Intimacy, and Christ and Christmas by Mary Baker Eddy - presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


And he that overcometh, 
and keepeth my works unto the end,
 to him will I give power over the nations:
And I will give him the MORNING STAR. 
- Christ Jesus


The Morning Star, the star of
'Sojourner Truth'


 to him will I give power over the nations:
And I will give him the MORNING STAR. 



The star, in its spiritual signification, is a symbol of power. Even in the astrophysical sense every star is a sun that lights up its world with vast radiating power. That's how the Revelator saw mankind in spiritual terms, as "a woman clothed with sun".

However, the deliberately entropic concept of cosmology does not allow us to take the correlation further. The widely accepted Big Bang cosmology includes a concept of the sun as a self-powered entity - powered by nuclear fusion happening at its very core - by which it is rendered isolated from the Universe, self-consuming, and in a process of burning itself out over the next few billion years. In contrast, the widely available visible evidence tells quite a different story. It presents the sun as a part of a plasma-electric phenomenon that is actively powered by the all-pervading flows of electric power that power the Universe and every sun and star and galaxy within it. The evidence is overwhelming that a sun or star is not self-powered, but is dynamically powered by active power streams that power the Universe, which in essence are the Universe, as the Universe would likely not exist without this universal dynamic power.
(see: The Electric Universe)

In divine terms the rays surrounding the MORNING STAR (shown above), are not rays of light emanating from the star or sun, but are streams of power flowing into it, without which there would be no light. Wherever in Christ and Christmas we see light flooding a scene form a star, that light is the secondary result of the power flowing into the star, the power of God, by which it becomes illuminated. Even in the astrophysical Universe, the starlight and sunlight is all secondary - the power has to be in-flowing, before there is anything flowing out. In the spiritual Universe, this universally inflowing power is God, becoming secondarily manifest as light, in "seven-hued white," as the poem says.

When the advanced aspects of modern science are acknowledged, the symbol of the star, or the concept of being "closed with sun," takes on an immensely profound meaning, unveiling an aspect of reality that revolutionizes spiritual perception. Being "clothed with sun" then means, being enveloped with power, just as every star in the universe, or sun, is enveloped in a sea of plasma\electric power that powers every sun, which a star is. This means that we are enveloped with the divine in total intimacy, being surrounded with the power of God, the power of the One that Is, which powers everything.

The interesting point here is that God is not a dictator that dominates mankind, but is the power that enables mankind to fulfill its divine purpose, to express divine Principle, Life, Love, Spirit, Soul, and so on. The Universe does not dominate the Sun, but provides the power that enables it to shine. Likewise, God enables man to shine. If we don't utilize the power that feeds our ability, our life will be dark. In this case, people say, "God has failed us." But this can't be, we can only fail ourselves. Our living appropriately in the light of divine power is our own responsibility. This means we have a choice. We have the power to live consciously clothed with the sun. In other words, we have "the power to become the sons of God." (Miscellaneous Writings p.180)

In physical terms too, when the advanced aspects of modern science are acknowledged - if we move with an understanding of the universal electric power that powers the Universe and pervades our solar system, which powers also our own sun, lighting it up in its outermost atmosphere called the photosphere - then all the energy systems on the Earth become revolutionized. All lower forms of energy will become obsolete, from coal power, to oil power, and to some degree also nuclear power, which will then give way to the utilization of the near infinite energy resources of the galactic power system that is a part of the power streams that power the entire Universe, including our sun. 
(See: In a Sea of Power - Electric KatrinasAbsolute Power - Solar Power)

In this context the 7-pointed star in Christ and Christmas becomes symbolically important.

The key element in Christ and Christmas is the 7-pointed star, the MORNING STAR, representing the fullness of God, symbolized as Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Principle. This profound symbol is standing her proudly in spiritual contrast against the 6-pointed "Star of David." The 7-pointed star represents the fullness of God, while the "Star of David" evidently does not.

Every star in Christ and Christmas is a 7-pointed star. Here the question arises, why does Mary Baker Eddy highlight something that is called in Scriptures, "the key of David," which in fact she does so twice? She uses the following text to open the second part of the textbook, "Key to the Scriptures," and then uses the same text again to preface the Glossary that is located in the same part of the book.

These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that
hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth;
and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works:
behold, I have set before thee an open door,
and no man can shut it. - Revelation.

Mary Baker Eddy never elaborates what the key of David is, or what might it be. The answer is evidently related to the 7-pointed star, because the key element in the spiritual advancement of the historic King David was evidently a sexual one. We are told in II Samuel 11, how David fell in love with the wife of a soldier and asked her to be brought to him and had sex with her. When he found herself with child and conveyed the fact to David, he, upon hearing this, quickly arranged to have her husband slain in battle so that after her mourning had ended she would become his wife, which she did. But the son whom she was bearing for David, died. None of David's prayers had prevented this outcome. We are told that later, the woman conceived again and bare another son who lived and became great by his own right, whose name was Solomon, the later King of Israel. What stands between the two events is evidently that key that was recognized by Mary Baker Eddy as being significant enough to warrant her to point to it twice.

It can no doubt be argued that David's experience of the death of his child might not have changed David as king. However, spiritual evidence suggests that it had. David had committed a mortal sin by arranging the death of the soldier and coveting his wife, but he also appears to have felt that he was spared the punishment for it by means of his repentance that involved a wider sense of God as universal, divine Love, the Spirit that is Love. 

