Intimacy, and Christ and Christmas by Mary Baker Eddy - presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Thus Christ, eternal and divine, 
To celebrate 
As Truth demands, - this living Vine 
Ye demonstrate. 

For heaven's Christus, earthly Eves, 
By Adam bid, 
Make merriment on Christmas eves, 
O'er babe and crib.


Christmas Eve


Make merriment on Christmas eves, 
O'er babe and crib.




Part 1

The painting has two verses associated with it, whereby it is split into two halves. The first half applies to part 1. Here, the lying serpent is at work, which Mary Baker Eddy termed animal magnetism. The lying snake is not incorporated into the scene. It is the scene. The entire Adam and Eve mythology is a lying snake, not just an act within it. Personal sense is the poison pill. We see Adam and Eve handing down gifts from a Christmas tree, the tree of false knowledge, to poison the minds of little children. In the real world those gifts are lies. The first lie put forward in Scripture was the assertion that woman was formed from a rib taken from man, thereby setting aside the spiritual order of creation established by the Intelligence that forms and unfolds the Universe. The Adam-lie annuls the sexual order that wisdom has defined in the previous chapter, as "good." Mankind is defined there as one, men and women - by name, sexual beings.

Society still follows the Adamic course of the annulment of the sexual order. Sex is shunned. Adam hides himself from God in the garden, and in later times the male sex is amputated with the circumcision (at least the sensitive part is) by the direct command of God, handed down to society through Abraham. In later times again, sex is defined as shameful by the church, and as dirty, and despicable, even while society knows that no one exists on this planet who has not come into the world by the means of sex. 

For countless reasons, so it appears, the sex factor is something that society would rather not acknowledge, and it it does so it puts the blame on God, buy why? 

The denial of sex and sexual intimacy has had historically tragic consequences. No doubt they were intentionally imposed, with lies, just as the tragic consequences were intentionally imposed for political purposes during the Vedic Dark Age in early India. It even appears that the ghastly Adam and Eve mythology was modeled after the Vedic mythology that nearly destroyed civilization in India. ** 
** (see my novel, The Ice Age Challenge - starting at Chapter 12 - Distant Darkness )

The Adam and Eve story represents the most deep-reaching betrayal of both women and men that western religions have heaped on society, just as other religions have for similar reasons in far off places. Each one, apparently has caused their own dark ages, of which the dark ages in Europe was just one phenomenon.

Among all the names of women that Judy Chicago honored with a place at The Dinner Party, the one name that applies here is Kali - the murderous goddess Kali of the Vedic age. Judy Chicago wrote that she broke her own rule by including Kali, as her intention was to focus only on western culture. But considering that the Adam and Eve story may be modeled after the Kali antifemale madness, the inclusion of the name appears to be justified.  

We are told that sex has caused Adam to be ashamed, and to hide himself, once the recognition was imposed on him that he is naked. He denied himself as the offspring of God, rather than rejoicing in the spiritual beauty of every aspect  of mankind's divine humanity. In the same manner modern society denies itself and all children, and calls its offspring 'its' personal children as though it had made them. The reality is that we have very little to do with the procreation of our species. The sexual process begins long before we even get involved with one another physically. It begins with a look perhaps, or a thought that triggers psychological responses and so on. And later, after our fifteen-minute 'contribution' is over, in the low of the process, the process continues on  all by itself for another nine months, unfolding with ever greater complexities along the paths laid out by a vast array of principles that reflect a near incredible Intelligence standing behind the design of it. And then, when the child is born, we have the audacity to call the offspring, "our child." We should call it what it is, the child of our humanity, the child of God. We should see and acknowledge all children in this manner and ourselves likewise, and care for them universally, and for all children in the same manner, and this all the way through to the highest level of education that should be free to all and available according to an individual's talents. Society's greatest wealth is, after all, its people. The human being is the creator of all that defines civilization. This wealth, the greatest asset that a society has, needs to be developed in the most efficient manner, rather than be trashed. If this was to happen, we would no longer lie to ourselves in cultivated isolation and division, allowing wars to be fought against us and one another, by thieves and emperors, and oligarchs.

The chain of healing begins here with the declaration to oneself, "I am, because God is!" Adam, who stood behind the fig leaf, stood far from the Christian Science recognition where such a declaration is possible. 


