Intimacy, and Christ and Christmas by Mary Baker Eddy - presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

In tender mercy, Spirit sped 
A loyal ray 
To rouse the living, wake the dead, 
And point the Way -

The Christ-idea, God anoints - 
Of Truth and Life; 
The Way in Science He appoints, 
That stills all strife.


Christ Healing


The Way in Science He appoints, 
That stills all strife.




Part 1

Mary Baker Eddy's healing from a potentially fatal spinal injury incurred by a fall on an icy street, was won by the principle of intimacy with the divine. She was so firmly stuck in that coffin that her death bed was deemed to be that her local clergyman paid her a visit before his sermon that day, fearing that if he waited till after the service, she might be gone. When he returned to prepare her for death, she had been up and about, fully healed, and opened the door for him. This happened in 1866.

During the time in between in-between the pastor's first and second visit that day, she had reasoned that the healing work of Jesus could not have been possible if it hadn't reflected a universal principle that enabled such healing to take place. She reasoned that as a principle, the healing principle, the Christ-principle illustrated by Jesus, is eternal, and therefore would be still as powerful in her time and in her case as it had been then. She reached out for this reality with all she had and knew and understood. In this unfolding intimacy, as if the Christ was touching to her, all distance vanished, and she found herself well. 

The Christ principle - the spiritual idea of God - had bridged whatever gap had existed. She emerged from this experience transformed. She had been of poor health before. All this ended. She never suffered from ill health again. Moreover, she set out to discover the science behind the zero-distance intimacy with the divine nature that had healed her, and won herself to absolute conclusions, which enabled her to heal others by the same process.

Her sacrament with the divine was in the form of scientific intimacy, not in the form of a doctrinal or a personally human one.

Because of her long history of poor health, Mary Baker Eddy had sought numerous remedies for her ailments, but none of the methods she pursued had offered permanent relief. Among the healing methods she had investigated was homoeopathy. She writes about this period in her textbook on Christian Science:

The author's medical researches and experiments had prepared her thought for the metaphysics of Christian Science. Every material dependence had failed her in her search for truth; and she can now understand why, and can see the means by which mortals are divinely driven to a spiritual source for health and happiness. - Her experiments in homoeopathy had made her skeptical as to material curative methods."  

She points out that "the drug s frequently attenuated to such a degree that not a vestige of it remains. Thus we learn that it is not the drug which expels the disease or changes one of the symptoms of disease." She adds, "The author has attenuated Natrum muriaticum (common table-salt) until there was not a single saline property left. The salt had 'lost his savour;' and yet, with one drop of that attenuation in a goblet of water, and a teaspoonful of the water administered at intervals of three hours, she has cured a patient sinking in the last stage of typhoid fever. The highest attenuation of homoeopathy and the most potent rises above matter into mind. This discovery leads to more light. From it may be learned that either human faith or the divine Mind is the healer and that there is no efficacy in a drug."

Through her lifelong association with the scriptures she had been familiar with Christ Jesus' healing work, who has healed completely without drugs of any type and in the most powerful manner. Thus she recognized that Christ Jesus' work, which seemed miraculous, must have been the result of a divine Principle in action, demonstrating something that was absolutely real, since in the real world miracles simply don't happen. In the darkest hour, laying on her death-bed, she cut through all the mythologies of a so-called material life that had been developed over the ages, and went straight to that which had remained above the myths as the absolute of reality - God, Spirit, and the divine Life - and aligned herself more closely than ever with that reality that also defined her own reality. In the hour of this unfolding intimacy with what is obviously real and absolutely so, she found herself suddenly well. No miracle had taken place. Nothing unnatural had happened. What had happened was supremely natural, reflecting her profound intimacy with reality rather than mythology (the mythology of material living.)