His great sin, therefore, was not that he was drawn into Love with Bathsheba, as the woman was called, nor was his sin that he had sex with her flowing from this Love-forged union. Instead, his sin was evidently that he had bowed to a terribly small sense of Love, a privatized sense of it that was so small that it failed to reflect the love of Love, or Love reflected in love. 

Out of this small sense of love he had become a murderer. Being the spiritually sensitive person that he apparently was, he found an exit from his terrible 'night' that is symbolized by the 6-pointed star, the circumcised star, the star that has the key element - divine Love reflected in love - missing. When this was pointed out to him, gently, and he began to see, perhaps only faintly at first, the 7-pointed star in which universal Love is reflected humanly in love, he felt a renewal. What he thus saw became his MORNING STAR. 

In due time, Christ Jesus became the most profound Exemplar of this MORNING STAR, divine Science, unfolding the Christ. He became the greatest Exemplar of it for all time, the most scientific man that ever trod the globe, and the greatest Exemplar of the Principle of Universal Love, or impersonal incorporeal love, meeting all human needs. With his Example he was raising a 'dead' society to a life, to a clearer sense of the profundity of God as Spirit, Love, and Life.

Sexual sharing is rightfully associated with love, because it is an element of our humanity that draws people into a close intimate union, often across the deepest division. Thus it becomes a power in our human world. Human society cannot exist in isolation from one another, but requires a growing and expanding bond of love for one-another as sons and daughters of God, a union that becomes manifest in society in policies that promote the general welfare of all mankind as a matter of Principle. 

Love cannot really be amputated from the operation of society without one collapsing society in the process, and neither can sexuality be amputated, as the circumcision attempts, without the loss of the sexual key-factor, which is intimacy, that stands at the center of all the great expression of the Principle of the General Welfare. 

The tragic history of the amputation of the sexual sensitivity of a person with the circumcision, which is said to be up to 80% effective, shows that the artificial diminishment of love by throttling sexual intimacies has created an empty inhuman society, devoid of humanity, love, caring, nourishing, developing the spiritual qualities, which is instead focusing on money, stealing, dominating, destroying, making war, and so on. The result is that in all areas in the world where the circumcision is prevalent, economic development and prosperity are at a low level while political strife, terror, and war are predominant. 

Since the circumcision-caused tragedy now engulfs now a third of the population of the world, the healing of it becomes an essential element for the survival of civilization, if not mankind as a whole. Thus, the 7-pointed star becomes centrally important.

The circumcision of love has reduced the infinite universal God to a tribal god, and divine Love to the smallest possible privatized domain, rather than them being the great impetus that meets all human needs. It would be surprising therefore if a great scientific and spiritual pioneer, as Mary Baker Eddy evidently was, would not have focused onto the critical issue of sex in an effort to raise it off the ground into its native domain as an aspect of God with a profound spiritual significance. As Job declares, "In my flesh shall I see God," or as St. Paul had put it in reference to Jesus, "God was manifest in the flesh." (I Tim. 3) 

Here begins another chapter in the story of the MORNING STAR, the 7-pointed star, as traced out in Christ and Christmas. 

Mary Baker Eddy's evident recognition that a great deal of healing is very much needed on this scene is symbolized by the current use of her seal that contains the seven-pointed star that is 5-fold represented in her "crown of rejoicing," (S&H 562:16). However, this symbol, which used to be Mary Baker Eddy's 'shingle' to the world, applied as a seal, currently stands as a commercial trademark that is restricted in its application by its nature as private property - exclusively owned by the Christian Science Board of Directors. This change of the symbol from a seal to a commercial trademark occurred 60 to 80 years ago.

Trademark, owned by the Christian Science Board of Directors.

The very heart of her work, which may be termed, the MORNING STAR and its crown of rejoicing, has by its conversion into a commercial trademark been circumcised and been made small, and restrictive. 

The thereby created symbol of restricted love, or privatized love, is now being placed as a restricting symbol on the cover of all modern additions of the Christian Science textbook, and everything else that the Christian Science Publishing Society puts out, which thereby become closed and restricted publications, a private property, prohibiting the intimacy in society with the contents and its rejoicing in it. 

It may well be that the beginning of the now ongoing collapse of the churches of Christ Scientists around the world coincides with the privatization of Mary Baker Eddy's seal as a restricting registered commercial trademark, instead of a profound scientific spiritual symbol. The privatization appears to have occurred after 1918, as the 1916 Edition of Christ and Christmas presents the above image on its cover without it being claimed as a registered commercial trademark, and likewise is it so presented on the cover of the 1918 Edition of the Church Manual (89th Edition).

The increasing privatization of the crown of rejoicing in the form of a commercial trademark also represents the corresponding privatization of controlling power, a power over the field, that The Christian Science Board of Directors presently appears to claim, notwithstanding that Mary Baker Eddy gave the subject of Church Officers the lowest rank in the sequence of the Manual, the rank of a servant fulfilling a predetermined function. 

This shift towards 'dictatorial' control is already evident by the official changing of the title of the Church Manual from being the Manual of "the Mother Church" to being the Manual of "The Mother Church," representing the shift away from the incorporeal, universal idea of Mother Church (the Mother Church), to the corporate form of "The Mother Church. " The shift occurs between the 88th Edition of the Church Manual (1910) and 89th Edition of it.

