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To-day, as oft, away from sin 
Christ summons thee! 
Truth pleads to-night: Just take Me in! 
No mass for Me!




Truth pleads to-night: Just take Me in! 
No mass for Me!




The textbook chapter, Recapitulation, is Mary Baker Eddy class-book, the book that she had used for her class teaching until 1898. This chapter corresponds with the image from Christ and Christmas shown above. 

The above scene represents the last logical act of 'Mary Magdalene.' With her certificate in hand, she is knocking at the door of mankind. And she is Mary Magdalene. Her right shoulder is bare, and the door knocker that she holds in her left hand hits the genitals of the symbolic figure on the door. 

In her right hand she holds that certificate that she has earned for herself, as one who has qualified herself to bear the symbolic title that she took by uplifting others. The rights of mankind can only be won in the uplifting path. No force, no tricks, no legislation can unfold the scientific healing power that is needed to heal mankind. Sure, the challenges are huge, but she comes with the greatest achievements in the history of scientific spiritual development in her pocket, so to speak. She stands on the shoulders of the Christ unfolding in Christianity, knocking at the door of the mansion of mankind, to bring life into it. We see festivities unfolding behind the window, but the scene is gray, its substance thin, the gaiety hollow. The children are real however. In fact the entire scene is centered on them. What is their future in this world that has no depth, which they find themselves lock into? Their prospects are frightening. Who stands up for the children? Who assures them a future?

In Mary Baker Eddy's time, few did. Few still do. The march of poverty is fast stealing their future. The poverty in society has become so deep that the economic burden that comes with having children is pushing evermore women to seeking abortions and usually not by their choice. The conditions for that are artificial, which society got drawn into, with the cries becoming ever louder for the mass-depopulation of the Earth. "The Earth has cancers," read the banners that began to be raised in the 1960s, "and the cancer is man," they concluded arguing in a hidden manner for universal genocide. This train was already in motion during Mary Baker Eddy's time. 

The train goes back to the 1790s, to the time when the USA declared its independence from empire and won its struggle for freedom with great sacrifices on the way. The culmination of this fight became the nation's declaration to itself of its enduring commitment to the Principle of the General Welfare and life, liberty, and happiness for all. In the same year in which this commitment was enshrined in the nation's constitution, in the 1790s, a counterforce was created by the masters of empire in the dark halls of Venice that declared the human population as a menace to itself and a danger to the planet, a herd of kettle that is destroying its pasture by outgrowing its potential. The counterforce was a scientific fraud, and was known to be a fraud, because the very existence of civilization, even then, had demonstrated that mankind lives primarily be resources that it created itself with the utilization of its creative and productive potential. However, for empire to maintain its existence, which typically depends on stealing, the advancing human potential stood in the way. Thus, everything possible was set in motion to limit the development of the human potential by slandering the very nature of man, preventing economic development, and fostering poverty wherever possible. 

The entire train to hell was set into motion in the 1790s with the publication of a book on population by Giammaria Ortes that was launched in the shadow in the U.S. Constitution, evidently to counter its powerful impetus for human development. In imperial Europe this horrible train led to the development of the British Poor Laws, the Work Houses, the ideology of Social Darwinism, the Eugenics Movement, and its culmination into Nazi fascism. Mary Baker Eddy saw just the beginning of this trend in 1893 when the above painting was created. Some people, especially women, became more deeply affected by this intentionally dehumanizing atmosphere and its corresponding economic atmosphere of escalating poverty.

Judy Chicago has singled out one women from among the many who were affected by this creeping, dehumanizing poverty. Her name, is Margaret Sanger (1879-1966). 

Margaret Sanger 

She represents a topic that is one of the deepest reaching in modern time, reaching beyond most likely her wildest dreams and her most far-stretched imagination. It begins small, but becomes world-engulfing. The topic is birth control. She represents only a tiny portion of it, which however in principle touches on a subject that is so vast that it is likely the determining factor that will ultimately make of break civilization. She touched the tip of an iceberg as it were on the wide scene of "Truth versus error."

"When Sanger first began studying nursing," writes Judy Chicago" she was confronted with countless pleas by women for some sort of birth control. Determined to find an answer, she renounced nursing and went to Europe and the Orient to investigate contraceptive research being done there. Upon her return to America, Sanger forced the issue of birth control into the public forum through her magazine The Woman Rebel, simply ignoring the saws of the time that prohibited the dissemination of any information on contraception. Convinced that the birth control movement had to be worldwide, she convened the International Birth Control Congress in 1925. The organization formed there was the forerunner of  Planned Parenthood, of which Sanger became president in 1953.