Judy Chicago honors many women who stood against Adamic/Vedic Dark Age that had covered Europe. She chose one from among them to represent the Eve mythology, the woman deceived and deceiving - the lie of the ages.  Her name is, Petronilla de Meath. Her plate represents the darkest pit of the Dark Ages. She represents the victims of the blackest of the black lies, the victims of the persecution of women as witches.

Ironically, the primary victims where women who had applied their skills as healers, especially among the lower classes where help was badly needed. As Judy Chicago points out, if a woman dared to practice healing without having studied medicine, which was not available to woman, she was judged a witch and was condemned to die, with the judgment being supported by the church. Later, other charges were added, such as "inspiring lust;" or "rendering men impotent;" or having "an insatiable sexual appetite;" or causing "miscarriage;" or even "bearing an illegitimate child." Oh, and if she used contraception and aided in abortion, her doom was sealed when she was found out. She was charged with witchcraft and was usually killed. - The witch hunts blackened the 13th and 14th Centuries. According to modern estimates six to eight million women were killed as witches.

Judy Chicago points out that "exact figures are difficult to determine as no records were kept, but those that do exist are horrifying. Nine hundred people were accused of witchcraft and executed in a single year in southwestern Germany; in Toulouse, four hundred were put to death in a day; and there were some villages were nearly all the female inhabitants were wiped out... Petronilla de Meath represents them all."

The case of Petronilla de Meath is one of the first documented cases in Ireland. She worked as maid for an extremely rich lady, Alice Kyteler, whose fourth husband claimed that she was bewitching him. The bishop pursued the charges, eyeing her property - a process by which in general the church became rather rich. The case succeeded as such cases usually did, all built on sexual charges that became increasingly preposterous. 

Judy Chicago writes about the outcome of the case of Petronilla de Meath, in  1324. 

"Lady Kyteler was able to escape to England, taking Petronilla's child, but Petronilla herself was imprisoned and tortured.  Her arrest took place before the Church had devised detailed instructions on the use of torture to procure confessions and denunciations. Later, it became common to strip the accused woman naked, shave off her body hair, and then subject her her to thumb screws and the rack, spikes and bone-crushing boots, starvation and beatings. Petronilla was merely flogged and burned, refusing to the last to accept the Christian faith."

Petronilla's plate combines the symbols associated with the witch-hunt tragedies: a candle burning with the human sprit, a bell, a broken ring, and the central core, the vulva, surrounded by flames, und behind the flames the caldron were the lies were brewed up, as they still are. 

Judy Chicago writes, "The flames that envelop the center of the plate are a terrible inversion of the of the sacred fire that once burned in honor of the Goddess of the ancient world."

The case of Petronilla de Meath is significant in the context of Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare structure as we proceed in the second column here, identified by its river (Gihon) as being focused on "the rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially." I am bringing the case of Petronilla de Meath into this context, not to inspire disgust for atrocities committed in ages long passed, but for the reason that the same atrocities continue and will go on for as long as the chain of healing does not begin with the individual declaration in society to oneself, "I am, because God is!" which takes sex to a higher level as illustrated by the Revelator as a woman clothed with the sun.

The dark-age crimes against woman still continue in temples, and churches, and families, and also in the halls of prostitution and the fields of rape, or in 'silence' under the burka, and in the dark places where the women's vulva are mutilated (140 million cases) to the point that in many cases still, the vulva is surgically removed, with the wound being stitched closed, to disable sexual feelings. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. The war against women has broadened to cover almost the whole of mankind which is increasingly termed "a cancer on the earth" that is to be cured by depopulation; forced through prevented economic development; the mass burning of food as fuel in automobiles; artificial diseases; degrading culture; the devolution of education, science, and industries; the rot of infrastructures and power systems; the takedown of health care and affordable housing and productive employment; and the list goes on. The goal, clearly stated by the masters of empire during the 2009 Copenhagen Conference, is to reduced the human presence on the Earth to less than two billion, living at a level of poverty and subjugation at which society poses no threat to the power of empire. And again, as in the case of Petronilla, looting stands behind the front, typified by the ever-increasing demands for mega-bailouts in the order tens of trillions of dollars, coupled with starvation for the population and murderous austerity. In the case of Petronilla, the bishops that destroy society were honored, and the butchers are aided. The same still happens. The only difference is, that they are not called bishops anymore.