It is generally unrecognized that Mary Baker Eddy was dealing with four different types of Church. One of these has a specific legal title, related to a specific physical address, with is "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts." Attached to this legal entity is the impersonal idea of Mother in the context of Church, which in this case is exemplified as a spiritual, structure that by its attachment to The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts gains a specific address and legal standing, known as "The Mother Church". This impersonal Mother, reflected in Church, is "that institution, which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick." (S&H p.583)

This Church, "The Mother Church" (with the capital "The" in its title) has an edifice in Boston. Its symbol or seal contains the 5-star crown. This seal is incorporated into a stained-glass window of the original edifice. The widow is located at the most prominent place of the edifice when seen from without, and is the window of Mother's Room when seen from within the edifice. The picture shown above is the external view, whereby the left and right appear reversed. 

It is fairly evident from the complex symbolism, including that of its location, that the great seal with the five-star crown is the seal of an impersonal structure. It is the seal of the Mother-idea that Mary Baker Eddy had exemplified and become the impersonal pastor of - The Pastor Emeritus, Mary Baker Eddy, who speaks to the world - through her textbook. The above seal is located in the topmost portion of the window in Mother's Room, and is visible from within the church only from Mother's. Moreover, it is only from there, where it is visible in its correct perspective with the cross leaning to the right. In essence, it is the seal of Mary Baker Eddy's impersonal, universal church,  The Mother Church, the seal of The Pastor Emeritus, speaking to the world as it were through "Mother's Room."

The privatization of the seal into a corporate trademark that is owned by a corporation, effectively demolishes the very essence of what The Mother Church is, representing an incorporeal universal spiritual idea. The attempt to privatize the female mothering principle has been the scourge of the dark ages, and is expanding rather than diminishing. The process of the privatization of all that is good and beautiful is still continues as the mark of the modern age, choking civilization.

Mary Baker Eddy's seal - 1901

The third type of Church that Mary Baker Eddy was dealing with, is a still higher idea than just an impersonal idea of church. She created her Church Manual for a type of Church that is completely incorporeal, which she referred to in its title page as "the Mother Church" (with a lower case "the'), a Church structure that has itself no physical address or legal title, but is reflected in the lower form. This incorporeal structure is the Church-structure that she created the Church Manual for, according to its title page in the 88th Edition in 1910, the last edition that has been created by Mary Baker Eddy. It is evidently this higher concept of Church, which she defined as, "The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle." The structure of Truth and Love cannot be corporeal in form. It can only be reflected in a corporeal form. She wrote about the Church Manual, which she has written, that it is "adapted" to The Mother Church only. "It stands alone, uniquely adapted to form the budding thought and hedge it about with divine Love." 

The Manual, by this definition, is thereby a manual designed for an incorporeal, spiritual, scientific idea, which in its pioneering mission is "adapted" to the lower form of Church, to the impersonal Church, The Mother Church that has an address and title and affords proof of its utility, for which the Manual remains the scientific, incorporeal foundation, even while it pertains to universal civilization. 

By being the Manual of a higher-order, incorporeal Church, the Manual comes to light as pertaining in its general principles to civilization as a whole - pertaining to 'Sojourner Truth' as an incorporeal universal concept that the entire last column of the foursquare structure is focused on. In the form of an example only, the Manual is adapted to be pioneered in the world as the governing platform of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., which, as Mary Baker Eddy has stated in her "Historical Sketch" in that Manual, "is designed to be built on the Rock, Christ; even the understanding and demonstration of divine Truth, Life, and Love, healing and saving the world from sin and death; thus to reflect in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant."

The ultimate church, the Church Universal and Triumphant, can logically only exist as an incorporeal idea, which The Mother Church in Boston is not designed to be, but is designed to reflect in some degree from its foundation that is designed as a model for an incorporeal Church (the Mother Church with the non-capitalized "the" that has no physical structures or legal titles itself, but is reflected by one that has.) The impersonal Church (which reflects the incorporeal "the Mother Church") appears to be identified with the 5-star seal, which is the seal that Mary Baker Eddy has placed on the cover of her textbook with the final major revision of it. This means that she utilized two seal between 1894 and 1901, one attached to The Mother Church that has a fixed address, and the other attached to the science of it that is developing "the Mother Church" that was continuously unfolding. Until the final major revision, her textbook still carried the above seal as it was published on the 214th Edition. In 1901 the textbook contained the same number of chapters as it does today, but arranged in a different sequential order with a slightly different wording in two of the chapters' titles. It appears that the above seal was continued to be applied to the textbook up to the point at which the sequence of the chapters became fixed in the manner they appear today, which brought them into direct alignment with her foursquare structure and Christ and Christmas, which happened in 1902 with the "revised edition." Then the seal was changed, signaling a significant event.

The crown shown on the above seal under which the textbook developed, is the crown as it appears in the last scene in Christ and Christmas. It is located at the center of the rays of power flowing into it, and the subsequent light flowing from it. The design of the crown itself, is metaphorically significant for locating the definitions of the terms in the textbook's glossary into her foursquare pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development, that Christ and Christmas, and the textbook itself, are a part of, and likewise the 16 segments of the Church Manual.

