with it may have started a subtle trend that set the stage in due course, centuries later, for the dawn of the Christ exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth, the greatest sojourner with the Truth of all times. He 'journeyed' with God in the closes intimacy possible, an intimacy without distance. He said in essence: Whatever I see the father do, this I do likewise. He might have written on the shingle of his house, Sojourner Truth.

The people might have seen him as a religious leader. Pilate even saw him as a king. He asked, are you a king? And Jesus replied, "To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice." Pilate's response was, "What is truth?" Being unable to gleam an answer, Pilot found himself impotent to do what he intended to do: to save Jesus from the Jews.

Jesus never called himself a leader but lived as sojourner with divine Truth. Those who were able to see where he was going, journeyed with him. Compelled by the Truth, they moved with him. Divine Truth is its own impetus. Its dawning in consciousness is impelling society to sojourn with it. Truth is the leader. Divine Truth is the Mother of all spiritual movement. In this sense, Mother is synonymous with Leader. In Mary Baker Eddy's case, who had often been referred to as "Mother," affectionately, she asked that she be referred to instead as "Leader," which spiritually defines her on Jesus' platform as the recognized: Sojourner with divine Truth.

Aspasia stood on this platform ages earlier, as the potential pioneer of the Mary Magdalene principle, or the dawning of the Mary Magdalene principle itself, the 'sojourner with truth' principle that Mary Magdalene had been able to raise to a higher form of expression. Mary Baker Eddy raised this principle to its highest form of expression since the days of Christ Jesus, founded on a platform that utilized the principle of science to its fullest extent, which she likewise raised to its highest expression that has so far been seen. She defines thereby the leading edge. Her leadership therefore lies only in her achievement in raising the concept of 'Sojourner Truth' to such height that the outcome of it instantly heals the sick as the natural effect of Truth coming to light in consciousness and its being understood and acknowledged.

The blindness in society to divine Truth would have killed Aspasia had Pericles not intervened, just as it nailed Jesus onto the cross centuries later, and hacked Hypathia of Alexandria into pieces four centuries after Jesus, and then burnt millions at the stake in the dark ages, and killed many tens of million in the later modern wars, and hundreds of millions by starvation that are now being killed in the economic wars of empire against mankind. The only true security that mankind has is its movement with divine Truth. The 'Sojourner Truth' expression defines the face of civilization and the life of mankind with it. In the painting above the Sojourner Truth displays her title to Christ Jesus: "Christian Science" - the 'shingle of her house' - the greatest title attainable. 

Christ Jesus is familiar with this title. He has displayed it as his own 'shingle' when he turned water into wine; freed the lepers, the lame, the dumb, and the blind from their afflictions; and healed the sick; raised the dead; and cast out the 'demons' of mythology that had ensnared the people. Mary Magdalene displayed her own 'sojourner shingle' when she entered into the house of the high-cast Pharisee who had hosted Jesus, and anointed his feet (Luke 7). Mary Baker Eddy's 'shingle,' of course, is well known by which she is honored as the healer of mankind, reflected in a century of healing.

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She became the intellectual mother of all seekers for Truth, the sojourners with Truth reaching above doctrines and philosophies, as had been Aspasia in principle but to a far lesser degree.

Aspasia of Athens had probably occupied the leading edge in this field, and in proud equality with any man. Nor had she kept her female nature hidden in shame, as the writer of the Adam mythology had seen for the male hiding his sexual identity as shameful, which is still emulated in modern society. Perhaps Aspasia, as Mary Magdalene might have symbolize later, had incorporated the triangular aspect of "Mind, mother, man," in which the female principle stands at the center, presenting a unity of three that defines the face of civilization, as Mary Baker Eddy has put it in the verse of her poem that is applicable to this element.

For Christian Science brings to view 
The great I Am, - 
Omniscient power, - gleaming through 
Mind, mother, man.

The sequence of, "Mind, mother, man" represents a dynamic movement, with "mother" not representing a force, but a transparency between God and man, the zero distance intimacy. 