Civilization will, absolutely, die on this track - which is already happening with more than a billion people being locked into chronic starvation. Nothing will change unless the status of humanity is once again uplifted into the realm of truth with the individual declaration in society to oneself becoming heard again: "I am, because God is!" and the question is being raised: What is God that Man is an Expression of? Mary Baker Eddy had raised that question in the environment of a stifling religious landscape. She had written the textbook of the science of a new landscape, a spiritual landscape, and she had stood tall as the most revolutionary voice speaking for the divine rights of women, and men, and mankind.  

Standing tall, Mary Baker Eddy boldly spoke through her textbook to the world, out of which came the development of her concept of the Pastor Emeritus as a title for herself, presenting herself as:  Mary Baker Eddy, The Pastor Emeritus of the Mother Church. 

The title that defines her so is represented by the second column of her foursquare structure for scientific and spiritual development, coincident with its river that is focused on "the rights of woman acknowledged morally, socially, and civilly," which happens only to the degree to which the acknowledgment of 'woman' happens spiritually on a foundation of Truth.

The development of the concept of the Pastor Emeritus also involves a stepping away from personal sense. When the original Mother Church edifice was completed, the call was extended to Mary Baker Eddy to become its pastor. She declined the offer and suggested the title "Pastor Emeritus" instead, as a spiritual title, since she was already speaking to everyone through her textbook as the author of it. She was saying in essence, if you want to have an intimate relationship with me, you can find me in the textbook - don't look for in person, look for the spirit that reflects the Spirit of God. That's how you can find me most intimately. If you look for a person, you are in danger to animal magnetism. Don't go this route. Animal magnetism has no power to confer anything of substance. In fact it has no power at all. Look for the Spirit of God reflected in mankind. The only real intimacy that is possible in any respect is with God, divine Mind. Everything else is at best symbolic, or involves outright mental malpractice. The belief in animal magnetism is the most common form of mental malpractice. And it is a dangerous practice when allowed, destroying civilization whenever it is not guarded against.

The Spanish painter Francisco Goya has an inkling what animal magnetism looks like, as some of its forms had become glaringly evident, which he promptly displayed on canvass (shown below). 

Majas on a Balcony

Mary Baker Eddy is saying in essence, you will never find me on this course. You will never find a human being there when you look to these games. You'll never find the living Christ unfolding on this path. Look for me in the reflected Spirit of God, in my work as Pastor Emeritus, and then look beyond the words, for the living Christ, that flows from the star when there is light, and look for the power of God that powers that star, and every other star.

Associated elements:

The Lord's Prayer: -  Thy kingdom come.

Textbook: Chapter 5 - Animal Magnetism Unmasked

Manual: Segment 5 - Church Services

part 2

For heaven's Christus, earthly Eves, 
By Adam bid, 
Make merriment on Christmas eves, 
O'er babe and crib.


The Golden Renaissance that started in Italy brought a new era of dignity and freedom to society, it largely ended the witch hunts, but it didn't raise the status of society high enough to reach the Christ-platform of the divine Principle of Universal Love, and in many regards not even to the level of the acknowledged equality of men and women, which has no meaning unless it is placed on an acknowledged spiritual foundation. It was most likely this failure that collapsed the Renaissance into a century of war that culminated into the Thirty Years War - the worst period of military atrocities prior to the 20th Century. 

The Renaissance was destroyed largely by the efforts of the Venetian Empire defending its existence in a renaissance world. Towards this goal, Venice organized both the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation in order to create the kind of insanity in perception that would assure the destruction of the dawning Christ-idea that had begun to shine, though faintly, during the Renaissance era. A lot of the degrading ideology, which reduced the status of woman to that of a nicely submissive servant working in the kitchen, etc., came from this era and still lingers today. The concept of spirituality suffers the same fate in general, so that spirituality as a science was ridiculed in public thought in Mary Baker Eddy's time, and more so when the presenter was a woman. Nevertheless, in her time the evidence of a profound development in science could not be ignored, which left its mark on the world with her standing at the center of this science as its Pastor Emeritus. She made her mark in a big way in the field of science, theology, and medicine, uplifting the entire scenery, but with her death in December 1910, the citadel began to crumble. What she had presented form the heart - from the depth of the Christ-intimacy with all that is divine, with God and all that represents God - was conceived superficially in society, not with the mind reflecting Mind, but with the head, intellectually only. 