"Sanger rightly perceived that without understanding of and authority over their own bodies, women's pursuit of other rights was meaningless. The present-day abortion controversy and the prevalence of pornography, which makes the female body the property of every man who can buy a magazine, makes it clear that this issue is a long way from being resolved... Sanger was in the tradition of Anthony and Stanton in her understanding that women's freedom could not be obtained unless society's structures were changed worldwide.

"Many of the women grouped around Sanger worked for women's rights. Only a few, of her contemporaries, however, grasped the philosophical relationship between the position of women and the larger issues of human freedom on the planet.

"Her plate - painted in brilliant reds - proclaims women's bodies as their own. Cast in sections, and then attached with slip and carved, the image reaches around the edges of the plate and tries to lift itself off, as a symbol of Sanger's efforts to lift up her sex and thereby the world."

Judy Chicago has a large list of names grouped around her plate, from the general timeframe that overlapped with that of Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910).  

Mary Baker Eddy took her work for the "rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially," (p.587) to a higher level than anyone ever had done, or had aimed for, both before and after her. She devoted her life to healing mankind's universal perception of itself as a mortal being. The spiritual image of mankind had been so deeply trashed by false perception that the only viable option for securing the world was located in the success of 'Sojourner Truth,' for here the question repeats itself that Pilate could not answer for himself, "what is Truth?" 

Mary Baker Eddy pursued the great task first in her capacity as the Pastor Emeritus of the Mother Church of Christ Scientist, which she founded, and also as the President of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. However, she evidently felt that on this vast field her personal efforts, as anyone else's, are insufficient to carry the day. Consequently she gave her class-book to the world, as the chapter, Recapitulation, in 1870 and then closed her college completely in 1889, which she eventually reopened ten years later as an auxiliary of her church - The Mother Church - as a symbolic institution with her being the President of the symbolic college in perpetuity. The college itself has no teachers attached. All its formal activity is carried by a Board of Education that hires itself teachers, issues certificates, and carries on the 'normal' teaching function. But the higher teaching is left open. She appears to be saying that the healing of the world cannot be taught in a classroom; be preached from a pulpit; be demanded in the political hustings and halls of legislatures. The teacher has to be mankind's intimacy with God, and the classroom be universal, the action silent, with a power in the movement that is greater then oneself and reflects the power that moves the Universe.

Margaret Sanger evidently had an inkling of the challenges involved. The scope, though, is vastly greater than she imagined. She had opened the door to some degree and brought her light to many a dwelling, but hadn't touched the real challenges, the larger universal challenge hadn't even been visible in her time, or just barely so. 

Weightier questions need to be asked now and explored answers for, such as what is a human being? What are its riches and strengths; what is its humanity, its power, and its potential? The challenges that stand behinds these answers are frightening. 

Long before Margaret Sanger raised the issue of birth control, in order to aid women whose life otherwise becomes boxed in, in a world of increasing poverty and 'rape' on them, huge political forces have invaded this fragile scene. The forces cannot be addressed on shallow ground. These are the seductive forces of empire that have rendered human birth the greatest villain on the planet under the doctrine of the Earth's carrying capacity limit, with the built in demand for genocide as a political tool for protecting the structures of empire that cannot exist in a richly developing world. Out of this sewer came the Poor Houses and poverty itself. Margaret Sanger had a faint inking of the scope of the challenge when she suggested that nothing can be accomplished unless the structures of the world are changed. And this remains yet to be accomplished.

The modern demands by the masters of empire are for the depopulation of the world to less than two billion people. More and more, society no longer owns itself. Yes, those insane depopulation demands, with increasingly louder calls for the elimination of more than four billion people, were raised prominently as recently as the 2009 climate conference in Copenhagen, for which the conference in part was convened. Depopulation, in conjunction with economic looting, was the core issue, with the climate hoax being but a cover for it. The top-down control over the entire world was on the agenda, to be carried out with legal force and armed force. The global climate, which is by no means threatened with too much warmth, and has been a cooling trend for a decade already, was merely used as an excuse for disowning mankind of itself by force. In Copenhagen, for the first time ever, this grand game against mankind failed. Many nations, with the largest among them, were able to resist becoming disowned.