The key in this case was the principle of intimacy with reality. Her sacrament involved a mental process of coming intimately close to the divine; leaving nothing interposed; aiming for zero-distance; not for a personal merging with the divine, but for a sense of a unity that is eternal and universal where the whole is One. She reasoned that if the divine Truth is so profoundly real that the mere touching it in the intimacy of thought brings it to light, then it must be possible to convey this Truth to others, so that it can be known by them, be understood in the same manner, and its effect be replicated in their experience. Whatever is spiritually recognizable as Truth must by its very nature be communicatable, because ideas of truth and communicatable. And so it was that in the year following her healing, she opened the first school of Christian Science Mind-healing in Lynn, Massachusetts, where she lived, starting with only one student. The success was evidently so great that fourteen years later, in 1881, she opened the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston as a law had been passed at this time that enabled her to get this institution chartered for medical purposes, in which she taught over four thousand students in the space of seven years. The test of Truth was thereby well established. 

This is the effect of an absolute Truth coming to light intimately in a scientific process. The resulting effects were revolutionary for her time.

In real terms time is not a factor. The recognition of divine Truth has been already common to some degree in the primordial ages where the recognition dawned of a universal 'life-force' manifest through women by the process of human birth. That the recognized 'life-force' was not deemed corporeal, but reflected a higher level universal Principle, or divine Principle, was manifest in the deification of this principle through the deification of the female principle in the form of Goddesses.

Here Judy Chicago's art installation, The Dinner Party, comes into the scene, setting a stage on which she aims to expose the sexual division as invalid, that still rules as the deepest division in the world. Judy Chicago has put the vaginal core that in the brightest days reflected a profound aspect of divine Principle, at the center of nearly all the images of the dinner plates with which she honors the historic role of woman and their achievement, and then surrounded the vaginal core with the four wings of the butterfly that lift it off the plate, as if to say: the higher you raise your perception spiritually, the closer you come to touching the truth.

The image below is the image that Judy Chicago has painted onto the dinner plate to represent the Primordial Goddess. It also became the cover-image for her book on The Dinner Party art project in which all 39 images are presented in full-page spreads. The book bear the title, The Dinner Party - A Symbol of Our Heritage. By placing her image for the Primordial Goddess onto the cover of her book, she defines mankind's heritage as primarily defined by spiritual perceptions and their states and stages of unfolding, regression, renewal, and advancing progression.

Throughout the full extend of her of Judy Chicago's gigantic art installation, the "vaginal core" as she called it, the central core of the vulva, remains not only central to the art of all the plates, by its nature that is linked to the spiritual perception of a great Truth, but also by its function, which is central to the development of a deep intimacy between the individuals of society as they 'meet' there, from which flow social intimacies that become reflected in ever widening circles in the form of economic and political intimacies, even in the cultural and economic intimacy that ultimately becomes manifest as the core of a nation. The above image, representing the Primordial Goddess, dominates the cover of her book describing The Dinner Party. The image is six inches wide and covers 80% of the width of the page, which makes it the identifying symbol of the book by which it is recognized in the book stores.

She wrote about the image, symbolic for the Primordial Goddess that it is a relatively undeveloped form of the butterfly as a symbol, with the wings not yet evolved. She wrote that she named the goddess, Gaea, at first, "after the ancient Greek goddess who embodies the idea of this universal female principle of Earth Mother," but then changed the name when she looked at the earliest pictographs in which the Primordial Goddess was represented by primitive markings in rocks and sacred stones, before there were words. "I tried to image what it must have felt like to live under the stars with no houses or roads, no words for anything one saw - just the succession of sights and sounds that were frightening and wonderful. I could easily understand making a connection between the female body and the Earth... The Primordial Goddess was originally referred to by primitive markings, triangular shapes that stood for the vulva... It was not until much later in history that the concept of the Primordial Goddess was expressed in sophisticated myths... By that time, the original creative power attributed to the feminine being had been greatly diminished and/or transferred to male gods."

With the mothering-principle having been recognized and adored as a divine quality manifest in mankind a profound sense of intimacy appears to have developed, centered on the vulva, as the early makings indicate, so that the developing sense of intimacy was one the first spiritual qualities that was unfolding, which evidently also became a key factor in social development. Civilization cannot exist without the development of ever-greater forms of deep intimacy in all fields of cooperation. The early evidence suggests that the dawn of civilization was built on the reflected divine principle of intimacy, which still continues to a fairly large degree, though a lot of it has vanished or been turned upside down.