It is highly unlikely that the development of the spiritual concept of the Mother Church, which Mary Baker Eddy founded, would have have been possible without a woman standing at the center of the process, the natural representative of the female quality of motherhood - portending the further development of civilization into a universal structure of Truth, Love, and Soul, which may be termed the  "Church Universal and Triumphant." 

The fall of Athens, thus lay not on Aspasia's shoulder, though she was close to the man who destroyed Athens by aiming to transform it into an empire. No single person could have stopped the trend to hell that had developed long before her time, the trend of empire that still continues to darken civilization and shape modern history. The story of Aspasia's astonishing achievement, however, considering the circumstances, does illustrate to some degree the depth of the healing that is possible, which is required still to become implemented to its fullest extent for all mankind to become free. It also put a bright light on Mary Baker Eddy's accomplishments, because from the time of her discovery of Christian Science, onward, till shortly after her passing, the world enjoyed the greatest period of piece and humanity to date since the Golden Renaissance, and the only such period. In Mary Baker Eddy's period the rallying to Christ's standard was evidently sufficiently strong, resulting in an intimacy with divine Truth that kept the trains of evils stalled, even after 1901 when fascism was once again put onto the track. This means that the way is mapped out for the progress of civilization.

On this road of sojourning with divine Truth, with evermore individuals now making contributions of substance for civilization, by which their having lived means something, civilization will eventually emerge with the scourge of war broken forever, and with a brighter face than has ever been seen, moving towards a renaissance without end. The path towards the realization of this inevitable happening is clear. And there is no other. No alternative exists. The current darkness and chaos in the world is proof of that, as it coincides with society's disinterest in divine Truth, even with the institutions designed to honor it. However, history has also shown that the star keeps getting brighter, portending to becoming a sun when the 'sojourners with Truth' discover evermore of the divine substance that powers its light, and the light of all stars.

Ultimately, 'Sojourner Truth' is the fundamental name for mankind, because mankind's natural face is Intelligence reflected in intelligence - the ultimate spiritual intimacy, or infinity in the small.


Associated elements:

Lord's Prayer: - And Love is reflected in love;

Textbook: Chapter 12 - Christian Science Practice

Manual: Segment 12 - Board of Education

Part 2

Since the painting has two verses associated with it applies to two elements, and since the linking takes us into the next column, a different focus comes to light. Here the focus appears to be on the healing of civilization, including science, which is a key element of civilization. Civilization has once again become dark. For a century wars have ravished the world and the tallest element of science, divine Science, has drifted far out of sight. Our world is collapsing under ever-greater forms of insanity, economically, financially, politically, culturally, and physically. We are rushing into a new dark age with a darkness so deep that only a small fraction of the close-to-seven billion people we now have will find resources to survive. And in addition, while we destroy our resources for living with ever-greater speed, we also face the return of the Ice Age on the near horizon. Is society doomed by this trend, to disintegrate? The political and physical evidence seems to indicated that we are doom, or more correctly, that we are self-doomed. But are we? What can the modern Mary Magdalene, who has been taught by an incorporeal teacher and has taken the degree, Doctor of Christian Science, tell us about our fate from her high-standing vantage point?

The first thing that she would likely tell us is that we are not doomed. Christ Jesus never saw himself as being doomed. He saw the dark clouds gather above his head, but he also saw the principle of renewal that nothing on earth could hinder or prevent. Only insanity is doomed. It is doomed by the principle of endless progressive renewal, because the principle of divine living are always available and operative whenever society chooses to apply them, and being natural, these principles are never really out of reach.

Sure, society can be stubborn in its determination to live without the principles that support civilization and thereby its existence. Then wars do erupt and civilization disintegrates into ever greater darkness until the principles are reapplied, or the wars stop when the resources for making war are exhausted. In 1648 the Thirty Years War was stopped by the recognition of a spiritual principle, the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, as it was termed. In the modern century of war, the destruction wrought by the force of empire that demands endless war, is destroying civilization towards the point where nothing works anymore. Somewhere along this road the natural principles will come into view again as the only remaining option and a renewal will begin. This means that the Mary Magdalene story continues here. It begins anew in this new column, the last column, that pertains to the incorporeal structures, the structures of divine Science.