Another factor that also comes prominently onto the scene shortly after 1901 (probably coinciding with the revision of the textbook), is a factor that is deeply linked to Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare structure that is exemplified by Christ and Christmas. This factor is the introduction of the great temple for The Mother Church. In her Message to The Mother Church in 1902, she speaks of an enlargement of the edifice "to seat the large number who annually favor us their presence on Communion Sunday." She is talking about an expanded sense of universal intimacy, and not just as an idea, but also cast in stone. At  this particular Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, in 1902, up to two million dollars were pledged to build a facility that would set up to five thousand persons. When the facility was completed, she said of it in her dedication message:


 You have dexterously and wisely provided for The
Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, a magnificent temple
wherein to enter and pray.  Greatly impressed and
encouraged thereby, deeply do I thank you for this proof
of your progress, unity, and love.  The modest edifice
of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, began with
the cross; its excelsior extension is the crown.  The room
of your Leader remains in the beginning of this edifice,
evidencing the praise of babes and the word which proceedeth
out of the mouth of God.  Its crowning ultimate
rises to a mental monument, a superstructure high
above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of
their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance
- the speed, beauty, and achievements of goodness.

The addition of the temple fulfilled an element of "the Mother Church" that was already outlined in principle in 1893 in the metaphor of Christ and Christmas in the form of the foursquare structure that was presented as divided down the middle into a right half and a left half, the right half evidently representing the spiritual idea of Church - "the Lion of the tribe of Juda" (Rev. 5:5) -  and the left half of it representing the spiritual idea of Temple - "a woman (the highest idea of man) clothed with the sun, whose child that was caught up unto God," (Rev. 12:5) The references are metaphorically indicated by the time of the clock, which appears twice, once in each half. 

With the construction of the temple committed to, the final critical part of the structure of "the Mother Church" was at this point on the way of becoming reflected in "The Mother Church" so that its seal could now apply to both. Thus, as if to indicate that the last critical element of the implementation of "the Mother Church" was on the way of coming to fruition, whereby its essential reflection in "The Mother Church," was done, the seal was changed to acknowledge the fact of completion. 

The seal with the crown from Christ and Christmas, that is focused on scientific and spiritual development, was laid aside at this point for the seal that acknowledges completion. Everything was in place at this point that had been indicated in Christ and Christmas. The final achievement brought the five critical stars that she recognized, unto a single crown: 1 - The First Church of Christ, Scientist, founded in Boston, Mass.. 2 - The Mother Church as a spiritual idea being implemented by it. 3 - The scientific dimension the "the Mother Church" established in the Manual.  4 - The complete implementation of "the Mother Church" structure with the building of the temple. 5 - And in the center of all that stands the recognition of the Church Universal and Triumphant that all development flows towards. The seal with the 5-star crown had its beginning in Mother's Room. Now that the development was complete, it applied to everything, and the factor five that is critical to locating the Glossary to the foursquare structure, was highlighted. It became one of the most prominent features of the universal seal with the evident expectation of the incorporeal aspect of "the Mother Church" becoming further and further exemplified.

Evidently, speaking of the continously self-developing church, Mary Baker Eddy concludes her dedication message, saying, "Methinks this church is the one edifice on earth which most prefigures self-abnegation, hope, faith; love catching a glimpse of glory."

The acknowledgement of a stage of completion is important as a critical aspect in scientific metaphysics. Just as the astrophysical sun has no option to not attract the power streams that surround it and flow into it according to the design of the Universe, and to reflect that power flowing into it back into space in the form of out-flowing heat and light to support life, so is it ultimately not an option for mankind not to manifest the spiritual power of God that mankind attracts by its fundamental design as the highest manifestation of God. Fruition is thereby assured, unless our self-denial blocks the way for us to the fruition becoming realized.

The privatization of the 5-star seal into a corporate symbol becomes a blocking factor of this sort, against the divine order. The outcome of this privatization is felt as a line of regression of the divine idea towards lower forms of expression, manifest in a collapsing expression of the healing power of the Mother-idea being felt as the result of it. It is only possible to express a divine idea by reflection, but not to own it. The divine idea Church is reflected in church. No one can own the process or privatize the outcome as an isolated thing. The claim of ownership of a privatized idea of church creates a devastating mental undercurrent that leads to mysticism, delusion, and the resulting tragic loss of the divine idea. This type of process is typically identified by Mary Baker Eddy as "mental malpractice." The act in itself is not dangerous, but the mental undercurrent that it creats, is.

In real terms the privatization of Mary Baker Eddy's seal is morally illegal anyway, if not also under civil law, since the privatization occurred after the 5-star seal had existed in the public domain for at least 24 years, since 1894 when it became incorporated into the design of the window of Mother's Room during the construction of the original edifice of the Mother Church, which was completed in 1894. 

With the seal now privatized and reduced to a commercial trademark, the impersonal idea of The Mother Church has been personalized and become the property of five individuals, whereby the church is effectively rendered a private club. And with the identity of the Manual changed, from: "The Manual of the Mother Church", to "The Manual of The Mother Church" (the one and only) - mankind has been robbed of the incorporeal universal spiritual idea of "the Mother Church," that Mary Baker Eddy has labored to bestow on society universally as her forever legacy, to be only adapted by The Mother Church. 