Intimacy, by its very nature, is the opposite to competition which isolates people. At its highest level, however, the principle of intimacy unfolds in the spiritual realm where scientific and spiritual development unfolds mankind's deep intimacy with God as the natural reality of being, unfolding a conscious recognition of an all-pervading zero-distance intimacy in which God and man are One in being - termed the Christ consciousness - which is not corporeal but universal and central to Christian healing, especially in Christian Science healing as the leading expression of it. We see an amazing progression unfolding here, from the dawn in darkness to the absolute 'Word' that unfolds God as Life, Truth, and Love.

Atonement with the divine unfolds on the wings of the deepest sense of intimacy with what is absolutely real, characterized by the Christ-connection with reality reflected in individual living, illustrated in the scene below. 

Judy Chicago's image above of the primordial recognition of a universal life force reflected humanly, and associated with intimacy, represents the same essential dynamics that is illustrated in the painting below in its vastly more advanced form, in the form of a scientific spiritual metaphor that illustrates the most developed form of intimacy, our intimacy with the divine, the Christ exemplified intimacy. 

Judy Chicago invited the representative women to her dinner party art project so that we can hear from them of their experiences. Thus she prepared The Dinner Party for mankind, to which the modern society is invited and is encouraged to nourish itself in the process by 'eating' of the plates that represent the representative women's achievements and their identities as sexual beings from where the rudimental intimacy unfolds. 

At the individual level throughout The Dinner Party, where the sexual awareness is associated with a dawning sense of spiritual Truth, the resulting impetus that drove the represented women's personal commitments for grand achievements and heroic struggles, and so forth, is displayed symbolically in the images for each of the historic women. When the intimacy of these women with their spiritual dimension expanded, the resulting dynamism affected ever wider circles to the point of them being recognized as of historic significance. 

Mary Baker Eddy did not use the term "intimacy" in any of her writings, because, evidently, the spiritual sense for it had not been developed at her time, but had primarily a crude meaning by its usage, even though the dictionary definition of the term "intimate" is that it relates to the "inner character," the spirit or "essential nature," to something that is "characteristic of the genuine core." Many of the historic woman of achievement saw themselves in the spiritual light, to some degree, and this not so much as physically female, but as spiritually feminine, a quality of Truth that, once touched upon, makes its own demands for expression, or in practical terms, becomes its own expression.

Society is thus invited to nourish itself with the life and achievement of all its women for the development of a greater sense of intimacy with the nature of mankind, which is a valuable aspect of the developing humanity of mankind, a lot of which has been pushed into the background for millennia by perverted practices. 

When we find so little intimacy in society that the worth and dignity of women falls by the wayside, then what have we got with which to even hope to achieve the deeper intimacy with God that includes all that is divine and is reflected in humanity? 

The plates that Judy Chicago invites society to eat of, contain images that are symbolic of vulva in numerous individual forms, the 'vaginal core,' with the changing focus that is typical for the evolving female image and has from primordial times onwards been associated with the mothering principle, reflecting the harmonizing Spirit of God without which nothing would exist in the universe.

Judy Chicago went to great lengths to challenge mankind with her invitation. It roused great acclaim and also great condemnation, while no one appears to be not affected by it. She may have anticipated this reaction and used it to say to society, you fools, shed your hypocrisy, because you already eat of the vulva in many ways and would find the world a dreary place if the female individuality never existed that you all cherish to become intimate with.

Still, it appears that the greatest challenge lies in the unseen. I see her saying to society, especially to the male society: you hypocrites, why then have you not embraced all women universally? Why have you instead tolerated division, isolation, subjugation, and so on, while in secret you eat of the vulva and have probably been doing this for centuries? In exploratory surveys compiled from write-in responses, the respondents indicated that 'eating' of the vulva is statically the most preferred practice in sexual intimacies, with the reason given that it develops the deepest sense intimacy - a union without distance - symbolic of a greater truth.
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Part 2

The Christ-idea, God anoints - 
Of Truth and Life; 
The Way in Science He appoints, 
That stills all strife.