As in blest Palestina's hour, 
So in our age, 
'T is the same hand unfolds His power, 
And writes the page. 

It is interesting to note in this context that the lowest position here, in this column, coincides with the element in the Church Manual that provides for public Christian Science lectures, carried out by the Mother Church, that include "bearing testimony to the facts pertaining to the life of the Pastor Emeritus." 

This requirement refers to the impersonal Pastor Emeritus, designated with the lower case "the' in the title. That's a huge demand, but an essential one to be carried forward honestly, consistently, and worldwide as much as possible. Individual efforts, no matter how heroic, are insufficient to meet the demand to uplift the human society to a zero-distance equality in social status and worth. Without consistent wide-ranging scientific efforts focusing on universal principle the personal achievements become lost.

This loss to society happens universally when the incorporeal principle is lost sight of, and its application is reduced to an individual's achievement. This happened to Mary Baker Eddy's achievement, just as it happened to the achievements of other great pioneers before her,  even in cases when the achievement emanated from the highest political realm, as in the case of Queen Elizabeth I of England in respect to women's rights. During the 45 years of her government, all of England prospered and became the center of a great cultural renaissance built upon her humanist commitment, with an uplifting influence that extended far beyond her realm into other lands. The resulting renaissance was so significant, and so richly fruitful, that the entire era became identified thereby, as the Elizabethan Era.

In recognition of her personal achievement, Queen Elizabeth I of England is honored with a place at Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party. Her plate reflects in its image the quality of a great queen, a rich royal purple in color with four great wings that powerfully extend from her center, the center of a virgin. She never married, being already married to the Kingdom of England, as she said in her defense as a virgin. Indeed, she was one of the greatest rulers in the Western world. After Elizabeth's passing, however, most of the achievements that were wrought by her, became lost. After her death, the scientific process that powers a constant renewal and progression, was missing. Eventually, what remained of her achievement in history, counted for little more than just a bright memory.

Judy Chicago comments of the loss. "As one of the earliest heads of state to recognize the sovereignty of the people, Elizabeth built a popular base of support. She established the right to a fair trial and organized government relief for the old, the infirm, and the poor. Her death brought with it an end to the respect for intellectual women that had pervaded English culture and politics. Reformation ideas, at first progressive with regard to women, became increasingly conservative - as reflected by the growing acceptance of Luther's dictum that 'women should remain home, sit still, keep house and bear and bring up children.'"

When the momentum for civilization is powered by personal force, the achievements become lost when the force is lost. Inversely, when civilization is moved by divine power through an uplifted general understanding of the nature of man, nothing of it will become lost when history unfolds, because divine Principle and Truth are in control, that never wane.

We are far from this still. Every renaissance in history has become lost. Here is where Mary Baker Eddy's provisions for consistent Christian Science lectures becomes significant. Mankind has had great individual 'Sojourners with Truth' throughout history, even in the more recent history. The Golden Renaissance, for example, was a 'Christian Science achievement.' It brought to light some of the most fundamental aspects of Truth reflected in mankind, creating a bright and beautiful civilization. But before it was fully developed, it was torn down, because the principles it was built on were not deeply rooted. Some of that Renaissance was revived by England's Queen Elizabeth (1533-1603), but it too became lost after her death, and so did every 'Christian Science demonstration' that followed, that creates a renaissance, such as the founding of the USA, the Lincoln victory, the Franklin Delanor Roosevelt (FDR) renaissance of the New Deal, and the Kennedy renaissance that was created with the Apollo space program, one of the greatest science-driver projects in history. 