Her final words before passing, "I have been mentally murdered," therefore seem justified (which she is reported to have dictated to her secretary prior to her 'death' in December 1910). And to make matters worse, her personal signature was later expropriated also, and reduced to a registered commercial trademark. As a result of this later action, The Pastor Emeritus who spoke to mankind through her textbook as an impersonal pastor, has become 'rendered' an agent of a corporation. 

Is it any wonder then that the field of Christ Scientists is disintegrating, and that evermore branch churches are closing their doors, seeing that what Mary Baker Eddy has discovered and founded no longer actually exists as a functioning entity, but has been destroyed at its very core?

The three tragic actions that were taken to destroy what she has created: 1 - the renaming of "The Manual of the Mother Church;" 2 - the privatizing of the 5-star seal; 3 - the privatizing of her signature as a commercial symbol, all appear to be small in scope and not earth shaking when see at first glace. In real terms they are big, even monumental by the mental undercurrents they draw in their wake. They are acts that reflect a deep-reaching mental malpractice with an undercurrent that has become increasingly reflected throughout the world, manifest in the collapsing of civilization. And in case anybody has missed the intention of the malpractice, the privatization notice in both cases is being placed prominently below the title of the textbook (and not only of the textbook, but of all of her books). Everyone of Mary Baker Eddy's books have been so identified. Also the publication notice no longer lists "The Christian Science Publishing Society" as the publisher of the books, as this was the case still in 1918. It no longer publishes her books. Instead the publication notice now lists "The First Church of Christ, Scientists, in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A." as the publisher. In other words, all of the aspects that The Mother Church exemplifies, have by these cations been 'disowned,' privatized, and thereby denied as a universal heritage of mankind.

It was evidently not an idle gesture when Mary Baker Eddy warned in the textbook, as the last sentence of the chapter Christian Science Practice: "Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake." This sentence as was added quite late. It doesn't exist in the 214th Edition, published in 1901. The sentence defines mental malpractice as dangerous, but only until it is conquered in consciousness as being powerless, and the seven-pointed star rises as the MORNING STAR. Every star of the 5-star seal is a seven-pointed star, which became the universal seal with the revised edition in 1902. With each star now being acknowledged as a 7-pointed star the seal becomes secured in consciousness.

The reason that we see the 7-pointed star placed on the crown five times may also simply reflect the face of a human being that features two ears, two eyes, and an inner eye, - the spiritual sense that is central to man's being. These too cannot be privatized. Each individual must reflect the "seven-hued white" that the seven-pointed stars symbolize. They are not personal, nor corporeal, but belong to each individual by reflection of the divine, which cannot be privatized - each of which represents the MORNING STAR. With this symbolism in place the mental malpractice that drives every form of privatization in the world, is completely countered and rendered powerless.

Mary Baker Eddy highlights the vital function of in-flowing power becoming reflected in the world, symbolized 5-fold in her modern seal  (symbolizing the MORNING STAR, the seven-pointed star) and puts all that onto the crown to cover every aspect of man's being. The symbol of the star is significant, because there exits not a single star in the Universe that is self-powered. Every star in the Universe is actively powered by one single universal source, which the star merely reflects back in the form of light. This source is God, in all aspects.

And he that overcometh, 
and keepeth my works unto the end,
 to him will I give power over the nations:
And I will give him the MORNING STAR. 
- Christ Jesus

The power that is referred to here, is not legal power, or dictatorial and restrictive power, as power is wielded in the world today, but refers to the in-flowing divine power that enables progressive development in the human world becoming reflected in all nations. This is the only form of power that really exists. Everything else is a secondary reflection, or the lack of it. Whoever has this power - the divine power - flowing in, merely brings to light its effect throughout the world, manifesting the power of divine Principle which subjects a nations to itself. No one is ever exempted from the power and effect of universal Principle. Thus, the MORNING STAR foreshadows a healing in the world to the deepest sense, even the healing of society from its tragic acceptance of its cultivated smallness, its own mental malpractice. It is always a sense of smallness that invites  dictatorial rule, misnamed, power. And smallness is not what stands at the center here. The current element position on Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare structure that pertains here in conjunction with the MORNING STAR, has a corresponding segment in the Church Manual . This particular segment is the last of its 16 segments. It bear the title: "Church Manual." Thus, by association, the Church Manual itself is directly coincident with her reference to the MORNING STAR.

The MORNING STAR is evidently a critical element in Christian Science, but it is also so in civilization as a whole. 

Judy Chicago has created an image for a plate in her art project The Dinner Party that can be seen to apply here in the context of reflected power, the power that is reflected in the sun, which is also the power that is spiritually symbolized by the MORNING STAR. Judy's applicable plate is a part of her primordial-goddess series of plates. It is the plate for the ancient Goddess, Sophia, signifying divine wisdom as it was seen as coming to light in feminine form in primordial and early historic time.