When Mary Baker Eddy had offered her discovery and science to society she had hoped it would find ready acceptance in the churches. However, with her being a woman, this was not to be. The rejection of her work in the male-dominated society was not surprising, and perhaps it was even beneficial as it enabled her to develop her science and its presentation without interference and domination. 

Only those who understood the worth of her work, though they were few, understood what great a gem they had found. For many who were receptive of spiritual ideas, which are invariably scientific in nature, their receptivity brought to them a new sense of freedom, health, and life. Where tradition often says NO, spiritual sense says YES. But to evoke spiritual sense, the scientific butterfly is often needed to leave the traditional thinking behind and prepare the ground for advanced inspiration. 

With Mary Baker Eddy the break-through spiritual sense came by inspiration. The scientific sense was developed out of it by exploration, turning down along its path many scientifically false traditions.

One of the longest-standing tradition that Mary Baker Eddy challenged, was that of matrimony. She created the only Christian church that I know of that incorporates no provision for the traditional wedlock, or maybe the only church of them all. If zero-distance intimacy with God is the standard of Truth, this standard puts all mankind onto the same lateral platform with one-another. Special ceremonies of artificial marriage would then deny what already exist, and the outcome reflects that. What is deemed marriage has been a generally more isolating factor in civilization, right across society, than a uniting impetus. The resulting failure is one that only an advanced spiritual sense is able to correct.

Those who wish the traditional wedlock to be instituted, are instructed by her to go elsewhere, where they may have it legally consummated. But spiritually, a wedlock is not required on the platform of Mary Baker Eddy's Mother Church, where the scientific fact is paramount that the universal unity of God and man, and thereby with one another, is the spiritual reality of man's being that is forever intact. Metaphysical healing is built on this fundamental fact. It brings it to light with a sense of intimacy that overshadows disease, death, and all evil, including division and isolation. When the spiritual fact is acknowledged, the social structures that are build in society are secure. Without it they are not, regardless of what contracts may govern them. When the social marriage is build on that foundation and becomes a seed kernel for expanding structures that express more of the universal marriage of all mankind, civilization becomes a rich human environment, instead of the collapsing environment it has become that is torn with looting, profiteering, privatization, deprivation, poverty, theft, hatred, lies, murder, terror, and war. The healing of mankind's self-perception that gets it out of this mess, and guards it against, requires a keen scientific discipline in adhering to the fundamental scientific fact that God and man are one in being, which reflects the universal marriage of mankind. The impetus of divine Science is that all of society's structures become built on this fact, rather than on the denial of it. Christian Science proclaims that the recognition of the spiritual fact is fundamental to healing the human ills. Christ Jesus exemplifies the power that unfolds with the intimacy of that recognition as it becomes manifest in his marvelous demonstrations of the spiritual fact. Mary Baker Eddy lays the choice before us, to move with the Exemplar towards the spiritual idea of God, the scientific fact, rather than remaining in denial of it. That this was her personal choice is self-evident. In this sense, building on the development of divine Science, she became the impersonal Mother of a new renaissance, the scientific renewal of humanity.

History tells us that women have played traditionally a powerful role in the spiritual unfolding of mankind's self-perception, perhaps in reverence to the female principle that is life-giving, protecting, and nourishing. Judy Chicago presents as an example the development of Ishtar as the Great Goddess recognized in early ages, conceived as the giver and taker of life whose power was infinite. Judy Chicago states, "The various societies that worshiped Ishtar were highly developed civilizations. Writing, mathematics, legal codes, astronomy, canal-building... characterized their cultures." She also notes that with the dawn of weaponry, the identity of the Goddess changed and became eventually lost. "The traditional Goddess had represented a positive force, and as long as women ruled the world wars had been rare." The Goddess idea had evidently been lost in the shadow of war where the warrior is king. The regression into war had destroyed the intimate idea that the female body had symbolized, which had been recognized as a spiritual power reflected in the mothering principle. Her plate reflects in rich measure the universally fruitful period of the Goddess and its link with female intimacies, employing "pen work over a surface achieved with eight fired layers of liquid-bright gold and rainbow luster."