She challenged the world, but the world didn't see her. Society saw an old lady. She challenged theology, which turned its back to her. She challenged medicine that was too focused on its own game to take note of her. She challenged science that had never considered the spiritual dimension as a 'real' subject for exploration. And on top of it all, she challenged the stranglehold of ingrained tradition that had made science, theology, and medicine the 'property' of men. In earlier times she would have been burned as a witch for the challenge she raised.

When she defined the river for this column, "The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially," she challenged herself with the task to break this stranglehold that not only victimized woman, but also the larger stranglehold that had victimized the entire scene. She might have stated the critical challenge before her openly in a more impersonal fashion as "the rights of the spiritual idea of God acknowledged in science, medicine, and theology." All of these needed to be freed from the stranglehold of their 'club' mentality that bars the spiritual idea from its 'premises.' 

Sure, had she been a man she would have fared better in some respects, but it wouldn't have solved the problem because the root of the challenged in the higher-level reality that isn't defined sexually but defines it instead. With this she put forward the ultimate challenge by attaching the spiritual dimension of "Mother" to the name of her church.

The depth of the "Mother" challenge is only now 'faintly' coming into view. In this dimension the world was still dark in her time. No correlative existed. The physical manifestation of this spiritual idea is however slowly coming to the surface in astrophysics where it poses one of the greatest perceptual challenges in the entire realm of physics. The new recognition is so revolutionary that it turns the way the Universe is perceived upside down. Never before in the entire history of science has it been recognized that our Sun is not a self-powered burning furnace, nuclear or otherwise, but is externally powered by plasma/electric currents flowing into it from a source that pervades the entire universe and powers every aspect of it, every star, every galaxy, and so on, which renders our Sun as nothing more than just a giant 'hot plate,' bringing to light the energy that surrounds it, converting it into light, heat, and all the atomic and molecular structures that are required to make up a living solar system. 

While the recognition of a universally, dynamically powered, self-expanding Universe is far from accepted 'consensus' science, the evidence is visible everywhere and is compelling. However, even as the advanced recognition promises infinite electric energy recourses for mankind's use, which are presently kept under wraps for imperial reasons, the resulting promise for a new world with an energy-rich future is not where the biggest befit of this recognition will be realized. The greatest benefit lies in it being a model for the relationship between God and man that is forever intact and forever operating. Nothing is isolated from God in the real world, or can be isolated from the Intelligence and harmonizing Spirit that 'IS' the Universe, without which there would be no Universe existing.

All that God is 'surrounds' our being and powers it. The Christ, the spiritual idea of God is our Sun. In this Sun we see all that God is coming to light, and we find ourselves in the same manner powered by God, not created and left alone in isolation to fend for ourselves, but being actively powered, being enveloped by God, being in an intimate relationship expressed in harmonized actions and constant renewal and progression. That's the reality of out being. The great challenge that we face is to acknowledge that reality in all aspects: in theology, in medicine, and in science. Christ Jesus uplifted theology and brought the factor of universal Love into it and challenged society to express it as fully as can be imagined, challenging even their heart to express the Love that God is - Love reflected in love. Jesus also challenged medicine. Hew saw in man the Intelligent structures of God, harmonized by its Spirit, reflected in Principle, and the right of man to be whole. He defended man's right whenever it was challenged. Many a healing resulted. His medicine was Mind, not the human mind, but divine Mind reflected in mind. Sometimes a single gesture brought this reflection to the foreground. He also uplifted science. He said to the world in essence, "I operate as I see God operating." These are the challenges that Mary Baker Eddy laid before the world in mid-1800s.