These were all great achievements of 'Christian Science' in the larger sense, built on some discovered aspects of Truth reflected in man and civilization. But they were all lost. They were lost when Alexander Hamilton was 'assassinated,' and when Lincoln was shot, when FDR died, and Kenney was cut down in a hail of bullets. They were lost, because the underlying scientific principles of Truth were not generally understood that these great demonstrations of 'Christian Science" represented. They were all deemed aspects of personal leadership, rather than being the manifests of impersonal, incorporeal, Principle, becoming recognized by isolated pioneers.  A consistent series of lectures on the principle of the 'Christian Science phenomena'  presented clear, and in-depth, with rigorous proof and examples, would have kept the spirit of renaissance alive in society, instead of society handing over its 'house' to the masters of empire, and the church loosing its own 'house' in the process. Also, the Christian Science lectures themselves, would have been then see as essentially symbolic. Society's name, Sojourner Truth, would then have been written in taller letters. Instead, science itself became torn down.

Just as Hypatia's body was chopped to pieces in 415 AD in Alexandria, by a bunch of fanatical monks working for the imperial church to silence her voice, so leading-edge aspects of science are chopped up today and pushed into silence in the protection of empire. One of these is the Electric Cosmology that is key for understanding the climate-controlling phenomena, the long-term diurnal cycles that have given us the many-times-repeated ice ages over the last two million years, of which the next one is already statistically near, and for which the transition may have already started. Vast utterings of 'scientific' lies are now flooding the world in order to hide the effect of the impending ice age climate, which would impel society to launch the greatest renaissance of all times in order to survive, in which no empire would be able to stand. In order to protect the world of empire in the short term, the future of mankind is being utterly sacrificed under a blanket of vast floods of intentional lies. Modern society has earned itself the title, 'sojourner with lies.' There is presently almost no one standing at the lecterns speaking for the truth, much less divine Truth. And so, the technological preparations for feeding the world from indoor agriculture, are not being made. 
(see: Ice Age collapse)

The instituted 'Christian Science' lecture, speaking for the Truth, has thereby become a critical element for the continued existence of much of mankind. Whether mankind will pull itself off the current 'death train' remains yet to be seen. The path has been established on which this is possible, linked to the name, Sojourner Truth, which also defines in a broad sense the nature of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist. What else has the modern world got to counter the monumental mental malpractice that is gushing forth from a sea of secret societies and open private societies, some with noble names and with unknown; private policy clubs, imperial fascist organization, satanic clubs, terror clubs, all ruled by the masters of the money bags. Whether mankind will survive and have a future will absolutely depend on its name coming true, as Sojourner Truth. Truth is the one item that has been banished from the world, even from governments where presidents rule and legislatures that serve foreign powers as corrupted pones charged with the task of destroying the countries they have sworn to serve and demolish the nations. We are presently far down the road of living without Truth.

In this context Mary Baker Eddy raises the bar for society's scientific self-development with an organized system for speaking the Truth, and for society recognizing its native zero-distance intimacy with the Truth, and with one another, and with all that is spiritually true and divine, which society's very being represents, which Christ Jesus, and Mary Magdalene had to some degree symbolized from their time to our modern time, and where we still find Mary Baker Eddy, incorporeal in this case, standing at the forefront together with evermore women and men. 

Raising the social, moral, and spiritual platform routinely in a scientific manner puts the universal welfare of society into public domain. Christian Science has a duty to perform in this realm, not to itself, nor to God, but to humanity, to heal and uplift civilization for the honor of God.

 As Christ Jesus once pointed out, that whoever dishonors the least among men, dishonors God on whose turf mankind exists. And with it the question becomes resolved in Science whether there exists a God at all, in the Universe, and what God ultimately is, because, after all, the Universe does exist and reflects the Sprit, Principle, and Truth by which it exists. 

Ultimately, the question of what is God, becomes the question of what is man. (See: What is God that Man is an Expression of?) The shape of civilization is determined by the answers we develop to these kinds of questions while we still have a civilization left. However, the transition to sanity and humanity may also occur sooner that we think, because the Truth remains after all the Truth, which is not foreign to a human being. In periods of renaissance the spiritual and divine nature of mankind tends to become rapidly to light. Of course, the emergence of those periods does not need to be left to chance, but can be powered by purpose, by science, and by intention, whereby the principle of renewal unfolds into the principle of progression.

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