Margaret Sanger had been barely in the grave when her gentle concern for the sovereignty of women and all mankind was being hijacked, turned upside down, and turned into a political game with countless banners strung across the world that proclaimed that the world has cancer, and that this cancer is man. From this flowed the calls for genocide. The demand by empire for large-scale genocide has suffered a setback, but has not abated, and won't abate for as long as empire rules and creates evermore poverty and austerity to prove its point in an effort to protect its illegitimate existence. Thus, the question of "Truth versus error" become ever larger in scope, and more so with the next ice age cycle already looming on the horizon.

One woman protected the birth of her offspring of a different kind, in a different manner, passionately aiming to enrich society, even though this endeavor seemed hopeless. Her name is Emily Dickinson. She had been living in Massachusetts in (1830 - 1886), a contemporary with Mary Baker Eddy - a poet with a voice as powerful as her determination. Judy Chicago writes of her:

"Dickinson felt that her own poetry was dangerous, for it revealed feeling that society has taught women to suppress. 'I too my power in my hand and went out against the world,' she wrote, knowing that her intense creativity was hopelessly at odds with the prevailing ideas of what a woman was supposed to be. She produced 1,775 poems, which she bound into booklets with a darning needle and carefully placed in trunk to be found, read, and published after her death... 'A letter to the world,' she called it, but it is only recently that her personal language has begun to be understood."

Judy Chicago's plate for her is a protest statement of her own, against the 'hypocrisy' of  the Victorian era of pretty lace for women - imagining Dickinson's "creative genius being imprisoned in all that lace." Her plate presented her in this prison, a prison of dainty lace, sculpted lace, layers upon layers of immobile lace, lace of the of hypocrisy.

Emily Dickinson - 1850s

A solemn thing it was I said
A Woman White to be
And wear if God should count me fit
Her blameless mystery

Emily Dickinson, c. 1861


Evidently, mankind has not even now, reached out to the hem of healing, or just barely if it has at all, because the question of "Truth versus error" is vastly larger still. The big question is: Who controls the birth of your thoughts? That's not an 'idle' question, but a dynamic question that touches you every moment. Do you 'own' your own mind? Are you in control of what comes out of it, and the ratio of "Truth versus error?" The masters of empire wish this ratio to be as low as possible in order to be better able to control you. For this end they own all the news and entertainment media, professional publications, all modes of education, to the point of even determining the nature of culture, and what is deemed science. Most people simply do not own themselves. Their thinking is determined for them by the most crafty professionals that ever walked the halls of hell called social control, elitism, enlightenment, cultural freedom, bureaucratic domination, and so on, not to mention politics, economics, religion, and ideology. The big challenge before society is to regain control of itself and raise the ration of "Truth versus error" form the present near-zero state to extremely high levels. This is evidently the challenge that the painting "TRUTH versus ERROR" lays before society. Here, Sojourner Truth, is the angel that knocks on the 'door' of society to gain entrance, because the house has become a house of error with a society celebrating itself, that no longer owns itself. So, let's take a closer lock of how Mary Baker Eddy proposes that the problem can be solved.

There are a lot of symbols involved here, but the most basic symbol is the square. This is also the symbols that the last paragraphs in the textbook refer to, describing the city foursquare from Revelation that the Revelator saw descending from God for humanity to 'inhabit.' As you are no doubt aware of by now, a foursquare structure is made up of 16 elements, which can be seen a structure of four rows and four columns. That's elementary. And as one looks at these structures the fact should have dawned in the mind that every major structure that Mary Baker Eddy has created is made up of 16 parts of multiples thereof; including the textbook; the Glossary of the textbook; the Church Manual;  the Lord's Prayer; and of course also Christ and Christmas that contains the metaphor for it all. Each element of each structure thereby becomes an element of the whole. She described the nature of the four rows and the four columns symbolically in the textbook, and more than this, she provided for each of the elements 9 more definitions in the Glossary for a total of 144, which is also spelled out in Revelation 21 as the measure thereof. She even gave us a hint in metaphor, with 'Sojourner Truth' standing in the middle of two concentric squares, indicating in principle what the individual elements might look like.