In the image on the plate that Judy Chicago has created to symbolize Sophia, the central core representing the vulva as a female symbol has diminished to but a single fine, vanishing point. From this point we see six bursts of out-flowing colors radiating outward like pedals of flowers, but reshaped into flowing streams of life painted in shades of yellow, red, pink, green, and blue, which dominate the scene and expand, and visibly extend beyond the rim of the plate like rays of light mixed with huge solar flairs that in the astrophysical world extend across ten billion miles to the edge of the solar heliosphere. In this vast space our Sun appears as but a tiny dot, smaller in scale than the faint mark of a sharp pencil  would be representing the sun on a three-feet wide sheet of paper. This doesn't mean that by its symbol being faint, the Sun is seen as being diminished. It only seems diminished when it is seen from a larger distance, while in fact it appears thereby more powerful as the larger scene now encompasses also the vast sphere of the radiant effects that its reflected power has. 

On the plate for Sophia the central vulva is still visible, but only as tiny central point where all the lines of the entire image emerge from. The vulva thus remains at the center, and remains as significant as before, but comes to light now as seen from a higher vantage point, endowed with a power that is not readily evident at the close distance. In the metaphoric sense its influence expands in leaps and bounds in its significance, extending past the personal sphere to the impersonal, and then further, to the incorporeal sphere, unfolding thereby increasingly as a divine idea that is bigger than anyone individually, extending way past the edge of anyone's plate. All aspects of the corporal human self unfold in this progression in divine Science where nothing real is ever lost in scientific and spiritual translation, while all is gained.

Christ Jesus once said of his mission, I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

Judy Chicago writes of Sophia, for whom she created the evermore expanding image that flows past the limits of her plate: 

"Conceived as the highest form of feminine wisdom, Sophia is an abstract symbol in which female power, once actualized in social and religious structures, is transformed into a purely spiritual dimension..." and she adds:

"Sophia was a difficult image for me to paint, tending as I do towards strong, earthy forms... In china-painting one can only go from light to dark. It is almost impossible to make a form lighter, because white or light colors are generally so transparent that they do not cover previous coats of darker paint. One uses the white of the clay body to work against, allowing the ground to provide the luminosity..."

Sophia is the natural luminosity that makes the background light. Her name, Sophia - a Greek term for "wisdom" - is a central term in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, Orthodox Christianity, Esoteric Christianity, as well as Christian mysticism. It is a philosophical concept of wisdom, as well as a theological concept of the wisdom of God. She is also deemed symbolic for divine Spirit, even Love.
(see: Sophia-Wisdom) -

Plato, following his teacher Socrates, and possibly also the older tradition of Pythagoras, understood philosophy as philo-sophia, or, literally, the love of Wisdom. She is often associated with Solomon, as "the wisdom from God," an early Christ-concept in feminine form, of an intimate interface between God and man, or "Mind, mother, man," as Mary Baker Eddy has put in in the 10th verse of Christ and Christmas.

In some early perceptions, Sophia, as a feminine figure is also seen as analogous to the human soul, a feminine aspects of God reflected in man. In mystical theology of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the concept of "Holy Wisdom" is primarily understood as the Divine Logos (the Word). And according to some related beliefs, Sophia, was understood to have became incarnate in Christ Jesus. 

All in all the concept of Sophia may be summed up as the universal "mother" idea, the mother Mind.  In Christian Science, God is both "father" and "mother" and man in the highest sense, is impersonal - an idea; a purpose unfolding; the divine Intention or divine Principle, Love, Truth, Life, Soul, Mind, Spirit, coming to light; the natural white; the 'Sojourner Truth' clothed with the sun, and hearing her crown of stars. 

In the highest sense of Science, God is seven-fold in expression, but One in essence. God is also light - the spiritual inspiration of Love and Truth - the only fit preparation for admission to the intimacy with the Most High in the human experience of divine Power.

As a divine idea reflected in life, the idea of Sophia comes to light profoundly in the Mother Church of Christ Scientist where she is symbolically the incorporeal authority for all critical actions, recognized as "the Pastor Emeritus" spelled with a lower case "the" in the title.

It appears that Mary Baker Eddy has split the Christian Science textbook into two parts in order to highlight the essentially incorporeal dimension of mankind. She named the first part, Science and Health. This part contains 14 chapters, from Prayer to Recapitulation. She is personally the author of every aspect of it, and is impersonally The Pastor Emeritus, speaking through the textbook, presenting its science to mankind. We recognize a duality here, for Mary Baker Eddy as a personal author, and impersonal Pastor. In contrast with both, though attached to it, Mary Baker Eddy named the second part, Key to the Scriptures. This second part contains only three chapters: Genesis, the Apocalypse, and a Glossary of biblical terms. These three chapters, by defining the origin, purpose, and the path of mankind's self-perception in divine Science, are not fixed, but are based on the Scriptures that have been unfolding for millennia, describing mankind's spiritual self-identification that will continue to unfold scientifically. In this part of the book the incorporeal dimension of divine Science comes to light. If one was to use a single metaphor for all three stages - the personal, impersonal, and incorporeal - the term Sophia (wisdom) comes to light that applies to all three stages in different forms in an ascending order towards reality.

The absolute is still unfolding. It is not static. The Universe is dynamic, expanding, self-powering, self-expressing. And since God is not finite, no finite symbolism will ever fit. However, Judy Chicago didn't leave Sophia in the finite realm. The plate for Sophia comes close to expressing the infinite. The primordial vulva that had symbolized a creating emanating force stands now as but a vanishing point at the center of a greater sphere with evermore unfolding power, heralding a new age with a profusion of light not yet dreamed of, for when the crude sense of force fades in the larger picture, even as the sense of a life force gives way the higher reality of divine power, the infinite perception comes into view.