We will never know how much more she might have had accomplished than she did, if society has lived with open eyes. In order to accomplish the utmost in this line of raising up the world he established herself as the impersonal pastor of her science, expressed through her church with her being the Pastor Emeritus of it speaking through her textbook. And this pastor was not an esoteric idea. This pastor healed in concrete terms. A hundred pages of testimonies have been added to the textbook from people who have been healed by the effect this book had on their life, finding in it the freedom of the human being.

Even in ancient Egypt a high level of social freedom had been allowed. For example women had been afforded greater rights in those ancient days than they were afforded in the 1870s in the USA, but it didn't save the Pharaohic system from its eventual collapse. In ancient Egypt, for example, "while royal men and women shared the rule of the country equally, the throne was always passed on through the female line to the point that women ruled as Pharaohs." The rights of women were highly respected there. The general equality that ruled was so broad that it also applied to the people's dress code, with the same standard being applied to both sexes. For example, both men and women used eye paint, jewelry, and perfume. Judy Chicago points out that "Women in ancient Egypt generally had more rights than do many women in the world today." To honor that high status of women, Judy Chicago gave one of the woman-Pharaohs a place in The Dinner Party art project. For this, Judi Chicago singled out Hatshepsut, the ruler of the XVIII dynasty in the 15th Century B.C.. Hatshepsut had instituted many construction projects that enriched the kingdom, achieved peace, bolstered the economy with trade, to the point that the country prospered greatly during her reign. But even this was not sufficient as the dynastic system eventually collapsed and Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire in 31 B.C..

When Mary Baker Eddy speaks of the "rights of woman being acknowledged," in her definition for the river for this column, she evidently speaks of something more dynamic than female rights, something that lifts the entire platform of civilization off the ground, and up to the divine level. 

In Mary Baker Eddy's time, even as late as 1893 when she created her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas, America was still locked into the dark ages in spiritual terms. Adam still ruled society; the Christ had remained locked into the crib that Christmas celebrated, rather than the dawn of a new freedom for mankind; and the woman of society was locked into the role defined for her in the world of men, "barefoot in the kitchen." While many women in her time would have loved to see the freedom restored that the women in ancient Egypt had enjoyed, she evidently saw the need for much more than just that, even to uplift civilization as a whole with a new image of man, in order to hold back the dark-age mentality that was still expanding. She had kept the dark age at bay during the years of her 'presence' on the world scene and her direct labor for it, but after her passing, as if a dam had burst, the world became drowned in greed, treachery, war, and fascism, unleashing a growing wave of mass-destruction - some greater than any in all of history - which threatens to end civilization. 

She had labored for 44 years to prevent this very thing, and as of now, the worst still looms before us, which with some directed effort may yet be prevented. With her being acknowledged and respected as standing in the world as Pastor Emeritus - a scientist of the Christ-intimacy with all that is divine - the Christ idea may yet dawn more brightly towards its full-orbed potential and usher in a higher idea of man than has ever been seen before, and end the rule of little minds that have held the world in bondage again for already a hundred years, which have become a century of war, terror, thievery, destruction, and inhumanity. 

 "The rights woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially," is not a shallow goal that can be voted up politically. When the Revelator beheld women, the spiritual idea of man, clothed with the sun - with the naked, radiant Truth - he set the stage on which this goal can be achieved. Mary Baker Eddy has put her name down in the tallest fight for the universal rights of mankind and bids society to join her bandwagon, to eat of her plate, to be nourished by her achievements. To date, only few are willing, so that history may record once again that the great moment in our time found society a little people, as the threshold to new dark age is crossed - to the darkest darkness ever. But our age might also mark a turning point in history. The pioneer that is shown in a rocking chair in the above painting, holds in her lap, close to her genitals, a tablet that is evidently representative of her foursquare divine Science, even with its major dimensions shown, which nobody heeds. Her right hand is shown resting on a cane. It is positioned in a peculiar manner, right at the place of the genitals of the boy to her right who is intensely alive, with a book in hand. The book is shown close to hear head as if he had drawn it from there. He offers it both theology and medicine. Theology seems interested but cannot acknowledge it, and medicine that has put society into its wheel chair and is admired for it, - and admires itself in it impotence - is too self-centered to even notice that there is such a thing as spiritual science that speaks for the rights of mankind in the image of God.

Here is where our challenge still stands in this age until all is won.

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Lord's Prayer: Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present.

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