However, to get there, requires an extensive exploration of divine Science. (see: Sublime Science) Here the question pops up, why did Mary Baker Eddy only outline this vast pedagogical structure that she made all of her major works contributory to? Why didn't she simply present it? Well, really, she couldn't have, for then it would have become just another doctrine, rather than an impetus for individual scientific and spiritual development. In addition, she would have said to society: you are not capable of exploring the Science yourself that exposes divine Truth, and separates Truth from error. Such a statement would have been the ultimate in mental malpractice. And so, she presented the pinnacle of her work in only an outlined form. With absolute discipline on her part, she didn't utter a word about it. This does not mean that she never expected for foursquare structure to be discovered, be developed, and become the leading edge in the development of divine Science. To the contrary, she expected all this to happen. In fact, she literally degreed that this should happen. She decreed that the teaching in the Board of Education shall be from the chapter Recapitulation and from the Christian Science Platform, in the textbook. Since both of these are key components of the foursquare structure, she evidently expected the teachers to know what lay before them in these structures, and the relationship of these two structures to the whole, whereby the whole would unfold before them. To my knowledge, this has never happened to the present time, so that the Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, is far from functioning by its design and is to a large degree collapsing.

The design of the education system that Mary Baker Eddy has set up for The Mother Church mandates the graduates from the Board of Education to become teachers in the field, who base their teaching on the chapter Recapitulation only. The chapter has a deep link to the whole, so that the teaching of this chapter also requires a presentation of the whole, even though the primary focus is on the most immediate aspects of church dynamics, such as the Bible lesson topics and the names for Adam that the chapter structurally relates to.

The higher-level structure, the Glossary structure, is not specifically mandated, through it is evidently included in an overview fashion as a part of the whole. The structures that are mandated for teaching are both 'fixed structures,' in the sense that their relationship is essentially predetermined by the sequence in which they are provided, whereby the teaching is secure and the student is protected. 
(see:  Healing, and Platform and  Advanced Structures )

However, the ultimate protection is achieved when Science and Truth are the teacher. Society is only secure, and properly self-owned, and fully powered by divine Mind, when this is achieved, The Glossary structure is evidently intended to prepare a basis for this process. The great value of this type of education that Mary Baker Eddy has established - ranging from personal teaching, to impersonal teaching (The Pastor Emeritus), to complete incorporeal teaching - is found in that it opens the door for society to take possession of itself. When divine Science closes the door to false suppositions so that Truth becomes its own voice, errors become much more radically self-exposed. The 'Sojourner Truth' that Mary Baker Eddy has laid before society, as shown in the above painting, is gently knocking at the door, not breaking it down, as almost all mental structures in the world are now doing, including what is termed "public opinion." She is as saying to society: Stand guard at your door; develop a great sensitivity to what comes through it; look at the horizon; open your eyes; and don't let anybody knock your door down.

Here is where the segment of the Church Manual becomes important, that establishes a Committee on Publication, which applies to this element. Its stated purpose is to protect the public (not the church). The church is protected when the public is protected, for this is the ultimate purpose of the church as it cultures in society its 'sojourning' with Truth, with God, with divine Mind, rather than with mortal opinions and practices.

Duties. SECT. 2. It shall be the duty of the Committee on Publication to correct in a Christian manner impositions on the public in regard to Christian Science, injustices done Mrs. Eddy or members of this Church by the daily press, by periodicals or circulated literature of any sort. 

The Committees' task covers the gross black and white issues such as lies and slanders, both directed against Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder thereof, in order to protect the public from the potential loss of Christian Science that exists for its benefit. However, this task is ultimately only symbolic of the greater task that each individual carries as a responsibility towards self and society, which is both passive and active. The wider scope becomes apparent when one considers all the Manual segments that unfold on this level across the four columns. (see: The significance of the Church Manual) Every 'sojourner with Truth' has a solemn responsibly to keep the personal 'reading room' clean of trash that clutters the horizon and becomes a force to disown the individual's thinking. Church membership does not mean that one becomes lost in a crowd and looses one's individuality, but that one locate oneself in Truth where it is truly rooted, which is a substantial scientific task. It also means that one is active with the Truth. This implies the publishing of what unfolds in one's intimacy with it, for the greater benefit of society. The Christian Science Publishing Society, as an institution, functions for this purpose, but is symbolic in the larger context.