Mary Baker Eddy symbolized the infinite perception of the higher reality as rays of light. A total of 56 rays of light are shown surrounding the MORNING STAR on the cover of Christ and Christmas. This symbol of 56 rays of light corresponds to a natural phenomenon related to power with the same dimension. We find the dimension of 56 reflected in the Aubory holes at Stone Henge - a circle of 56 pits surrounding the Stone Henge monument in England. We also find the dimension of 56 reflecting another profound phenomenon, this time in high-powered plasma physics where a natural principle has been discovered that causes the separation of a high-power electron beam into a circular pattern of 56 self-aligned separate filaments. 

While the 56 rays of light surrounding the star on the cover of Christ and Christmas have evidently a purely scientific significance, it is nevertheless interesting to note that their numeric dimension in reflected in movements of power in the physical world as well as in the spiritual, which appears to have also been observed in ancient times when Stone Henge was built.
(see: The Power of 56)

When the Revelator beheld the spiritual idea of man as a "woman closed with the sun, and on her head a crown of twelve stars," he was evidently somewhat aware of the vast movements of universal power. Mary Baker Eddy then combined the symbolism of the 56 rays of light with the associated symbol, the crown, and placed them both at the center of her seal that she placed onto the cover of her textbook.

The symbolisms that we see in the seal are extremely significant, as they represent in divine terms, not an out-flowing phenomenon of light emanating from a sun (which is secondary), but represent the inflowing power that powers the sun, such God empowering mankind to wear its crown, which we do when we recognize ourselves as being "clothed with the sun." The in-flowing power causes us to wear our crown.

Mary Baker Eddy's Seal - 1901

This above seal with the rays of power, flowing into the crown, remained in use until slightly after 1901, when it was replaced some time in 1902 with the revised version of the textbook that contains the chapters arranged in today's order.

With the new version of the textbook a new seal was used in which the incoming rays of light are no longer shown, while their effect is shown in lighting up the stars. All stars in the Universe are lit up by incoming power. And those stars are not ordinary stars. They are all seven-pointed stars, divine stars, representing the full spectrum of God in the crown. 

Both seals feature the factor five in the crown, which was carried forward from Christ and Christmas where it has a special significance in the form of five different types of dual definitions incorporated into the Glossary structure that enables it to yield 144 definitions. The factor of five is further supported in the poem of Christ and Christmas in the verse that deals with the Rose of Sharon - a phrase that traditionally refers to five different flowers growing in the richly fertile ground of the Plain of Sharon bordering the Mediterranean Sea. And all that, is powered by the inflowing power of God, reflected by the 'stars.' (see: The singly powered universe

When Mary Baker Eddy changed the seal with the revised edition of the textbook in 1902, she not only arranged the textbook chapters into a sequence that brings them into their direct relationship with the foursquare structure, rather than leaving this up to the individual to determine, she also highlighted the factor five that is essential for brining the Glossary into it as well. In other words, she evidently really wanted this discovery to happen. The process of brining the 144 Glossary elements into the foursquare structure is a profound necessary step as it unfolds as a higher-level idea that is completely incorporeal, an unbounded idea, an omnipotence idea - the incorporeal 'Sophia' that each one is alone with in defining God - that no one owns, and no one can block, that is as wide as all the seashores in the world combined. 
(see: Glossary Structure)

The revised edition of the textbook, and the application of the new seal, also coincides in timing with the building of the Extension Edifice for the Mother Church, which Mary Baker Eddy referred to as a "Temple for the Mother Church of Christ, Scientist," which was committed to in 1902, and dedicated in 1906. All of these significant steps followed in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of the U.S. President William McKinley in 1901, which politically marked the beginning of the opening up of the U.S. towards fascism, which is now expanding in ever greater circles, encircling the world. The building of the great temple might have been her response to the unfolding political movement towards a foreseeable collapse of the nation, so that these significant and clarifying changes, including the completion of The Mother Church design, with a temple, might have been enacted in a spiritual effort to hold back the tide of fascist force before it could become a flood. She evidently sensed that movement had begun that shouldn't have, rousing a concern that is reflected in three papers penned by her concerning the tragic event.
(see: President McKinley - MY 290-294)

The later seal with the simplified crown can be seen as a progressive symbol with a scientific imperative as it highlights the factor five that enables the Glossary of the textbook to be perceived as a structure of 144 elements, while the seven pointed stars symbolize the MORNING STAR five-fold. The seal with the simplified crown apparently did already exist several years before it was used. It was first displayed in public in 1894 when the Original Edifice of the Mother Church was built, where it was incorporated into the design of the window of Mother's Room, except perhaps the seven-pointed stars.

This design that existed then was not brought into general use until it stood in conjunction with the building of the great temple against the background of dark shadows then gathering in the horizon. Exactly one year to the day, after the day of the temple's dedication, started another key event. Until this day, so she stated, "she had never read the textbook throughout consecutively in order to elucidate her idealism." ( S&H xii) Apparently as the result of it two major events happened the next year. One was that the Christian Science Monitor was launched with the mission to uplift the world. And the other event was that she added two new officers to the government of her church which she named, "the Pastor Emeritus" (as an incorporeal idea, spelled as "the" not The), and the provision for "a Board of Directors" (a board, not The Board).
(see: Two New Officers)

All of these evidently insignificant changes, appear to have been revolutionary in effect.  For the first time in history has the form of a society's government been raised to the inclusion of an incorporeal officer to the highest level of power, symbolic of representing a profound principle, such as the 'Sojourner Truth" principle reflecting divine power. This shift was put in place evidently also as a universal goal, which remains yet to be reached.