When the spiritual quality of intimacy is on the front burner, the social intimacies then reflect what is naturally established in Truth and is naturally acknowledged. When Truth is scientifically recognized, healing occurs.  The healing occurs when it becomes acknowledged that nothing needs to be added to complete what is already full. Science creates a transparency thereby, through which divine Mind is reflected and changes the mental scene. The human mind isn't a factor in this equation, but divine Mind is that is reflected in man.  The higher platform of 'marriage' supercedes any lower platform. Thus, the higher demands unfolding in science bring us closer to the principle of divine healing. They bring us closer into the zero-distance intimacy with the divine in all its expressions, and with the infinite range of Love. For this they are demanding from individuals great moral, spiritual, and scientific honesty, which accompany the larger freedoms that the lower system don't mandate, and which also demand higher standards of discipline that lower systems don't.

The difference between the spiritual sense, and the material sense of identity is represented by Judy Chicago in the form of two goddesses of opposite natures. The first is Ishtar, the Great Goddess, revered for thousands of years in Mesopotamia as the expressed power of the female principle as life-giving, protecting, and nourishing, as already noted above.

In contrast stands the utter perversion of the Goddess principle, which is symbolized by the political creation of the goddess Kali under the Arian/Brahmanic perversion of Hinduism in the first Millenium B.C. in  India. She represents a total inversion, the absolute opposite of the spiritual fact. She was imposed on society as a horrid, strife-relishing, and blood-lusty creature, serving the male dominated culture that invaded India and subjugated the entire subcontinent. India was not subjugated with raw power, which the invading minority were not able to wield over an entire continent. India was subjugated with despotic control over family and marriage relations, reduced to the lowest possible level. The subjugation of the entire subcontinent was achieved with the inversion of religion. Under the Arian engineered Vedic religion and its built in marriage doctrines, women were placed under the complete control of men, even to the point of the religion demanding female infanticide on a massive scale by which the indigenous population was kept small and impotent, eventually adding polygamy to the scene, child-marriage, widow-burning, and also wife-burning, with horrendous cases of barbaric witch hunts mixed in. Women had no rights, no education, were forced into precarious marriage. Their life became a life of fear. Civilization in India was nearly destroyed by this subjugation that extended arcos nearly 2,500 years, until the development of a deep, deep, spiritual sense put an end to it. 

The spiritual culture that broke the dark ages in India reflects a profound sense of social intimacy as a reflection of the developing deific intimacy - the intimate oneness of God and man. The abundance of great temples (85 in single place) in which the human human form stands in the foreground together with the divine, bear witness to this spiritual renewal, which was also reflected in amazing economic capabilities, without which the temples could not have been built. (See: The Temples of India) The society that had built these marvels was later lost in the Islamic invasion of India.

Mary Baker Eddy challenges society not to be fools bound to mysticism, because the intimacy with the divine nature that it seeks for its healing must have its universal reflection in all aspects, with the spiritual fact being reflected socially, so that the universal marriage of mankind that is the reality of our being, regardless of what forms this reality may be expressed in, becomes a 'Eucharist.' The Christ intimacy, which unfolds as mankind's deepest and most profoundly demonstrated intimacy with the divide, is evidently not shallow and superficial, or ceremonial, but is deep, scientific, and spiritual in its highest sense, and is found reflected in all that is good. All shallow pursuits are invariably impotent for healing.

The key to the universal social intimacy in society, on which civilization depends, is not found in a form or contract, but in the spiritual dimension of the universal unity in zero-distance intimacy between God and man. Many Baker Eddy discovered and founded a religion based on this intimacy, on love, on the intimacy of the natural Mother-love reflecting divine Love. She set up a revolutionary stage thereby that invalidated all false history, and she wrote the textbook for what is scientifically real in the rations of Goad and man and mankind.

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