2 - Church Membership

6 - Reading Rooms

10 - The Christian Science Publishing Society

14 - Committee on Publication

Ultimately, the concept of Mother Church Membership is also symbolic. No form of church membership, or any membership in any institution of culture, should ever disown a person mentally of bodily, subject only to the discipline that empowers a person to expanded freedom and richer expressions. Christian Science demands no sexual circumcision of any kind and any form, as some cultures impose on men and often on women as well. This is a factor that is vaguely associated with Margaret Sanger's point that a person (and likewise a nation, by implication), has the right to own his or her body without imposition by any overbearing force. 

The sexual circumcision is a form of amputation that surgically removes up to 80% of man's sexual sensitivity, and likely more than that, when it is applied to women; and the circumcision is rarely applied by the victim's own choice. The victims are disowned almost at birth with livelong consequences for them. The circumcision is usually inflicted on the victims as children and babies. Babies don't have a choice. Also, this deep-cutting victimization is now being so widely applied that it affects the face of civilization on a global scale. (see Map

The practice is believed to have affected about 700 million male victims and 120 to 140 million female victims. The real figures are likely higher. Nor does this debilitating merely affect the victims, where, as one victim has put it of the few that actually chose to be circumcised, who was able to experience the difference. "It's like living in a world without color," was his comment. Nevertheless, the wider effects are even more tragic. One mother described the effect like night and day. She had relished the close relationship she had with her new baby, but all this changed on the day of the circumcision. The closeness was gone. It was never recovered. The tragedy affects not only the victim but also the family, cultures, entire nations, and civilization.

The resulting psychological effect and loss of intimacy has social consequences have shaped numerous cultures, created persecutions, holocausts, fascist tendencies, and so on, to the point of causing wars, even world wars. Right now three circumcised cultures are raging against each other in the Middle East, with the American culture (said to be 70% victimized) being one. (see: The Circumcision)

The story of the circumcision is too long and too complicated to be explored any deeper here, and goes far beyond merely disowning the body of an individual. Countless causes are feeding into this complex debilitating phenomenon, involving religion, medical beliefs, money, power, slavery, and so on, with some of the processes going back into time for millennia. There is no superficial healing possible on this scene, nor on the abortion scene, in terms of a resolution that can be legislated as issues of personal rights. The answer has to be developed from within, in the course of society's self-development and corresponding discipline. 

Mother Church membership is basically a self-acknowledged commitment of one's individual membership with mankind and the required discipline this imposes. On this platform there is little difference between disowning a person sexually with the circumcision, to whatever degree this may be imposed, and disowning one's body of its sensitivity and sensibility with the imposition of obnoxious substances and narcotics. If one speaks of rights in such cases, one has to consider the rights of humanity, to be spared the consequences from such abuses. While some moral progress has been made in recent years on these fronts, vastly more needs yet to be accomplished.

The abortion issue is basically not different, but is immensely more complicated. It is not an issue of rights, but of discipline. The destruction of human life cannot be rationally quantified and qualified, and thus be justified. As soon as one opens this gate one opens with it the floodgates of genocide, justified for depopulation. On this road are already many times more people killed with the weapon of artificial poverty and diseases and war, than in the abortion clinics. In most cases the abortion issue itself flows out of the poverty caldron on its many faces. The issue can only be solved when it is solved on all fronts together, by raising it to a higher levels, socially, economically, civilly, and spiritually where life has a profound meaning, as Life reflected in life. On any lower platform where the issue presently resides, the abortion issue opens up a can of worms that will ultimately destroy the fabric of civilization.

And so, the obvious answer repeats itself, over and over, that the teacher of mankind has to be mankind's intimacy with God, the harmonizing Spirit of the Universe; and the classroom needs to be universal; the action silent; and its power be a movement from within that is greater then oneself and reflects the power that moves the Universe. Individual Membership with The Mother Church, thus sets a standard for the individual, and society symbolically, for all forms of membership, exemplifying a commitment to protect and nourish mankind and promote its freedom and general welfare, because in Truth, there is "but one I or Us, "as Mary Baker Eddy states in her definition for, I or Ego. This defines our Membership in Truth.

I, or Ego. Divine Principle; Spirit; Soul; incorporeal, unerring, immortal, and eternal Mind.

There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence; man and woman unchanged forever in their individual characters, even as numbers which never blend with each other, though they are governed by one Principle. All the objects of God's creation reflect one Mind, and whatever reflects not this one Mind, is false and erroneous, even the belief that life, substance, and intelligence are both mental and material.

To-day, as oft, away from sin 
Christ summons thee! 
Truth pleads to-night: Just take Me in! 
No mass for Me!

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