Perhaps Mary Baker Eddy saw the great temple, that she wanted constructed on the same triangular plot, back to back with the original church edifice, to stand in a symbolic manner as a structure that would gain its significance as a cornerstone for the dawn of the incorporeal majesty of mankind that is rooted in the divine mothering Principle and its harmonizing Spirit that unfolds with the light of Love, so that her personal support and 'mothering' (or leadership, or authority) was no longer needed  to embellish the significance of the church or authorize its power for action.

It is reported that Mary Baker Eddy never set foot into the temple for any official function, as if to say that it was built for the member's communion with each other, with them now dedicated to stand as 'Sojourner Truth.' She refrained from standing before them as an idol, when the focus must be on their intimacy with God.

Her refraining from such an appearance included also the dedication ceremony to which more than 30,000 had come from around the country and probably also from other lands. The dedication ceremony was held on June 10, 1906 (with the construction fully paid for by individual donations). It was attended by so many people that day that six consecutive services had to be held in this gigantic space that seats 5000. Her message for the occasion was read to the people assembled at each service. It concludes with the following words, describing the achievements made, their promise, and their implied demand on future ages setting the direction for the liberty of mankind. Those words therefore need to be repeated and reconsidered until the temple, too, is seen as essentially symbolic for the universal sense of temple pertaining to all mankind, which the later founding of the Christian Science Monitor makes increasingly clear. And those are her words:

  You have dexterously and wisely provided for The
Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, a magnificent temple
wherein to enter and pray.  Greatly impressed and
encouraged thereby, deeply do I thank you for this proof
of your progress, unity, and love.  The modest edifice
of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, began with
the cross; its excelsior extension is the crown.  The room
of your Leader remains in the beginning of this edifice,
evidencing the praise of babes and the word which proceedeth
out of the mouth of God.  Its crowning ultimate
rises to a mental monument, a superstructure high
above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of
their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance
- the speed, beauty, and achievements of goodness.
Methinks this church is the one edifice on earth which
most prefigures self-abnegation, hope, faith; love catching
a glimpse of glory. (My. 6)

The MORNING STAR remains yet to become the star of the world. Its privatized temple stands largely empty now, being used increasingly as but an auditorium for organ concerts, being ideally suited for it as it features one of the largest organs in the world. The empty state of the temple reflects also to a large degree the state of civilization that likewise has become empty of its substance of universal humanity. Historically the collapse of civilization began in 1901 with the assassination of President McKinley by the masters of the monetarist empire of the world that was raising itself up at this time, above the world, to become a monster and its dictator. The monster spewed forth fascism and war in an ever-growing wave of horror while it stole the lifeblood of society, and is now fast collapsing its industries, farming, science, healthcare, education, culture, and its governments into becoming its whores.

But the monster is dying under its own weight. To keep itself alive the monster demanded its whores to pour the living of the nations into its bottomless pit of endless greed, demanding mega-bailouts in ever-greater numbers and magnitude, which has already grown to the point that the numbers have become meaningless to reckon the size of it. The bailout debt that the whore has thereby placed on the shoulders of the nations is measured, for the USA all by itself, as a stack of thousand-dollar bills laid face to face, stretching from coast to coast and into the oceans, while the population is squeezed to death with fascist austerity for the purpose of debt collection. Thus, the empire-system of thievery has become discontinuous itself and facing disintegration, by its own underlying insanity. Therefore, when the winds of sanity begin to blow again, mankind will witness its spiritual renewal like the returning spring when the winter ends.

The spiritual renewal with advancing developments in its wings, is as natural and inevitable as the return of peace after feuding powers have exhausted their resources in the rage war. Spiritual renewal and development is as inevitable as peace is inevitable. In its flow the rising face of 'woman' representing the highest term for (universal) 'man' as a spiritual idea, (as Mary Baker Eddy stated in 1884 in her glossary), will usher in a new era that will likely become a resurrection of mankind from its currently unfolding death of civilization. 

Christ Jesus understood the renewal of humanity in a resurrection of the eternal spiritual status man to be a natural process that no power on earth could hold back. On this same platform we can look forward to a future so bright that the return of glaciation cycles of the Pleistocene Ice Age that has gripped the Earth for the last two million years - with the next glaciation cycle already on the near horizon - will have no effect to blight human living.

The Revelator beheld the future in terms of a city-foursquare descending from the Intelligence of God to mankind, signifying a science construct that is destined to bring ever greater light to the world. That's already happening. Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare science city didn't culminate as her final achievement, but it was the guiding star for it throughout her years of achievements, which were all built on it, almost from the very beginning.
(see Sublime Science

With this foundation - set on a level above mere intellect - which she proved in her own work, she established the direction for the dawn of the MORNING STAR throughout the world, which in the background is already unfolding in numerous amazing developments on many fronts, which are all evidence of an unfolding sunrise, worthy to ignite a grand celebration.
(see: Morning Prayer Hymns)

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